chitti aayi hai

Chitti aayi hai song!

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Author Behera Naresh ( ago)
heart touching

Author boxer bhai ( ago)

Author Majid Mehmood ( ago)
i miss my pakistan

Author Mandeep Kumar ( ago)
best song

Author sahil bhimani ( ago)
Dam he's hot.. What a mushroom haircut.. 

Author paitence virtue ( ago)
If u have Chance go back to ur country cox one day u will loose all money
which u earn abroad...moral u wil only loose ur country and loved ones
before too late

Author paitence virtue ( ago)
If u have Chance go back to ur country cox one day u will loose all money
which u earn abroad...moral u wil only loose ur country and loved ones
before too late

Author Faisal Saifi ( ago)
super hit songs 

Author Yasir Hussain Chaudhry ( ago)
Very Niceeeeeeeee Song

Author zeeshan ali ( ago)
very nice song 

Author Sivaram Pochiraju ( ago)
Jindagi mein sab kuchh paisa nahin hai. Bahut sarey chees paise se khareed
nahin sakthe. Is dharthi pe aathe samay paisa saath mein nahi lathe hai na
is duniya se jaate samay paise le jaate hai. Paisa temporary moh hai magar
anubandh jindagi bhar ke liye hai. Bahut saare log is baat ko apne cupboard
mein bandh kar rakhen hai aur jeete hi din bhar mar rahe hai.

Author Tarun Choudhary ( ago)
sala chutiya.... 

its most wornderfull tucheball to my heart 

Author dil kush ( ago)
naam 1986 movie 

Author anant14 ( ago)
its "Naam"

Author hareOsamBa ( ago)
Anybody know the title of this movie..?

Author showkat sofi ( ago)
this song gives hope of living it only understand those people who r out of
their homes 

Author Ashfaq Chaudhry ( ago)
Very emotional

Author Nurul Idrisi ( ago)
this my fevarite songs.

Author Kiani Sohail ( ago)
this song make me ssoooooooo crzy

Author Nurul Abser ( ago)
main 35 sal gurara bahar mulluk may. khooi problem nahi . apona mulluk
kigaribi se bahut door haai. sob se bora rupaiya. 

Author mohammed rizwan ( ago)
heart touching 

Author mshamshaa ( ago)
Its ok Saqib, sometimes being away is just as good as being together!

Author Sumit Kumar ( ago)
@rraasshheedd dear mein aap ki bat say sahmahat nhi hu shayad aap ka pala
humesha bekar logo say hi pada hai aaj bhi bahut log hai god bless u

Author Mudassar Islam ( ago)
@rraasshheedd u r right 

Author jahangeer awan ( ago)
@sheraz91244 jb koi apna he nahen hy to pardais kia hy yahan raho ya wahan

Author jahangeer awan ( ago)
@jahangeerawan pehly woh khud tm ko parhaty hain bara karty hain paisy laga
k bahir bhaigty hain jb hamare bare ate hy un ki khadmat ki to hm aise
baten karty hain yeh hy hamare soch

Author jahangeer awan ( ago)
@jahangeerawan paisa kis k liye kamaty ho zindge kis ke sanwarte hy 

Author jahangeer awan ( ago)
mairy bhai aisa nai hota koi payar kary na kary man aur bap per to shak
karna he gunah samaghta hon main 

Author Shelby902101 ( ago)
@rraasshheedd this is my life story in this song 

Author Anjum Iqbal ( ago)
I m going to Karachi ! Yahoooooooooooo

Author Bo He Mia ( ago)
@goofyroostercluck mujhe be ayi hai pack kardo??????

Author gasturbo ( ago)
If you miss your own --then thumps UP
Life-money-relations-goals-quality-land-culture-what we really
want----Chitti Aayi HAI

Author Tariq Butt ( ago)
@rjust enjoy song

Author Cricket highlights ( ago)
kya ghazal hai 

Author mack ( ago)
aaja umar hai boht choti apne ghar mai bi hai roti.......... made all ma
senses go crazy 

Author Manan Sura ( ago)
this song reminds me of my mum when she had come to drop me at the airport

Author goofyroostercluck ( ago)
tatti aye hai

Author Basheer Paloli ( ago)

Author shilpa88888 ( ago)
Sunjay Dutt looks a lot like his mom. 

Author asharm4 ( ago)
15 people need a hug...I guess 

Author Usman Idrisi ( ago)
@rraasshheedd u r rite dudes 

Author Farrukh Mahmood ( ago)
@rraasshheedd hey bro, this is not the case everywhere, people at home miss
you guys who are abroad. atleast the people i know does. your case might be
some exception.

Author Neeraj Mehra ( ago)
@oooSujay next month i will be resigning from my job.. and will be going
back to MY country.. for good.. :) i am not kidding..!! love my my india..

Author khanblue786 ( ago)

Author TeerajAsh ( ago)
I love this song...reminding me of my dad and how much i loved him...I hope
he is happy there...

Author Ahmad Mujtaba Niazi ( ago)
great song love it 2 much . real and true story.

Author yousif kazi ( ago)
super love this very much 

Author nadeem baba baba ( ago)

Author suriega ( ago)
This song is real talk man. looking at ur moms face when she got that
letter from India and some shit went down, breaks ur heart brah!

Author Padmaja Devaguptapu ( ago)
Song exclusive penned for those of boys and girls who have gone abroad for
betterment of their careers. The song depicts the plight of their parents
and their feelings about the children.

Author jariz26 ( ago)
2011 song `` email aai hai aai hai email aai hai`` 

Author Jawed Sharif ( ago)
love this song 

Author sajiseban ( ago)
I could never hear this song without tears, Full of feelings that engulf
the heart right away...... 

Author PoP KoRn ( ago)
@oooSujay u just made me cry .. feeling the same..

Author India Trek Guide ( ago)
i just want to go back. missing everone so badly. true appne gahr mein bhi
hai roti

Author Jaffar Pm ( ago)
Evergreen song, no word more to it, really touching heart

Author engineer601 ( ago)
@rraasshheedd u r very rite

Author Nadeem Akram Jaspal ( ago)
really rona ata ha sun k,phr raat 2 bjy akely beth k suno to mza he apna
hai.. nice video. miiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuu mere wattan
pakistan,love uuu mere pend... love uu my frnds...

Author sunsp4rk ( ago)
Makes me cry everytime!

Author goofyroostercluck ( ago)
tatti aye hai is better.

Author DUO LE MONOT CAIO ( ago)
The Best, We can feel the pain, if we are humans first, then if we are away
from home sweet home.

Author Ajay Vyas ( ago)
sonu singh

Author Piyush Nahata ( ago)
what a song

Author Sunny Paliwal ( ago)
its my favrate song.ths songs effect my life. 

Author Akshay Gupta ( ago)
i find it!!!

Author Adarsh Tripathi ( ago)

Author yiknai ( ago)
E-mail aaya hai aaya hai e-mail aaya hai...... just doesn't have the same
ring to it.

Author asharsidd ( ago)
Nice Song...I think the beauty of the Song lies in the language..Urdu is a
very sweet language it.

Author Muntazir Hussain ( ago)
Palken bhigoo deti hain ,

Author jayesh patel ( ago)

Author Bash As ( ago)
I´m Pakistani and this song speaks to all no matter what language the one
who speaks. Beautyfull Song.

Author shuchona ( ago)
desh paraiya chod ke aaja..panchi pinjra thod ke aaja...reallyyy i want to
break the cage and go to my motherland,,to my parents,,my family to my
loving home....

Author ROOP TRIVEDI ( ago)
great song,ver ver touching

Author Aravind P Basim ( ago)
The very Hot song for Idiot pardesi's

Author syed khaleel ahmed ( ago)
no other song can beat this song, all people of india must see it

Author Rana Farid ( ago)
i think,this song for all of froegener,who live in foregen

Author hami habibi ( ago)
plz read my comment Rajsharma.. i am not against india at all... if i hate
it then i would never listen and watch indian tv..

Author hami habibi ( ago)
hey guys i am losi123321 and i have just checked my inbox.. 2b honest i am
not that stupid or impolite 2 write these things.. someone elses have been
using my account.. u can see i have make lots of comments on youtube but i
will never ever use this kinda language.. and by the way this song is one
of my fav song.. i just love indian music so guys i am sry but it was not
who commented like that..

Author vishvas garg ( ago)
miss my india...

Author Ali ( ago)
Really great Song,,Just wondeRfful Guys thank you.

Author sulaiman khan ( ago)
HI frnds can any one tell me which movie is this ,,, pls

Author yogesh pawar ( ago)
Pehle Jab Tu Khat Likhta Tha Kaagaz Mein Chehra Dikhta Tha Bund Hua Yeh Mel
Bhi Ab To, Khatam Hua Yeh Khel Bhi Ab To Doli Mein Jab Baithi Behna, Rasta
Dekh Rahe The Naina Maein To Baap Hoon Mera Kya Hai, Teri Maan Ka Haal Bura
Hai Teri Biwi Karti Hai Seva, Soorat Se Lagti Hai Bewa Toone Paisa Bahut
Kamaaya, Is Paise Ne Desh Chhudaaya Panchhi Pinjra Todh Ke Aaja,

Author Sujay Guthi ( ago)
Just Beautiful ! Feeling like resigning the job and go home and stay there
forever !! -:)

Author DoKToR ( ago)
aa jaa umar bohat hai chotee apnay ghar main b hai rotee ... ='(

Author Neeraj Bhatia ( ago)

Author Mansur Ali ( ago)
my fav song...whn i listen ths song ill cry

Author TheKalimata ( ago)
dear wow..your comments are so true..Ive listened to this
song..atleast 100 times and yes each time i cry:)watan ki mitti kuch alag
hote hein..yes maybe we drive bmws here..but the rickshaw ride in the
streets of kolkata ..can' get that..apni desh apni hote hein..or goro ke
desh alag hote hein....apni mitti ko mathe pein..maybe kalimata bless all
of you..peace..

Author Akhil Mishra ( ago)
what a realistic song.. I love it

Author hami habibi ( ago)
:) mohai saab hindi / pakistani music achi aati haai x) im afghan lols :)
plz stop fighting and let both countries write more songs before another

Author Shazad Ulfat ( ago)
heart teaching songs and u guys have only some problems stupid kids just
cause u are above 18 it´s not mean u grow up in your head

Author abdul khaliq ( ago)
film NAM ka song

Author ahmad samim ( ago)
what is the movie name can any body tell me plz

Author amitk80 ( ago)
such a beautiful lyrics.....

Author gaurav sharma (1484 years ago)
m just saying u....u r KATTUA.why u guys cut ur panice.u suckers ......sare
jaha se acha hindustan hamara.dudh mango ge kheer denge,kashmeer mango ge
cheer denge.kargil ki war k bad bhi nahe sudre...salo ab ki bar pakistan me
ghus k marege.samajh ja kattue

Author Noor786Light ( ago)
sounds good, it was on eastenders today

Author Saurabh Singh ( ago)
ojjiii sir ji mainu or kam hi kya hai n movie...:P

Author Saurabh Singh ( ago)

Author Sivaram Pochiraju ( ago)
Few People might have returned back to India after listening to this GREAT
SONG when the Film was released abroad due to Patriotism . Now many People
are returning not because of Patriotism but due to Complete Financial
Insecurity Abroad due RECESSION.

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