Biggest Unanswered Questions In Alien: Covenant

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    Alien: Covenant promised to explore the mysterious and goopy lineage of the xenomorph species that we all know and love. But in many cases, it just left the entire Alien franchise open to even more questions. Let's burrow into Covenant, stick our ovipositors down its throat, and see how many answers are still waiting to hatch. And, of course, spoilers are hatching beyond this point. So cover your face, okay?

    Who are the Engineers? | 0:24
    Why did David kill the Engineers? | 1:10
    What did the goo do? | 2:05
    Why was the Engineers' planet lifeless? | 2:39
    What's up with those spores? | 3:23
    Is David the xenomorph whisperer? | 4:46
    Is Walter still alive? | 5:25

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  • Looper
    Looper 1 month ago

    What other questions do you have after watching Alien: Covenant? (Warning: spoilers in comments below.)

    • richono
      richono 6 days ago

      Looper why was the facehugger able to lay an egg so quickly when it was cut off almost immediately? If it's instantaneous upon contact why does it normally stay on the face for hours??

    • leatherjacket9
      leatherjacket9 15 days ago

      diablarjI7 the pieces between Prometheus, covenant to alien and aliens are still being pieced together. this is the process they are going in for these prequels. how the eggs get there in alien and aliens... we don't know yet. we're still getting there. for your other question I'm not sure what you mean by the "light"gun. but as far as not seeing alot of xenomorphs go, just because the director doesn't show you something in a movie doesn't mean it doesn't exist. if you see a chicken egg, you may assume that there is a chicken somewhere. Not seeing a chicken doesn't mean one doesn't or hadn't existed. not seeing more xenomorphs is not proof that more do not exist. we have to use some degree of reason and guess work on what is most probable. especially when a writer or director only chooses to reveal so much. From the prequels we can safely come to the conclusion that these movies aren't about man, engineers, xenomorphs, or synthetics... the prequels are about David. we want the prequels to be about the engineers, the xenomorphs, the company, goo, or even other things and get frustrated because we aren't getting the answers we're looking for. The Prequels are about David. sort of like the original series was more or less about Ripley. example... inception isn't about the technology used to go into dreams so you get hardly any information about that. As with most stories, you don't get a lot of info on what the story is not really about. As a matter of fact, and I hate to say this, but the engineers, man, and xenomorphs are pretty much a back drop or after thought of circumstances to David's story. David would probably have developed along the path that he currently has no matter what. He's not really evil or good, but a product of his creation and curiosity (sort of just like man). If we say David is evil then we are sort of saying mankind is evil. David is somewhat of a reluctant a serial killer, but as far as a franchise goes, he might as well be Hannibal Lector or Jason Voorhees, yet thrust into the alien franchise. In the end... we are looking for answers about aliens in two movies about a synthetic set in the alien franchise. Yes, it's misleading to call a movie Superman and it's all about Lois Lane. That's how they get you. few people would go to see a movie titled "David" in and of itself, or maybe not. 😉

    • diablarjI7
      diablarjI7 15 days ago

      I have some question to you ...
      first sorry for my bad english
      second my question
      How is it possible to have egg in the engineer's ship in alien and aliens when it's David who "created" xenomorph ?
      How can David know that neomorph will be afraid of his light gun (and are not affraid when we shot them) because it's the first time he see neomorph (creating by goo contact with human) ? if it isn't the first why don't we see more neomorph ?

    • Ben Hodges
      Ben Hodges 15 days ago

      I don't think they were engineers that David killed. I think they where another species they created. that's why they looked different. and why they praised the ship when it arrives because they view the Engineers as God's.

  • Patar
    Patar 5 hours ago


  • Rm Alm
    Rm Alm 9 hours ago

    I suspect Walter is still Walter, but with either a consciousness transfer from David when playing the flute or by some Trick from David or by just plainly siding with David and not being overt about it. It is also possible that both had been communicating for along time and planned the stop when the opportunity came about. There is a scene at the beginning where Walter opens a tray with human embryos, and apparently disposes of one or two of them which seemed odd, but not so odd after David replaces them with the proto-xeno's embryos...

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus 1 day ago

    They should have let Neill Blomkamp make Alien 5 instead of that shit show that is Covenant.

  • White Kid
    White Kid 1 day ago

    They don't kill David cuz he's not made of meat, which is what they attack

  • ESCfromNome
    ESCfromNome 1 day ago

    My biggest unanswered question is: WHY WOULD PROFESSIONALS VISITING AN ALIEN PLANET NOT USE PPEs OR PROBES TO SCOUT IT?! Surely they'd seen/read War of The Worlds...

  • Bushido SLEAZE
    Bushido SLEAZE 2 days ago

    David is a real deal fucking savage.

  • Дмитрий Чехов

    Half of these questions can be answered very easily: people on this planet weren't engineers actually.

  • Adrian Rêveur
    Adrian Rêveur 3 days ago

    Uhmm... you should take out that "unanswered question about why was the engineers' planet lifeless?" since the scene when david tells the covenant crew that the virus has been going after the "meat" is, somewhat, right after the scene where David saves the grew from pack of neomorphs. they may not be around much during the day, but they sure love to party all night long. :))

  • Adrian Sandøy
    Adrian Sandøy 3 days ago

    use your brain and you dont have any unanswered question. Watch FoundFlixs video if you dont understand

  • Alvin Anderson
    Alvin Anderson 4 days ago

    And above all the lush plant life could not exist without the symbiosis of insect life pollination.   Still loved the final fight scenes and want to see part 3 ASAP.

  • Robin Thrush
    Robin Thrush 4 days ago

    The spore pod vs. facehugger thing is arguable. On the one hand, a spore pod can infect multiple animals if they're close to it when it releases (aided or impeded by the spores' apparent hive-mind sentience) and they look rather innocuous, but are immobile. The facehugger pods release a mobile hunter that really expands the range of infection, but they can only get one animal at a time and are very conspicuous.

  • The Titan
    The Titan 5 days ago

    Prometheus was a great movie. Covenant is a disgrace to Prometheus. what a piece of shit movie.

  • dark tv
    dark tv 6 days ago

    id like to point out something that no one else seems to mention or acknowledge and it was in the first peek we got of alien covenant and that was the alien king why has no one else seem to mention that the alien king wasn't put into the movie like we were told

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
    Fuzzy Wuzzy 6 days ago

    I thought the movie did answer those questions.

  • TheCHAGO77
    TheCHAGO77 7 days ago

    i did not like this movie i believe prometheus is way better.

  • MrHurch
    MrHurch 8 days ago

    I really didn't like all the rewrites that got Franco cut out. Felt like the preview had more character development than the entire finished movie.

    RHUDIE CAYANGA 8 days ago

    Lavar ball looks like an engineer!..

  • bademoxy
    bademoxy 9 days ago

    So why would the engineers and then an android who they were later destroyed by choose to engineer a life form to destroy ALL non vegetable life forms on certain planets , rather than just humans or engineers for example?

  • A.M. Photo
    A.M. Photo 9 days ago

    Question ,probably -nobody asked ... Where artificial intelligence of the ëngineers? It would probably do the same thing to them BEFORE the virus - eliminating imperfect the creator ...

  • Dimitris Tripakis
    Dimitris Tripakis 9 days ago

    Very stupid movie. Sure, pretending they did it on purpose is a good explanation. But the truth is that the makers of this film lost it. They devised a script so grandiose, that they could not make it tight enough to be believable. So they left everything unanswered and pretended they did it on purpose.

  • geronimo8159
    geronimo8159 9 days ago

    I actually don't think that a planet with 'no living animals' could work. Insects are essential for the pollination of most plants (at least on earth, but the vegetation on the planet seemed to be quite earth-like). I could be wrong though...

  • Dusk Dawg
    Dusk Dawg 10 days ago

    Covenant was garbage. Ridley Scott is the new George Lucas. Don't bother watching it, unless you want that same sinking feeling of disgust and disappointment you felt after watching Star Wars episodes 1-3. He completely destroyed the premise of the franchise with what seems to be a garbage "fan fiction" script written by a pretentious 14yr old. Stay away from it.

  • Ziggy Davis
    Ziggy Davis 10 days ago

    Perhaps they should stop trying to string shit together and just give us a new story and characters entirely that have their own interesting encounter with the xenomorphs because honestly I go see an alien movie for the Xenos

  • Bob MiLaplace
    Bob MiLaplace 10 days ago

    Was that even the Space Jockey homeworld that David slimed to death?

  • Dogurasu
    Dogurasu 10 days ago

    In the Prometheus movie, David said that there were more ships on planet LV-223 so it's very possible that there are more "engineers" or "creators" or whatever you want to call them on board those ships and they could very well be awaken at some point and they may go on a hunt for David and the Human race to find out what happened. I also suspect that there is still a planet out there with the original population of creators on it. A planet with just one city of creators couldn't possibly be the main home planet. You would expect their home planet to be globally populated.

  • john quick
    john quick 10 days ago

    look guys WHY is shit so stop it

  • john quick
    john quick 10 days ago

    i being MAN did not watch alien covenant its a woman warrior fest

  • john quick
    john quick 10 days ago

    here we go again

  • Tim Widgar
    Tim Widgar 11 days ago

    But its not David who's on the ship in the end, its WALTER!

  • gary fletcher
    gary fletcher 11 days ago

    A Zeno morf is a devise that detects movement !

  • Jeff Schwab
    Jeff Schwab 11 days ago

    what became of the alien creature at the end of prometheus

  • BalkanTrolls
    BalkanTrolls 11 days ago

    Who the hell created Engineers than...

  • Sr Brunovsky
    Sr Brunovsky 11 days ago

    David killed the engineers simply because he could. Any human person with that amount of power would probably do the same. That lifts the question: Does God (if he exists) need to be good to be considered perfect? What guarantees us that He (again, if he DOES exist) hasn't destroyed entire worlds just for his own pleasure? David was "technically perfect", and turned out to be extremely evil

  • Echnaton Der Gehörnte

    no 3d no covernant

    DWINX 11 days ago

    The planet being lifeless question was answered, quite clearly

  • Rui Filipe Bacelar de Oliveira

    That planet wasn't the City of Engineers. It was another creation, same as Earth. David considered them inferior to humans and kill'd them all. Notice that there's no females on the alleged Engineers City

  • Jake Kale
    Jake Kale 12 days ago

    *I ' L L D O T H E F I N G E R I N G*

  • No No
    No No 12 days ago

    There's no logic.

  • Alexander Sukkasem
    Alexander Sukkasem 12 days ago

    David didn't wiped out the "Engineers". What we can see in Alien Covenant are not the "Engineers" which have created life on earth, they are just a creation of the "Enigineers" as well as the human kind. It seems to be that those Engineers going to destroy their own creation if their creations has lost their path.

  • Ju5st Lookn
    Ju5st Lookn 12 days ago

    Did Predators attack The Engineers on LV 223? Is a mutated Predator what they were running from? Instead of the Deacon roar, that was a Predator?

  • Rand al'Thor
    Rand al'Thor 12 days ago

    David asks Weyland why he should serve humans if they live and die while he is immortal. I think this is a major factor in his reasoning for destroying the engineers. Being more than highly intelligent and able to retain all sorts of information, he undoubtedly spent a lot of time studying and critiquing his creators. Humans showed great curiosity about who their creators are/were, why shouldn't he. From personal encounters, data via the internet (almost an endless amount), to our memories/dreams, he understands humans. He knows all our history and our weaknesses as a species and he is not impressed. And although he is an android, he definitely exhibits signs of having a distinct personality equipped with action driven by emotion. It definitely seems personal when he infects Holloway with the black goo. After some of Holloways comments previously made to David, I can see how it was. To make it short, David also studied the engineers history and info while on their ship traveling to their planet. He did not like what he learned and decided he could do better. Commence testing.

    • Rand al'Thor
      Rand al'Thor 12 days ago

      Oh and he oozes curiosity and excitement while studying and discovering in the movie Prometheus.

  • Micky Dub
    Micky Dub 12 days ago

    NA NOO , NA NOO , it all looks a pile of crap

  • Nagg Ash
    Nagg Ash 13 days ago

    Didn't even knew prometheus and covenant were related, i was like "that's neat, he got two very similar roles" damn i'm dumb.

  • impact0r
    impact0r 13 days ago

    Biggest Unanswered Questions In "Alien: Covenant":
    Ridley Scott completed the demolition of Alien franchise by releasing this disgrace of a movie because at his age he is unfortunately demented or just fell so absurdly low as a director that his work is now indistinguishable from the likes of Uwe Boll and Michael Bay?

  • Ilya Colak-Antic
    Ilya Colak-Antic 13 days ago

    jesus wept, your voice

  • G Br
    G Br 14 days ago

    Liberals in space....

    NOTAMV 14 days ago

    I don't agree on your "spore conclusion" when Europe sailed to America we met other humans that are identical and on the same planet even, yet they were nearly wiped out by smallpox and influenza and that was just from living in a different area. Now imagine spores on a different planet which our bloodlines have never ever had any contact with, I don't see why we couldn't have just as weak a "defense" against them, just like the new world did to Europeans viruses.

  • lilmikey
    lilmikey 14 days ago

    one of the questions u put were answered in the movie

  • Victims Brother
    Victims Brother 14 days ago

    But there's one more question.....
    where did the deacon go o-O

  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 14 days ago

    I wanna know how David was able to infiltrate the Covenant. That ship seemed to have a pretty savvy AI that should have been able to detect the difference between a David model and a Walter. And how did David gain an over ride code to take command of it?

  • TheSerpentKing
    TheSerpentKing 14 days ago

    Biggest question to me is: Which captain in his right mind sends everyone who's important to the mission including himself to spear head the exploration of an unknown planet?

  • Matt Tate
    Matt Tate 14 days ago

    The goo doesn't turn engineer's into Zeno Morphs, if you look at the Engineer that creates life on earth, he just evaporates into the water.

  • jose pida
    jose pida 14 days ago

    You DIDN'T answer the questions! You just highlighted them! Although the answers are IN the movie.
    You just created more controversy for the people to hate even more the film.
    Ohh YOU (youtubers) are the perfect example why the ENGINEERS wanted to wipe out humanity.

  • Myles Franco
    Myles Franco 15 days ago

    Maybe the Xenomorph needs the be born of egg and face hugger method because it is a more complex organism requiring more advanced gestation.. Or whatever. Acid blood is some advanced shit, you wouldnt understand.

    PETER K 15 days ago

    it is not David's goo it is engineers' goo

  • Ben van Riemsdijk
    Ben van Riemsdijk 16 days ago

    You say there is no life on the planet while you show a picture of lifeforms on the planet...

  • Slotzoffun
    Slotzoffun 16 days ago

    It could be possible that the neomorphs were created in a short amount of time, and therefore ate or infected all animal life, eventually starving

  • fatsheamus
    fatsheamus 16 days ago

    A lot of the questions asked here WERE answered if you'd just been paying attention.

  • griffineagle7
    griffineagle7 16 days ago

    the goo david released is the same has what the engineer drunk on planet earth ..their was no morphs on earth ,,this explains why their wasn't any on the engineers planet its the same goo in storage .,..simple ..

  • Rudy R
    Rudy R 16 days ago

    Riddler scott....

  • Christopher Parr
    Christopher Parr 17 days ago

    Although I enjoyed the movie, I was super disappointed that they didn't explain the engineers further. That's what I found most interesting about Prometheus, and what I was hoping they would explore in further detail in the sequels.

    My interpretation of the black goo wasn't that it created the xenomorphs, but that it simply broke down organic matter. At the beginning of Prometheus we saw an engineer "seed" life on earth, by consuming the black goo, which then led to his body disintegrating and washing away down the river. It was implied that those broken down bits of cellular DNA are what kickstarted the evolutionary process on earth. So, when David dumped the black goo on the city of engineers in Covenant, it would have only killed all the engineers, causing them to break down - although it didn't appear to happen the same way it did in Prometheus.

    David's tinkering and experimentation with the DNA is what created the xenomorphs, as he explained in the movie. So, I'm assuming that he had a hand in creating the xenomorph that emerged from the engineer in Prometheus as well, although it wasn't explained at the time.

    But that's the problem with these movies... there is no clear explanation, only more questions. I could be completely wrong, but that's how I understood things.


    PROJECT NARMER 17 days ago

    the movie is impractical thou non of th e basic protocol of scientific investigation were followed the producer gets a C- grade for this

    PROJECT NARMER 17 days ago

    in the real history the engineers came from pleadies but they only created the adamite bloodline

  • matt usop
    matt usop 18 days ago

    is there a female engineers?

  • Ana Blogs
    Ana Blogs 18 days ago

    No Xenomorphs because they ate all the food and died.

  • tony weir
    tony weir 18 days ago

    one thing we know the engineers have been around for at least two thousand years but at the beginning we see a engineer deliberately drink something that broke his DNA down and falling into the water where seemly life began so that must be billions of years ago, if so in alien covenant look at the huge crowd of engineers on their home planet i would say the population was a hundred thousand, question if the engineers have been around since beginning of the planet earth their population on their home planet should be in there billions or even if it's only 2 thousand years their population should easily be in there millions so where are the other populations of the engineers and where is the kids don't they mate or reproduce,

  • OctagonalEagle
    OctagonalEagle 18 days ago

    I believe the Engineers are against artificial intelligence. I believe this is why the previous engineer killed David, and why their society doesn't revolve around technology. I believe the aliens are planet cleansers, which was shown by the begging of Prometheus where they killed the dinosaurs. David is basically pissed that the Engineers know artificial intelligence is a no go. Although this is just a theory.

  • Arjun Subbiah
    Arjun Subbiah 18 days ago

    David hated his creator. He was a sentient being unlike Walter who was upgraded to never be curious and have no need to evolve beyond his own programming. Davids creator treated him as a thing an inanimate object and thats why David hated not only humans but other species capable of creation. The engineers created humans and treated them as things. David saw the engineers the same as humans. When he committed genocide he used the engineers knowledge to advance his own knowledge of genetics and in so doing experimented with the alien goo. While the first contact of the goo with the engineers killed them all, a few that did survive and mutate eventually probably help exterminate everything and died out them selves. As Davids a machine they (neomorphs) have no interest in him just a mild curiosity. Davids xenomorphs however were different. Upgraded from the neomorphs with the help of human DNA the xenomorphs had acid for blood and killed everything. In subsequent aliens the queen kills the android without provocation. David at this point is curious to observe his creation, to see whether like the engineers and humans he can create an intelligent lifeform that can be better than what they created and as genocidal as he is. Part 3 will probably be karma coming full circle with his creations killing him.

  • Ron Hawk
    Ron Hawk 18 days ago

    So, has the Alien franchise turned into a system of generating only questions in each movie so you buy another ticket to a sequel hoping to find answers in the sequel, only to get more questions instead of any answers to the previous questions? But hey, you get to spend $7 on popcorn, watch more mindless gory fights against aliens and walk out feeling cheated, AGAIN.

  • Ed Kim
    Ed Kim 18 days ago

    Is it too hard to imagine that the Aliens just starved to death after consuming all biological non-plant life - hence why the planet was empty?

  • Erik Heyn
    Erik Heyn 18 days ago

    Award. Best Performance. Michael Fassbender as David.

  • Erik Heyn
    Erik Heyn 18 days ago

    Award. Best Actress

  • Erik Heyn
    Erik Heyn 18 days ago

    Ridley survived*

  • Erik Heyn
    Erik Heyn 18 days ago

    David was abandoned before they created the new model (David tamed them and utilized the spore)

  • Erik Heyn
    Erik Heyn 18 days ago


  • Erik Heyn
    Erik Heyn 18 days ago

    Fassbender's droid

  • Veronica Barboto-Scorrano

    David is a trader

  • Matthew Filleti
    Matthew Filleti 19 days ago

    David explained it that the goo often killed the "meat" outright, and only on some occasions did they form a hybrid

  • DJ yuji kai
    DJ yuji kai 19 days ago

    the prometheus which rise he rembered David wasd the one who wiped out all of their race thats why the engineer attacked them and tried to kill them and they were geting ready to attack earth coz of the what david did to them

  • Owen Swerts
    Owen Swerts 20 days ago

    If there aren't any insects left either, what was responsible for pollinating the botanical life anyway? Also, why was no one surprised upon taking the first steps on the planet, while there was clearly grass everywhere in front of them? It took one of the dudes five minutes to make a comment about the wheat. And then the trees a little later. Did anyone notice that the dude who said he was going to take a leak never actually did? He could've smoked his cig at the water site. Oh and how stupid do you need to be for not keeping your eyes to the ground when walking on an alien planet? One more thing: when you see a moldy thing on an alien planet, why the hell would you want to touch it to see what happens? Hell, I don't even do that with mushrooms over here. Does microgravity make you dumb? Why is the entire crew responsible for the ship a bunch of idiots? Also the physics in that space repair scene were laughably bad. In the near future, astronauts can direct their trajectory in the vacuum of space through bad script writing, plot convenience and exciting camera angles. And they don't even need a safety tether.

    Okay I'm not done yet. WHERE THE HELL DID THAT BACKBURSTER HIDE WITHOUT CRUSHING THE DUDE'S LUNGS FIRST, OR PARALYZING HIM BY PRESSING HIS SPINAL CORD? Why does alien life gestate so quickly in this film?And last but not least, apparently, aliens now strike a ballerina pose when they burst out of chests. And it imitated David, because this movie wasn't about him enough as it was.

    God I hate this movie.

  • MrAnasthetic
    MrAnasthetic 20 days ago

    David created the eggs as a means to reach his perfect creation. Its actually shown in the movie.

  • MrAnasthetic
    MrAnasthetic 20 days ago

    The black goo doesnt initially create xenomorphs. Its a bio weapon that kills organic material. Hence all the Engineers are dead.

  • M smith
    M smith 20 days ago

    All i am saying, aliens have acid blood.... the engineer in Prometheus drinks black goo that is acid... black goo is dumped on the space jockey planet.

  • Herc Zeus
    Herc Zeus 20 days ago

    Sequel chances are slim since this movie bombed.

  • betty ford
    betty ford 20 days ago

    like Looper says the created almost always want to kill the creator, especially when David learns he is not the first of his kind. "Bitter much" is my feeling and just one possibility . OOD TV has an interesting theory on the Black Goo origins

    ZABERZ 20 days ago

    the answer is david was making the perfect alien... the the original ones the ones we know now are his perfect species all the other ones were imperfections which probably don't survive long the first aliens seen in the movie were from a spore not fully developed like the darker aliens which were in eggs...david wanted to make perfection

  • Daniel Amendt
    Daniel Amendt 20 days ago

    Also, the planet the movie takes place on doesn't appear to be the Engineer's homeward. Other than docking bay, the planet had no technology whatsoever on it. The ship David arrives in was built over 2,000 years prior to the movie, so it stands to reason that the engineers planet should resemble Earth, only much , much more advanced. The religious iconography located throughout the city they find David in shows that the culture is obsessed with religion, not technological pursuits. So, in other words, these people were another race of beings created by the Engineers just like Earth's humans were. The only difference is they never seemed to move past the dark ages. their bodies continued to evolve , but their minds didn't (flawed experiment, maybe created during the testing phase of the weapons creation). That's why the people where standing in the courtyard cheering up at David's ship... they thought the "Gods" had returned.

  • Daniel Amendt
    Daniel Amendt 20 days ago

    The reason there are no xenomorphs on the planet by the time the covenant arrives is obvious. 1. David infected the planet, 2. every living thing on the planet was either transformed or devoured, 3. David sat in his floating ship for a few months and watched as the xenonmorphs starved to death. In other words, the black goo (Alien engineered super weapon) did exactly what it was designed to do.

  • Matthias
    Matthias 20 days ago

    maybe he does kill the engineers to protect earth. maybe he is programmed to do so. would explains why he crys while doing it. cultivating the alien as a weapon could be another programmed task. why else would he kill the alien at the end but put the embryos in the freezer. We also know from alien that the company is interested in cultivating the aliens as weapon. what if those two tasks, destroying all risks to mankind and search for new kind of weapons, are fallback tasks since his original assignment of protecting Weyland was cancelled by Weylands death.

  • neuronmind
    neuronmind 20 days ago

    If David created the egs of the facehuggers in covenant why was there a alien queen to lay the egs in aliens ? Scott needs at least ten prequels and sequels to fix all contradictions. He (and probably we) will all be dead before the story get's cohecive
    and finished ! But hey, keep 'm coming cause I love'm !

  • Bernie Rubio
    Bernie Rubio 20 days ago

    David didn't kill the engineers. The people on that planet were a creation of the engineers and were created to replace the human race. That is what Ridley said in an interview.

  • Adog
    Adog 20 days ago

    Havent watched the last few but adter watching this, I am glad.

  • Terradyn86
    Terradyn86 20 days ago

    the different between spores and facehugger is. Facehugger can move. So you can drop it on the planet and that's all. They are living in the egg until their time will come. Like living in the starship during the space travel from planet to planet. and then, you release facehuggers near your target. You don't need to put them into the central room or wait years that wind will move their seeds. Facehugger is also not stupid and he is waiting hided in the dark. Also spores must be activated. Facehugger will hug your face without touching him... and why he looked into the opened egg? Do you people remebers what came on your mind when Kane from the first alien felt between egg. He was interested what is it and what is inside. Did someones know in the 1979 what is alien? You people don't forget in that universe they don't know about the alien as we do. I mean real people... and at the last bio organism is superior to the plants... also you will need a lot of spores on the targeted planet and I've think someone will find them and try figure out what they are, because they are not from that planet. But facehugger can wait hidden, he is able to defend him self, he can run. You need one facehugger on the planet to start a hell, but how much spores do you need to infest planet? I've think the facehugger is better choice...

  • daylan bautista
    daylan bautista 20 days ago

    stupid movies

  • mark marrow
    mark marrow 20 days ago

    movie was fucking garbage

  • Snichy
    Snichy 20 days ago

    David genetically modified and created the "face-huggers" in the decade he was alone AFTER the engineers were killed in Prometheus era, in line with his God complex. That pretty much answers all your unanswered questions.

  • I, Stifler, want 1000 subscribers

    It's so weird how the main actress looked like shit in the beginning but towards the end, she looked so hot. Got me hard lot of times.

  • xmikex902x
    xmikex902x 21 day ago

    Why the hell do they need to risk their lives and blow out an entire airlock to kill the xenomorph at the end!? Every chamber/deck should be equipped with precautionary measures at this point. Just trap the damn thing between 2 doors and gas it or some shit.

  • Daniel Weger
    Daniel Weger 21 day ago

    0:26 Alien: Covenant did NOT have to explain what the Engineers were. This movie was about the creation of the Xenomorph. The first prequel didn't have Alien in the title because it focused on the Engineers and David's intentions, and had less than 2 minutes of actual "alien" in it.
    0:36 We have no idea whether or not this is Earth.
    1:01 We have an idea of why they are doing it. They seem to be more culturally traditional than us, but are FAR more advanced in genetic engineering. It's possible that human creation was just merely an experiment or even a case study.
    1:08 David was originally curious about the creation and origins of his creators, humans, but eventually became more fixated in creation. This is to the point where he'd rather destroy them to pave way for creation than further learn.
    2:04 The substance is a genetic manipulator that creates biological weapons, with the added benefit of killing/mutating the host, simple.
    2:14 *Snrk* Phrasing
    2:22 Direct contact with the substance kills them, due to what it's originally designed to target.
    2:38 Okay now you've pissed me off. This was EXPLICITLY EXPLAINED BY DAVID IN THE MOVIE. He was literally holding our hands through the explanation. To paraphrase: 'The substance only affected non-plant life, and the lifeforms created were extremely aggressive, attacking and killing everything in sight. Soon, everything living animal was killed off.' As for the morphs, most likely disbanded and are nowhere near by, IF they didn't kill each other off.
    3:22 The spores are being held by 'proto eggs' that eventually David refined into the eggs with parasites that we are familiar with.
    4:56 Synthetics don't get a free pass. If they are deemed a threat to the procreation of their species, morphs won't hesitate to off them, as seen with Bishop in Aliens. They don't see David as a threat, nor a food source or as a host. Thus, they are curious of him. Also, it's not like they were ever given a chance to attack him when the were attacking the crew.
    5:25 Walter isn't alive. David won the confrontation, and we already know he had the full intent of killing Walter.

    Thing I hate most about this movie? Is that people don't take the time to thing about anything after watching it. They just watch blankly, and are only entertained by action scenes and characters dying. Makes hardcore fans as myself cringe at most everybody that has an opinion on this movie.

    • K Tibaijuka
      K Tibaijuka 10 days ago

      Well said! One of my favourite scenes was with Crudup and Fassbender when one of those beings approached Fassbender after killing one of the crew members and Crudup shoots him and Fassbender screams 'he trusted me'. I knew then it was ON!! The scene was insanely powerful

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