Gavin McInnes: Why The Left Hates MILO

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  • Michael Bomholt
    Michael Bomholt 3 days ago

    I look forward to the day humanism wont take precedence over everything else, dont get me worng, humanism is fine, in small doses, the amount of humanism in our society today is a disease like cancer and if not treated it will kill the host...

  • pipbuster
    pipbuster 3 days ago

    I see it more like their little pets are fleeing the Progressive's plantation.

  • Michael Vint
    Michael Vint 3 days ago

    Homophobe? Seriously?

  • welovewow2
    welovewow2 5 days ago

    It's like when your gerbil bites you. Love that analogy! xD

  • itzFadex
    itzFadex 6 days ago

    Fuck I love Gavin

  • Kitty Watson
    Kitty Watson 7 days ago

    These kids haven't even a nodding acquaintance with any other view...very ver intolerant...which is funny if you think about it!

  • skateboarderlucc
    skateboarderlucc 8 days ago

    And this moron helped found the left-leaning thinktank that is Vice. Who would have guessed.

  • Kelly ClayWoo
    Kelly ClayWoo 9 days ago


  • Hale Hardy
    Hale Hardy 10 days ago

    Do any of those SJW twerps even have a real job?

  • Sarah Pippin
    Sarah Pippin 10 days ago

    Gavin looking fresh even in the rain

  • James Holsten
    James Holsten 11 days ago

    Keep it up Milo !! your breaking through..........the left are crumbling under there own stupidity.............getting desperate day by day

  • James Holsten
    James Holsten 11 days ago

    Not about been a Racist its about human survival and having a sense of Danger ! which alot of these fools haven't got

  • James Holsten
    James Holsten 11 days ago

    They are all failures in life............Sheep ! you need to be a wolf ! Sheep follow the narrative thats why they will fail and Islam will fail !! been a follower of something so pathetic is bound to end in failure

  • Dr. Everything B. Alright

    These idiots kill me, calling Milo a homophobe. Do they even know what that means? Jeesh!

  • AMoreSimpleMind
    AMoreSimpleMind 14 days ago

    Pure entertainment. Had such a good laugh watching these women

  • Morgan roeser
    Morgan roeser 14 days ago

    fucking troll god

  • Willie Barcott
    Willie Barcott 15 days ago

    No one gives a fuck that he's gay. People hate him for what he says.

  • Angry Dragon
    Angry Dragon 15 days ago

    Milo - homophobe? what?

  • FromHyrule
    FromHyrule 16 days ago

    I'm a Mexican/American Republican and my family hates it.

  • Robert Helring
    Robert Helring 16 days ago

    so what do they call Milo homophobe not proof right there you go against the left they'll come after you

  • TwistedBarbie
    TwistedBarbie 16 days ago

    Milo's a homophobe?? Do they KNOW 'The Dangerous Faggot'? How would that even work? Fucking idiots!!! 🙄

  • joey joe joe
    joey joe joe 16 days ago

    Did those protestors just call Milo a Homophobe? That doesn't make sense!

  • russians have no culture

    White antifa women desrve rape by based muslims

  • Sperans
    Sperans 17 days ago

    How did you just take those words right out of my mind? omg you're amazing

  • Madhan DM
    Madhan DM 18 days ago

    that's the shortest and informative video anybody could possibly make

  • mr welshman productions


  • Asiel Torres
    Asiel Torres 19 days ago

    "Racist homophobe" he's gay tho

  • Zombie world record attemtps

    "Milo is racist "

  • Kammer Jäger
    Kammer Jäger 21 day ago

    hahaaaaa, pwned.

  • that1guy
    that1guy 21 day ago

    It's funny and sad that they point out so-called problems with milo and the conservative party that aren't there but they wont look a them self because in there eyes they think they are perfect and are gunna save this country well they are ruining it milo and the conservatives which im gunna call the miloatives are trying to save it also to note in the video the " apes " said he's a homophobe but is he is gay so what does that mean i dont know they confuse me so much it took me a sliver of sense to the things dees people are saying

  • Taco Squad
    Taco Squad 21 day ago

    Dear Milo, are you god?

  • Patrick
    Patrick 22 days ago

    Social Justice, one, two, three
    I wanna be PC
    That's just the way to be for me
    and you
    Your hateful slurs are through
    I call whoo whoo on you
    We'll fight until you're PC black and blue

  • Dylan Liptack
    Dylan Liptack 22 days ago

    where are you milo, why can't I find you!

  • Butter Duck
    Butter Duck 22 days ago

    Milo is one that is not afraid to piss off the world for the betterment of humanity.

  • Max Zou
    Max Zou 23 days ago

    milo you got scammed, that's a fake wolf.

  • Chuck Noris
    Chuck Noris 23 days ago

    the left hates everyone tho

  • somfplease
    somfplease 23 days ago

    Milo needs to do more podcasts, videos etc. He didn't become popular because of blogging or his articles on breitbart

  • Harvey Taylor
    Harvey Taylor 23 days ago


    How the fuck can a gay guy be homophobic

  • IRG-Putin
    IRG-Putin 23 days ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos? He is taking advantage of the ignorance in the usa. Profiteering from their illiteracy. A snake oil salesman selling what they want to hear and believe.

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 23 days ago

    "Milo is a homophobe!" LOL! These people are mentally retarded and deranged.

  • Jonny Loader
    Jonny Loader 24 days ago


  • Nathan Quackenbush
    Nathan Quackenbush 24 days ago


  • weejams
    weejams 24 days ago

    So Milo, a gay white man is a homophobe? Am I the only one that sees a paradox here? Not only a paradox but total insanity in thinking.

    Yeah well it don't take a freaking rocket scientist to figure out why they hate Milo. It is not because he is gay. It is because he is white and male and right instead of left. That does not fit the lefts narrative of what a white gay man should believe politically.

    These people are showing signs of self destruction in their views so please keep it up. LOL and the left calls the right intolerant? Wait a minute. Being tolerant and open minded is different than being closed minded and militant. Believe me that there are way more people way more tolerant on the right than on the left. The right wants to be left alone and to live and let live. The left seems to want everyone to think the way they do.

    Gavin McIness is right. when you allow yourself to be in a box then you are imprisoned. Go outside the box and really mess the ones up that want you to be a prisoner to their own views.

    Thumbs up Milo.

  • Alec Silins
    Alec Silins 24 days ago

    I had a Greek friend tell me it is pronounced M-e-Lo with a long e sound

  • jt smith
    jt smith 24 days ago

    The modern left are shameless and desperate All they very usually have is ad hominems

  • Whiting1289
    Whiting1289 24 days ago

    "How do you spell Homophobe!?"

    Wait, what? They do know he is gay, right?

  • Cameron T
    Cameron T 24 days ago

    Woke faggot checking in

  • RandomInternetPerson

    How is Milo a Homophobe when he sucks big black dick?

  • Placebo
    Placebo 26 days ago

    wow, Milos channel exploded in the last month! about double the subs 👍

  • Christian Monti
    Christian Monti 26 days ago

    I don't get how students are still liberal. I just went through the school system and I was your typical liberal but after a while how can you not open your eyes?

  • Christina x
    Christina x 26 days ago


  • Minh Bui
    Minh Bui 27 days ago

    >Milo; gay

    Universe.exe had stopped working.

  • Cameron Austin
    Cameron Austin 27 days ago

    A racist homophobe, who likes black men. Interesting.

  • Mitch Cady
    Mitch Cady 27 days ago

    WOW. A openly gay man can be a homophobe. The left never ceases to make themselves look like paste eaters and defy logic.

  • OK
    OK 27 days ago

    They call Milo a homophobe lol

  • wordwan
    wordwan 27 days ago

    Milo isn't broken, Gavin. That's why they hate him. And even some establishment Republicans are quick to demonize him cos he simply won't lie down and let them fuck him over.

    Go, Milo, go. I heard you loud and clear from the time I started listening to you.


  • skeetorkiftwon
    skeetorkiftwon 27 days ago

    So is Milo going to do anything or is this channel full cuckold?

  • Noah Matos
    Noah Matos 27 days ago

    idk why they think milo is a homophobe, he's the gayest person i've ever seen

  • Luis Espinoza
    Luis Espinoza 27 days ago

    this man is quite attractive, anyone agree? facial hair game on point

  • Arisome
    Arisome 27 days ago

    I was quiet sad when I saw Gavin on the event yet didn't hear him speak. This mini interview made my day.

  • Hip Priest
    Hip Priest 27 days ago

    Milo is a free speech phony. Mustache bro is a good man. He did nothing wrong

  • T Bone
    T Bone 28 days ago

    Read this- Milo thinks boy sex is ok. Strange. Instead of liberal media- this from far right (racist) Glenn Beck. Oops.

  • Josh Bales
    Josh Bales 28 days ago


  • Daniel Wright
    Daniel Wright 28 days ago

    A homosexual homophobe??? mind blown!!!!

  • AntiIchIchIch
    AntiIchIchIch 28 days ago

    The left hates Milo because he is the new Ernst Röhm.
    Just wait for your Night of the Long Knives!

  • AntiIchIchIch
    AntiIchIchIch 28 days ago

    I am starting to hate homosexuals for bonding with pedos like Milo!

  • Nick Meyer
    Nick Meyer 28 days ago

    hit the nail on the head. & I thought that comment before I even saw the same comments below lol thats what it is. you got it, 👌 EXACTLY.

  • Baghuul
    Baghuul 28 days ago

    It all boils down to postmodernism, the most corrosive thing to hit western civilization.

  • somfplease
    somfplease 28 days ago

    Homophobe? Morons.

  • Killerbe Blue
    Killerbe Blue 29 days ago

    Word to your motherfather.

    JSB HIFI 29 days ago

    A gay homophobe? Ok

  • Phoebe James
    Phoebe James 29 days ago

    Milo.. please, where can I purchase your book or pre-order????

  • Gaspard de la force
    Gaspard de la force 29 days ago

    Fuck them. Fuck them up their stupid assholes

  • Michal Tastik
    Michal Tastik 29 days ago

    Heather screaming, “how do you spell homophobe? M-I-L-O!!”
    top kek!!!!

  • logan77777771
    logan77777771 29 days ago

    whats hotep?

  • theswoogie
    theswoogie 1 month ago

    Did they call Milo a homophobe? I'm confused?

  • loszhor
    loszhor 1 month ago

    Milo's being bad?

  • Oswald Mosley Was Right

    Milo and Gavin are purple-pilled; they are not quite red-pilled yet.

  • Adam Ski
    Adam Ski 1 month ago


    X-TRME TV 1 month ago

    How do you spell homophobe milo........ up isn't he gay?

  • The Dragon
    The Dragon 1 month ago

    Th left keeps alive one of the most racist subjects in American history, the "White Man's Burden." They think any group of people that aren't white need their help to succeed at anything and thus make those groups weak and at the same time violent.

  • Truth & Justice
    Truth & Justice 1 month ago

    Talking about anti-Semitism, Christophobia, Buddhophobia, Hindophobia, Yazidophobia, Bahaiophobia and Zoroasterophobia can be very time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a word that covers all of the above (and much, much more). It's...
    Nah, too easy!
    ; ¬)

  • Truth & Justice
    Truth & Justice 1 month ago

    Why do we never hear about Buddhophobia or Hindophobia or Sikhophobia or Coptophobia or Yazidophobia or Bahaiophobia or Zoroasterophobia?
    Those "white racists" sure are awful picky!
    ; ¬)

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says 1 month ago

    Why does the RIGHT hate Milo? Because he's a paedophile cheerleader. Oh yeah, that's not going away

  • Cat Like Thief
    Cat Like Thief 1 month ago

    If the left had any principle they'd use Milo's pedophile escapade against him, but since the left sees pedophilia as "love" in some cases, they let that by. The right was more outraged by that whole drama than the left.

    • Cat Like Thief
      Cat Like Thief 1 month ago

      I mean, if they had any real points to be made and had any principles then they'd use actual realistic arguments. Not that calling someone a pedo makes you a good person lol.

  • Geothermal
    Geothermal 1 month ago

    I guess you could say the left is homophobic. They fear Milo ;D

  • Civil Preacher
    Civil Preacher 1 month ago

    I literally live with 3 Feminazi, SJW's. I am a straight, white, male. If there is a hell, I am there.

    • Civil Preacher
      Civil Preacher 1 month ago

      Maybe I should say I have PTSD that they hurt my feelings.... Oh wait, I'm not a little bitch.

  • Zeth Vang
    Zeth Vang 1 month ago

    "Milo is homophobic"

    But he is gay!!!!

  • Annusya Pipi
    Annusya Pipi 1 month ago

    Milo and Gavin - the BEST boiz ❤️⭐️💋

  • Do Not Visit /Pol/
    Do Not Visit /Pol/ 1 month ago

    Do not look up the Bell Curve.
    Do not watch Murdoch Murdoch or Jared Taylor.
    Everything is fine.
    You are the same as everyone else. Go back to sleep.

  • Anthony Valdez
    Anthony Valdez 1 month ago

    milo is gay.............

  • Danilo Dalla Vecchia


  • Marcus Salem
    Marcus Salem 1 month ago

    Say 'narrative' one more time.

  • Jo Blogs
    Jo Blogs 1 month ago

    What those stupid women protesting don't realize is they are showing support for a culture that want's them covered in a table cloth and that the men can rape when ever they like..... so I don't see why they think supporting Islam, by going against Milo is a better idea.

  • Karty88
    Karty88 1 month ago

    glorious <3

  • Tsal Vlaxitov
    Tsal Vlaxitov 1 month ago

    Sign posts specifically designed to double as weapons.

  • P Ezeb Plotyci
    P Ezeb Plotyci 1 month ago

    Those Ray-Bans are gorgeous

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