The Fray - How to Save a Life

Listen to The Fray's new single "Heartbeat" here - Music video by The Fray performing How To Save A Life. (C) 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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Author Jination ***** ( ago)
nice !

Author Zombie George ( ago)
I know where I went wrong.

Author HAA36024 ( ago)
This song saved my life... thank you so much.

Author love pink ( ago)
This reminds of thirteen reasons why 😰😭😭😭

Author TheDragonisCreator ( ago)
Say all of the steps in order.

Author karl kenny ( ago)
is it just me or is the voice to fast for the piano?

Author PindaMan ( ago)
I felt depressed by people. So I stopped hurting myself and ended those people. :)

Author john gathings ( ago)
i have been there,found someone who shot themself.not glad it sad

Author Powder Dounut ( ago)
I need some friends.

Author Ten out of Ten ( ago)
who else had seen this in VIP for a VIP
I had to do that today
tears everywhere

Author Mika Manning ( ago)
It's just a talk..

Author BeautyByLian ( ago)
grey's anatomy amirite

Author Jamie Graves ( ago)

Author FCA2001 ( ago)
STEGI IN 2017 <3

Author Your Hey ( ago)
Is anyone else having an old song marathon?😜

Author leMerri ( ago)

Author Steven ( ago)
WOW I have heard this song like a million times and Dam it makes me cry :( :( and it reminds me of back when I was little like 4 or 5 when I was in an orphanage and my friend that I was sleeping with in the same bed,now you got to understand that the beds where small and there where a lot of kids like 30ish and we could not fit them all in 1 separate beds so it was hard,but what I'm trying to say is I lost him that night and a guy with red eyes 👀 took him,like a grown up and took him down the sewer pipes in the bathroom 🚽 and the light was on and I was too scared to move and he was gone,the guy who took my friend away he was trying to get away and squirming like a hostage it was the most scariest and saddest thing that ever happened to me.I still cry too what happened that day and it's not like anybody could do anything,because everybody was sleeping.

Author Hatann Sagayas ( ago)
Anyone from SCRUBS ?

Author Samantha Edinberg ( ago)
I've heard the song so many times thinking it was about an argument, but now that I've seen the video, I can really relate because it's about saving others from suicide and letting go of whatever makes you want to die and I used to be suicidal so I can relate! And this is just beautiful!

Author Andrew Flock ( ago)
Every emotional depressed kid in these comments kys honestly no one cares that you listen to a song and get in the cutting mood

Author Isadora ( ago)
I miss you, dad.

Author Mason Ponder ( ago)
well I'm old

Author awesomeness art aka pony boy ( ago)
to clay Jensen and Hannah baker from thirteen reasons why "clay"puts hand on clays shoulder"it's not your fault its okay I'm sorry I wish there was something anything I could do to help you " walks away from clay

Author miss yumi ( ago)
im being honest with my heart, i eant this to be the last song i listen to before i die becasue it relates to me so much and its the reason❤ that is all ill meet you in heaven Isaac(the only person who understanded and loved me the way i did him, who passed)

Author Caroline E ( ago)
I lost my best friend to suicide, and I keep finding myself coming back to this song. I wish I had known how to save his life.

Author Dogey ( ago)
this and Adams song saved lives

Author Shi'Nara Smith ( ago)
this song is really touching and it breaks my heart cause people kill themselves from cyber bullying and bullying😓😭

Author TheNewChangeee ( ago)
This song is a part of my soul, is not always on top but always here.

Author ImRayz ( ago)
R.I.P Stegi <3

Author Twenty øne phandoms! At the chemical disco ( ago)
I wish I know how to save my sister life she is slowly going away she has depression and she wants to kill herself she has tried before now can anyone help me please

Author Jesse Marin ( ago)
your life has a purpose find that purpose don't end your life cause once you find your purpose you would never have wanted to think to end your life that is what I thought then I asked my friend what he would do if I ended my life he said he would cry the person who used to bully you cry's if you kill yourself you are making everyone else sad that they regret anything bad they did to you killing yourself could make your whole school cry your parents, teacher's, classmates,would cry even if your classmates​ didn't like you every one is special you just don't know how much they liked​ you even though you didn't know. I wanted to kill myself until my friend stopped me from ending my life if you don't have friends then tell your parents it doesn't matter when they tell you what they would do you will want to cry that is how I felt I didn't know my friend would cry. your teacher would probably quit her/his job cause of you killing yourself the bullies that bullied you are nobody's and always will be killing yourself is pointless cause it hurts everybody trust me I got bullied untill my best friend came in my life of you feel down or feel like you want to kill yourself talk to anybody you feel comfortable telling you that you want to kill yourself if this doesn't help you I tried my best if you still are going to kill yourself at least think about it and talk to somebody and try to solve it first before you kill yourself please change your mind like I did please I'm begging you do not end your life.PLEASE DON'T

Author Jesse Marin ( ago)
I'm going to commit suicide

Author Ian Paulo Abrogar ( ago)
i lost my mom 😭 4 days ago

Author Cadence Maynard ( ago)
oh shit, lots of suicidal people...

Author Adelle Schiffino ( ago)
Greys anatomy ❤❤❤😍

Author I. H A T E M Y S E L F ( ago)
Now a days music just have a meaning about sex not about real life problems

Author Anime Anarchy ( ago)
i thought of 13rw when hearing this for some reason

Author Lisa Caraballo ( ago)
I myself tried to kill myself . Either God loves me too much or hates me that bad. My best friends husband immdelateley over. He SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!! I'.m so ashamed and self degraded yet for so aesomely fucking appreciative. GOD BLESS YOU S. R. THE BEST BIG BROTHER I EVER HAD!!!!! I'. SO SORRY!!!!!!!!

Author Greg y ( ago)
Ill miss you W. Ill always remember you, ill always love you, ill always watch over you. :)

Author Bambi Kun ( ago)
I've been feeling really suicidal lately like a few years ago it coming back. My dad is disabled, has anxiety and depression and I help to look after him, and my mum is suicidal. I have OCD, ADD, Paranoia, social anxiety and depression among other disorders...And when I was 7 I saw my mum trying to commit suicide. She overdosed on her medication for her OCD and I remember he telling me "Mummy's just going to go to sleep..." and then my dad ran in and called an ambulance. My aunty died from drug overdose a year ago and I've been self~harming ever since that. She was like my second mother...

Author Salah Eddine ( ago)
oh, he had hair

Author ToxicDestruction ( ago)
This gets me every time.

Author Brin_no_life ( ago)
I have to listen to this whenever I get the urge to play club penguin. RIP WADDLE ON!

Author Lewis Morse ( ago)
I listened to this song as I attempted suicide. It was a year ago today.

Author Jordan Robbins ( ago)
I lost my older brother by 3 years when I was 15 due to his drug addiction. I haven't let any emotion in or out in years. I've pushed family away. I've loved but never is it reciprocated. Drugs are a massive part of my life, I turn to them just to feel and I find that they have always been there for me when l needed to lean on a person most. George is to his Cherry Tree as I am to my life and I don't see myself stopping this path of destruction until the tree is all but mulch so that I can build a fire. I'll be 27 this year and over a decade of misery, grief and depression is taking its toll now more than ever. I have nothing, I have no one, I am everything I never wanted to be. I miss you brother - And in the event of my demise, you will not have been forgotten.

Author plush trap films ( ago)
Heard this a million times. It's so good and yet so if u agree

Author Rooksi ( ago)
Do you think they called it that because they wanted it to play in every hospital drama ever?

Author Hailey Nolting ( ago)

Author Grease monkey ( ago)
Today I felt like I lost myself....and it beats me that I cannot explain myself. I'm not talking suicidal when I say this, but I really don't wanna be around anymore....

Author Fiona Green ( ago)
Somehow this brings back nostalgic memories of when I went to highschool

Author Andruis Maximus ( ago)
I'm crying because I dropped my only hot dog on the floor and it rolled under the fridge.

Author Forensic Wow ( ago)
This song is just too depressing for me even to listen too. We all share similar stories. But for me, this pertains to both my dad and my mom who committed incest with each other and stuff, and my dad got into jail, and I got adopted by my grandmother, and not knowing who my mom is I finally got to see her, but she put all the blame on my grandmother and stuff and 6 months later November 29th 2009 my grandmother kicked her out of our house when i was 13 years. They threw her stuff out, and lied to me about how they sent it back to her and the day she left, all I also heard someones bringing a shot gun and stuff. It was the most traumatic day of my life. I never spoke much of it, I just kept it to myself, I always went to the Guidance Counselor when I was in School, theres not a day that goes by that I miss my mom. No one can understand this pain. And I mean absolutely no one but me. Because I am me, no one else is.

Author AlphaBagel ( ago)
Who gives a fuck about your SOB stories get this weak depressing shit out of the comments.

Author Mustapha Muhammad ( ago)
suicidal thoughts ? talk to me first

Author Mika Manning ( ago)
where did I go wrong

Author Queen Slayer40 ( ago)
1:04 me ;( I lost her at just seven years of age. ;(

Author Lisa Lacey ( ago)
this song is so important , it's OK not to be OK xxx

Author ZéZé Camarinha ( ago)
The only time i cry for my grandmother is when i listen to that song , i think it helps me to run up to my life. 1 year later i am there listing that song at least monthly.
Guys cry helps a lot believe me!

Author Filip Orvik ( ago)
13 reasons why made me look up this song. That season has ruined me.

Author mxggie_ _ ( ago)
Where are all these meaningful songs in 2017?

Author Rüdiger ( ago)
My Pringles are empty :(

Author Jankeepeer ( ago)
OMG Stegiii😪

Author Luke Carey ( ago)
Holy 💩 that is one powerful video! This song has just gained another level!

Author steven van der Velde ( ago)
if any of you guys here in the comments are down feel free to respond to me here or kik me at Frozen_soul31 to talk about it. no one should feel down.

Author Ethan Young ( ago)
I'm too perfect!!! Lol

Emotional stability
Friends & family

I'm kidding god amen

Author LennoxGaming ( ago)
back when songs were good and appropriate.. some reason this makes me so emotional.. yes i am 1 but i understand most adult things.. maybe it's because m dad left me or maybe because i am in my maturing period where I mature..

Author PAM JONES ( ago)

Author PAM JONES ( ago)
THE FRAY I have always liked this song. How to save a LIFE....

Author Christian The Critic ( ago)
This did not teach me how to save a life. disliked.

Author Nakool Maletira ( ago)
he wasn't about to die, was he newbie? he could've waited a month for a new kidney.

Author Roma .-. ( ago)
this makes me think of my cats.. today I had to put them in a shelter at 10 months of age.. all I can think about is the look coconut and jade lynn gave me from the other side of the cage.. I hope their new owners can take better care of them financially than I could've.. I just wish I could've kept them longer... I hope to leave my home, I can't live under a roof that doesn't allow animals. I knew about it in the first place but it was love at first sight with those 6 week calico kitty's.. walking into​ home feels so unwelcoming without my fur babies :'(

Author FutureRN ( ago)
Shonda rimes has pretty much ruined this song and chasing cars for us all

Author Kylie Veldman ( ago)
I love this song.... I did a dance to this years ago.... such a good song

Author Marco Bohman ( ago)
22 April 2003 Daddy you plast away, left mom with two kids me and My sister My mom had no job, its so deep to write and talk about My Mom dont want to talk about him, My dad and My mom was using heroin drugs while i was 2-3 years Old my mom and My dad started fighting 21 April 2003 my mom said choose your kids or The drugs next day 22 april he didnt wake up he died bcuz an overdose and in 17 now he died when i was 4 and in taking The same way as he did i got add adhd i use drugs to forget things i have to stop, miss you daddy see you soon ;(❤️

Author Pootis name ( ago)
A train of nostlgla hit me bad

Author tv screen ( ago)
I can relate to this song when my dad died

Author Nick Rakocy ( ago)
This song always gives me chills.

Author The nice fifa player ( ago)
memes anyone

Author Jaye Fagan ( ago)
My friend just died yesterday and I actually cried watching this

Author David Amerfield ( ago)
13,046 people don't know how to save a life

Author Sammy Bare ( ago)
I was listening to this on loop for hours and i mean hours.. I love this song so much and nothing will ever replace it

Author Daniel Malacara ( ago)
Saw them last year at the summerfest in Milwaukee. So great!!

Author Steven H Wang ( ago)
They should've used this in 13 Reasons Why.

Author Giulia sabry mates manu e eco my life ( ago)
i love song from Italy

Author MagicalDoremiFR ( ago)
It would be a perfect soundtrack for 13 Reasons Why...

Author Astroh AssassiN ( ago)
13 reasons why didnt bring me here..... Scrubs did... Dr. Cox losing those 3 patients....:(

Author Sunayana Pai ( ago)

Author leslie cuevas ( ago)
@ 13reasonswhy

Author Norville Rogers ( ago)
first time I heard this was a couple years ago my sister came home from college and played it on the piano... brings back so many good memories

Author Precious The Cat ( ago)
When ever you get blamed for something you did not do

Author Jellosis Solosis ( ago)
This is the music that played when I dropped trophies hard af in clash royale 😭

Author kjlindgren ( ago)
2017, Still miss Derek Shepherd

Author Charlie Hindle ( ago)
everyone also loves this song.

Author goofygroova16 ( ago)
This goes out to all you claiming to have depression and/or are suicidal. You truly don't know how good you have it and this is coming from experience in my bout with Tourettic OCD which has made my life a living hell like no other for the past 2 years. But my battle with depression/anxiety extends far back to when I was a young adolescent which impacted me on the social level tremendously. So to put it plainly, the average person doesn't know suffering like I do. I don't want to compare myself or diminish the suffering of others but I just want those of you with depression to heed this message: You needn't dwell on how things could be better but cherish what you already have because things can always be worse. Please don't take this the wrong way, just some words of encouragement 😉

Author Wow Ami ( ago)
I was only .. 10

Author Priam's Playlist ( ago)
"after all this time?"

Author LetsDomun Road to 1k ( ago)

Author Iona McMurray ( ago)
still my favourite song.

Author Terry ( ago)
Hey everyone! Wish all of you have a beautiful day! I just want to tell you something..Everyone of us has a lot of fucking problems. And that's life! Because without problems there wouldn't be life.! Life gives us 1 happy moment and 4 sad moments. But those who fight with themselves are the real winners! Everyone is a hero! Just smile and LIVE! BECAUSE THAT'S THE MOTHER FUCKING LIFE! LAUGH AND BE HAPPY! DON'T SUICIDE! IT'S JUST A BAD DAY NOT A BAD LIFE! Ps sorry for my English.. Take care guys :)

Author Eminem3DG Tyler ( ago)
Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker

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