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Author Fauzia Khan (9 months)
Wonderful song #Pankej Udhas

Author Pradeep Puthukattu (1 year)

Author Behera Naresh (9 months)
heart touching

Author Majid Mehmood (1 year)
i miss my pakistan

Author Mandeep Kumar (1 year)
best song

Author sahil bhimani (1 year)
Dam he's hot.. What a mushroom haircut.. 

Author paitence virtue (1 year)
If u have Chance go back to ur country cox one day u will loose all money
which u earn abroad...moral u wil only loose ur country and loved ones
before too late

Author shafait khan (1 year)

Author paitence virtue (1 year)
If u have Chance go back to ur country cox one day u will loose all money
which u earn abroad...moral u wil only loose ur country and loved ones
before too late

Author boxer bhai (1 year)

Author vishvas garg (5 years)
miss my india...

Author sunny2488 (4 years)
i just want to go back. missing everone so badly. true appne gahr mein bhi
hai roti

Author yousif kazi (4 years)
super love this very much

Author DUO LE MONOT CAIO (4 years)
The Best, We can feel the pain, if we are humans first, then if we are away
from home sweet home.

Author Sivaram Pochiraju (1 year)
Jindagi mein sab kuchh paisa nahin hai. Bahut sarey chees paise se khareed
nahin sakthe. Is dharthi pe aathe samay paisa saath mein nahi lathe hai na
is duniya se jaate samay paise le jaate hai. Paisa temporary moh hai magar
anubandh jindagi bhar ke liye hai. Bahut saare log is baat ko apne cupboard
mein bandh kar rakhen hai aur jeete hi din bhar mar rahe hai.

Author PoP KoRn (4 years)
@oooSujay u just made me cry .. feeling the same..

Author arfan khochas (6 years)
one of my favourites..... thanx for uploading

Author frndchamp (7 years)
which movie its from?????

Author BusyRiz (7 years)
Punjabi version: tatti ayee hai ayee hai tatti ayye hai

Author Tejashri Joshi (6 years)
amazing song

Author Sivaram Pochiraju (6 years)
Few People might have returned back to India after listening to this GREAT
SONG when the Film was released abroad due to Patriotism . Now many People
are returning not because of Patriotism but due to Complete Financial
Insecurity Abroad due RECESSION.

Author Yasir Hussain Chaudhry (1 year)
Very Niceeeeeeeee Song

Author prasanthkumar81 (6 years)

Author Muntazir Hussain (5 years)
Palken bhigoo deti hain ,

Author ROOP TRIVEDI (5 years)
great song,ver ver touching

Author jahangeer awan (3 years)
@sheraz91244 jb koi apna he nahen hy to pardais kia hy yahan raho ya wahan

Author gasturbo (3 years)
If you miss your own --then thumps UP
Life-money-relations-goals-quality-land-culture-what we really
want----Chitti Aayi HAI

Author Fathima Mubeen (6 years)
Superb!!! Thx

Author Shah306 (7 years)
coogors Exactly, this is the point where one gets out, though the whole
song is a gem.

Author mack (3 years)
aaja umar hai boht choti apne ghar mai bi hai roti.......... made all ma
senses go crazy

Author khanblue786 (4 years)

Author 03214132339 (5 years)
amazing song

Author Jay123u (6 years)

Author suriega (4 years)
This song is real talk man. looking at ur moms face when she got that
letter from India and some shit went down, breaks ur heart brah! @ShottyShot

Author engineer601 (4 years)
@rraasshheedd u r very rite

Author zahidnasim1 (5 years)
Hi brother.. This is from Naam movie and it's really good movie.. I really
like this song..

Author sunsp4rk (4 years)
Makes me cry everytime!

Author YTbabyM7 (6 years)
who is the singer?

Author Ahmad Mujtaba Niazi (4 years)
great song love it 2 much . real and true story.

Author hami habibi (5 years)
plz read my comment Rajsharma.. i am not against india at all... if i hate
it then i would never listen and watch indian tv..

Author Manan Sura (4 years)
this song reminds me of my mum when she had come to drop me at the airport

Author Shazad Ulfat (5 years)
heart teaching songs and u guys have only some problems stupid kids just
cause u are above 18 it´s not mean u grow up in your head

Author Basheer Paloli (4 years)

its most wornderfull tucheball to my heart

Author gaurav sharma (5 years)
m just saying u....u r KATTUA.why u guys cut ur panice.u suckers ......sare
jaha se acha hindustan hamara.dudh mango ge kheer denge,kashmeer mango ge
cheer denge.kargil ki war k bad bhi nahe sudre...salo ab ki bar pakistan me
ghus k marege.samajh ja kattue

Author handsummassud (5 years)
very nice song,,,

Author Firstts sh (6 years)
are you happy now? Made all of us cry!

Author hearthskaj (4 years)
very emotional song

Author thenewtupaclol (6 years)
omg i luv this song

Author NaniiKore (6 years)
Yes. And then they went away after some time!

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