Survive A Lion Attack - EPIC HOW TO

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Learn everything you need to know about how to survive a lion attack!

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Starring Joe Bereta -
Episode Animated by Andy Mogren -
Written by Matthew Brian Cohen
Produced by Joe Bereta and Michael Rainey -
Executive Producer - Andy Signore -

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Runtime: 7:21
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Author ItzAdamA ( ago)
how to survive lonely ness

Author P E ( ago)
Just join the turkana tribe we kill lion

Author Lazy ( ago)
How to survive a lion attack:
Step one: You don't!

Author honey badger ( ago)

Author Valery Munguia ( ago)
how to be a drug lord

Author Oskar Hylin ( ago)
How to survival a burgler

Author Octavia ( ago)
Can you make a video about how to escape a Rapist

Author Erick Inglut ( ago)
Dat make-out scene doh.

Author calum don ( ago)
what if this guy just said the complete opposite of what you should do😂😂😂

Author Viggo Svefors ( ago)
how to survive a furry convention, causes deaths all year around.

Author Game Land ( ago)
how start a company

Author Vintage Agent ( ago)
This was published on my 15th birthday

Author Riley Powell ( ago)
hi my name is Riley

Author mahki mcgee ( ago)
how to survive a honey badger attack

Author Adam Malkovich ( ago)
How about just wear some Iron Man armor? Then you can walk anywhere the wild without getting chomped.

Author Suey Macgy ( ago)
What about dressing like a lion? :0

Author Ben G ( ago)
5 .26 Do lions run like that...?

Author Explosive Towels ( ago)
epic how to survive a komodo dragon attack

Author gabriel bielawski ( ago)
Epic how to: animate a lion

Author Robert Rangel ( ago)
how to become a mercenary

Author THE BEAST ( ago)
do better animations ,animations in this episode are disgusting

Author Tolga ( ago)
I thought you could just tell a lion to go play outside just like your children to go away. Huh

Author Tolga ( ago)
How to survive getting your phone taken away for a week.

Author Dylan Fuller ( ago)
Survives lion attack. Dies 2 days later from common cold

Author suman dahal ( ago)
I went to africa and died this survival thing does not work plus im dead

Author Marlow Giesecke ( ago)
By the loins are way quicker than any human and by the there by far stronger than worlds strongest person so your dead

Author Marlow Giesecke ( ago)
How go fart on cammand in public

Author The Tanned Doge ( ago)
1:02 Dat walking though

Author Trillevant ( ago)
what if you dont have a neck? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author Cloud Tail ( ago)
How to survive in the middle of the ocean

Author Cloud Tail ( ago)
How to cross the Bermuda Triangle

Author Josh ( ago)
The greatest animation

Author Acee Shreddies ( ago)
how to survive a tsunami!

Author TheUnstoppablePlayer ( ago)
How to get free robux

only roblox people will understand

Author the cristal gamer ( ago)
how to survive t rex

Author Ana Awesum ( ago)
how to survive a burglary

Author Chloe Wolfen ( ago)
go to 0:37 to avoid advertisement!

Author Robert Sixteen ( ago)
the way you survive a lion attack just play Justin Bieber baby song and then the lion shits itself and then runs away.

Author TheBB123 ( ago)
so if the lion isn't interested in a fight can I be afraid and run away without it chasing me?

Author DatCatTho xd ( ago)
or you just shoot it but ok

Author Alyssa McKnight ( ago)
How to survive a tsunami

Author Landon Idi- Mayaou ( ago)
cool dude
I loved the vid

Author RMusic ( ago)
' Scream, Put your arms out and make yourself seem as big as possible ' Nah mate, I'd rather die. At least i'd have my dignity still

Author dhiraj tiwari ( ago)
how to survive in exams without study

Author The Clashing Crafter ( ago)
How to survive an earthquake

Author James Gomiela ( ago)
How to survive a shark attack

Author exoNini's Dildo ( ago)
how to survive a sandstorm

Author KingEliteBoy ( ago)
How to survive titans ?

Author #BlurryBoyZ ( ago)
How to: rob a country in 15 minutes

Author Thenchanted diamond ( ago)
Survive A Shark Attack - EPIC HOW TO

Author Por Denver ( ago)
How to deal with bullies

Author Linda Loe ( ago)
How tO survive if you homeless then be rich

Author Levi Chapman ( ago)
the lions were fucked up! geez what's with them OOO I KNOW THEY WERNT MENT TO BE BORN

Author Jonathan van dorsten ( ago)
how to survive 3 missed mom calls.

Author Yanna Itskovich ( ago)
how to become famous or how to survive a war

Author Abbas Iqbal ( ago)
Yes Casper sloikkkk

Author Chaos ( ago)
When you are being attacked spend 8 minutes to watch this video then there you YOU you survived

Author Ur_BoiSam ( ago)
how to get youtube subs

Author marco Cervantes ( ago)
I took your advice against a real lion, I am on life support now. Thanks for nothing

Author mark kerr ( ago)

Author MG ( ago)
how to survive a tiger attack

Author Oh You Know ( ago)
How to survive Libtards.

Author Irix Mirix ( ago)
EPIC HOW TO-survive ass whoopen from you parents

Author Dylan Welch ( ago)
How to survive a shark attack or homeless plz

Author The Punisher ( ago)
This Guy is going to be the only surviver at the end of the world

Author Nick Dragon ( ago)
I understand now never mind

Author Nick Dragon ( ago)
Wait if he said don't run away but a lion growls he doesn't want a fight so do we run or not

Author B-KatM Egy ( ago)
EPic How To do Telekinesis

Author nelson voss ( ago)
Epic How To: Be Michael Weston from Burn Notice

Author Fanis The Gaming Program ( ago)
How to survive these lion animations! Conclusion: You can't!

Author Cameron clark ( ago)
your videos make me laugh lol love your videos tho

Author Isaam Begg ( ago)
how to tame an elephant/keep a pet elephant anyone?

Author Nasra Mohamed ( ago)
how to be funny

Author Isabela Costine ( ago)
How to survive a long fall (like off a building or cliff or something)

Author Guja Natroshvili ( ago)
who is animator?

Author Mr Demolitionbros ( ago)
Do a Epic how to survive a wolf attack

Author Rochelle Tsosie ( ago)
how to break in to a house

Author M.A. 2.0 ( ago)
5:14 the face of pure terror

Author Beastmodemam52 Mathew ( ago)
My name Is really Toto!!

Author JDub ThaMenace PCB ( ago)
They designed these graphics on a PS1...

Author Κώστας Μεταξάς ( ago)
how to survive moving sand

Author Gowli Plays ( ago)
How to survive the hunger games!

Author Clarissa Marr ( ago)
How to stop global warming?

Author Iron Dizaster ( ago)
how can you stay calm in a situation where you are in front of a deadly animal that can brutally kill you?

Author SSpider Kid ( ago)

Author Rashad Lewis ( ago)

Author Uimod Exapwie ( ago)
how to survive a school shooting !

Author Michael Biker ( ago)
how to become rich

Author Jinx ( ago)
How to survive home invasion?

Author Ryan Khan TV- Skits & more ( ago)
how to survive being homeless

or how to run away from home

Author Barros Pedro ( ago)
how to survive a kys comment

Author Mr. Piggy ( ago)
I am 35 I am sharing personal information this really helped for some jobs I learned how to be a ninja hacker and a blacksmith

Author 7ony Gaming ( ago)
Just carry ur gun

Author Tal Tamir ( ago)
i don't think you will have the time to start fiddling with your phone

Author Lord Guaxinim ( ago)
How to remove tan.

Author Declan Harper ( ago)
WOW!, heres another great youtuber that I love, please never stop making "epic how to"

Author HOT IRON ( ago)
so i can split lions head appart

Author HOT IRON ( ago)
i always take my axe with me

Author wbap hellcat ( ago)
step one shoot it in the head. conclusion you're not dead

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