HOW TO INSTALL PES 2013-2014-2015 PS3 PATCH ALL NAMES - TEAMS - LEAGUES - LICENCES to download all patches !

hi all this is the video showing you how to install the ps3 patch for all real names , teams and licences on per 2011/2012/2013 on ps3

have fun

for the patch download meet on or

If you got some questions post bellow.

WARNING ! Soon PES 2013 PATCHES !!! suscribe and stay tuned
Patch PES 2013 for next week

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Author deyvi suarez ( ago)
patch 2015-16 ps3 ? please

Author Ghoulface 187 ( ago)
One by one!?!? are you crazy?? you can do "copy all" with triangle

Author lepetitcaillou caillou ( ago)
Bonjour, j'ai une question s'il te plaît : je suis sur PES 2015, et lorsque
j'installe le patch sur ma console PS3, il me dit que la version n'est pas
la bonne. Sais-tu comment faire ? Merci

Author Jarek Archacki ( ago)
ofc links not working all the time

Author 권순목 ( ago)
Where can I get patch files???? 

Author Muhammad Fahad ( ago)
You have PlayStation puls

Author Amos Essien ( ago)
Please how do I know the right patch to download? I am looking for the
latest patch of pes 2013 for ps3. Any link?

Author Nitesh Ramburrun ( ago)
should i download all the patch for 0es 2014 for ps3 then install it??? how
do i download it??

Author Каха Алексеев ( ago)

Author Earl Hodges ( ago)
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Author king dev ( ago)
how i install gta5 patch
please help

Author Matija Celikovic ( ago)
Can patches be instaled on all playstations 3 or only on orignial(with no

Author Cyrus Wilson ( ago)
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Author RedEyed Rocker ( ago)
Use a screen recorder while recording the pc screen dude.

Author daci marian ( ago)
the ps3 needs to be jailbroken or something? because mine it's original

Author daci marian ( ago)
i just tried this with CYPES FO 2011 v3.4 and it doesn't work, why?

Author Khaled Abulilish ( ago)
sat down for 2 hours and it didnt work wat the hell

Author Isiah Baker ( ago)
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Author Alexandre Soares ( ago)
Hello, I was wondering when you'll see the patch for Pes14?

Author Alex Kerr ( ago)
how do i extract the files? please tell me!

Author Feustii thom ( ago)
why one by one , ii haven't done it and it doesen't -so is it important???

Author Bradley Black ( ago)
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Author ProEvoTV ( ago)
on my channel :)

Author SeForeVers ( ago)
Of course. He said that if you already have installed a patch before just
delete the biggest one, so the logical deduction we can take is that if not
just follow the other steps

Author live-europ-foot atia ( ago)
doesnt work...

Author live-europ-foot atia ( ago)
doesnt work...

Author Z3US_xRuSh ( ago)
Je n'arrive pas a extraire

Author Senpai ( ago)

Author Killieboy1000 ( ago)
Cant You Do It With You Ps3 In English??????????

Author Ruben Sadhu ( ago)
if i never had any patch installed before, can i just repeat the steps you
were taking in your video? so after i copied it to my flashdrive (must be
named PS3 for the folder) i just copy it?

Author mhamad slama ( ago)

Author waiyan soe ( ago)
did it work for you yet?

Author waiyan soe ( ago)
here is my email if you would help me with i will be very appreciate

Author waiyan soe ( ago)
man,, i download the patch for the first time in my system, the 1.1 but
after i copy from my drive i go on to the game, still dont work i dont know
why? and i didnt deleted the biggest pack because i dont ahve one

Author Callum Norton ( ago)
Can you do a video actually downloading it.

Author Callum Norton ( ago)
How did you get it to work?

Author Callum Norton ( ago)
what if i have other game files on the save data utility

Author jd224ever ( ago)
salut je vois que ton ordi est en francais donc tu dois l`etre aussi! tu
peux m`xplique la procedure just apres avoir copier le dossier sur la cle
usb? le parcours a suivre sur la PS3 quoi, je n`arrive pas trop a suivre

Author mansa wanlan ( ago)
how about PES 2013.?

Author mansa wanlan ( ago)
after copy the file to PS3, i still cannot play the update one.. how..??
can u help me..?? i download 1.1 patch.

Author Leaie Benhenia ( ago)
j'ai un pes 2011 ps3 je veux jouer online je trouve toujours un message ???

Author CZBGDelije ( ago)
serbiaaaaa :)

Author ZgniataczKotletów ( ago)
Why the Bundesliga players haven't got normal names for example Tromudj,
Wektze? Will you repair it?

Author ZgniataczKotletów ( ago)

Author sahraoui kenza ( ago)
Slt mec jai tt fai mais ca march pas les logos reste les memes bn une
question est ce que le patch doit etre compatible avc la maj konami? Et

Author ZgniataczKotletów ( ago)
Does it work on 5.2? When will be patch update ;(

Author Alexander Lundberg ( ago)
Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 v3,3 is not working need help please!

Author MadMupp ( ago)
Says this doesnt work on PES 2012, says download newer version... anyone
got the PES 2012 (not PES 2011)

Author aymanev ( ago)
i have a request . I just downloaded the all in one patch for pes 2011 PS3
i would really appreciate if you add the new jerseys for Barcelona , Real
Madrid , Mancheter United etc... , and the new transfers of the player and
thank you

Author crunchysauce ( ago)
Did it work for you? I'm tryin but can't find the files, can you show me

Author Armand Emilien ( ago)
please tell me when will next patch be released? and please make Borussia
Dortmund better. thank you.

Author NBA6Fan ( ago)
When I open my usb stick there is not files on ps3

Author MrBlazinman ( ago)
Mine says there is an error when it reaches 5 percent. I swear is it
doesn't work I'm suing Sony

Author Tina Mcgrath ( ago)
Mine says it has no saved data too @liam johnson

Author Daver Balic ( ago)
do i have first to install patch 1.0 or i can install 1.1 immediately ???

Author TheEliteGamer Z ( ago)
Copied you and yet my PS3 says "No saved data"

Author matric96 ( ago)
Hey man im a total noob at this , what happens when i download a patch that
has 2 parts of it seperated , what do i do when i finish downloading both ,
combine them together on usb ? im sorry im kind of lost and dumb with
installing patches

Author ginger jew- ( ago)
what dose it do

Author ndpasoklaos ( ago)
Very helpfull.Thanks a lot mate.

Author Mohamed Rashed ( ago)
How can I make my pes 2011 to be pes 2013 !

Author vladCOBHC ( ago)
The 2012 patch doesn't work out for me, when I copy the items it creates a
new folder besides the one that already exists. What do I do?

Author Nick cole ( ago)
kosta to kataferes??

Author Joomun Khalud ( ago)
how to add downloaded boots to the game?

Author Ov Kmouch ( ago)
Hi.. if I do like this it have a problem with original game and Ps3 or not
? and how to create a ps3 folder in ps3, and how do I know which file
should I delete ??? pls, reply..

Author Andrei Ivanov ( ago)
Hello to all !!! I have the original game and I want to know if I install
patch??? I tried several times, but without success.Can anyone help me ???

Author Riz Keith ( ago)
To redbullgalou please fix patch 1.1 doesn't work

Author rony ramos ( ago)
can you do this on mac ? it comes up on vlc for me

Author Adam Hallab ( ago)
does the patch go if i update the PES Datapack?

Author Phong Ngo ( ago)
everybody did that ???

Author Joseph Metcalf (1130 years ago)
Do you need to have a jailbroken ps3 to do this?

Author stanley andrews ( ago)
whats the website to get it bcz its not wrkin for me

Author Kostas Papas ( ago)

Author Santi Gimenez ( ago)
Thank you man

Author Kozlov Muhirov ( ago)
merci vieux

Author lukabg1 ( ago)
Link for PES2013 update v1.1 doesnt work...

Author dicka cruth ( ago)
hey,, i've played master leuage online about aview day ,, now the system
ask me a online passcode, whats that mean can you tell me...,, thanks alot

Author Joachim Rufatt ( ago)
Thanksss man!! This helped a lot!!!

Author redbullgalou (1756 years ago)
no its isn't its for PS3

Author Luis Francisco Burranca ( ago)
shit i just realized it was for looking for one for PS3

Author redbullgalou ( ago)
if you got 1.0 installed right now yes, if not follow this READ CAREFULLY -
How to install patch 1.1 from website ? New fix without bug First of all ,
install latest Konami updated by runing your game, then save and leave the
game. Then, delete all files from Patch 1.0 ( i mean all ). Then download
the lastest 1.1 patch from the website on description (on
website). The patch must have 180 files. Copy all files on your PS3 as

Author redbullgalou ( ago)
Hi friend, to be honnest i dont have PES 2012 anymore but i guess on
settings you can switch to english, i'm not sure. If not there is no way,
as far as i know to switch it to english with any other method. I'm sorry

Author 17HoangNam17 ( ago)
i bought my PES 2012 from Germany and did not know the language is in
French until i try it. There is no English option for this game in the
setting menu. How can i install English??????

Author Joachim Rufatt ( ago)
so i have to delete the previous file when ever i want to install a new
patch?? somebody help :(

Author redbullgalou ( ago)
there is the 2013 patch on the website on video description

Author linogouveia1 ( ago)
should i install patch 2.0 or should i instal all of them 1 by 1? help

Author MrMclapolicedept ( ago)
now I want Pro Evolution Soccer :D screw you gran turismo 5 and say hello
to PES

Author Sadik Turan ( ago)
Can i also put the italian commentary on it?

Author Edvinas Kazunas ( ago)
g a m e f r o n

Author redbullgalou (1400 years ago)
pes 2011 patch wasnt build for US version but you can still try not sure it
will work tho

Author Juba Luiz (1493 years ago)
please, it works in the pes 2011 US version? and if i just install the
patch 3.4 (FINAL PATCH ALL IN ONE) it will works? thanks!

Author islampakiterrorhater ( ago)
what site you fint patch 1,2?

Author redbullgalou (957 years ago)
Will be online soon , some have trouble with it , not stable enough yet

Author Edvinas Kazunas (1325 years ago)
why you do not put CYPES 1.2 ? 1.2 patch included all kits and names of
national teams and national clasics teams, maradona ,pele, ronaldo

Author Edvinas Kazunas (1593 years ago)
yes, its for ps3, and its very goog thing:)

Author Gururaj Talampally (1579 years ago)
is it ps3

Author redbullgalou ( ago)

Author Edvinas Kazunas ( ago)
i found 1.2 and its working perfectly too

Author Edvinas Kazunas ( ago)
everything working perfect:) thanks a lot

Author redbullgalou ( ago)
READ CAREFULLY - How to install patch 1.1 from website ? New fix without
bug First of all , install latest Konami updated by runing your game, then
save and leave the game. Then, delete all files from Patch 1.0 ( i mean all
). Then download the lastest 1.1 patch from the website on description (on website). The patch must have 180 files. Copy all files on
your PS3 as usual. Then have fun

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