The Fray - How to Save a Life

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  • ch0mper
    ch0mper 45 minutes ago

    heard this on the radio in 2017, loved it when it came out and still love this song to this day. made me think of all the people I lost along the way these past 8 years.

  • Hailey Byers
    Hailey Byers 2 hours ago

    I lost my dad

  • Y I N D A H
    Y I N D A H 3 hours ago

    RIP my phone, it fell and cracked while I was watching this

  • EgliaRoze
    EgliaRoze 6 hours ago

    my wedding was planned on july 1st and he said he doesnt want it anymore, now hes telling the opposite, i just feel like trash. i dont know everything is so f*ed up

  • Crystal Thomas
    Crystal Thomas 11 hours ago

    the sadist song known to man kind

  • Zpower Cihlar
    Zpower Cihlar 11 hours ago

    i lost a friend to suicide every time i hear this song i get emotional

  • Juan Kaulaity
    Juan Kaulaity 13 hours ago

    Beautiful song

  • Nate Fluffy
    Nate Fluffy 13 hours ago

    they played this at my best friends funeral and I never cried so much. He slit his wrists and bled out on the floor because of his sexual assault and substance abuse. the last thing conversation I had ended in, "yeah I'll talk to you in the morning, I love you" and I truly loved him. I feel like it was my fault he did it and I could have saved him, but I wasn't enough. I wish he was here because he would be so happy because I just came out to my mom. and I'm starting estrogen in a few years. I could have saved him. But I wasnt enough to

  • xNeurotic here
    xNeurotic here 16 hours ago

    These people are edgy ,--,

  • Lory love
    Lory love 20 hours ago

  • Skylar W
    Skylar W 20 hours ago

    whos here now?

  • Loisar Staz
    Loisar Staz 20 hours ago

    I love that song, I come back to listen after the Nick's bar scene in New Girl

  • Danny Crofts
    Danny Crofts 21 hour ago

    I was turned away from a church tonight ... just goes to show how far away from GOD religion is ✝️ #21stCenturycrucifixion ... how to save a life 💓 xxx

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson 21 hour ago

    This post!

    Djam MARZAGANOV 1 day ago


  • Dwayne Davis
    Dwayne Davis 1 day ago

    this song save my daughter life so thank you fray for your music

  • Draco Malfoy Has Free Cookies For Everyone

    haha, I'm not crying......


  • Mac and E Gaming and Reviews

    My Dad left when I was 10 :(

  • Rebecca Moses
    Rebecca Moses 1 day ago

    My best friend committed suicide via gun yesterday and this song couldn't be more on point. The pain.

    • Rebecca Moses
      Rebecca Moses 6 hours ago

      +Nate Fluffy its the worst thing. She could of reached out to me. My heart hurts.

    • Nate Fluffy
      Nate Fluffy 13 hours ago

      Rebecca Moses my best friend killed himself too... recently.

    • Souper
      Souper 1 day ago

      I'm sorry for your loss. <3

  • Ryan Swanson
    Ryan Swanson 1 day ago

    This song helped me get over the loss of my Guinea Pig Francesca.

  • Brendan Murphy
    Brendan Murphy 1 day ago

    what if someone actually read this comment

  • Jennifer Huang
    Jennifer Huang 1 day ago

    All these years later, and this music video never fails to bring me to tears.

  • Mario04
    Mario04 1 day ago

    Possono passare gli anni, ma questa canzone rimarrà fantastica

    KING OF TANKS 1 day ago

    This guy looks like dade from filthy frank😂

  • John Graham
    John Graham 1 day ago

    u lose things in life but u gotta pick ur self up and be brave and hold on to good memories.

  • Dolannn
    Dolannn 1 day ago

    Nooo I'm not crying😭😭😭😭

  • One Life
    One Life 1 day ago

    This song does make me want to cry.

  • Yea Boi
    Yea Boi 2 days ago

    I'm 14 and a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. I am now on dialysis, songs like this always make me sad but maybe it's good to recognize that you're sad.

    • Abby Hill
      Abby Hill 1 hour ago

      that's bad I'm about to pray for you

    • Souper
      Souper 1 day ago

      I'm so sorry. No one deserves to have this. Especially at your age.

  • Ksi olajideBT
    Ksi olajideBT 2 days ago

    I'm muslim

  • Ceyda Dallas
    Ceyda Dallas 2 days ago

    Where the dolan twins fanss????

  • Mcharizardcool Rules

    This reminds me on roblox I had to unfriend some people and I accidentally unfriend him I'm trying to be friends with him again the part in this song he says I lost a friend I fell ya I miss him we were friends for so long 😭😭😭😭😰😰😢😢😓😓😪😪😥😥 ima get him to be friends a lot 😢

  • Alexia
    Alexia 2 days ago

    Dolan twins :)

  • Lovable Latios
    Lovable Latios 2 days ago

    I gave a kid a Dorito once at my highschool and he just started crying and hugging me.

  • Jaëda Baëda
    Jaëda Baëda 2 days ago

    who's here from the Dolan twins

  • Spencer Inman
    Spencer Inman 2 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Aya B
    Aya B 2 days ago

    Dolan twins anyone ?

  • Elizabeth_ Romero
    Elizabeth_ Romero 2 days ago

    oml this so sad bro i love this song sm..

  • ching chong dan
    ching chong dan 2 days ago

    From the Dolan twins

  • tiny- pineapple
    tiny- pineapple 2 days ago

    Dolan Twins anybody?

  • Makayla Shayland
    Makayla Shayland 2 days ago

    Who came here from the Dolan twins

  • Leilani Tapper
    Leilani Tapper 2 days ago

    I was watching Dolan Twins and Ethan was listening to it so

  • Nikki Bruner
    Nikki Bruner 2 days ago

    anyone here bc the twins said they listened to this song so you felt obligated to hear it hahaha

  • Maggie K.
    Maggie K. 2 days ago

    Came from Dolan twins.. anyone else? 😂

  • Tiago Martins
    Tiago Martins 2 days ago

    What are you waiting for? Just cry. That's why you came here.

  • 133we23 AJ
    133we23 AJ 2 days ago

    omg i just red 13 reasons

  • Sana Fatah
    Sana Fatah 2 days ago

    Who came here from the dolan twins?

  • Mr. Fish the frog
    Mr. Fish the frog 2 days ago

    All the comments are so sad...

  • seth balakhani
    seth balakhani 2 days ago

    scew all yall haters

  • Breaunnah Colvin
    Breaunnah Colvin 2 days ago

    Who else is here because of the Dolan Twins new video??

  • L_N
    L_N 2 days ago

    who else came here after the dolan twins video??

  • Jautia McElroy
    Jautia McElroy 2 days ago

    ethan dolan reminded me of this great sad song

  • Lu cy
    Lu cy 2 days ago

    "You're a girl in love with girl, right?"
    "Noooo, I'm Poli in love with Tori!!"
    "We're not lesbians!!!"
    Just watched that movie I'm heartbroken!!

  • Morgan Brouwer
    Morgan Brouwer 2 days ago

    Anyone get brought here by the Dolan twins ??

  • iwm edits
    iwm edits 2 days ago

    dolan twins brought me here !!!

  • Pija Smodiš
    Pija Smodiš 2 days ago

    the dolans new video anyone?

  • jazmyn & Shelby
    jazmyn & Shelby 2 days ago

    who's here because of The Dolan Twins?!

  • Unsociable.Alice
    Unsociable.Alice 2 days ago

    2010: how to save a life, an emotional song

  • A name you'll never know

    This is one of my favorite song by The Fray and came back cuz of the dolan twins video

  • Li La
    Li La 2 days ago

    Step one, you say we need to talk
    He walks, you say sit down, it's just a talk
    He smiles politely back at you
    You stare politely right on through
    Some sort of window to your right
    As he goes left, and you stay right
    Between the lines of fear and blame
    You begin to wonder why you came
    Where did I go wrong?
    I lost a friend
    Somewhere along in the bitterness
    And I would have stayed up with you all night
    Had I known how to save a life
    Let him know that you know best
    Cause after all, you do know best
    Try to slip past his defense
    Without granting innocence
    Lay down a list of what is wrong
    The things you've told him all along
    And pray to God he hears you
    And I pray to God he hears you
    Where did I go wrong?
    I lost a friend
    Somewhere along in the bitterness
    And I would have stayed up with you all night
    Had I known how to save a life
    As he begins to raise his voice
    You lower yours and grant him one last choice
    Drive until you lose the road
    Or break with the ones you've followed
    He will do one of two things
    He will admit to everything
    Or he'll say he's just not the same
    And you'll begin to wonder why you came
    Where did I go wrong?
    I lost a friend
    Somewhere along in the bitterness
    And I would have stayed up with you all night
    Had I known how to save a life
    Where did I go wrong?
    I lost a friend
    Somewhere along in the bitterness
    And I would have stayed up with you all night
    Had I known how to save a life
    How to save a life
    How to save a life
    Where did I go wrong?
    I lost a friend
    Somewhere along in the bitterness
    And I would have stayed up with you all night
    Had I known how to save a life
    Where did I go wrong?
    I lost a friend
    Somewhere along in the bitterness
    And I would have stayed up with you all night
    Had I known how to save a life
    How to save a life
    How to save a life

  • Just two best friends Having fun

    Love this used to be my grandads favourite song but sadly he's gone so this is my only thing I have off him

    • Souper
      Souper 1 day ago

      That's sweet. Remember your grandad :)

  • Austin no
    Austin no 3 days ago

    that fat white kid

  • Alper Yigit
    Alper Yigit 3 days ago

    WOXİC ten geldim

  • matt withey
    matt withey 3 days ago

    I blame myself for everything shit that's happened in my life 😕

  • Raw Bones
    Raw Bones 3 days ago

    I think I just realized the meaning of this song and
    oh my gosh the feels are strong
    Suicide is a serious problem and I wish it wasn't and I hope people stop taking it so lightly

  • 133we23 AJ
    133we23 AJ 4 days ago

    i found out hes not moving omg that u god

  • 133we23 AJ
    133we23 AJ 4 days ago

    im so sad

  • Lotion
    Lotion 4 days ago

    I had this friend online who I really liked a lot. one day we got into a big fight. and I unadded him. he msged me to add him back but I didn't cuz I was pissed. and after that. I never saw him again and regretted not adding him back. you might call me an ass for posting online friends on this kind of song. but I'm a sensitive person and I still think about the time we played together.

  • misguided ghost
    misguided ghost 4 days ago

    this fucking song.

  • SAL0378
    SAL0378 4 days ago

    I find myself in a storm right now in my marriage. I've been going straight for a while and following Jesus Christ. But my wife doesn't want to submit to God and go straight on the same path I'm on. So the only thing that has kept me going thru this tuff time is song.

  • Roger Schrager
    Roger Schrager 4 days ago

    no matter the reality, there is no going back.

  • Totally no Fake Acc

    Stegi sbd?

  • Maisië Randall
    Maisië Randall 5 days ago

    Vampire Diaries Vibes 💛

  • Too Yooo
    Too Yooo 5 days ago

    Theres a song that the artist did well,and one thet did shit on,this is that good song!!!😭😭😭😍😄

  • Your Number 1 fan
    Your Number 1 fan 5 days ago

    I lost my mom to drugs

  • Super Hans
    Super Hans 5 days ago

    ok, so a big fat girl can draw on a screen... revolutionary

  • Fatih Vural
    Fatih Vural 5 days ago

    woxic :)

  • Jay Wallace
    Jay Wallace 5 days ago

    honestly I'm religious its scares the hell outta me but you can see the bible is written by men so God is a man right. Really. Why apart from the dick heads what father /mother would ever say to their children live by this set of rules or I'm gonna drown ya do it again I'm gonna burn ya if ya survive that after your small 70 years on earth give or take your gonna burn in misery for eternity this really what were all fighting over 70 or so short years of conflict death heartbreak injustice mistrust then if we haven't conformed to the ideal then your fucked really this is what was etched in the tablets is it oh I'm sorry you can go confess all your sins to a stranger then your ok is this what this life is about then fiddle with kids kill another person tell a stranger your really sorry st Peter's gates gonna be open .

  • loutiscrive
    loutiscrive 5 days ago

    Scrubs, first of all

  • 133we23 AJ
    133we23 AJ 5 days ago


  • 133we23 AJ
    133we23 AJ 5 days ago


  • 133we23 AJ
    133we23 AJ 5 days ago


  • 133we23 AJ
    133we23 AJ 5 days ago


  • Aaron Layman
    Aaron Layman 5 days ago

    Fuck my whole life...

  • Shane House
    Shane House 5 days ago

    HEY 3:37 in thus video alot of people laying next to a cheese burger

  • nathan green
    nathan green 5 days ago

    standing ovation

  • Neri's MSP
    Neri's MSP 6 days ago

    Yesterday one of my friends shot and killed himself and hearing this song is giving me hope and making me look at my friends and signs of their depression more seriously cause you never know how shitty you feel and how much suffering the person was going through until their gone and it just fucking hurts.

  • Kao Vang
    Kao Vang 6 days ago

    I still dont know how to save a life after this song :(

  • Hunting Choco
    Hunting Choco 6 days ago

    Grandpa... I miss you, watch over me :(

  • Eva mations
    Eva mations 6 days ago

    I'm tired of crying
    I'm tired of smiling
    I hate myself
    I hate my life
    I don't want live in this hell anymore
    the bullies my me feel useless and ugly
    the breakup made me feeling important

    • Manuel Guy
      Manuel Guy 3 days ago

      Time will heal, things will get better for you in the future, maybe not now or in 1 week or 1 month, but it wil get better :)

  • Keisha Knell
    Keisha Knell 6 days ago

    I love this song so much to the point it's helping me cope right now with what i'm going through and i couldn't be more grateful

  • henry Johnston
    henry Johnston 6 days ago

    the doctors of the columbine victims

  • Salih Yellowumsu
    Salih Yellowumsu 6 days ago

    woxicten gelen +1 xD

  • Julianna Kruczala
    Julianna Kruczala 6 days ago

    Love this song

  • SionPaddy
    SionPaddy 6 days ago


    Is it necessary to show a guy strumming a guitar slowly this many times?

  • Ahmet Ali Demir
    Ahmet Ali Demir 6 days ago

    Ok. I am 23, I have depression and anxiety, plus some other things. I feel suicidal sometimes. I was OK until 3:22. Face and smile of that girl hit so bad and I started to cry really bad. I don't know why the hell is that happened. Just one face brought back old feelings. I would be grateful if someone knows the name of that girl? She can be seen a couple times in the video.

  • Eli Hitler Razcon
    Eli Hitler Razcon 6 days ago

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  • TheJohnnyb1966
    TheJohnnyb1966 6 days ago

    Theresa May likes this video

  • Domenick B.
    Domenick B. 7 days ago

    3:42......The kid's scary, man!

  • MatthewCZ
    MatthewCZ 7 days ago


  • Universal Failer
    Universal Failer 7 days ago

    When you just wanna get sad. But can't find a video...

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