Coke can Stirling Engine

A coca-cola can stirling engine, running on a cup of hot water. There is an elastic band around the middle of the can, which sits on a perspex ring on the top of the mug. A novel way to recycle aluminium cans!

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Author Micheal Lamb ( ago)
Stirling Engines are great
If you want to get the Plans To Build your own Stirling Engine
And Combine it with Solar Power - Go to Google and search for
" Solar Stirling Info " Pick the first Result.

Author Russell Whisnant ( ago)
A tutorial video would be awesome

Author gaetanproductions ( ago)
REALLY NICE design !

Author Simon Harris ( ago)
There is no real practical application. It's just a good way to demonstrate
thermodynamics and a bit of fun with your coffee on a boring day in the
office. The idea is to engineer one so that it is as efficient as it can
be, these principals and techniques could then be utilized in something
practical like a combustion engine.

Author Simon Harris ( ago)
Free energy?! Impossible.

Author Jacob Gerardy ( ago)
i used pool noodle foam it works fairly well i got about 190 rpm

Author Fired Ingots ( ago)
Nice profile photo!

Author Zero Cool ( ago)
No, thAt iS NoT tHE nEw waY, and wRITiNg iN An aNNoyiNG Way dOeS NOT make
iT tHE New WaY.

Author sam kashou ( ago)
Nice job, any plans you are willing to share? Please

Author Fahad QTR ( ago)

Author supoj Jinweses ( ago)

Author pepersorte ( ago)
Nice work, nice tidy job, thanks, Pete.

Author Moshiur Rahman ( ago)
The New Way to Create Energy Is to Combine Solar + Stirling Engine Using a
Magnifying Solar Dish You create Intense Heat That Operate an Engine
Creating a Free Energy from the Sun Read About it on this Website:

Author tolis tsaousis ( ago)

Author MrRacerhacker ( ago)
how to make

Author cormac o'reilly ( ago)
Check out "The Guinness Care Package" on youtube

Author Mahela Munasinghe ( ago)
How did you build the piston? (the one that moves the crank shaft)

Author Dillon12123 ( ago)
@Rannyfash it will run in reverse if you spin it the other way can't use
cold water to power it.

Author BigRedPower59 ( ago)
Could you PLEASE post a "HOW TO" video? Thanks.

Author Carrera ( ago)
wheres the DIY?

Author anthony martin ( ago)
Come on drawings plea se

Author CrismarkRock ( ago)
can i use pepsi can?

Author Gotto Besaid ( ago)
great little sterling engine - love it

Author humlygirl ( ago)
How you do it? Please I need help D:

Author Sam Clark ( ago)
what is a stirling engine???

Author Jig Saw ( ago)
How does it work?

Author masry2011able ( ago)
what the principle for that in simple?? how that work like that??

Author bulletproof2353 ( ago)
so is that brass tube thats the same diameter as the post holding the wheel
up where the piston is? and is that the only piston? or is there another
piston or a rubber diaphragm in the can?

Author CodyL18 ( ago)

Author Yahya khawashki ( ago)
ive always wanted to build a stirling cycle engine do hace like plans for
it you can send me

Author trailmix21 ( ago)
fake and gay

Author Christopher Eschler (1767 years ago)
You need to hook this up to a dynamometer!

Author gfilippou ( ago)
awsome job! how about posting any plans or diy instructions of this engine?

Author matthew b ( ago)
AWESOME! great work on this one .

Author maoristereo ( ago)
Man look at that thing go!

Author noahlankford1 ( ago)
Splendid build! Runs like a charm and on only a cup of hot water! Amazing

Author Boozer8 ( ago)
12 people have no warm water..

Author Joshua Nelson ( ago)
how many horsepower?

Author iNatevlogs ( ago)
@johnevon1 The Stirling engine will run off of almost any external heat
source, including warm water.

Author n1u0m3ber ( ago)
Definitely bought that

Author Union Française ( ago)
"A novel way to recycle aluminium cans" I prefer recycling aluminium cans
by manufacturing cars' engines.

Author jellybean2626 ( ago)
cute lol

Author johnevon1 ( ago)
@CoCutthroat sure your car needs a starter to turn over, but does it run on
warm water??

Author ilovetosm420ke ( ago)
what did u use as a support?

Author ilovetosm420ke ( ago)
what did u use to make the flat top

Author Bonnie Burleigh ( ago)
I am thinking that is a purchaced stirling engine with a coke can wrapped
around it............what a complete tosser !!!

Author ilovetosm420ke ( ago)
so the smaller piston is cinnected to the displacer on the inside and the
larger piston is connected to what?

Author He Le ( ago)
how can you make the coke can a little bit more solid ? i wanna do a
stirling engine with a coke can and i want to have a piston in there can
someone help me what to remember when doing this ?

Author MrConker221 ( ago)
Ya knows what dis means? I means we has to go back, BACK TO DA FUTURE!

Author bachaddict ( ago)
@technology49 If it works, yes. If it doesn't, try something else.

Author JustnTheNick ( ago)
MMM, perpex ring yes we all know what that is.

Author jasonguyperson ( ago)
@1967geezer that's a good idea..

Author grimslider ( ago)
sweet i wonder how the guy who invented felt when he did it i think that he
would cream like crazy saying" IT WORKED IT WORKED !"

Author antonis t ( ago)
Can i use a lipstich for the small piston?

Author daren darensky ( ago)
free energy.......just heat uo the vodka and place a cold water cup .and ops

Author daren darensky ( ago)
II bukid a wind generator .byt this is just so simple and awsome. thank you
for the video.

Author E1NZT1EN ( ago)
hey 1967geezer i was wondering if u can show an intro on how to build it
because im doing this for a science fair and i'm having trouble building it

Author Alex Mckane ( ago)
how dose this work?

Author wristp1n ( ago)
@1967geezer nice and lightweight

Author 1967geezer ( ago)
@wristp1n The displacer is a closed cylinder of styrofoam, the blue type
used in building insulation.

Author wristp1n ( ago)
nice what did you use for a displacer?

Author ypoora1 ( ago)
Looks really nice!!! I advise you paint it;) Ppl will think it's a
professional engine!

Author mightyhorserocks ( ago)
very cool good job dude.

Author TyufeHtuiddv ( ago)
its magic

Author chickenpoper ( ago)
@kel1981 hey dude i may be able to talk as if i was from along time ago but
i usually actually like any 13 year old im just smarter

Author Pascal Enderli ( ago)
I searched a long time to find some plans to build one of these can
stirlings. In the end there was just one Tutorial existing of this certain
type. It is: "Der Stirlingmotor einfach erklärt und leicht gebaut" from
Dieter Viebach. The book is in german and i never found a pdf or other free
tutorials to build one. If you know a good link, you are free to send it to
me or post it on this wall.

Author oishiininja ( ago)
:D oh Nice :3

Author AkosiBananaMan ( ago)
I can't understand how to make that engine, but who cares.. as long as
there is a spinning wheel it looks cool....

Author trainfart ( ago)
Nice one ;)

Author chickenpoper ( ago)
nice job 1967 the way is the your birthday? bad the
youth of this generation has forgotten the joy of these sort of things alas
its kinda appalling ....I'm a child of 13 and i love these sort of things
and as u can see I'm very smart...can u please befriend love to be
friends with you...i suppose your good with your hands since you take the
time to build things

Author nikthepilot ( ago)
What's this used to anyways :D

Author 4freespeech ( ago)
Hey! You could attach a fan to that and on hot days sit it in your coffee
cup on your desk and COOL OFF! NO BATTERIES!

Author 4freespeech ( ago)
Buddy now that's a WORLD BEATER if I ever saw one!

Author UNIVERSITYHI ( ago)
That is mondo cool. I want to make one as a tea steeper lid for a tea
fanatic friend!

Author Gamer666Alpha ( ago)
Mr.Stirling will be happy with people like u :)

Author ApolloPwnsYou ( ago)
This looks so cute ^^

Author 1967geezer ( ago)
@honorablebradio Thank you for your support.

Author 1967geezer ( ago)
@mirek11111 Thank you for your support.

Author 1967geezer ( ago)
@honorablebradio Thank you ;-)

Author 1967geezer ( ago)
@sizenevermatters The bottom of the displacer is shaped to fit the can.
It's true that the smaller the gap the better, but as I recall in this
engine the gap is about 2-3mm. That's quite a large gap within the scale of
the engine, but it still runs. If I ever make another I might try to reduce
the gap and try to get it running off hand heat.

Author SizeNeverMatters ( ago)
Umm...How is the bottom side of the displacer you used in this particular
model...AFAIK, the smaller the gap between the hot plate and displacer
better the performance...So, did you shaped bottom side of displacer to fit
to coke can bottom? If not, i'm thinking to glue some sandpaper to cut can
bottom and sand a foam displacer...Does it make sense? Thanks for the

Author MrBlaine51868 ( ago)
very cool

Author gobblegrrr ( ago)
@GloballyWarmDude hey perhaps hes deaf So am i Just respect his work
@1967geezer nice work ThumbUp xD

Author gobblegrrr ( ago)
@GloballyWarmDude hey perhaps hes deaf so am i so just respect his wish :-)

Author Hiraghm ( ago)
@SomethingSimples No, "crank cars" were cranked because the electric
starter had not yet been invented. The crank started the internal
combustion engine going until it could run itself. This is an external
combustion engine.

Author Bobby Lou Jo ( ago)
Coca-Cola. It will save the world.

Author catchersmitt0 ( ago)
Coke is sweetened with corn syrup, which isn't healthy.

Author tom89whoop ( ago)
@1967geezer thanks for the video. Keep them frustrated, its funny to read.

Author honorablebradio ( ago)
In the time it took that guy to complain, he could have typed in the goodle
search bar " how a sterling engine works". globallywarmdude, you represent
all that is wrong with todays youth. and being apart of todays youth, i am
greatly offended.

Author honorablebradio ( ago)
man geezer, i feel your pain. youtube isn't the place to gain detailed
information, its a place to share ideas. then, if your interested enough in
the idea presented by others, dont ask them to be some probono professor,
go out an do a bit of research. heaven forbid people have to stray away
from the web page there on to get a little more information.

Author mirek11111 ( ago)
Fantastic video, it is a shame there are too many stupid comments from lazy
people who can not be bothered to google "Stirling engine".
GloballyWarmDude, i suggest you purchase Applied Thermodynamics by
T.D.Eastop if you require more of an explanation

Author Zero Cool ( ago)
@GloballyWarmDude What is there to say? It's a stirling engine made out of
a coke can. That's what the title says, and that's what's in the video. The
title was not "this is how a stirling engine works" or "how to build a coke
can stirling engine". If you want to know how it works, it's very easy to
google or even find on youtube. Even just look at the recomended videos on
the right.

Author yoyohoes ( ago)
can u make a vid on hoe ot make it

Author The Insignia ( ago)
thats a very nice engine did you build it totaly from scratch? how long did
it take you to machine all the parts?

Author 1967geezer ( ago)
@GloballyWarmDude Some advice for you.... If you come across something you
are curious about, go and research it, like I did. If the information is
not all there on a plate for you don't complain, just go and find it
somewhere else.

Author Peter MacKay ( ago)
I certainly respect your right to remain silent, perhaps you are in the
witness protection program or your voice is like nails draged across a
chalkboard. But try to see this for a viewers perspective. I don't know
what I am looking at, I am curious and I want to understand. So perhaps
offer some typeover or something.

Author 1967geezer ( ago)
@GloballyWarmDude There is no voiceover on this video. I didn't put one one
for a number of reasons, none of which I feel inclined to explain to you.

Author 1967geezer ( ago)
@SomethingSimples Not sure what you mean by crank cars??

Author Peter MacKay ( ago)
My goodness why don't you say something. Why would you go to the effort of
making a video without explaining anything? What a waste of my time. I came
here to learn something not watch a hand moving a coffee cup with a
spinning thingy on top.

Author SomethingSimples ( ago)
is this how crank cars were powered?

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