HOW TO INSTALL PES 2012-2013-2014 PS3 PATCH ALL NAMES - TEAMS - LEAGUES - LICENCES to download all patches !

hi all this is the video showing you how to install the ps3 patch for all real names , teams and licences on per 2011/2012/2013 on ps3

have fun

for the patch download meet on or

If you got some questions post bellow.

WARNING ! Soon PES 2013 PATCHES !!! suscribe and stay tuned
Patch PES 2013 for next week

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 3:29
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Author Jarek Archacki (1 month)
ofc links not working all the time

Author 권순목 (1 month)
Where can I get patch files???? 

Author Muhammad Fahad (2 months)
You have PlayStation puls

Author Nitesh Ramburrun (6 months)
should i download all the patch for 0es 2014 for ps3 then install it??? how
do i download it??

Author Amos Essien (5 months)
Please how do I know the right patch to download? I am looking for the
latest patch of pes 2013 for ps3. Any link?

Author Pierre Clasen (2 years)
Is there some patcj i can get with full packet with league???

Author 17HoangNam17 (2 years)
i bought my PES 2012 from Germany and did not know the language is in
French until i try it. There is no English option for this game in the
setting menu. How can i install English??????

Author Ariel ne'eman (2 years)
what? i should download both your patches? i tried the 1.1 from your site
and it doesn't work. what should i do then?

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
no matter PES version , just matter patch version. if u got pes 1.0.1 just
install patch 1.0 from my site and then 1.1

Author Edvinas Kazunas (2 years)
g a m e f r o n

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
What is blocked ? i have everything working actually

Author Let'sHug Liam (1 year)

Author Juba Luiz (2 years)
please, it works in the pes 2011 US version? and if i just install the
patch 3.4 (FINAL PATCH ALL IN ONE) it will works? thanks!

Author MrMclapolicedept (2 years)
now I want Pro Evolution Soccer :D screw you gran turismo 5 and say hello
to PES

Author Edvinas Kazunas (2 years)
yes, its for ps3, and its very goog thing:)

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
go to the page and install the 2.0 patch ,
its all patch in one. And link working fine tried right now

Author dicka cruth (2 years)
hey brother ,,

Author Ariel ne'eman (2 years)
1.1 doesn't work for me too...what's the sollution please?

Author Callum Norton (1 year)
Can you do a video actually downloading it.

Author ZgniataczKotletów (1 year)
Why the Bundesliga players haven't got normal names for example Tromudj,
Wektze? Will you repair it?

Author Ov Kmouch (1 year)
Hi.. if I do like this it have a problem with original game and Ps3 or not
? and how to create a ps3 folder in ps3, and how do I know which file
should I delete ??? pls, reply..

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
Will be online soon , some have trouble with it , not stable enough yet

Author live-europ-foot atia (1 year)
doesnt work...

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
quelle page ? which page i just tried and everything fine.

Author Daver Balic (1 year)
do i have first to install patch 1.0 or i can install 1.1 immediately ???

Author Fede Peloc (2 years)
sirve para demo?¿

Author kamenriderlovers797 (2 years)

Author Joachim Rufatt (2 years)
Thanksss man!! This helped a lot!!!

Author Karabo Mafa (2 years)
yea i did.. the ver1.0 of the patch works fine but when i tried the newer
version 1.1 it didnt load

Author sosin10 (2 years)
have you ever add greek ligue or cyprus? thanks!

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
strange , patch working fine here , do you got 1.0 working ?

Author Cyrus Wilson (1 year)
Hey, don't trust this video Free PSN 10$,20$ & 50$ Points go on this site
online Its the best site online, all point codes are
tested and working!!!

Author mohammed alsharqi (1 year)
How can I make my pes 2011 to be pes 2013 !

Author mhamad slama (1 year)

Author aymanev (1 year)
i have a request . I just downloaded the all in one patch for pes 2011 PS3
i would really appreciate if you add the new jerseys for Barcelona , Real
Madrid , Mancheter United etc... , and the new transfers of the player and
thank you

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
Patch 1.1 pes 2013 is onine on website !

Author Ariel ne'eman (2 years)
so should i try now to install your 1.0 patch? it will work? cause the 1.1

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
did you deleted the file as asked on video ?

Author Bryan Tran (2 years)
i can't do it', when i copy from my USB , all file of patch go to another
folder , so not thing change in my pes ..... plz help ...

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
READ CAREFULLY - How to install patch 1.1 from website ? New fix without
bug First of all , install latest Konami updated by runing your game, then
save and leave the game. Then, delete all files from Patch 1.0 ( i mean all
). Then download the lastest 1.1 patch from the website on description (on website). The patch must have 180 files. Copy all files on
your PS3 as usual. Then have fun

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
If someone has problems to visit website try with or

Author daci marian (1 year)
i just tried this with CYPES FO 2011 v3.4 and it doesn't work, why?

Author dicka cruth (2 years)
why your patch is not work ,, " unable to load cause it from deferent
version, download new content for update data" it said ,,

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
Buy ? everything is free , just download and install :)

Author ginger jew- (1 year)
what dose it do

Author Santi Gimenez (1 year)
Thank you man

Author Adam Hallab (1 year)
does the patch go if i update the PES Datapack?

Author Karabo Mafa (2 years)
i delete the old patches largest file and installed the largest file on the
latest patch, then i copied everything 1 by 1 from the patch onto the
console and still it wont load.... i think i should delete everything PES
related and try install the latest version again

Author redbullgalou (2 years)
there is the 2013 patch on the website on video description

Author mansa wanlan (1 year)
how about PES 2013.?

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