Sexy Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines Stewardess - Full pictures Sexy Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines Stewardess.

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Author John Epic ( ago)
I banged the middle one on a flight from Macao, pretty good arse

Author deepanshkochhar ( ago)
AirAsia and MAS,both airlines from our country so just support them~

Author thetulusify ( ago)
pramugari Air Asia mungkin kena kasi ikat rambut kasi kemas & ayu mcm
pramugari Mas

Author Chris58851 ( ago)
@myfreeco And do have higher paid along with productivity too as reported
from aviationweek.

Author Hyoe Nakagiri ( ago)
oooohhhh...smoking hot

Author StratOCE ( ago)
@genjutsugaara You're the one who made an ignorant, racist comment about

Author Naomi ( ago)
@ChrisPWilliams like i would give a fuck about ur country

Author StratOCE ( ago)
@genjutsugaara Your argument doesn't make any sense at all. The UK
settled/colonised the land of Australia in 1828. Australia was formed by
the inhabitants of Australia in 1901 when the colonies federated to become
a country. Although we share close relations with the UK, we are definitely
not the same as being British - you are talking about a settlement that
occurred 200 years ago. Do you know anything about your
great-great-great-great-great grandfather or his beliefs? Probably not.

Author Naomi ( ago)
@ChrisPWilliams because UK invade asia long ago,thats why they look down on
them..UK formed Australia in 1828

Author Inoe Miroyuki ( ago)
ok la AA flight attendants are sexy, skirt pendek, baju pun merah menyala
flashy... but... MAS flight attendants are more CLASSY! holding on the
customer service codes makes them CLASSY. rambut pun kemas, baju sopan ok
sopan. lagi sedap mata memandang =D presentation penting ok~~~ really, i hv
never board on AA coz im just sooooooo in love with MAS =D cheers MH!

Author StratOCE ( ago)
@rgen40 I understand that this particular individual may have seemed
racist, but please don't view all (or even a majority) of Aussies as being
racist. In fact, I've seen more racism from non-white Australians against
white Australians than the other way around. None of it is justified, we're
all human, and you're being hypocritical by saying "typical racist Aussies"
because that's a racist phrase within itself!

Author popdelack ( ago)
Is it wrong taking pictures for fun? Like you've never done it. If you call
them whores it makes you no different.

Author fred red ( ago)
sexy are you joking!!!! hahahah 

Author t1a2r3iq ( ago)
i saw one man in these pictures i think he is pimp and those girls are
bitchs now i feel as if you sit in the whorehouse 

Author syarep90 ( ago)
MAS stewardess is much better than AA...congrats to MAS...

Author Randy Charles ( ago)
flying in retro-fitted airasia planes repainted anew is a real gamble with
one's life even though now everyone can fly . its these old planes and not
these beautiful girls that decides you arrive alive or dead on airasia.
given the many engine faults, doors falling off n doors not closing
properly or cannot be opened that one can also add: NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY N
news-reports for airasia's coverups n faultlines.

Author Ktad ( ago)
@MrArtane2mg Ala malaysia macam MAS tak hot dan cute !

Author tonilourdes ( ago)
Must... fuck... them!

Author saddy941 ( ago)
The blonde hair colour doesn`t match with their faces coz they have chinese
features. it`s degrade the personality.... i think the natural black colour
look more attractive.... they look nice in their stewardress `uniform

Author ahmad shukairy Jamali ( ago)
please e-mail me

Author TheVaccumtube ( ago)
Well, this Air Asia... it stirred quite a little bit of news when newly
founded. I think their business strategy is to reshape flight attendants
into a cheap Asian whores, a bar-girl entertaining dirty white men at the
go-go-bar at Pat Pong Bangkok. The way they allow their crew to dye
blonde... it's so cheap, some of them just look like an Indonesian maid
went wild on Sundays in HK. Certainly Air Asia have degraded the image of a
flight attendant.

Author PrincessFluffy ( ago)
MAS uniform is not nice..

Author Shipwreck Diver ( ago)
The girls look like they have some 'mileage'.

Author Patrick Hanisee (234 years ago)

Author bzach71 ( ago)
The propose casual image. Its totally disgusting and makes them look like
cheap women..and they actually act like one too. The best is still MAS
stewardess, proffessional,beautiful, well dressed but stern; they are
elegant and yet u cant prevent yourself from respecting them.

Author shamlix ( ago)
stewardess job is actually dangerous while other passenger strap on belt,
they go on without any protection and if air pocket happen, they're the one
getting injured badly. when i said badly, imagine road accident bad.
bleeding and concussion to brain, spinal injury and so on.... the list can
go on.

Author AQHackAQ ( ago)
ugly bitches

Author WHITELOTUS ( ago)
airasia stewardess kebanyakkanya sombong2.aku ada naik AA ni skali...meluat
aku dgn mereka ni..lagi2 yang kat kuching airport...sombong giler..

Author AV8Harrier ( ago)
so dispointed :(

Author Sharon Hanafi ( ago)
saya muntah

Author harper venus ( ago)
Natural beauty is the Original Beauty.Not with the thick makeup.Worst than

Author masnailuj ( ago)

Author Lord Aragon ( ago)
Murahannya amik gambar macam tu, sama dengan je tambang murah.

Author thembitch ( ago)
aiya. they wearing socks la. Summore black sock. What to see. MAS
stewardess can see the cleavage..

Author quickstrike93 (1426 years ago)
you want sexy stewardesses? try bulgaria air

Author quickstrike93 (1680 years ago)
not sexy...

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