The Fray - How to Save a Life

Listen to The Fray's new single "Heartbeat" here - Music video by The Fray performing How To Save A Life. (C) 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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Author ElrubiosTMYT awx ( ago)
I tried to watch the video without crying but I kept crying. 😢😢😢😭

Author Rεγ ( ago)

Author Seriph Gaming Fox ( ago)
I was actually very fortunate to help somebody. It takes a little explanation to show how i met him. I was looking up for a twitch "viewer interactive" game. I found one and followed the guy. I ended up going to his friend and eventually followed him as well. A month or so later i met a user, whos username i wont mention for the sake he may not want me to, in friend of the first guy's chat. He eventually mentioned that he and his girlfriend broke up and he was very depressed about it and was going on that he had no purpose or something of the sort. I spent the next 15-20 minutes talking to him in the chat trying to convince him that he could find someone else and that karma would strike his ex. He kept going on theres nobody else and only her for him. He ended up leaving the chat for a little bit and when he came back. He was ecstatic saying that his girlfriend and him were back together, along with thanking me for sticking with and convincing him. To this day i still feel overjoyed for helping someone. Even if it's only just a single person. Everyone of you should do your best to help anybody that might be having any sort of problems even if its just talking to them.

Author Sandy Jones ( ago)
does anyone know what is the girl from the thumbnail called? please please please tell me I can't find her

Author Ela the Husky ( ago)
those 12k haters dont know what to what music is

Author Doğukan Karaca ( ago)
DR Cox.

Author Aislegit ( ago)
glo in paradise layton, you are missed immensely.

Author Bijen Bhatta ( ago)
just got that feeling when i lost my 4 year old dog and i could do nothing but jus cry and held him in my laps......that day i felt weakest and so helpless...... if only i knew HOW TO SAVE A LIFE :'(

Author Amy Carr ( ago)
racism looks like strongly bedutihulpro :]

Author Minyoongi Genius Jangjjangg man boong boong ( ago)
I just feel useless and i really want to kill myself but i haven't got the courage to. People
Call me names but don't think it hurts me since i laugh it off. I just don't see the point in life anymore

Author Zombiedoodle8 The pro ( ago)
115 rictuffon

Author idontcareaslongasyoudo ( ago)
lol I'm not cryinf

Author Chken tendrs ( ago)
my friend was watching this w/ me and at 0:09 he said " they have a very bad camera"

Author Owen Phillips ( ago)
2017 anyone?

Author Jose ( ago)
Free x

Author crazy lo ( ago)
wer ist auch wegen stegi hier?

Author Yes Yup ( ago)
Confess to Jesus your troubles and He will never keep record of your mistakes He just wants you to acknowledge His everlasting love to you and that He's always there when you need Him through Christ we become children of God and I promise never again will you have to ask "where did I go wrong?"

Author Brenna Anderson ( ago)
I lost my friend to suicide last week not that anyone cares but this makes me think of her bc I stayed up with her for nights and skipped school to call her and I tried to keep her from it cause I know what pain I caused my friends and family but I still feel Like I could have done more

Author Kyleez Youngz ( ago)
I attempted suicide 3 times. Glad I failed

Author xBelieveIn YourDreamsx ( ago)

Author xBelieveIn YourDreamsx ( ago)

Author xBelieveIn YourDreamsx ( ago)

Author Sweet Weed ( ago)
stegi ^^

Author Darth!! Vader!! ( ago)
11 years today my dad shot himself to death. It was a week and 2 days after my 2 bday the last words my momma said to him was her yelling about how he skipped my bday. Everyone dies at some point just remember u never know when so just know maybe the thing u just said to someone might be ur last words to them. Choose ur words carefully please

Author Darth!! Vader!! ( ago)
11 years today my dad shot himself to death. It was a week and 2 days after my 2 bday the last words my momma said to him was her yelling about how he skipped my bday. Everyone dies at some point just remember u never know when so just know maybe the thing u just said to someone might be ur last words to them. Choose ur words carefully

Author Sprinkleofgossipgirl X ( ago)
I fucking love this song!

Author RoyaltyFreeAbuser ( ago)
I don't see a single comment about Harambe. Don't you have a single shed of respect for our fallen lord?

Author Jurassic Pranks ( ago)
R.I.P. My new kitten (Marley) was ran over on his first day outside the house, dam, if only I kept him in for one more day.

Author SV2 double aces ( ago)
I'm close to the end

Author Matthew Francucci ( ago)
How to save a life? I need to save mine before I save someone elses

Author Ms K. Johnson ( ago)
I'm folding laundry and hear this song again. I'll never get enough of this song.

Author Zo Hassan ( ago)
Everything as fallen apart, where did I ever go wrong

Author Taylor McGarrah ( ago)
I love this song but... Iit will forever remind me of Derek's death in Greys anatomy

Author Cecilia Carstairs ( ago)
When music had meaning.

Author Clint Morrow Jr ( ago)
This is my personal favorite song. It reaches into a part of me that still burns from loss and love

Author Tartsia ( ago)
I'm sorry if you think this comment is rude but I see comments like "Oh you have so much to live for!" and "It will get better". If anyone tries to kill themselves they're just plain stupid. You have one bad day or year or whatever but you seriously are going to kill yourself because of one problem? Lets say your boyfriend dumps you. You think "Woe is me I can't live without him!" Yeah that's BS. That was not the last time you will get dumped. Accept that he is an asshole and move on. Or say your parents divorce. Obviously they weren't meant for each other. Deal with it. Stop this Bullshit and move on. Stop throwing a pitty party and the " I'm going to kill my self!" NO! OK? NO! THERE WILL BE OTHER HEART BREAKS! Take a good cry and MOVE THE FUCK ON! Again, sorry if this offended anyone it's just my personal thoughts. People have emotions, and I think it's a bit over dramatic to threaten to kill yourself. It's a very selfish thing to do. And if anyone suicidal reads this, please tell yourself to move on. If your parents divorce think of your future when you have more members to the family. Just don't kill yourself! Please!

Author Nutsack Rugsack ( ago)
Everybody says this is a sad song but whenever I hear it without the video it kinds of makes me happy for some reason well as long as I don't pay attention to the lyrics lol but the melody is quite nice.

Author Drache HD ( ago)
steig irgendwer?

Author alice niuila ( ago)

Author Jikook for lifeuuu ( ago)
This song brings back horrible memories but it makes me feel better listening to it weirdly enough

Author bob berry ( ago)
this song makes me cry every time. goes in the comments section to cheer up biggest mistake ever

Author No Its ( ago)
Just don't ask a fucking arsehole veterairian to save a life. Cunts are trying yo save money.

Author Shot for Shot ( ago)
after years, this song still has an impact

Author TheOmnicell ( ago)
I hung myself! I came back from the dead to listen to this song! I dont blame the people who made me do it! I thought maybe I could come back and save my life! Im still innocent but my neck hurts; so does my heart!

Author SuperAtreide ( ago)
This song has so much meaning..And the videocliop content is amazingly emotional. LOVE

Author youssef boudaya ( ago)
scrubs <3

Author Unknown Utuber ( ago)
everytime I hear this song I cry!

Author Austin Szuda ( ago)
the purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. it is about being compassion and honorable. No one has ever become poor by giving

Author Taco princess 14 ( ago)
Where my greys anatomy fans at

Author Keneth Escalona ( ago)
Ahh. the old days where songs had a good message to people who are listening to music.
Not like in these days where it's now all about ass, tits, drugs, money, sex, twerk, and dabbing.

Author Jenny DOKyungsoo ( ago)
Last night someone from my school committed suicide. Today i have never seen 2,500 students be so quiet.

Author Tom Jenk ( ago)
This song really helped me through losing my Dragon Ball z badge on the bus

Author Start.The.Action ( ago)
Who's watching this in 2017

Author Ricx#11 XS ( ago)
I hear piano

Author Faded Drxms ( ago)
I remember when I was 9 and my mom would play this song in our car and I'd look out the window dramatically and pretend I was in a sad music video

Author Jaymes NotFake ( ago)
cheesiest fucking song in the last 20 years

Author The Dragon Caster ( ago)
If you've lost someone or are feeling depressed, the Youtube comment section is not where you want to be. First of all, that just looks like attention-seeking even if you are "on the verge of suicide". Second of all, help can be found at . It's Tumblr but it's the best I could find without having to browse through different websites.

Author itsthebomb ( ago)

Author Beeyourself321 ( ago)
This song just hit me real hard. A guy i was friends with on facebook (who I didn't know very well) recently took his own life. On Christmas eve as well. Such an awful situation, that he felt no other way other way out,, but now his family are lost without him and don't know what to do. They think that maybe if they had given him more love, he would have chosen to stay. I'm crying writing this. I just wish there was some way someone, me, anyone could have talked him out of it that would have worked. Rest in peace Leon <3

Author Bird Plan ( ago)
this song just brought back a rush of emotions,I miss the care free times of being young I can tell you from experience you need to do whatever it takes to stay close with your really dear friends,do whatever you want in this life don't worry about consequences just live for your happiness. I have no regrets in this life,I have quit jobs just to go on road trips with my best friends,spent every dollar I ever made on just having good times and everyone always told me that I would regret my decisions later in life cuz I missed out on a lot of other opportunities but I remember my great grandpa whispering in my ear when he was 94 and just about to pass away,he said, "I have accomplished many things in my life but now that i'm dying I regret not doing the things that I wanted to do.I was too busy worried about pleasing others..He said I am really happy to see that you're living life the way you want and at times you may feel like you're doing the wrong thing but trust me you're not." Wow,I am tearing up just thinking about it.The one thing that stuck with me the most and I'll never forget it was when he said " don't worry about money,I saved a lot during my life and and now it cant go with me and more importantly 20 or 30 years from now it will be the memories you created that you will remember the most not how much you spent.“The most dangerous risk of all– the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” peace and love y'all Bird Plan

Author Peter Dorsam ( ago)
where did I go wrong ?

Author Kamui Yato ( ago)
No one died, except for me.

Author my_namesbryan ( ago)
This song still gets me to this day.

Author Paul Caiazzo ( ago)
Came here after I lost my dad
Miss you papa ❤❤

Author Cringe Warning!!! ( ago)

Author Lil Lulu Carmona ( ago)
This reminds me of two people who I love so much, they both battle mental illness and drug addiction. It breaks my heart, I pray and pray and lend all the support I can. My heart is broken over and over again. I pray the Lord to take them home instead of both of them wanting to take their precious lives. :-( A place where there will never be a tear shed, no more sleepless nights, no more fear, depression, or heartaches.

Author Jesse ( ago)
how is this 12 years old?!

Author superdog117 ( ago)
just ate my last wine gum so came here before slitting my wrists, cheers lads

Author Jai Music ( ago)
2017 and I still cry when listen to this song

Author TheGlitchedGamer ( ago)
seeing people cry makes me cry why am I watching this

Author TheGlitchedGamer ( ago)
I have a habit of playing songs 100 times until I get bored like if you do the same dislike if not

Author Chazmum MLG ( ago)
and we all lost the best moments wich was 2000-2012

Author Chazmum MLG ( ago)
I lost my grandma and I never got to meet her

Author Skin. Stewart ( ago)
shaving my head.

Author Feli Sátor ( ago)

Author Zero Escape ( ago)
That feel when you lose your best friend

Author FoxWarriorBM ( ago)
your sight fails you

Author Marlene quintela ( ago)
this song reminds me of my mommy who passed away not even a year ago who overdosed :(

Author Justin Marks ( ago)
Rip Zack 2015..he was a good friend and I lost him to suicide. Fly high buddy..

Author Alejandro Uribe ( ago)
If you guys don't know, xxxtentacion wants to work with the fray, and it might happen lol

Author Catfish Overlord ( ago)
Put it at 1.25 and I guess you can say its a little more upBEAT HA HA HA Ha ha ha...

I'm gonna go now

Author Will Byers! at the Disco ( ago)
*Cries over each Grey's Anatomy death*

Author Jessica Webb ( ago)
I will always love this...lost my fiancée 4 months ago to suicide. it has destroyed all of us, and this sums up so much all of the feelings. I wish so much that I could have saved you always Dusty

Author Austin Szuda ( ago)
😳could you guys tell me what love is like I was just wanted to know😢oh before I post this I know what you guys are going to say anyway I have not experience it yet go ahead tell me that love is horrible that's what all of you are going to say right and again I have not experience it yet 😞😞😞

Author Parker Green ( ago)
Im freshman know, I bet when im with my kids and this song comes on I will probably start crying because it just makes reflect on all youve lost and your life ahead of you. such a beautiful song.

Author diane labrusse ( ago)
it is more than a simple song

Author Moonlight Sparkles ( ago)
why r u so sad song?

Author KOTS ( ago)
A lot of love songs out there, this is the first one I've heard dedicated to friendship :')

Author Crayola Thorn Puffle ( ago)
Omg I knew I recognized this! #BlanketRave!

Author Concealed 202 ( ago)
I know there's different kinds of art or whatever, and "everybody is different," but am I the only one that's creeped out by this video. The music is fantastic, but looking at random close ups of people is making me cringe, and extremely uncomfortable... No, just me. Alright I'll just shut up then.

Author Minh Anh ( ago)
very nice

Author Animelover Cats ( ago)
No one desivers to die. That's right, I'm talking to you

Author Sophia Joker ( ago)
last week I lost my older brother and I sang this song at his funeral and I cried at the end I burst out in tears he was the only one who knew that I was bi and he kept a secret and I just miss him so much me and him were really close he was my armor he was my shield if I got beat up my older bro would beat them up back and I misssssss him sooooo much

Author BossPig ( ago)
If this was a song for eBay:

What's taking so long
You stupid shits
My package has
not been shipped.


Author Pablo Gonzalez ( ago)
I remember this when I was little

Author Emily Wackerly ( ago)
Is this song about saving someone from suicide? Just wondering

Author Parker Green ( ago)
The internal struggle of listening to this song and getting the feels while eating poptarts and soda and being happy its crazy

Author John robinson ( ago)
hands down best chosen song for one of the best moments in the best television show ever made...!

Author Austin Szuda ( ago)

Author Dali Samir tewfik ( ago)

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