Survive A Lion Attack - EPIC HOW TO

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    Learn everything you need to know about how to survive a lion attack!

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    Starring Joe Bereta -
    Episode Animated by Andy Mogren -
    Written by Matthew Brian Cohen
    Produced by Joe Bereta and Michael Rainey -
    Executive Producer - Andy Signore -
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  • Runtime: 7:21
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  • The Terrarian
    The Terrarian 1 day ago

    good thing I have a 129 decibel whistle.

    FDP GIOVANNI 3 days ago

    What if you had a shotgun? Do you shoot it or shoot in the sky to scare it?

  • Icywrist
    Icywrist 3 days ago

    How to survive a bullet

  • jack miller
    jack miller 4 days ago

    Animations are so real looking!

  • Singing Duckling
    Singing Duckling 5 days ago

    when she said not look like I the Lions prey he listed animals that are all bigger than a lion

  • leon fierce
    leon fierce 5 days ago

    i have a lion for a pet

    i can one punch her when she gets fussy

  • boi boi
    boi boi 6 days ago


  • Sour Lemon
    Sour Lemon 7 days ago

    How to survive global warming lol

  • ya like jazz
    ya like jazz 7 days ago

    How to fake cry

    incase I need to look like i feel sad about the dead guy I totally didn't kill.

  • Lord gamer 4325
    Lord gamer 4325 8 days ago

    Give me an autograth

  • Raul Rosales
    Raul Rosales 8 days ago

    hehehehehehe lmao

  • Lawson Gilley
    Lawson Gilley 9 days ago

    sharks scary

  • Nam Bo
    Nam Bo 10 days ago

    Just order some nunchucks from a martial arts supply website and beat the lion's skull in.  Problem solved.

  • landry allen
    landry allen 12 days ago

    How to survive a school shooting

  • Carlosthecomedian
    Carlosthecomedian 13 days ago

    Whips out phone and plays death note opening 2


  • KC
    KC 13 days ago

    A LOOK A LION [takes of shirt and shows chest hair] [lion] no oh no HES A MAN

  • TYWizard :D
    TYWizard :D 14 days ago

    That's the least intimidating lion I've ever seen

  • Ian Gopinath
    Ian Gopinath 14 days ago

    how to survive super volcano

  • Alejandro Costilla
    Alejandro Costilla 14 days ago

    Joe Bereta is amazing you just need to wear the vest to be the beat!


    how to be a good friend

  • BlitzBLT
    BlitzBLT 16 days ago

    So act like a crab?

  • Mr ward
    Mr ward 17 days ago

    Gun.... That is all

  • The Seal Rebellion
    The Seal Rebellion 17 days ago

    When their terrible animation somehow gets worse

  • Nicholas Mendina
    Nicholas Mendina 17 days ago

    How to survive a Jacob Sartorius song

  • Shani Barnhill
    Shani Barnhill 19 days ago

    how to fight a wolf pack

  • Johnny The Genius
    Johnny The Genius 20 days ago

    Bring an rpg

    They are super adictive and the lion might be distracted on a boss.

  • Joshua Paustian
    Joshua Paustian 20 days ago


  • PlatinumInvader
    PlatinumInvader 21 day ago

    I live for these animations

  • Bernardas Petraška
    Bernardas Petraška 22 days ago

    always have a torch

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 22 days ago

    How to survive a Robbery

  • Ur fav nub
    Ur fav nub 22 days ago

    My real name is Lyons... Is that close enough to being a real Lion?

  • Its a storm drain bro

    epic how to ; how to animate

  • Killing Tortilla
    Killing Tortilla 25 days ago

    how to survive highschool

  • skarmarl
    skarmarl 25 days ago

    How to survive marriage.

  • William Davis
    William Davis 25 days ago

    Im shitting bricks just watching this

  • lord of them stale memes

    If you're in Africa, you should be able to afford a gun.
    So, buy one.

  • Chance W
    Chance W 27 days ago

    my step brother weighs over 300 pounds u3u

  • LlamaHouse46 MSP
    LlamaHouse46 MSP 1 month ago

    How to survive a car crash?

  • PolarSaurusRex's Son

    How to survive a school shooting

  • Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜɪɴ
    Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜɪɴ 1 month ago

    A lion can SENSE fear, but don't worry. Just TRY to PRETEND you're not afraid and you'll be FINE! xD
    Epic how to reincarnate as a lion

  • The edgey hedgey
    The edgey hedgey 1 month ago

    Better idea how to be a Russian badass

  • Thomas C.
    Thomas C. 1 month ago

    i know a video they should EPIC HOW TO survive a shark attack

  • Chris Cruise
    Chris Cruise 1 month ago

    This guy bit off Chris Pratts style hmmm

  • Ann Onymus
    Ann Onymus 1 month ago

    How to survive an armed robbery

  • Salvador Reyes
    Salvador Reyes 1 month ago

    hay instead of hiding behind a cannon you shoot the lion with the cannon

  • Yoruba Kiniun
    Yoruba Kiniun 1 month ago

    How does one survive an attack from a pissed off chimpanzee?
    (Actually....would you want to?)

  • Ayden Santos
    Ayden Santos 1 month ago

    Epic how to survive a black hole

  • Raphaena
    Raphaena 1 month ago

    how to animate good like you

  • Yeah Boii
    Yeah Boii 1 month ago

    How to survive a tsunami

  • Leaf Flavored bleach

    HOLD THE LINE AFTICA said toto

  • Supreme leader Snoke

    How to survive a school shooting.

  • Kassidy Sauls
    Kassidy Sauls 1 month ago

    How to survive getting stabbed

  • Tameca Daley
    Tameca Daley 1 month ago

    j was actacked by a lion and I ran and I got away

    MOATAZ GABER 1 month ago


  • Nojus Kulbis
    Nojus Kulbis 1 month ago

    M-E-T-H-O-D MAN

  • Wimar Santria
    Wimar Santria 1 month ago

    how to survive a ISIS Attack

  • TheRubyPepper
    TheRubyPepper 1 month ago

    Next up are tigers xD

  • Another YouTube Patron

    "Pick up the child and throw it at the lion"?

  • melmanthe giraffe2005

    3:56 was that jeffy's screaming from jeffy's flu shot?

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh 1 month ago


  • Lancerism
    Lancerism 1 month ago

    10/10 animations

  • Puran Pradhan
    Puran Pradhan 1 month ago

    Best way to survive Lion Attack:Don't go to Jungle

  • UnevenTV
    UnevenTV 1 month ago

    epic how to survive a shark attack please

  • Legendary Gaming
    Legendary Gaming 1 month ago

    How to go super sane

    JOSHEEOP 1 month ago

    epic how to survive that lovely pussy

  • Akito
    Akito 1 month ago

    how to survive being homeless

  • Awesome Austin
    Awesome Austin 1 month ago

    How to survive a shark attack!

  • Luke sk8s
    Luke sk8s 1 month ago


  • Gbobble Ledoo
    Gbobble Ledoo 1 month ago

    Oh my god the animations are hilarious

  • Khizer mohiuddin
    Khizer mohiuddin 1 month ago

    epic how to be a vampire

  • EeveeLover129 EeveeLover129

    4:28 if you have a small child with you, take that whistle out of its tiny mouth, pick up the child, throw it at the lion, blow your whistle, and get out of there quickly
    Me: So, wait you're saying That we throw our child at the lion and then run away? that's child abuse

  • ToonLabs coder and dev

    How to survive Jar Jar Binks

  • Gloria Del Lumine
    Gloria Del Lumine 1 month ago

    very informative, do you guys plan to do a how to based on surviving an alligator attack by any chance?

  • masongubser
    masongubser 1 month ago

    epic how to BECOME a hitman

  • Be_silent-_-
    Be_silent-_- 1 month ago

    Conclusion: DONT GO TO AFRICA

  • MarKonza 007
    MarKonza 007 1 month ago

    wath if you have shotgun

  • gamer kurt
    gamer kurt 1 month ago

    how to survive i rising flood

  • Joey Z
    Joey Z 1 month ago


  • Hoptimist
    Hoptimist 1 month ago

    Man they are scary! He wasn't LION about that! ;-) You can hate me now

  • Mike Kennedy
    Mike Kennedy 1 month ago

    I followed this advice..... I am dead now.

  • pETE LOL
    pETE LOL 1 month ago

    try to get on top of a tree it works too

  • GreyLynx Splash
    GreyLynx Splash 1 month ago

    6:18 someone eating a dorito?

  • GreyLynx Splash
    GreyLynx Splash 1 month ago

    Best animations ever

  • genralpattonfan god bless america

    you know this guy is brittish

  • Kaustub Upadhyaya
    Kaustub Upadhyaya 1 month ago

    How to survive a tiger attack
    Step 1: the tiger see's you
    Step 2: the tiger fucks you up
    Step 3:You Dead..... 🐯

  • Amber Wilson is back

    Or try to sound like a baby lion and kiss your but goodbye XD

  • Tyler McElroy
    Tyler McElroy 1 month ago

    how to survive a werewolf, mummy, vampire or angry mother in law

  • James Mc' Cloud
    James Mc' Cloud 1 month ago

    How to survive a Shark Attack!

  • Sunset the Snake
    Sunset the Snake 1 month ago

    but a graffie isn't smaller than a lion :|

  • Nino Sowinangoen
    Nino Sowinangoen 1 month ago

    Howe To Bie es strong es e laion

  • Menntes
    Menntes 1 month ago

    How to survive a lion attack

  • KylesOldAccount KylesOldAccount

    How to escape the cops

  • Me -
    Me - 1 month ago

    After months of intense animating... They were finally happy with this.

  • LPS baboo2005
    LPS baboo2005 1 month ago

    That lion walk cycle though

    • LPS baboo2005
      LPS baboo2005 1 month ago

      Just that animation in general is.....amazing

  • Luke Pearson
    Luke Pearson 1 month ago

    Epic how to survive a wolf attack

  • Divine_Wrath
    Divine_Wrath 1 month ago

    How to survive a Shark attack.

  • David Arias
    David Arias 1 month ago

    How to survive falling from the sky without a parachute

  • Jedi_ M4ster17 vlogs and gaming

    Just saying lions aren't scared of someone waving their arms, making loud noise and stuff so your screwed unless you have a good weapon that isn't a bloody hat

  • Michael Kok
    Michael Kok 1 month ago

    how to survive a bandit

  • lqwert1
    lqwert1 1 month ago

    how to survive Shiva !

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