The "Beauty And The Beast" Cast Finds Out Which Disney Princess They Are

“Well, I hope I get Belle..."


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Author Luna Lovegood ( ago)
Thx, Dan stevens!

I am a redhead!

Author TheBex10169 ( ago)
Look at poor me contemplating dyeing my hair red... He's married ffs!

Author IDontLieALot ( ago)
They all just seem like such lovely people!

Author partofChloe'sworld ( ago)
Luke Evans at the end hahaha

Author playrewindff ( ago)
God Dan's eyes are blue

Author Ems ( ago)

Author Anny Lane ( ago)
i want to do this quiz,link?

Author Dank Memes ( ago)

Author Alessandria Allen ( ago)
I want a cheetah too, Luke.

Author 은반재 ( ago)
The guy with grey vest is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome aye! 3:09 he so cute LOL

Author Celina Norrman ( ago)
THE ENDING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Alexandra Swanson ( ago)
Luke is my spirit animal (referring to the end).

Author Kristen leach ( ago)
"I love redheads"

Author Kyra Jordan ( ago)
Same Luke! Cheetahs all the way!😋🐆

Author Heather Sayavong ( ago)
Elsa is a queeen

Author Allyson Cochran ( ago)
Dan Stevens said he loves red heads because his wife is a red head.

Author andrea r ( ago)
hey look it's Dr.Naomi Bennett

Author Sloane Loves Food ( ago)
i love this cast sm

Author BandNerdGreenHoodie ( ago)
Dan Stevens : She's a redhead ,I love redheads
Dan Stevens : (Married to a redhead)

Author Potteto ( ago)
Luke Evans is so funny at he end of the video 😂

Author Jordan green ( ago)
did he question if Ariel was good?? Ariel is the best princess ever!

Author Slytherin Fangirl ( ago)
i took it and got elsa <3

Author MacWife ( ago)
Ugh... I wish they'd post the link to the quiz when they make videos like this!!!

Author Immortal Fighter ( ago)
I love how the scene is so related to Beauty and the Beast... XD

Author Violet Bieber ( ago)
Going to dye my hair red now

Author Isabel Becerra ( ago)
Josh Gad. 😂 He's so great, love him!

Author Mel Gont ( ago)
i will still see josh gad from the pixels not from beauty and the beast.

Author Pringella's Art ( ago)
It is a STAB IN THE HEART to see that little girls will see Emma Watson as Belle, and NOT at HERMIONE GRANGER. IT BURNS MY SOUL!!!

Author ShciiOsaurus OwO ( ago)
hahahahahahahahaa beast, you get daddy issues XDDDD

Author Vanessa Perez ( ago)
Damn Dan Stevens and that accent 😋

Author Fida Aifiya ( ago)

Author Sunshine L ( ago)
Plumette is so pretty

Author Mollie Miner ( ago)
Omg Luke's little Let it Go song. It was hilarious!!

Author Lillybean Productions ( ago)
the end with luke.....i died it was ao funny

Author Anya Lazorina ( ago)

Author Soph O ( ago)
Luke Evans IS HOTTT

Author 71crm ( ago)
Dumbo should be a Disney Princess!

Author Season McMillan ( ago)
Where was Emma Watson??

Author Delicious Atomic Bomb ( ago)
I always thought I was a princess, until I hit adulthood and realised I'm probably more Tarzan's gorilla best friend Terk.

Author Calysta McGinnis ( ago)

Author Anya Lazorina ( ago)
1:53 sexism-_-

Author Captain Teeko ( ago)
I have to agree with it isn't that the lore of buzzfeed??
The internet: nailed it buddy.
Also kida should be on there or Imma split some heads.

Author Anna Pullar ( ago)
luke evans in the end!

Author Makayla The Ellie ( ago)
Beast got Ariel. WOW.

Author CelibateCetologist ( ago)
bard the bowman is elsa fdeerdfhius

Author Jedi Master ( ago)
I would over heal myself, make myself super strong, and then I have super powers!

Author Jedi Master ( ago)
"It think that Dumbo could be a princess."

Author Petra Rall ( ago)
The ending 😂😂😂

Author Chicken Permission ( ago)
Let it goooooo... like Bard let go of that arrow and slayed that Smaug wasteman into eternal damnation.

Author Shanzae Ashar Siddiqui ( ago)
Dan doesn't even need to try darn it hes too much

Author Maja P ( ago)
Luke Evans is the best!! When all the stars chose the animal one and luke was like I want a cheetah I lost it 😂

Author Mika20 ( ago)
Audra is incredible. I loved her voice! XD

Author Chloe Taterka ( ago)
Luke "I want a cheetah" me too XD

Author RheRheSmily ( ago)
you mind can determinate. dementia

Author Ariana Yaliz ( ago)
"i'll let my body speak for itself on this one" HAHAHAHAHAH BEST PART

Author Rads ical ( ago)
Ironically Gugu starred in a really good period drama called Belle! Tom Felton was a massive dick in it too

Author Connie Wanyandie ( ago)
Luke has the best reaction! He wasn't happy, but disguised it. I'd wanna be belle too, she wasn't one to go with the crowd, Pocahontas is good for that too.

Author Blythe Mckenna ( ago)
I'm a red head he loves me

Author it's A ( ago)
Where can I do this test .?😻

Author Polaris Borealis ( ago)
They're cute

Author Liz Pacs ( ago)
Luke Evans omg! Does he have anymore interviews??? He's absolutely fantastic!

Author Abbey DB ( ago)
Luke Evans is adorable.. ugh

Author Charmaine Mwamuka ( ago)
I can't not picture David from Legion when I see Dan Stevens, he's just so good as David.

Author Luciel :3 ( ago)
Dude who plays beast: live in an incredible mansion but must always stay there. Sounds rubish
Me: but bro that's kinda just like ur character

Author ThatPandaDude ( ago)
It's only because I'm promoting a Disney movie lmao

Author Jose Noel Rival ( ago)
Why is Ewan never in these

Author Lynzy Janelle ( ago)
They both have blue eyes

Author Charisse Jean B. Marapao ( ago)
Aww the luke evans ending in this video is cuteeeee

Author Sam & Jennifer King ( ago)
I'm dumbo 😂

Author roesdahlschou ( ago)
haahahahahahaa dan is not convinced at all xD

Author creppy spidergirl ( ago)
my bestie say that beast is really handsome.. but i always think that luke evans (gaston) are the one who should be the beast.. i mean dammnn look at him

Author #JK# MCPE ( ago)
Luke Evans wha wha what was THAT? THAT WAS TALENTED AF 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author kuromi2277 ( ago)
They had the same answer on a few questions so I'm confused as to how they even got different princesses 🤔

Author Chhantea Chawngthu ( ago)
Gugu looks kinda similar to Jasmine

Author Alice ( ago)

Author grim reaper ( ago)
Luke Evans is making me fall in love with him lol😂😂

Author Elise Neil ( ago)
I was hoping for Emma Watson here.

Author Callisto Fire ( ago)
luke you kill me..

Author Joby & Moby! ( ago)
"I mean, I'm already pretty good at comebacks." ~ Josh Gad a.k.a Lefou

Author AnaIsNotBananas ( ago)
i want luke's little song at the end to be my alarm ringtone

Author Nicole Beardsley ( ago)
I like Cheetahs too XD

Author Josh Sauer ( ago)
The last few seconds with Luke are hilarious.

Author KellyVlogs Vlogs ( ago)
Wait where the star lead? Where is Emma?

Author itsjustnev ( ago)
I think I'm going to dye my hair red now...

Author Gabby Campbell ( ago)
" I want a cheetah" 😂😂

Author DT4leaf ( ago)
Luke was just singing his heart out in the end 😂😂

Author Aɴɪᴍᴇ Pᴏᴘᴛᴀʀᴛ ( ago)
Hey! Something actually interesting on BuzzFeed!

Author addiebrooke 24 ( ago)
Did anyone else notice when Dan said the incredible mansion? HES DA BEAST OF COURSE HE DOESNT WANT TO KEEP DOING THIS.

sorry couldnt resist

Author Daeguboys taegi 95z Vmin ( ago)
that guy who got elsa.... he made me laugh so mush at the end part.. I didn't expect that part to happen...

Author dezi rose ( ago)
Luke evans: Pet i want a cheetah lol

Author Lieutenant Troll ( ago)
bunch of bull

Author Silenced Whisper ( ago)
I love this movie. The people are such great actors.

Author Justina Wassillie ( ago)
Heheh. Hahahhaha

Author Trex Aluquin ( ago)
*L U K E E V A N S*

Author misuzu9254 ( ago)
Is it weird that the dude who plays gaston seems so much more attractive to me than the dude who plays the prince. And I hated gaston, but if this gaston can marry me any day!

Author Kevin Richardson ( ago)
I don't know about the athlete versus smart choice. It might get pretty frustrating to consistently be more intelligent than everyone else you encounter.

Author MissFawlty ( ago)
Ariel is my favourite, so I'm happy Dan got her 😃

Author Arnold Perlas ( ago)
No one picks like Gaston

Author katingles ( ago)
Luke won with the cheetah one xD

Author Isabella Ordoñez ( ago)
She's a red head, I love redheads. 😂

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