I really did not want to do this video, but now that I have lived in Japan for almost 1 year, I feel I can now have a solid opinion based on my experiences. PLEASE WATCH WITH AN OPEN MIND. I am not picking sides or saying which country is better. Every country has its pros and cons and these are just my list of pros and cons based on my real life experiences living in South Korea for 2 years and Japan for 1 year. This video has been consistently requested since I moved to Japan which is why I am now sharing it before I move out of Japan.


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Author hikaruhazu hikaruhazu ( ago)
I'm japanese.
korea is best friend\(^^)/I love both.

Author Que Tian ( ago)
This woman is super racist

Author Developed country Republic of Korea ( ago)
Korea is Asia No.1 country 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

Author 라면아와라 ( ago)
This video is good video i love korea becouse,i from korea lol

Author Jarek newbury ( ago)
I like Both korea and japan But I hate China!!!

Author Gregorie Vincent ( ago)
1- makeup .........prioritiesssss

Author 桜吹雪 ( ago)

Author hobby hobby ( ago)
I very hate this kind of video.
I didn't even look at all these videos.
but these Western children very...very..very..very .. often compare Asian countries !
hey girls . I don't care how you feel.
What are you talking about?
These western children encourage the conflict between the Asian and Asian countries.(ex...japan korea china thai vietnam phillippine ..etc)
fuck . get out .

Author Simon Jang ( ago)
As a South Korean myself, I've recognised some racisms in my country as well, and I do agree with your opinion that it might be because Korea is new to tourism. Although anti-racism activities are gradually growing here, it's still far behind compared to what it's supposed to be like. I feel terribly sorry for all the foreigners who got offended by racism in S. Korea

In another perspective, our culture has changed rapidly through each of generations. To young generations (including myself), we consider that 'extreme' kindness is rather a excuse than politeness, and older generations thinks in the opposite way.

And oh dear... the pollutions...

We LITERALLY DETEST THE POLLUTIONS. I've spent some time in Britain and I sometimes feel that weather's even worse here.😱😱

Plus, we do feel the necessity of 'personal space', but due to the popularity density, we are kinda desensitised of knocking each over in streets.

Oh well, I think I just wrote too many words solely depending on my 'personal' opinion. But I really hope that my comment here give a better understanding of Korean culture to foreigners😊✌️

Author Nino Kristofer Kinoshita ( ago)
kill north korea kim jong!!!!

Author lyfe 058 ( ago)
I continue to see more and more videos of "Korea vs. Japan" from Westerners and I can't help but make the conclusion that they're culturally incompetent. While I understand that people are entitled to their opinions, most seem to visit Korea "expecting" the country, its culture and people to be what THEY want it to be. Visiting a foreign country (101) is to live with an open mind and be UNDERSTANDING. Figure out why the people act the way they do and for what reason. From my personal experiences and being Asian myself, I tend to see why certain groups (Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, etc.) act the way they do - they all have very distinctive characteristics and a lot of it is based on their respective cultural and historical backgrounds. I am half Korean half Japanese and have experienced very similar yet very different ways of life in both Korea and Japan. Now, what is "negative" or "bad" is all subjective but Westerners simply judge Koreans or Japanese based on what they are used to in their own countries. The more and more I see comments on these type of videos, I see lots of Westerners being very critical of Korea yet very praising of Japan. Again, I respect everyone's opinions but noticed that they're simply judging Koreans (by generalizing of course...) at face value. As a Korean, I'll explain why Korea may not be the most "accepting" of foreigners, one clear answer: HISTORY. Korea is highly known to most historians and Westerners as the hermit kingdom, simply because during the reign of the Joseon dynasty, Korea was a very secluded country (can't blame them since they are small in size compared to big superpowers like China and Japan) and did not open its doors to foreign trade, diplomats, etc. The country eventually had to by coercion as it was invaded by China and Japan through its history. Korea was basically late to the game when it came to globalization and so the people have not learned to assimilate to these changes (ESPECIALLY the older generations). Korea's culture is heavily based on Confucian ideals, which is a very, very different way of life for foreigners to understand. Overall, it's going to take time for Korea and Koreans to be more open but one CANNOT expect Korea to change its culture and way of life just for foreigners. That's just flat out stupid right?

As a side note, I get very surprised by other Asians who comment so negatively against Koreans or Japanese when we all coexist in Asia and as people of the same continent, have similar characteristics too. I would presume that Asians, if anything, would be more understanding of each other's cultures than Westerners. Just a thought.

Author u140550 ( ago)
Aside from the cons, why are you leaving Japan? I guess I never got a video or a understanding of that, I think some people will deftly miss you in Japan! What do you like about Australia up to this point now that you're there?

Author cat love ( ago)

Author Lkwnineteen ( ago)
Food becomes a part of the human body.

Author 하늘 ( ago)
일본인 정도의 친절함이면 것도병이다ㅋㅋ 친절의 한계를 벗어나서 너무부담스러움.

Author Alexandria Braithwaite ( ago)

Author Chris Watson ( ago)
You forgot to mention that South Korea is a much more romantic country than Japan e.g. couple culture, love locks, kpop.

Author danmar007 ( ago)
Great video. Learned a lot, especially about Korea. Makes me want to go there!

Author brokenStuff29 ( ago)
i always feel funny about 'korea vs japan' videos like this. they always have one thing in common. people who don't have a specific job, made only low quality contents like fashion blogs and food blogs, and can't get deeply involved in the society, always describe japan dramatically good and praise it. this is so easy to explain. because japan's culture-selling industry is really big, and their tourism system and public services are perfectly aim to attract foreign tourists. so people easily get blinded. (and if you want, you can settle in this position as a foreign-tourist for a rest of your life in japan. because there are many good foreigner policies. you can spend your whole time with chasing stuff like anime, like rachal&jun.) this kind of people are being in that country and spend whole time only as 'consumer', not a producer. they enjoying buying their cultural production, but they don't watch or participate in it's specific procedure, just experience output of it's society. they used to seller-buyer relationships of japan(which mostly unilaterally makes them feel good) and entire thinking skills about human relationship of other country are stuck in that structure. they judge and compare humanity or even their ethnicity, with other country. even if they only experience expertly friendly type of people in service industry. i think this is why there are so many korea vs japan viedos. and the quality of the contents produced by foreigners is different too. koreans are very popular with '올리버 쌤', '박개대','영국남자', who is experimenting, analyzing and explaining cultural differences. Japan, on the other hand, they love yotubers like 'simon & martina', 'taylor r', 'rachal & jun'. they are the perfect examples of the 'consumers' what i said. (sorry for my bad english, i might grammatically wrong)

Author れん君 ( ago)
It really depends on a person what u take the most important or seriously bc everyone is after different stuff. like foods, jobs or whatever. Also what's hard is when it comes to personality or the way people there treat you, you can't help it bc personalitly or the way people treat you is all based on where they're born and How they're raised. Let's say According to my experience Korean people are more patriotic. I personaly dont really like that, but seems like they're educated like or told something like that by their parents, teachers, histories or whatever. So i think it's really a big deal if you find people there rude or unrespectful.

Author Yamada Taro ( ago)
日本語訳は下にあります↓This video has a very clear message to the whole world that good about South Korea is their cheap cosmetic products. And the bad part of South Korea is all Korean people. Coincidentally all Chinese, Japanese, East Asians have the same opinion about South Korea. Lmao!  If only there were no Korean people living in South Korea, South Korea would be a way better country. That's the conclusion of all people who get to know about Koreans. Lmao!彼女のビデオは、【韓国の良いところを強いて挙げるなら、安っぽい化粧とK-POPがあるだけ。 韓国の欠点は、全ての韓国人。 人間として韓国人は世界最低!】というハッキリとしたメッセージです。www 我々日本人全員と同じ結論に至ってるところが笑えますね!www

Author very good ( ago)

Author guapoxti ( ago)
just go to mexico

Author 사나사 ( ago)
I'm from Hong Kong and l love K-pop (TWICE<3),I have been to both countries (Osaka and Seoul)but I have to say that japan is a better place to visit regardless of the food, the cleanliness, the people, the environment .....I am planning to go to Japan (Tokyo) in this summer again!<3

Author alswl09 ( ago)
So what? Stop acting up

Author alswl09 ( ago)
Fuck up

Author sunbee55 ( ago)
어느 나라에 가든 행복한 일만 가득하길 바랄게~~그리고 너 예쁘다^^

Author kaydee PARK ( ago)
beautiful korea~

Author Girl Crazy for J-pop Culture ( ago)
Cosmetic is the reason why I would love to live in South Korea. Japan has cool cosmetic stores but they are so expensive. I can't afford them. As a foreigner I can't even find a good moisturiser for my skin.
As a music lover I love Japan. They have great musicians, producers and dancers but the problem is that most of them are not available online. Only solution to buy some songs and music videos is to buy CD/DVD (Bands like Arashi don't sell their songs on iTunes and many J-pop CDs are not allowed sell outside Japan) Japanese CD stores are huge, you can find K-pop, J-pop, French, American, deluxe edition of American albums, everything! Japanese concerts are mind blowing. You can enjoy that type of concert outside Japan.
I have Korean friends but it's hard to make friends in Japan (for me at least). Sometimes it hard to understand a Japanese person in front of you. Every county is racist but as a brown girl I found Korea more racist (not so racist but I don't like someone staring at me).
Language is one problem in Japan.

Author v v ( ago)
Wherever you are, it's better than China......

Author J. Won ( ago)
As a gyopo who left Korea since I was 3 and now live in Seoul, pretty much agree about these disgusting ajoshis who invade your personal space, have no manners or etiquettes, cut queues, stare at you indiscreetly, smell of soju at daylight, have that unique awful smell, are disgusting perverts. I have to deal with them everyday while commuting to work. I wish that this f*cking generation died already...

Author 김도진 ( ago)
There is no better race but nicer people.

Author 리춘자 ( ago)
Korea is worst in the world. Japan is the best.

Author 리춘자 ( ago)
Unfortunately, All Korean has an ugly face. Korea guys are the ugliest in the world. They are rude, cocky and dirty.

Author Oliviasdr ( ago)
been travelling to both Korea and Japan countless times and i AGREE to all what u said 👍👍👍👍

Author 田中山田 ( ago)
I always wonder why foreign YouTubers living in Japan or Korea (non-Japanese or non-Korean) often touch this sensitive topic. I love watching their movies cuz it's fun and good to know how foreigners think of my own country, but I think they shouldn't make this kind of videos without proper knowledges even if they are requested. It just fan the flame of conflicts between both sides of such crazy Internet-living extremists down below. It sometimes makes me feel they are too greedy to earn views. If you felt you didn't want to make this video, you're right Bii. I guess the issues between Japan and Korea is more serious topic than you reckon. By comparing Japan and Korea and deciding which is better, some people will definitely be unhappy about it even if you have no offence... But anyway I like your videos, so let me give you advice as a fan, if you want to make this kind of videos, make it more cheerful, don't be too serious like you did in this video, just try to lighten up the both sides of viewers:)

Author sugarmilk28 ( ago)
Wait so Korea is very polluted? First time hearing this. I've heard Korean are very blunt which kind of reflects on why most Koreans have low self esteem ,as well as the influence of hierarchy, and the beauty standards.

Author John ( ago)
Great video fellow Canadian! I am Korean Canadian living in Vancouver.

Author marvelv212 ( ago)
I lived in USA for 30 years and I'm Korean. I can tell you that American racism to some Asians is sick to the point of hell. Nobody should live in USA unless you are WHITE. You came from Canada... I don't know Canada but I'm guessing it's not much different there.

Author Whimsical ( ago)
Look at these delusional Japanese in this comment section. They are crying out loud "You have no right to say this and that! Japan is perfect!" "Japan have no racist! Japanese are kind! Japanese are perfect!" You shitheads, got any idea how delusional you shitheads sound? I smell strong inferiority complex from these self deluded Japanese. *Wake the fk up.* ROFL.

Author RedMoon37 ( ago)
Anime is less foreigner friendly and accessible than Kpop? Have you ever tried Googling "watch anime online"? There's a million and 2 websites out there with subs and dubs.

Author jitlogs Jitlogs ( ago)
Americans going to another country with their western worldview. starts hating the country because that country's lifestyle doesn't fit to their worldview... how naive.

Author itsveronicaguys ( ago)
I'm a little shocked to hear that you think there's not much history in Korea- Korea's history goes back for sooo long, and I haven't yet found a shortage of interesting historical sites, museums, etc. I agree with lots of your other positive and negative points about Korea though :)

Author carlos dumbratzen ( ago)
I think this rudeness is something many people also say about germany, where I come from.

Author Andrew Bristoe ( ago)
knowing japan quite well the big neg is ganburu not sure spelling but means dont complain conform it does have its good points but grates after a while.Get out of the cities if coming australia cairns where i live townsville and perth !!!!

Author that blizzard nerd ( ago)
......... korea is extremely dirty japan is extremely clean.......

Author BowLittleBow ( ago)
It cant be helped..

Author FuckinAlice ( ago)
Which lenses are you wearing here?

Author Mark Lee ( ago)
I agree with you in most cases, but something I disagree with you.

1. Korean has richer history than Japan - if you go back to Korean history, Bakjae provide rich culture to Japan and you can still see some Japanese worship place made for people who move from Bakjae to Japan. There are many cultural places in Korea, too. Korean has more than 4700 years of history. You just need to visit them.
2. Yes, Korean people are probably most racist people. This is because there is only one race in Korea for many thousands of years. However, when you say racism in Korea, they are different from what other race experience in America (U.S.A). People just has not seen many foreigners, as you noted, and that's why they look at you so differently. There is no ill motivation, I think. There is no violent or hate racism in Korea. You may be made fun of having darker skin in Korea, but they are not out there to kill you because you are darker. There is more stereo typical fear towards African american people because they do not know them, and hear my horrible stories from their relatives in the U.S. (many Korean stores get rob by African American people in the past, including Los Angeles 419 riot). There is no hate crime in Korea. My brother was bit up by 3 African American just because he came from oversea.
3. Japanese people do respect other people and while not showy as Japanese people, Korean do respect elders and others as well. I agree that Korean people should learn this from Japanese. However, Japanese people tend to be "strong" against weak (to the point of bully), and become weak against strong. I know because I used to work in very famous Japanese video game software company - or they are just being racist against other Asian countries.
4. Korean people are rude and do stick their nose in other people's business. I could not stand when they barf... They don't say, "excuse me" when they push you in the bus/subway. It absolutely drives me crazy when they start making comments on what you are wearing and why you should not wear such.... But I think it has been improved over the years.
5. Korean people have something call "JUNG" which can be translated as "affection" toward other people. If you go to country side and ask for a cup of water, they will probably provide you with dinner and offer to stay over night.
6. Korean also have Onzen (called Onchun). It's outside hotspring. Jimjilbang is a spa, not hotspring.

But most of all, as you said, it depends on individual people who treat you, and I'm sorry you had to experience "racism" in Korea.

Author DUBLINTV ( ago)
You are clearly a beautiful young woman but you make yourself appear ugly. Your make up steals you of your attractiveness and your fashion sense and style is bad. Only say that because you are actually very attractive but doing a great job making yourself appear ugly and unattractive- when in reality you are not.

Author DUBLINTV ( ago)
I like Japan and I like Korea (S) I also like Japanese people and culture and I also like South Korean people and culture.

Author Inspiredesire ( ago)
What does IMO mean

Author Inspiredesire ( ago)
Your make up is so on point omg

Author Richard Cramer ( ago)
Korea cons- Spitting, smells, traffic. Pros- smells not as bad as it used to be, before the 1988 Seoul Olympics Korea had open sewers. They really cleaned up the place for the Olympics and now that they are wealthier they have a lot more meat in there diet they don't smell as bad to me as they had, before they had eaten a lot of cabbage which caused the most ungodly farts. Note, I was told we smell bad to them.

Author ohyiu ( ago)
take a shot whenever she says " i lived in korea for 2 years"

Author Atash Properties ( ago)
OK great have a safe trip...

Author Chris Ferrero ( ago)
Yeah fuck off weaboos, we don't want you in our countries anyway, stop trying so hard to be like us.

Author no.0221 ( ago)
Time and time again I see a lot of loser Canadians living in Asia teaching english and I am finding them to be very distasteful and self-serving back stabbers. Don't even try to tell me Canadians are friendly people because they are FAR from it. By the way, Canadian infrastructure is third world country level with primitive internet speed, and it is soooo fucking boring to live there as there are nothing but trees and snow. I'd rather livin in Asia 1 billion times over Canada.

Author koji M ( ago)

Author Chinpo 69 ( ago)
Sushi is Japanese food not Korean.

Author Chinpo 69 ( ago)
I'm Taiwanese, I've been to both.
Most Koreans are more racist, superficial and rude to everyone even to other asians. Japanese are more respectful, polite, kind and gentle to everyone.
Also Japan is heaven for Anime Manga fans/Otakus.

Author Mike Dee ( ago)
makeup is what Korea's advantage over Japan? Korea is doing something wrong

Author ohgaki shima ( ago)
this girl knows how aggressive and threatening korean can be even it is not necessary from japanese standard.

Author bunnybutcher ( ago)
agree with you on the racism in japan and korea. glad you are talking about this. another thing is that there's been lots of chinese tourists or people living in korea. a lot of these tourists are rude and disrespectful. it's sad because i'm chinese and i hate seeing some of these chinese tourists acting so trashy.

Author bunnybutcher ( ago)
i find korea streets are dirrrrty. japan is much cleaner. better air as well.

Author bunnybutcher ( ago)
i LOVE korean makeup and skincare. but everything else japan is better for me. love the hot springs in japan. people are a lot nicer in japan as well.

Author BAP's 'Wake Me Up' will leave you shookt ( ago)
unless you're making a documentary pls don't make a video 30 minutes long

Author Doug C ( ago)
ok korea = racist n japan is boring

Author Paul Lee ( ago)
here is why some older gen Koreans are rude to foreigners.

older Korean adults have bad memories from 1950s to 1970s U.S army.
ill keep this short. 1950s were Korean war era, and US army were here in south korea to help south over north. Korean govment did not have rights to punish or arrest U.S citizen army during korea war era (1950s) stuff like US army killed women during sex and Korean police was unable to arrest by law and he just fly over to state.
some US army purchased sex with Korean girls over piece of food such as canned sosages, beat Koreans, even kill Korean. Korean gov had to report to US and ask them to transport the criminal to state to be judge.  shit like this happens all the time, and older gen Koreans were furious at foreigners.

yes US was power country now and even powerful during 1950s and they were here to help us. imagine how much respect and priviliage they were having while they were here.
also how some bad..people used this privilege to looked down on Korean and did terrible things...

this is history for me, so I have nothing against foreigner but for older Korean generation its experience and nightmares , not a history.

I'm really sad how some foreigner take it as Koreans are racist, because of their experience with older generation. younger gens are very open minded, I hope you guys understand how and why older generations are like that, at the end everything has its reason.

Author Paul Lee ( ago)
try china next time.
1)great manner Chinese
2)very very clean street
3)silent hill like pollution
4)very friendly Chinese people
5)very quiet
6)very relaxing and alots of nature.
7)Chinese guys
8)amazing customer service. I meant like wow amazing
9)very respectful Chinese people
10)amazing post office. your stuff just wont come to you at all.

Author Qomo Totoro ( ago)
Looking forward to the Australia vs Canada video 😂

Author MDFsticks ( ago)
I lived Korea for years worked for Korean company it was cool, even with its differences from USA I had to get used to. Not a big deal. Listen, people, don't be so sensitive about everything around you. It's called being adult. If you can't even deal with these little things in Korea and Japan, you can't deal with anything in this world. Grow up guys.

Author Neonfuzion ( ago)
makes sense for asians in asian countries to have no racism. these are our motherlands.

Author Steven Kwak ( ago)
I think most people from any country would prefer to live in "immigrant" countries like Canada, Australia, USA.

I've lived in Korea/Japan/USA/France and feel like "homeland" countries will always be more protectionist/racist towards anyone that isn't considered the "native" population. Even though borders are artificial and mass migration has occured since the beginning of time.

Author Djkibashiba ( ago)
Only reason why Japan have more tourist sites is because when Japan invaded Korea trying to colonize them, they destroyed all the old king's castles and historic sites to erase Korean history. Hence the reason why u might have felt some racism against foreigners. Korean history goes back over 3000 years.

Author Djkibashiba ( ago)
Saying that being treated differently cuz of racism in Japan or Korea is so fucking ignorant coming from a caucasian. The way you feel about racism in Japan/Korea is how minority races get treated every day in America. Only difference is that you are the minority race in Asian countries.

Author Hoe B ( ago)
lmaoo get the fuck out of japan. u only came to asia because u have severe yellow fever

Author simo134 ( ago)
Japan burnt destroyed and looted all of Korea so that's why there is less visible historical sites.

Author P Cornu ( ago)
First of all, thank you for your courage in making this video. I know there have been past tubers who have been flamed for their videos comparing the two countries. I have lived in both Tokyo and Seoul as a professional and have come to appreciate both. Nonetheless, I want to clarify one point. The reason for the lack of historical sites in Korea is that wars have ravaged the country. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese desecrated sacred and significant Korean sites to take the will out of the people. During the Korean War, General Douglas MacArthur implemented what was called Operation Scorched Earth whereby any standing structures were to be razed so as not to provide protection for the North Koreans. Unlike, the Pentagon that identified Kyoto as a meaningful cultural heritage site and saved it from the atom bomb, Korea received no such respect.

With respect to racism, when I lived in Tokyo working in an office environment, I noticed that the Japanese are particularly racist with regards to other Asians or Japanese demographic groups. I am a Korean heritage American and I was surprised by the weirdness the older Japanese gave me. The younger generation was very cool but definitely the older generation still has an issue with Koreans. An office worker was Japanese-Vietnamese. Clearly he will always be treated as an outsider. Finally, one of our Japanese colleagues comes from a family that made leather goods. Apparently, from its history, people who touch or work with animal blood are considered to be of a lesser grade. I was surprised by high finely tuned and elevated the racism was in Japan.

Again, just meant to clarify, no hate. Thank you for your videos.

Author mtaskett ( ago)
I took a picture of my 7-eleven dinner last night here in Tokyo! So true that their convenience store food is the best!

Author ehanbameh1 ( ago)
First time seeing your vid. Have fun and live your life as you are. These countries has been blocked for thousands of years from the west, of course they are different.

Japan has its own sad history as much as Korea has its own. But mainly due to the fact of two ideologues clashing with one another which was invented by white race that representing the west.
Karma is a bitch ain't it? Khan and Atilla raped the whole west in the past so there's hidden tension even til today, without knowing the history.

But knowing this, you can just be you, and live as you see fit; that is just, morally correct based on your upbringing.

I can see that you feel others emotional ups and downs around you. That is a gift you should value.
Practice utilizing that gift you have. It will no longer becoming your stress.

Author Little Rinny ( ago)
You're so pretty, I love your makeup 🌸✨✨

Author Derek Blais ( ago)
A big difference for me is that a lot of places in Japan are filled with cigarette smoke.

Author Jam Slam ( ago)
Korea #1. If you don't agree, Ima kick your stupid ass!

Author Tory L ( ago)
What made you move there? What type of work did you do in Korea & Japan?

Author Alexandra Nault ( ago)
Very accurate about Korea. never been to Japan but I have to say, as a white girl and a canadian that I've never experienced racism and it hit me really bad back when I lived in Seoul. I made friends (korans and other ethnicity) but I couldn't get this feeling to go away that I was never gonna feel accepted, and sadly never gonna feel respected. Seoul is still a magical city, easy to travel, cheap and full of life, but knowing what these people been throught during and after the korean war, I'm trying to keep an opened mind and understand their rude behavior. I hope it gets better with future generations (:

Author jaco han ( ago)
South Korea is the trendsetter in Asia from music to fashion and online gaming. Japan? stupid Anime, sex-dolls and playstations.

Author Armin Barimani ( ago)
Koreans spit on foreigners ? Rofl !

Author tewkewl ( ago)
The Irony is that there WOULD have been a lot more historical sites to see in Korea had the japs not destroyed everything in order to eliminate korean culture.

Author Bilal Boxer99 ( ago)
wat abt North Korea ? 😂😅

Author chocchipshortbread ( ago)
Interesting video! A really fair balanced view on the pros and cons of each. I want to go to Korea and Japan in the future and this really helps me with what to expect

Author hs ko ( ago)
I'm Korean. I agree with your opinion.

Author Lillia W ( ago)
I haven't lived in Japan and this is just an opinion based off of others comments, reading up on Japan and being a fan of anime/jdramas... I feel like girls are extremely sexualized in Japan. There's so much porn and fetishism around school girls and virginity and it kind of creeps me out how prominent it is. Even in Japanese adult films the girls are made to seem super innocent and seem as if they're in pain (to show innocence) and there's so much perverts that fondle women on the trains, etc. Even in manga its super sexuakized and there's lots of themese of incest too... It just seems kind of pedophilic and overly perverted imo, I know this is a huge statement and don't get me wrong I don't think all Japanese people are pedophiles or anything. Of course Korea has its share of sexualization (seen in kpop) but it's not as intense as Japan. kind of controversial imo, but it was just something I noticed.

Author Matt Schwartz ( ago)
The fact that she keeps feeling the need to apologize every time she says anything negative about Korea speaks for itself.

Author Arnevet ( ago)
Damn why did I find this only now?
I love this!

Author iamwoteveriwanttobe ( ago)
I'm sorry how many years did you live in South Korea and Japan? I'm not sure you mentioned it.

Author icemmag12 ( ago)
Korea has less sightseeing historical places because Japan destroyed most of them....

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