Moon River - Johnny Mercer cover - Puddles Pity Party

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer classic that I love!
    Available on iTunes May 5, 2017

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    Piano Johnny O'Neal
    Drums Keith Runfola
    Bass Rob Henson
    Marty Kearns engineered the music

    Tim DeLaney did sound
    Andrew Woodman did pictures
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  • Runtime: 2:58
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Comments: 241

  • CallardAndBowser
    CallardAndBowser 1 day ago

    That was smoother than a baby's bottom! Thanks !

  • John                    Vincent Henry

    Every time Puddles opens his mouth my mind gets blown one more time. Unbelievable job Puddles.

  • Marni Dunphy
    Marni Dunphy 1 day ago

    Puddles, song request please, Buffy St Marie - Goodnight.

  • Stephen Boath
    Stephen Boath 2 days ago

    a wonderful version of this timeless classic

  • alexcheryl2
    alexcheryl2 4 days ago

    Plz cover Brahms lullaby

  • Vicente Morande
    Vicente Morande 5 days ago

    That guitar on 1:33 is so in place ;)

  • inconceivabledark
    inconceivabledark 5 days ago

    ugh I bloody love this song 😍 expertly done!

  • Gef Buneri
    Gef Buneri 6 days ago

    Great song, as usual; great Stephen King cameo too :)

  • met1117
    met1117 6 days ago

    what a beautiful voice

  • Delta Drones
    Delta Drones 8 days ago


  • Cheshirecat Grin
    Cheshirecat Grin 9 days ago

    You did Mr. Mercer proud, Puddles. That was beautiful.

  • Hilary G.O.
    Hilary G.O. 10 days ago

    smooth handsome voice

  • Mark Swarthout
    Mark Swarthout 10 days ago

    I love your voice and have enjoyed everyone of your videos, but this one is just so perfect! The atmosphere, the videography all just work! Bookmarked into my favorites!

    TROY YOUNTS 11 days ago


  • barbara fields
    barbara fields 12 days ago

    YES! More like these. Maybe some Burt Bacharach

  • memyselfandimemy
    memyselfandimemy 12 days ago

    damn son you have a beautiful voice

  • kingborg4343
    kingborg4343 13 days ago

    puts SHOW back in singing.

  • S. W.
    S. W. 13 days ago

    Love this sophisticated jazz rendition of Moon River. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Linda Shoberg
    Linda Shoberg 14 days ago

    You're right. Mr. Puddles IS smokin'!

  • Heidi Kleiber
    Heidi Kleiber 15 days ago

    This has to be the most soothing song, sung in the most soothing voice ever!

  • Foundation7 Cornerstone

    Whhhattttt!!! This is so rad. Love ya Puddles :)

  • aaron davis
    aaron davis 16 days ago

    Please cover Iggy Pop Cry for Love

  • Ken Moore
    Ken Moore 17 days ago

    when im dieing on my death bed i want this song to be my last.........thank you `P`

  • Ellen Yarbrough
    Ellen Yarbrough 18 days ago


  • Mark Drinkard
    Mark Drinkard 18 days ago

    How about the autumn leaves.

  • Dave Nicholson
    Dave Nicholson 18 days ago

    Velvet bliss.

  • Kev Smith
    Kev Smith 18 days ago

    I love this song! I mean, this exact one, this version. 😉

  • EH CBunny
    EH CBunny 19 days ago

    This is one of my old dad's favorite songs and you did it well

  • Michelle Blake
    Michelle Blake 19 days ago

    You need to do Air That I Breathe/Creep.

  • Kel B
    Kel B 20 days ago

    Do Crash Test Dummies

  • nessmalone
    nessmalone 20 days ago

    Oh man this is my favorite song!!! You made it even more awesome than it already was.
    Thank you Puddles Pity Party you are AWESOME!!!

  • hammersteve8
    hammersteve8 21 day ago

    A sleazy bar, a bottle of whisky and a 6' 8" clown singing superbly for me....

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 22 days ago

    i think its time Puddles stopped hiding behind the clown and came out of the suit case :)

  • skiznit2k8
    skiznit2k8 22 days ago

    i'd really love to see and hear him cover classic songs like this.

  • Joann Cyr
    Joann Cyr 22 days ago

    I love that you pick the oldies also, thank you

  • spacecity4lyf
    spacecity4lyf 23 days ago

    I love this song . You really do this tune justice.

  • Mild Sriracha
    Mild Sriracha 25 days ago

    Saw him on AGT last night. Such incredible talent. Looking forward to seeing more...

    • Christycat35
      Christycat35 18 days ago

      Mild Sriracha, me too! I look forward to AGT every summer, but never more than this year!

  • S. W.
    S. W. 25 days ago


  • Shelley Dwyer-Murphy

    I love this so much! 🎤 🎶🎵🎶👏👏👏❤

  • Dana Healy
    Dana Healy 26 days ago

    If I just listen to the voice and not the video, I forget he's in a clown costume and I'm not as scared. Your voice is so soothing.

  • Lillian Vargyas
    Lillian Vargyas 26 days ago

    His voice actually kind of reminds me of Nat King Cole

  • SaxophoneBeatz
    SaxophoneBeatz 26 days ago

    Watch, he's at 94 thousand subsctibers Right Now, He'll have triple that in no time after that America's Got Talent Performance

  • ccea
    ccea 1 month ago

    Your versatility is truly amazing. Loving the vibe of this one. Makes me wonder how you'd sound doing Frank's In The Wee Small Hours...ask your buddy Big Mike to teach it to ya, he recorded an astounding version of it back in the day.

  • djteddy bear
    djteddy bear 1 month ago


  • javasoccernut
    javasoccernut 1 month ago

    very nice

  • Kym Muckler
    Kym Muckler 1 month ago

    one of my all time favorite songs. thanks for doing it justice

  • Mr Colin Wee
    Mr Colin Wee 1 month ago

    you ever tour scotland?

  • Mr Tanner
    Mr Tanner 1 month ago After listening to the 3 tenors sing this (link) and hearing Puddles sing it...I need him to sing more of the oldies. "Maria"? "Bésame Mucho" (since he seems to know spanish). Hell..."Creep"?

  • Glenn Hendricks
    Glenn Hendricks 1 month ago

    Tried to get tickets to the Denver show. Sold out in much less than a day. Need to be quicker on the trigger.

  • SimplySadie
    SimplySadie 1 month ago

    Positively dreamy

  • abe frohman
    abe frohman 1 month ago


  • Anita Lauricella
    Anita Lauricella 1 month ago

    I love the way you sang this Mike P.P.P. xx ☺

  • Jonathon Kusler
    Jonathon Kusler 1 month ago

    I bet you could do a great cover of September Song some Friday.Well done sir.

  • duenge
    duenge 1 month ago


  • kamarza
    kamarza 1 month ago

    I love You :) cheers from Poland

  • Darin Molnar
    Darin Molnar 1 month ago


  • Marilia GilP
    Marilia GilP 1 month ago

    Puddles I just discovered your channel and I am totally in love for your voice <3

  • Scott Lindstrom
    Scott Lindstrom 1 month ago

    And who is the piano player? GREAT STUFF!!!

  • fixyourmind
    fixyourmind 1 month ago

    That sad clown sound, sure do get around!

  • Bob Boldt
    Bob Boldt 1 month ago

    Again a wonderful piece of amazing vocal styling. I gotta give some notes however so I hope this doesn't bring too many too far down. I certainly missed the live accompaniment of PMJ pianist/arranger Scott Bradlee,. I had the feeling that the recorded piano threw Puddles timing off. There are few things as boring as watching a performer try to match his timing to a pre-recorded tape. As with no live piano there was no sense of musical dialogue. The piano was too dominant in the mix as well IMHO. Also I really hate the two cameras they have started using. I feel it destroys his focus. And finally the inexplicable smoke machine was really distracting. Liked the cough at the end though.

  • Andii Adamick
    Andii Adamick 1 month ago

    While practicing "Smile" by Charlie Chapin on the Uke I could hear YOU, Puddles, making us Smile!!!!

  • Saikotic
    Saikotic 1 month ago

    I wonder if a sad and slow rendition of Del Shannon's Runaway would shatter hearts?

  • Brandon Lange
    Brandon Lange 2 months ago

    could you do every body hurts by r.e.m?

  • Andii Adamick
    Andii Adamick 2 months ago

    More tears are flowing...
    You could really crack The Paris Match (Style Council) but for big tears try Sukiyaki (Kyu Sakamoto) - a real sad love song.

  • Rambler1968
    Rambler1968 2 months ago

    Eurythmics sweet dreams please!

  • April Flowers
    April Flowers 2 months ago

    Love this! p.s..... You singing Happy by Pharrell Williams would be amazing!

  • Miriam Compton
    Miriam Compton 2 months ago

    Song Request: "Unhappy Birthday" by The Smiths.
    Would love to see you live in Seattle, WA! Keep it up!
    Don't turn the frown upside down!

  • megagnome5000
    megagnome5000 2 months ago

    Moon river
    He's the man
    The man with the Midas touch

  • jon bridges
    jon bridges 2 months ago

    Not sure how i need to go about requesting a song but me and my wife honestly think you would kill Stand by Me. Would love to hear that! Thank you so much fo your music

  • John Chivington
    John Chivington 2 months ago

    You have the best voice on the planet.

  • Großer Maik
    Großer Maik 2 months ago

    I was lucky enough to find you when you covered "Royals" and now I never miss a thing you produce. Thank you!

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle 2 months ago

    I like it. Morrissey covered this in the early 90s, and while I do enjoy it, Puddles' performance here is just that much closer to the original.

  • horatius2006
    horatius2006 2 months ago

    Loved it!
    Next request? : "Beautiful Dreamer"

  • jessy r
    jessy r 2 months ago

    This is amazing and so beautiful. My grandfather (turns 98 in december) is so amazed by you, he was not expecting a clown that sings lol he said "I thought he was going to juggle...Be d*mned if that clown can't sing" XD He loves your pinball wizard/folsom prison blues. We would love to hear your take on Willie Nelson Time of the Preacher or Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. Can't wait for the next video!

  • Danny Curry
    Danny Curry 2 months ago

    Absolutely delightful ! Great choice !

  • youtubuzr
    youtubuzr 2 months ago

    Love it!
    Could you give a go at The Talking Heads Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)?

  • rockthestrand
    rockthestrand 2 months ago

    I almost saw Puddles smile here.

  • Mike Rowsdower
    Mike Rowsdower 2 months ago

    Humble request for Neil Diamond - Love on the Rocks
    This one was great!

  • michael bleakmore
    michael bleakmore 2 months ago

    you are so amazing.

  • Kat Gregory
    Kat Gregory 2 months ago

    Amazing as always, so soothing!

  • Minann Black
    Minann Black 2 months ago

    I just melted in to a puddle! My favorite childhood memory song. Makes me smile. Thank you Puddles! Cant wait to hear this again when you get to Pensacola!

  • pnolan56
    pnolan56 2 months ago

    If I were a composer I'd want Puddles to do all of my songs. He really sells it. xoxo

  • themadplotter
    themadplotter 2 months ago

    Possibly the only artist capable of doing a worthy Kate Bush cover.

  • umut ziya AYDIN
    umut ziya AYDIN 2 months ago

    u should do more song like this. beautiful..

  • Dan London
    Dan London 2 months ago

    Great voice.

  • Dave Cooper
    Dave Cooper 2 months ago

    Awesome offering. Thanks Mike. And thumbs up for getting camera guy to stop making us sea sick.

  • kimberlee533
    kimberlee533 2 months ago

    I come to Puddles when I need a hug. Thanks, Puddles.

  • Angela Bohanna
    Angela Bohanna 2 months ago

    I know you did Roy Orbinson already but how can you resist doing In Dreams. I'd love you forever. Well I already do but just a tiny bit more. <3

  • Terry Bennitt
    Terry Bennitt 2 months ago

    another for the collection

  • Brick Mason
    Brick Mason 2 months ago

    I would love to see you sing "If You Could Read My Mind"

  • ruckersucker
    ruckersucker 2 months ago

    Wow, this brought back some memories!  Thank you!

  • moondog
    moondog 2 months ago

    Sooo cool! Glad you're pulling out some genuine great tunes!
    My old band loved the oldies! We did a ska version of Perry Como's "Magic Moments" !

  • Linda Rogers
    Linda Rogers 2 months ago

    I knew this song would be perfect for him when the notification came up on my phone and I was right!

  • Tao Dai
    Tao Dai 2 months ago

    Is the paint damaging to his skin?

  • dbauernf
    dbauernf 2 months ago

    That was beautiful, Puddles, well done! <3

  • Nate Wilburn
    Nate Wilburn 2 months ago

    Puddles! Voice of the century! How about putting your spin on the Al Martino classic, "Blue Spanish Eyes" or Steve Perry's "Oh Sherrie"?

  • Sad-Little Puppy
    Sad-Little Puppy 2 months ago

    Philadelphia Freedom and Someone Saved My Life Tonight by Elton John perhaps? Even In The Quietest Moments by Supertramp?

  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco 2 months ago

    I didn't think he was gonna do Moon River but then bam, second encore!

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