Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called)

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  • In this video while searching for treasure in Columbus, Georgia I found human remains! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to click the like button! Let's aim for 10,000 likes! • New? Subscribe and help me reach 2,000,000 subscribers!

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    Location: Columbus, GA

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  • madigan1323
    madigan1323 2 months ago

    I totally get it. You found it, but recognized that if you put it back someone else might find it and not be respectful to the decedent. You also recognized that it was not your privilege or place to decide what to do with the remains, so you asked an authority. I think you acted with the utmost honor and respect to not only the person, but his family as well. Yours did a good job raising you. No doubt they are proud.

    • Макс Кузя
      Макс Кузя 1 day ago

      natty The

    • Giovanni Pister
      Giovanni Pister 2 days ago

      madigan1323 3

    • SeFox
      SeFox 3 days ago

      Если ты это перевел в гугле ты молодец. Я из России и вы не поверете но у нас на каментариях редко набирается 1000 лайков а тут их целых 200000 я в шоке

  • Njubivoje
    Njubivoje 7 hours ago

    such a manly scream

  • Teaona Campbell
    Teaona Campbell 13 hours ago

    😷😯 OMG

  • Bella Swan
    Bella Swan 17 hours ago


  • Randomness and more

    ooooh i thought there was pooop in it

  • Frank Gzz America's Boyfriend

    Did it cross their minds that they were put there for a reason? if so they could have disturbed a grave site.

  • Ezekiel Montano
    Ezekiel Montano 1 day ago

    wat the

  • Thugz4Real
    Thugz4Real 1 day ago

    What if that was a murdered person's remains and they staged it to look like a cremation? o.O

  • Gamer Ashleigh And more

    who else came from top 5 Central

  • G4ish
    G4ish 2 days ago

    He finds human remains and tells the cop cop just asks is the water cold

  • Alireza Habibi
    Alireza Habibi 2 days ago

    i think you find Loch Ness Monster or ufo in water for next time
    you can do it
    you tell me, a police use iPhone for speck to other police???

  • Jackson Vladimir
    Jackson Vladimir 2 days ago

    the bubbles at 1:00 and 1:07 scared the shit out of me

    • Marz ;3
      Marz ;3 1 day ago

      Jackson Vladimir oh dude I feel you there. I jumped

  • Jim Ellis
    Jim Ellis 2 days ago

    Hey bro I just started watching your videos very CooooooL just sub and like can't wait to see moor the remained you found you are pros

  • TheFlashGamer YT
    TheFlashGamer YT 2 days ago

    why the Police officer have 2 pistols?

  • Braydon Pates
    Braydon Pates 2 days ago

    Where else do u scubadive

  • bernard hurd
    bernard hurd 3 days ago


  • bernard hurd
    bernard hurd 3 days ago

    heak ya (dallmyd) that was a good thing u called the police! out of respect.

  • Tristin Garcia
    Tristin Garcia 3 days ago

    You did a good thing

  • Tristin Garcia
    Tristin Garcia 3 days ago

    My name is Tristin 😂😂

  • Sam Cade
    Sam Cade 3 days ago

    Holy shit. 10m views

  • xXxdiscordZxXx
    xXxdiscordZxXx 3 days ago

    lol his freakout at 1:39

  • deena imhoff
    deena imhoff 3 days ago

    You did a very very good job

  • Marilyn Bassett
    Marilyn Bassett 3 days ago

    Wht about the stuff at the bottom of the box that fell out? I hope u got them and put them back too.

  • Pferde Liebe
    Pferde Liebe 3 days ago

    Was war in der schwarzen Box ich kann nur deutsch? Bitte sagt es😘

    • Pferde Liebe
      Pferde Liebe 2 days ago

      Okay danke 🙏

    • Maren Bird
      Maren Bird 3 days ago

      Pferde Liebe es war die Asche eines Verstorbenen der dort im Fluss beerdigt wurde.
      Diese Box war also die Urne.

    • Best men.!
      Best men.! 3 days ago

      Pferde Liebe menschen überreste

  • Joseph Parrish
    Joseph Parrish 3 days ago

    I mean all things considered isn't it still littering to throw a metal box in the river? Not sure why they wouldn't sprinkle it out and instead left it there to sit intact. Crazy find.

  • MixerBoy Mix
    MixerBoy Mix 4 days ago

    Very good

  • BIG BANGS FACTS arabic

    he's my grandfather's dick :/

  • F2 Hype kids
    F2 Hype kids 5 days ago

    and the video was posted the day after you

  • F2 Hype kids
    F2 Hype kids 5 days ago

    dally ma d I saw a video where a boy found the same box and the same remains

  • DanRan Adventurer
    DanRan Adventurer 5 days ago

    guys I dunno it gets sketchy in every scuba video there is one video saying the found someones remains thats like me making a scuba video saying I found Michael Jacksons body while scuba diving.

  • DanRan Adventurer
    DanRan Adventurer 5 days ago

    Cop:Oh welp you see your holding the mystery behind the zodiac killer eh know what throw it back in there!!
    You:I Uhhh Ok...(I almost solved a mystery)

  • Petroshock Pictures

    i see this in almost every scuba video. you guys dont wear gloves. why not?

  • Cheesy Burrito
    Cheesy Burrito 5 days ago

    Is this just in April fools prank?

  • Plexious
    Plexious 5 days ago

    1 like= A humans life saved

    10 likes= A family's life is saved

    1 sub= A school is saved

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 5 days ago

      Plexious yeah no. thirsty for followers much?

  • Tay. Spearr
    Tay. Spearr 6 days ago

    i love 2 mins away from there!

  • Darren Barnes
    Darren Barnes 6 days ago

    Very great entertaining video guys Great ethics and morals. WELL DONE

  • over_rated gaming
    over_rated gaming 6 days ago

    put it back?!?!?? burn it and dust it somewhere

    • over_rated gaming
      over_rated gaming 4 days ago

      yes i realize it was already cremated but keeping it their is not good to the water or good for people to find

    • Connor D
      Connor D 4 days ago

      over_rated gaming Did you even watch the video?

  • Lasse Oosterhoff
    Lasse Oosterhoff 6 days ago


  • Diamond armor
    Diamond armor 6 days ago

    did you say brandon because my name is brandon too

  • SÍCK TRīcks TRīcks

    This is such bullshit

    • I_ARE_JOSH
      I_ARE_JOSH 6 days ago

      wow someone cant read the date of the vid lol

  • banetteandmachamp fan

    Wait...this was april fools? Wow... I hope this was just a coincidence XD

  • S Gill
    S Gill 7 days ago


  • Gotsuki 2.0
    Gotsuki 2.0 7 days ago

    C'etait quoi dans le plastique au debut svp

    • Gotsuki 2.0
      Gotsuki 2.0 6 days ago

      ha... merci

    • NeWdrag0nic M200
      NeWdrag0nic M200 6 days ago

      Gotsuki 2.0 se son des sandre humaines

    • akram L 77
      akram L 77 7 days ago

      Gotsuki 2.0 des cendres humain en gros les contre d'un mec ou Meuf brûlée

  • Δημήτρης Χαφακιας

    But how it is only the first comment take so many likes and all the other comments dont ? Its like evryone discovered you now...
    ( on all your videos )

  • LeeGibson198
    LeeGibson198 7 days ago

    I don't think you should of brought it out of the water, just leave it

  • Die Ente
    Die Ente 7 days ago

    omg HUMAN?! I am love your CHANNEL😻😘

  • Rodolfo Pineda
    Rodolfo Pineda 7 days ago


  • Blurry's BTD
    Blurry's BTD 7 days ago

    Haha very funny.

  • Connor Boatner
    Connor Boatner 7 days ago

    Man I was just down there on the river walk the other day fishing! The hooch is a crazy river haha

  • Dominick Wetzell
    Dominick Wetzell 7 days ago

    9.9 million views

  • Brian David
    Brian David 7 days ago

    oh you could have just dumped it. and not made it public on you tube.

    • WolfieTwilight
      WolfieTwilight 6 days ago

      First how would and wear would he get it from ;-; Secondly he would not make it up he actually called the police he checked it thirdly your lifes a lie

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King 7 days ago

    Just cover up the remains with under eater rocks and bricks.

  • Trent Williams
    Trent Williams 8 days ago

    love it great channel keep it up!

  • AdventureWithYoyo
    AdventureWithYoyo 8 days ago

    You just saved a person

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker 8 days ago

    it's cheaper to cremate than bury.

  • mk420
    mk420 8 days ago

    Couldn't you have searched for the person and/or descendants to see if you could locate a family member nearby? I'm talking a quick google search, would imagine that person was local to the area. I've seen stories on the news where a loved ones remains are stolen as the thieves are unaware of what the box contains, and plead to have them returned. I'm sure the family would appreciate you contacting them to confirm their wishes of having the remains in the river, but what if they were one of the few hoping to get them back?

  • Dr Albert S Meinheimer

    Once we cast off our mortal coils to ash we all return

  • Doroteo Macedo
    Doroteo Macedo 8 days ago


  • broman 1449
    broman 1449 8 days ago

    Why the hell did you yell with excitement?

    • itz aleesha
      itz aleesha 8 days ago

      broman 1449 no he yelled cause he was scared

    • Deke Freak
      Deke Freak 8 days ago

      broman 1449 because it's exciting

  • Utilisateur Inconnu

    Hey ! si ya un quelqu'un qui parle français vous pouvez me dire quesqui se passe ? je comprend pas de se quil dit il est trop rapide 😏

    • Utilisateur Inconnu
      Utilisateur Inconnu 9 days ago

      Cynthia Al Nahyane merci beaucoup 😊 je comprend mieux

    • Cynthia Al Nahyane
      Cynthia Al Nahyane 9 days ago

      Il était entrain de plonger pour trouver des ''trésor'' par exemple de l'argent, des pièces historique ou n'importe quoi juste pour passer le temps, celui avec les lunettes a trouvé une boite avec un nom dessus il est remonté avec pour voir c'était quoi et c'était des ''reste de crémations humains'' dsl je ne sais pas comment le dire, quand quelqu'un meurt et on le brule pour en faire de la poussière et le mettre dans un vase puis le garder. Il a appelé la police après pour leur donner

  • Solaris
    Solaris 9 days ago


    JOANNE SAPANARO 9 days ago

    OMG WOW I have to do this with my friends when I'm older I'm really young

  • цшдвуыЫсртшенуд wildesSchnitzel

    what was in the Black box?

  • Wrinkle Raisin the Wizard

    I bet he found a foreskin in it

  • Kimberley Chodorowski

    omg i would be out of there just saying im not a girl

  • Kristine caddali
    Kristine caddali 10 days ago

    At 0:59 I fell off my bed and hit my butt, but when I standed up I fell down but did a *_"Backflip"_* well thx for doing that
    [ *_ ^ Did I get it right?_*]
    I was trying that for years!

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 10 days ago

    1:40 I DIED 😂😂😂😂

  • Edel Torres
    Edel Torres 10 days ago

    Cannibalism anyone?

  • 2ranzan
    2ranzan 10 days ago

    I would have looked into it more. never know if some guy killed someone and put the ash In another persons bag. sounds like a horror movie plot now that I think about it

  • Zak Man
    Zak Man 11 days ago

    idk. i think you guys totally did the right thing, but i would had felt driven to try and contact next of kin to assure that's what they wanted.
    who knows maybe there was a car crash up stream at one point while those remains where in transit?.. ijs.
    Creepy cool find though!

  • Grant Chapman
    Grant Chapman 11 days ago

    It being in a box is strange, typically you dump the ashes. Not be rude but leaving a plastic bag and box in the river is still littering and wasteful. I would have gotten the name and tried to find the family and make sure it wasn't dropped by accident in the river.

    • Pferde Liebe
      Pferde Liebe 3 days ago

      Can you speak german? What is in this? Please Tell it in german☺️

  • LeighAnne
    LeighAnne 11 days ago

    I didn't even watch yet and I noticed . . .

    • Kristine caddali
      Kristine caddali 10 days ago


    • LeighAnne
      LeighAnne 10 days ago

      OtterBabs Thanks for not being rude :)

    • OtterBabs
      OtterBabs 11 days ago

      +LeighAnne, good catch! I think it's a coincidence, tho. They seemed to take it very srsly & never revealed it as a hoax. If it were an April Fools' prank vid, they'd likely disclose that at the end. You're very observant, tho! I'm impressed. Go to any actual prank vid that's posted on Apr 1st & even clearly revealed as a prank in the vid or description, & you'll find 100's of comments from people who never caught on lol.

  • Eric Ramirez Gaming 101

    The scream you made when you found out what it was, priceless!

  • slayer3525 random
    slayer3525 random 11 days ago

    Может кто-нибудь говорить по-русски

  • stolsben12
    stolsben12 11 days ago


  • KikiGames
    KikiGames 11 days ago

    before i watch is it clickbait?

  • OtterBabs
    OtterBabs 12 days ago

    Just FYI: In many communities in the US & Canada, dialing "3-1-1" will connect you to a non-emergency line, that way you don't tie up the 911 line for emergency services in your area. Columbus, GA uses 3-1-1.

    Even in areas that don't utilize 3-1-1 as a non-emergency number, there will be a designated non-emergency line. A Google search for the terms "non-emergency" and your local police agency (e.g., non-emergency NYPD", should bring up your city or county's non-emergency phone number.

    Just a lil FYI tidbit for future reference... for the next time you find a body in the river!

  • M T
    M T 12 days ago

    Who else thought it was poop

  • Ascencion Salgado
    Ascencion Salgado 12 days ago

    omg!!! you are such a awesome youtuber

  • DamnRightDaniel
    DamnRightDaniel 12 days ago

    Didn't you find a gun (possible murder weapon of this person)

  • Rg Ggh
    Rg Ggh 12 days ago

    расскажите что произошло и о чем говорили, буду очень благодарна))

    • Rg Ggh
      Rg Ggh 8 days ago

      +Екатерина Архангельская ого,ничего себе
      Спасибо вам))

    • Екатерина Архангельская
      Екатерина Архангельская 8 days ago

      он нашел коробку с пеплом усопшего (с именем) в реке и не был уверен стоит ли оставлять ее там, но полиция сказала оставлять

  • Mrs SaraSuomi
    Mrs SaraSuomi 12 days ago

    1:40 LOL

  • Laura Marin
    Laura Marin 12 days ago

    1:40 OMG

  • KingAce
    KingAce 13 days ago

    wow.... it has been seen 9 807 750 times..

  • boricua queen
    boricua queen 13 days ago

    I'm obsessed with history and I really want to know what year they died 😂😂

  • chloe clinger
    chloe clinger 13 days ago

    Don't call 9-1-1 call ghostbusters!

  • Shazar
    Shazar 13 days ago

    "It's not an emergency, I just don't know who else to call". To 911: "Hello, this is
    an emergency." 2:57 - 3:07 ? LOL

    • Shazar
      Shazar 13 days ago

      Oh, you're right. Had to listen to it over again. My bad. Lol

    • IDoThings
      IDoThings 13 days ago

      He said hello this isnt an emergency

  • Sharp Snider SS
    Sharp Snider SS 13 days ago


  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya 13 days ago

    1:42 😂😂😂

  • Brianna Jean Boren
    Brianna Jean Boren 13 days ago

    there ashes many Celtic people true them in the water

  • livilady 2009
    livilady 2009 13 days ago

    I totally understand. Once you came across it you sounded weirded out. You did the right thing. That means you got raised as an honest man. Because you did'nt know what to do with the remains. So you called 911. Keep being honest about you and others and remember to allways be yourself. You go dude!

  • Karina live
    Karina live 13 days ago

    я одна пишу по русски ?

  • TheBigsis4life
    TheBigsis4life 14 days ago

    That scream underwater killed me lmfao

  • Tristan Rodriguez
    Tristan Rodriguez 14 days ago

    1. why would you post this on april fools day i,m not stupid
    2. why would you mess with humon remains?
    4. why just just why

    • GoldenWater101
      GoldenWater101 14 days ago

      Tristan Rodriguez srsly there is probably over a million people with the name Tristan

  • CatGoGaming/MV/Games

    first the title is kinda clickbaity but im ok with it nstead of just human remain it should have been cremated human remains and then it was really nice of doing that too

  • I suggest Clorox Bleach

    found at 1:25

  • Aqua_Ellie_ Tv
    Aqua_Ellie_ Tv 14 days ago

    Woah you have 2m subscribers, gg bro!

  • AislinnPlaysMC
    AislinnPlaysMC 15 days ago

    Just a tip but there is a number that is non emergency that you can call for the police

  • Yuki Kwi_
    Yuki Kwi_ 15 days ago

    what in the box?

    • MixiMagy
      MixiMagy 14 days ago

      Yuki Kwi_
      human remains.

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