RCT3 Cool Things

Here are some cool examples for you if you dont know what you should build.

DONT ASK HOW I DO THAT!! READ THE OTHER COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Author Scootastic MC (1 month)
games name? darude - sandstorm comments will be deleted, blocked, banned
and reported

Author calicofan998 (26 days)
What Roller Coaster is the last one shown with the cop car chase

Author Andrew W. (5 months)
the last upload of this guy was seven years ago. holy shit YouTube is old

Author Bill Shao (2 months)
Love the music besides the wet shuttle music :/

Author CycloneRider (2 months)
#5 I was very satisfied with the music

Green Day!

Author Connor Roberts (1 month)
What's the song on #1?

Author nico pico111999 (1 month)
what roller coaster is the 3rd one

Author Bartosz Góra (17 days)

Author Robert Holmes (23 days)
How u get a tlit coaster?

Author Mill Wurray (6 months)
The Rainbow colors are off. Orange Needs to be inbetween Red and Yellow. 

Author Mica Holmqvist (5 months)
How do u attach 2 coaster into one track? Like the one at 3:38

Author wakeboy45 (1 month)
Can't even get the order of the fucking rainbow right hahaha. How this
video got 1,000,000 views, is beyond me.

Author The Gold Miner (1 month)
Wet shuttle ha that's what she said

Author nevercallmebyname (5 months)
I know you said not to ask but what was the rolercoaster you used for duel
and Rainbow Boom?

Author Sligneris (2 months)
Making these 2-in-one things would be so ridiculously expensive...

Author Sezer Ozdag (8 months)
Here's the name of all songs; (please like it to see everyone)
1- Guano apes - Open your eyes
2- *can't found*
3- Celdveller - Switchback
4- The Offspring - Self Esteem
5- Green Day - American Idiot
6- Dawid Bowie - Suffragette City

Author DerEinfallslose (4 months)
Alter das Video is ja verdammt alt :D 1:43 The Offspring - Self Esteem <3

Author partydude002 (3 months)
Never its a tilt :333333

Author Andrew W. (5 months)
so old omg

Author Meteorwave (2 months)
Woa, the Cop car chase is hilarious, and so is the Rainbow Boom set to The

Author Akash Guha (5 months)
lol nice math!

Author NEW CHANNEL! (4 months)
Download for maps?

Author Kiara Mitchell (6 months)
I stopped playing roller coaster tycoon when I was about 6 or 7. So I
didn't even know RCT3 even happened...

Author Spencer Bates (3 months)
1:42 if only you put people on it lol

Author Thib Triaille (3 months)
Song at 2:03 please

Author 1003Alfred (4 months)
The BGM of Rainbow Boom is The Offspring- Self Esteem just in case someone
don't know

Author NevlinOnMC5669 (6 months)
What's the name of all the songs?

Author Valeria Tognetti (4 months)
whats the rain bow coaster

Author der8265 (8 months)
I think that it's not -42+XBOX, it's -42+(Burger-Duck)+Xbox

Author Hashdog63748 (4 months)
What is the song for rainbow boom???

Author ThatScounter_ (7 months)
What's the song at #5? I heard it somewhere and i need it!

Author bEN sTOCK (9 months)
How do u make the track tilt 

Author Daan Vangerven (8 months)
what are the cool things? 

Author Youtube Admin (4 months)
GayCoaster not Rainbow.

Author Aardvark Andrew (5 months)
That's not how the rainbow goes y'know!... red, yellow, green, blue,
orange, violet? Roy G Biv; Red, Orange,Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

If you could only put five different rollercoasters, then take out either
Violet or Indigo, and this isn't hating, my OCD made me have to post this
comment... sorry...

Author Scott Jones (4 months)
Love Rainbow Boom...

Author senna Bakker (4 months)
#3 so nice

Author GeekGamer (4 months)
Mind. BLOWN.

Author Jacob Helland (5 months)
I understand xbox math!!!

Author DoodieSmoothie (6 months)
3:11 Haha, that made me laugh like an idiot xD

Author RatintGames (7 months)
I used to watch this when I was six. This brings back memories

Author Max9201 (4 months)
Coole Sache

Author chupaw chups (4 months)
Enorme !

Author Nick R (6 months)
how do you have duell coasters?


Author Derp Herp (7 months)
The Math at 3:11 is easy to solve...
Just need the wight of the train. and the velocyt'y (SORRY FOR SPELLING)

Author The Junior YOGSCAST (6 months)
How do you get the smoke

Author destroyingspree2012 (8 months)
What we have here is multiple cars on one track, coasters that fly into a
volcano, some messed up guy that flies into a swimming pool and some boring
ass 'Wet Shuttle'

Seems pretty cool

Author Malron (10 months)
The wett shuttle is done with a chain lift set at high speed so it only
launches it one way

Author Platinum Gamer (8 months)
Your coining out with a broken skull after duell

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