5 of the World's Most Dangerous Chemicals

They explode when you touch them. Even a millionth of a gram can kill you. They can even disable you with their horrifying smell. SciShow introduces you to give of the most dangerous chemicals in the world.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Author s0ulfire ( ago)
That's cool, but do you know about Mercury Fluoride 😎

Author Blueberry101 ( ago)
But something IS more explosive then azidoazide azide. My girlfriend

Author Finnean ( ago)
You remind me of my priest. Is your name Brian?

Author Christy T ( ago)
I'm renaming this video, "Five Reasons We Don't Need Nukes."

Author Christy T ( ago)
So, Trump could be described as Azidoazide azidic.

Author Sky Koudo SOA ( ago)
AA is officially my favorite chemical. I relate so much

Author 6ll80 k ( ago)
you talk way too fast holy shit half the people watching are stoned

Author OW_it_broke ( ago)
Germany needs to calm the fuck down

Author claudio sotelo ( ago)
so you are telling me my girlfriend is azidoazide?

Author Brandon Diller ( ago)
Azidoazide azides thoughts "ALLAHU AKBAR"

Author Destin ToWin ( ago)
Is it just me or is this boy wearing a vanguard shirt from destiny

Author Chunsun Lee ( ago)
me to Funbox

Author Chunsun Lee ( ago)

Author Luka Pavic ( ago)
please do part 2

Author manoj sangita ( ago)
ur too gud

Author zheng heng ng ( ago)
Funnier than those videos that challenge us to watch without laughing

Author Марио Петров ( ago)
and you CAN NOT put it in the bathtub ! Understood, Jesse ?!

Author Stormchaser9 ( ago)
I feel like a vial of Thioacetone has the potential to be the greatest senior prank of all time.

Author Verena Gürtler ( ago)
what a looser .....i bet he still living whith his mother

Author Kenny Fairbank ( ago)
This guy talks like a Ron Burgundy wannabe.

Author John the gamer ( ago)
"The strength of that bond means that when two nitrogen atoms snap together they release a tremendous amount of energy"
-Scishow 2014
20 yrs later
Reporter:and here we are for first nitrogen bomb test on the martian surface near the old landing point of curiosity rover
*nitrogen bomb explodes and create 1 gigatons of energy that it blew a crater on mars bout 10 feet deep*
Earth:mars why
Mars:theres some doicky explodey explodey thingy is dropped in my FRIGGIN SURFACE AND I KNOW ITS FUCKING YOU
Mercury:geez mars
Venus:ye we side with earth
Sun:hame hame hame hame HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *sneezes lots of radiation to mars*
Earth and mars:SUNNNNN!!!
Sun:srry I sneezed
Earth:well thank god the humans on mars are on the other side
Mars:well i guess im a test subject for doicky explodey explodey thingys
The entire solar system:agreed

Author LOLZER LOLZER ( ago)
i think you like talking about chemicals

Author 金の暁教団広報部団員 ( ago)
This video is more interesting than chemistry classes.

Author Jonah DeleseLeuc ( ago)
"The concrete... was on fire?!"

Author RobotSchipperke ( ago)
I thought botulinum toxin was the most toxic substance, with the lowest LD50. Is dimethyl cadmium more toxic?

Author Robert Raupp ( ago)
Very good episode. Made me laugh

Author Miles Flaherty ( ago)
I Think That Why C2N14 Exploded By Nothing, If Any Air Was Blowing into The Room (It Was Climate Controlled), Then The Friction Chould Have Caused it To Go Explode.

Author Hugh Janus ( ago)
I think I'd take the fart gas over the other ones but that's just me.

Author Sean B ( ago)
What's with there being so many German scientists discovering cool shit

Author Christopher Hereford ( ago)
How about links to seeing this stuff at work? It's all well and good to describe it but how about finding videos of cement on fire?

Author Are Elvestad ( ago)
No B-roll? OK :'|

Author Oliverleo2007 ( ago)
3:02 Voice crack

Author Ethan Reesor ( ago)
What about FOOF? Dioxygen difluoride.

I feel like the host had his greatest time making this video
and this chemicals seem interesting, I wanna test things with the- *sees the second on the list*
NOOOPE nope no thanks

Author Angelin Guraj ( ago)
Thanks for watching and John I'll see you on Wednesday!

Author atari460 ( ago)
Hank is seriously the best host haha I love him.

Author Aqua KrimSix ( ago)
idk who subbed me, but they are blessed LMAO

Author Sean Tubo ( ago)
That poison is so scary.

Author maistromann ( ago)
So azidoazide azide is the school shooter of chemicals

Author Feriin ( ago)
Lol, Hydrofluoric acid is deadly, EXCEPT when the U.S. puts it in your water , then it magically becomes a nutrient...

Author Chris A ( ago)
Greek fire!

Author HolyFlame Dragon ( ago)
#3 Yes because someone can die now then die later, then die after that, then finally you stop dying by the onset of death. Makes sense.

Author Deinonychus194 ( ago)
"If I worked with Azidoazide Azide, waking up every morning and seeing that I still had all my fingers would be a very exciting discovery"

-Hank Green, Dec 13, 2014 - SciShow

Author Deinonychus194 ( ago)
2:37 The best bit!

Author gregory yauman ( ago)
love the phrase twitchy little molecule lol bit of an understatement

Author Tiago Pereira ( ago)
I think scientist's should mix two of those together just for the gigles

Author Dany St-Gelais ( ago)
this pop up in my recommendation after syria chemical attack xD thanks youtube I can make my own now

Author Metal Jacket ( ago)
One of them should be a random fat guy's fart.

Author Archibald Mirenopteryx ( ago)
Great video, from a biochemist and organic chemist. The identities actually surprised me: I was expecting methylmercury to make the cut - that stuff is also extremely poisonous, for pretty much the same reason as methylcadmium, and it actually resulted in a death not long ago.

Author C Cartoons ( ago)
Let's put them all together!!!

Author watts300 ( ago)
Great episode.

Author Donkeyearsa ( ago)
Where can i get a few gallons of that thoacetone? I can think of a few places around the collage dorm rooms that I can have some fun with it.

Author Tamisin 731 ( ago)
I dunno why I keep coming back to this video. I guess I enjoy explosives and science.

Author SuperKimxD ( ago)
Thioacetone must smell like Switch cartridges taste.

Author Tino TheKid ( ago)
Why does Germany 🇩🇪 make so many dangerous chemicals

Author Khallil A. Marshall ( ago)
If you have just a basic understanding of chemistry, this video is freaking hilarious

Author Sector ( ago)
Do I see a vanguard t-shirt

Author Jester ( ago)
"The cement was on fire" best quote ever 😹

Author GeneralHands ( ago)
Anyone else find his voice and tone really fucking annoying?

Author Erin Fury ( ago)
So let's not show how to get laid nor how to not know wiki

Author Timmy Tide ( ago)
Could it be that Germans are kind of.. chemistry obsessed? just think about Justus Liebig.. He set the way for silver mirrors

Author notaseagull ( ago)
Smallpox has a single chromosome, which is 1 big molecule. It may be possible to revive smallpox with just 1 well placed copy of its genome in a receptive cell. At the very least, it wouldn't take a whole lot of them to reconstitute a viable culture in a dish, which could be used as a weapon. The limits of biological agents are usually more dangerous than chemical ones because they are self replicating.

Author [iX]smasher ( ago)
I laughed like 🤣 when he said the concrete was on fire!

Author Mud Kip ( ago)
When something *eats through the fume hood*, you know that there is no way it's safe.

Author Gemima ( ago)
"Their electrons form an extremely strong triple bond with each other, which can only be broken with the force of lightning"

Author Manatee Man ( ago)
0:57 putrescence pls
God I loved reading that part of Zodiac

Author Finnick Jackson ( ago)
Just after he said "one shoe scuff away from ka-blammo" I slipped on a stray lucky charm. Needless to say it scared the sh!t out of me

Author isaiah orozco ( ago)
Take my subscription!!

Author animist channel ( ago)
Okay, I'll throw this out there. Some maniacs with a super-cooler actually mixed up di-flourine dioxide: F-O-O-F. If you can still find the paper online, it's a fun read. Much of the article is dedicated to how many ways it goes BOOM. One gets the impression that a certain amount of equipment was sacrificed in the process :)

Author Keyreaper HAVO ( ago)
eats through glass like its cotton candy😆😆😆😆😹

Author AwesomeEB ( ago)
what would happen if you eat azidoazide azide?

Author Sharp knife ( ago)
next vid. lets test them!

Author Caché Numel ( ago)
he forgot my grandpa's farts.

Author Fandyus CZ ( ago)
2:37 LOL

Author imhyperer ( ago)
"its too sensitive to measure how sensitive it is"
did you mean my grossly fragile self-esteem and mental state?

Author Spence Hill ( ago)
this guy sounds exactly like popeye when he gets excited...

Author crasy kills ( ago)
"can't put it in a fume hood. it will eat the fume hood"

Author gael jarjoura ( ago)
actually thioacetone was synthetised in the swiss city of Freiburg/Fribourg

Author K9 YLVA ( ago)
I love your guys' videos!

Author Rikio Rikio ( ago)
This is still my favorite Scishow episode, it's Hank at its best!

Author Juan Playz ( ago)
Just watched a 2:30 minutes ad from super deluxe so you are welcome for the extra $$$ SciShow

Author Thomas Walton ( ago)
i hate your voice

Author The H1j4ck3r ( ago)
Part 2?

Author naota3k ( ago)
lmao the Azidoazide azide descriptions.

Author James Hansmeyer ( ago)
One shoescuff away from kablamo XD

Author Funbox Entertainment ( ago)
I think AA is just misunderstood or antisocial.

Author Kashif Smith ( ago)
This is the best thing ever!!!! You make science so fun.

Author Michael Runde ( ago)
Lol this is why I love chemistry

Author ţřąp ķįńģ ( ago)
botulinum h?

Author Harikusa ( ago)
I like that dude with a tan more.

Author Dean Vine ( ago)
One of the best well written episodes. Pretty sure I've watched this a half dozen times since it was published.

Author stiimuli ( ago)
still my favorite episode of sci show =)

Author Civil Protection ( ago)
do public restrooms come pre-packaged with thiol?

Author SgtRooooster ( ago)
Remember hearing stories from inorganic chemists about shock sensitive materials. Prepare to lose some fingers

Author 2Awesome ( ago)
why not get teflon labware and go at it?

Author Chris Holdread ( ago)

Author Goriaas ( ago)
What is it with the pacific northwest accent that makes it seem like the people are speaking to you in a way they would speak with 3 year olds...

I don't know if I'm the only one feeling this way, but I know multiple people from the Seattle and Vancouver area that give me the exact same vibe

Author Grey Wolf Alpha ( ago)
OMG this is funniest educational video ever. !

Author Martin Ivers ( ago)
thioacetone isn't a thiole, but the sulfur analog of a ketone.

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