The "Beauty And The Beast" Cast Finds Out Which Disney Princess They Are

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  • GhouliaYelps125
    GhouliaYelps125 10 minutes ago

    What happened to Emma Watson????

  • Farida Hossam
    Farida Hossam 2 hours ago

    why isn't Emma Watson in this she basically is the main character

  • Sole Demeuse
    Sole Demeuse 5 hours ago

    I have a crush on Dan Stevens. "She's a red head, I love red heads." I AM A RED HEAD! THANK YOU DAN!

  • Sarang 034
    Sarang 034 7 hours ago

    i love the ending

    • Sarang 034
      Sarang 034 7 hours ago

      like the very end of this vid

  • Glittersmypup
    Glittersmypup 9 hours ago

    Hey Buzzfeed,Elsa is a Queen.

  • TLO Lavitari
    TLO Lavitari 13 hours ago

    Yes, Dunno is definitely a princess

  • Iffypage The sugar pug

    Emma 😒

  • Funkey Carrot
    Funkey Carrot 16 hours ago

    dumbo is a princess

  • hyper nona
    hyper nona 1 day ago

    Dan Stevens is so underrated 😭

  • Maddie L
    Maddie L 1 day ago

    Luke: No of course an animal I want a cheetah.

    This man...I love so much

  • FF UU
    FF UU 1 day ago

    I'm repunzel I checked on the web

  • Andrea GN
    Andrea GN 1 day ago

    the end 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ayano Yuki
    Ayano Yuki 1 day ago

    Luke playing with objects while singing Let It Go killed me!

  • Tammy Ramos
    Tammy Ramos 1 day ago

    love the ending

  • Franchessey
    Franchessey 1 day ago

    Where's Belle/ Emma Watson

  • Steven Wang
    Steven Wang 1 day ago

    Mrs. Potts got offended when u did that voice at the end, luke

  • may I slytherin?
    may I slytherin? 2 days ago

    that last bit cracked me up

  • Domonique Lewis
    Domonique Lewis 2 days ago

    The end though😄

  • Tasnima 1329
    Tasnima 1329 2 days ago

    Everyone has more or less the same answers to the questions but got different princesses.

  • Melissa Hanung
    Melissa Hanung 2 days ago

    Do you have the link to the questions??

  • CrayCrayA
    CrayCrayA 3 days ago

    where's emma Watson?

  • Hannah Walters
    Hannah Walters 3 days ago

    Petition for luke to play Elsa in the eventual live action frozen film

  • Lara_Moonheart
    Lara_Moonheart 3 days ago

    The last few moments Luke is such a big baby I love him.

  • Kazekage Gaara
    Kazekage Gaara 3 days ago

    Is that fucking Olaf? 😂😂😂

  • Shivranjini G Hegde

    Dan likes red heads...hehe

  • David Shelton
    David Shelton 3 days ago

    Yay, Jasmine!😚😚😚😗

  • CraftyJazie G
    CraftyJazie G 3 days ago


  • Tori The Jellyfish
    Tori The Jellyfish 4 days ago

    where's emma watson in all this ;o;

  • Laura Liem
    Laura Liem 4 days ago


  • Gina Valdes
    Gina Valdes 4 days ago

    gaston is funny in the end .......🙂

  • Gina Valdes
    Gina Valdes 4 days ago

    where is emma ?

  • Jochelle G
    Jochelle G 4 days ago

    Ok! fans of Dan Steven! He likes red heads! Line up any red heads!! 😂 I wish Im a red head LOL

    • Jochelle G
      Jochelle G 4 days ago

      Nevermind! He's taken guys!! *shrugs* sorry LOL (found the info by reading the other comments)

  • Captain Skywalker
    Captain Skywalker 4 days ago

    I love Luke's performance at the end

  • Tamara Ramos
    Tamara Ramos 5 days ago

    They're such tiny cinnamon rolls

  • kookie russell
    kookie russell 5 days ago

    I'm already not rich and famous, and I have freedom soooo

  • Mily Garcia
    Mily Garcia 5 days ago

    I love the end

  • Qodi Qaster
    Qodi Qaster 5 days ago

    I LOVE that he would want to be Nala because dang it she is a princess lol. A shunned princess but she's still a princess lol

  • Pamela Damaceno
    Pamela Damaceno 5 days ago

    que legal😝😝😝

  • Cinnamonpuppies
    Cinnamonpuppies 5 days ago

    Luke and Josh! Lmao! XD

  • Apinya Imon
    Apinya Imon 5 days ago


  • mary flatman
    mary flatman 5 days ago

    but only because im promoting a disney film

  • TotalHamsterCuteness

    The guy that plays the beast looks like Draco Malfoy

  • Ryley _WOLVES
    Ryley _WOLVES 6 days ago

    "I've always wanted a cheetah"
    Haha me too

  • Emoji Heart
    Emoji Heart 7 days ago

    Where is Belle?????She 's gone

  • Ana The Banana
    Ana The Banana 7 days ago

    Why do I suddenly feel like Dan Stevens look somehow like Colin O' Donoghue AKA Captain Hook in Once Upon A Time????

  • Aleeza T. Brown
    Aleeza T. Brown 7 days ago

    that end tho lol he's adorable

  • Lucy May
    Lucy May 8 days ago

    Luke is so cute

  • Yui Hirasawa
    Yui Hirasawa 8 days ago

    I really think Plumette can play as Jasmine. She is so gorgeous!

  • Morwenna Greenleaf
    Morwenna Greenleaf 8 days ago

    I done this and got Pocahontas, one of my faves.

    You got: Pocahontas
    For you, freedom is the most important thing. You want to travel, explore, and experience life to the fullest, even if it's at the expense of your bank account. Your life might be humble by some standards, but at least it's exciting!

  • Hayley Wilson
    Hayley Wilson 8 days ago

    Josh Gad telling it like it is lmao

  • bella pupello
    bella pupello 9 days ago

    When ever Luke starts playing with the objects 😂😂😂

  • ressa hatley
    ressa hatley 9 days ago

    Dan Stevens is cute

  • Avery and Mack
    Avery and Mack 9 days ago

    i like how the lady goes "a whole new world is one of my favorite disney films" apparently not its Aladdin sweetie🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Lidu Dorion
    Lidu Dorion 9 days ago


  • The how to build it channel

    why does Dan stevens remind me of ryland adams but with a lower voice?

  • Matthew Shovlin Jr.
    Matthew Shovlin Jr. 10 days ago

    hermonie you have the qualitys of a queen!

  • Matthew Shovlin Jr.
    Matthew Shovlin Jr. 11 days ago

    Advance directive any ideas?

  • Matthew Shovlin Jr.
    Matthew Shovlin Jr. 11 days ago

    when I cry I cry along with you.....

  • Karla Bradley
    Karla Bradley 11 days ago

    I got Ariel.

  • Belle Drake
    Belle Drake 11 days ago

    "A pet of course i want a *cheetah!*"

  • Sarah Saranya
    Sarah Saranya 11 days ago

    Emma and Dan 💖

  • William Young
    William Young 11 days ago

    I swear, everything Audra McDonald does is perfect.

  • Autumn Risk
    Autumn Risk 12 days ago

    I feel a sudden urge to dye my hair red

  • Noah Casper
    Noah Casper 13 days ago

    The ending with Luke got me laughing so much I have tears in my eyes.

  • Mischa Hewitt
    Mischa Hewitt 13 days ago

    My favorite part was the ending

  • Amelia Rose
    Amelia Rose 13 days ago

    the end though😝

  • Snoopy 101
    Snoopy 101 14 days ago

    Where is Ewan McGregor?! We need to know which Disney princess he is!

  • Miranda Bee
    Miranda Bee 15 days ago

    He killed a dragon and has ice powers... it all lines up you guys...

  • Helen Chang
    Helen Chang 15 days ago

    *makes the most excited face ever*
    "--No, pet. Of course. I want a cheetah."

  • floor hermans
    floor hermans 15 days ago

    "she's a read head, i love red heads" COME TO MOMMAAA (sorry i got excited)

  • Elora ma
    Elora ma 15 days ago

    thumbs up for luke evans to be your husband, or comment for dan stevens

  • Rylie Walter
    Rylie Walter 16 days ago

    Where is Emma

  • WerewolfGamer216 // WG216 - Kat

    I died when luke said
    I want a cheetah

  • ohio state
    ohio state 17 days ago

    Dumbo would be The Best Disney Princess

  • Sally The Leo
    Sally The Leo 17 days ago

    lol I got mulan

  • Jillian Pressman
    Jillian Pressman 17 days ago

    Audra was so excited about being belle 😂😂

  • John Pender
    John Pender 17 days ago

    I love Josh gad and Emma Watson and ...... everyone

  • grizzel calida
    grizzel calida 17 days ago

    I just realized that Dan said, "I love redheads."

    His wife is a redhead. 👏👏👏

  • Cookiestar Games
    Cookiestar Games 18 days ago

    Dan: I love red heads.

    Every blonde and brunette crumbles to the ground and cries.
    This may not apply to you but it really does to me 😂❤

  • Rhenzky Bautista
    Rhenzky Bautista 18 days ago

    "i want a cheetah" HAHAHAHA

  • Abi And Sophie
    Abi And Sophie 18 days ago

    Where is Belle???? (Emma Watson)

  • A M2
    A M2 18 days ago

    Imagine if Gaston was like Evans at the end of this video.

  • Gaming Monkey
    Gaming Monkey 19 days ago

    I luv Luke at the end. I burst out laughing

  • Gaming Monkey
    Gaming Monkey 19 days ago

    Luke: "No, pet. I want a cheetah.

  • Rolf Son of a Shepard

    Sooooo no ones gonna talk about how Luke is glad that he got elsa cause josh is Olaf *cough* *cough* GAFOU! *cough* and he does an impression of her let it gow let it gow....just me? Kay...

  • Lost Fandom Land
    Lost Fandom Land 19 days ago

    Why is josh so good with sarcasm wow

  • Golden84Rebecca
    Golden84Rebecca 19 days ago

    There's just one problem............*WHERE'S EMMA WATSON?!!!*

  • Victória Martins
    Victória Martins 19 days ago

    OMG! I love Luke so much! <3

  • Theo G.
    Theo G. 19 days ago

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Hermione Granger. Really.

  • Pootato
    Pootato 19 days ago

    "I want a cheetah."
    -Luke Evans

  • Vanessa Nunez
    Vanessa Nunez 19 days ago

    where's Emma Watson?

  • Laura Kinney
    Laura Kinney 20 days ago

    Luke Evans is such an adorable dork AHH

  • Kenny
    Kenny 20 days ago

    "Let ze go! Let ze go! Leigo! Leigo! Leigo" 😂😂😂

  • Lol Cat
    Lol Cat 20 days ago


  • Amy Wang
    Amy Wang 20 days ago

    Where's Emma Watson????

  • Ocelot 21
    Ocelot 21 21 day ago

    Like cheetahs are my favourite animal as well!!!!!!

  • Kelsey Strijker
    Kelsey Strijker 21 day ago

    ''I love red heads''runs to the store to get red hair dye😂😂❤

  • Don't know What this is

    I'm gonna make a petition to make Dumbo a princess

  • kute kitty
    kute kitty 22 days ago

    "She's a red head, I love red heads"

    My friend : *gets hair dye and dyes hair red*

    Me : *😒*

  • 317HANUMAN
    317HANUMAN 22 days ago

    Haha Luke is funny

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