A$AP Rocky Goes Shopping With Complex At Maxfield

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  • Amil Imane
    Amil Imane 3 hours ago

    His cute 😍

  • dvnskee
    dvnskee 9 hours ago

    Maxfield leanin on the glass like he can afford this shit

  • Yellow Quack
    Yellow Quack 17 hours ago

    my nigga got finessed wih them prices

  • David Fabela
    David Fabela 1 day ago

    dude look like he got money but will still rob u if he can

  • Ruan Ksksks
    Ruan Ksksks 1 day ago

    poha , ele é idêntico , Travis Scott...

  • Huadong Rung
    Huadong Rung 2 days ago

    Do one with Edison Chen

  • Dj Mason
    Dj Mason 3 days ago

    Great video 🤘😂

  • RRMB
    RRMB 3 days ago

    Whats the brand of Asap's bomber jacket

  • Peggy D.B.
    Peggy D.B. 3 days ago

    those shorts r st8

  • k h a l i d
    k h a l i d 3 days ago

    hahahahah my nigga really put his producer name instead of his government name

  • Rick De graaf
    Rick De graaf 4 days ago

    A$AP the type of dude to to pay 500 for a t shirt at wall mart

  • xz Heroic xz
    xz Heroic xz 5 days ago

    Tyler the creator please!!

  • James Cars1
    James Cars1 5 days ago

    Travis is better

  • TƎPA
    TƎPA 5 days ago

    he has taken good care of his teeth they shiny af

  • Roman Spataro
    Roman Spataro 6 days ago

    "I don't think there's any athletes who have good stylistsss" OH SHIT

  • Terry wainsai-u
    Terry wainsai-u 6 days ago

    Do Travis Scott

  • Joe King
    Joe King 6 days ago

    Why they censored the price?

  • Uchiha Okami
    Uchiha Okami 6 days ago

    this nigga is so fresh

  • Gurupkar Gill
    Gurupkar Gill 8 days ago

    This is why majority of rappers go broke.

  • xFuze
    xFuze 9 days ago

    His voice is so chill

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B 11 days ago

    Rakim is so damn sexy

  • kahu reti
    kahu reti 13 days ago

    he too fly

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 13 days ago

    $305 plain white tee 😂 maaaan flacko wild

  • Dwayne Williams
    Dwayne Williams 13 days ago

    Wtf nigga spent a stack on a sweater n a shirt 😪

  • Meme S
    Meme S 13 days ago

    I feel like joe was like a friend showing a cool older brother or kid what he like

  • Bik Boi
    Bik Boi 15 days ago

    He's smokin hot and im straight i think

  • Iz Banks
    Iz Banks 16 days ago

    Asap is some of the only rappers with real fashion sense. Most of these other rappers just throw expensive shit on.

  • AdrenalineRush
    AdrenalineRush 18 days ago

    Anyone else notice that's the jacket he wore in L$D?

  • Mason Echols
    Mason Echols 19 days ago

    THEREAL B NARD in the building 🔥👌😂👍👏🔥

  • may n.
    may n. 19 days ago

    All these comments just made the video 100x funnier yo lol. The vid was stylish but after reading all these comments I just passed out

  • Cristian Diaz
    Cristian Diaz 20 days ago

    song at the end ?

  • James Shoats
    James Shoats 20 days ago

    Wearing raf and Jordan's is a sin lmao

  • Isaiah Irula
    Isaiah Irula 20 days ago

    Lil yachty sneaker shopping

  • Kai Baca
    Kai Baca 21 day ago

    2 years and I still can't figure out what the price on the ring was

  • Draking Bruh
    Draking Bruh 22 days ago

    Bruh turned into a forebreeze bottle outta nowhere 😂

  • chance oquain
    chance oquain 24 days ago

    that interviewers outfit is lame LOL

  • Nicole
    Nicole 24 days ago

    fine ass

  • thealternativeunicorn

    His voice is so soothing to me idk why...

  • joshua harripersaud
    joshua harripersaud 24 days ago

    tax is 90 fucking dollars!,thats legit a new outfit from hollister.

  • xanderjohan
    xanderjohan 24 days ago

    Says bye and walks out the same way.

  • Ethan Gilbert
    Ethan Gilbert 25 days ago

    He sound leaned out

  • Armando J -
    Armando J - 25 days ago


  • Fynn Matischok
    Fynn Matischok 26 days ago

    Just chillin not too much flexin

  • Blanke Naime
    Blanke Naime 27 days ago

    3:06 most pretty nails on a rapper ever?

  • Laiko Brown
    Laiko Brown 28 days ago

    Rick Owens, Raf Simmons boy he got it by the stock.

  • Mellory Lopes
    Mellory Lopes 28 days ago

    Damn, a plain white t-shirt for 305 dollars.

  • samuel martinez
    samuel martinez 28 days ago

    why he ain't buy that iced up finger joint lol

  • George Hunway
    George Hunway 29 days ago

    Please dont touch my RAF

  • Lewis
    Lewis 29 days ago

    ID on that bomber

  • barrett reynolds
    barrett reynolds 29 days ago

    How do you feel about off-white? "i don't even care to speak on that"
    *Vlone does a collab with off-white a year later*

  • AnBi Chen
    AnBi Chen 1 month ago

    A$AP looks good

  • IKnowMy ABC
    IKnowMy ABC 1 month ago

    when he asap starred at the red suit I said . please don't 😂😂😂

  • Chelsea Bondz
    Chelsea Bondz 1 month ago

    the shade he was dishing

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 1 month ago

    Dude he's so baked

  • The GiraffeMan
    The GiraffeMan 1 month ago

    Do a sneaker shopping w Travis Scott

  • Carlo Milan
    Carlo Milan 1 month ago

    this nigga beautiful all homo

  • Max Gross
    Max Gross 1 month ago

    Do Kanye!

  • Brandon Hayden
    Brandon Hayden 1 month ago

    ASAp rocky is godly

  • Zakwan Pathan
    Zakwan Pathan 1 month ago

    nigga said brain surgeon kyykyykykykyk

  • PigObot
    PigObot 1 month ago

    Asap Rocky so cool no homo tho

  • Suck my Glock
    Suck my Glock 1 month ago

    He's high as fuck

  • hugh Mc
    hugh Mc 1 month ago

    Do asap ferg

  • John Smit
    John Smit 1 month ago

    This niggs was high

  • Austin williams
    Austin williams 1 month ago

    Rocky dissed Off White then collabed with them a year later.

    LUKA LR 1 month ago

    Rocky that type of nigga that will wear curtain and still look amazing

  • Young Planet Quick
    Young Planet Quick 1 month ago

    No one fucks with Rockys style .. he's the trend setter

  • OffTopic Kamah
    OffTopic Kamah 1 month ago

    Does this nigga not know how much money he could make with his own clothing line 😂... probably more than Kanye because people already recognize him as one of the most fashionable people in our generation

  • fabian osoria
    fabian osoria 1 month ago

    ooo hell no that lil white tee for for that much. DAMN

  • Sherwin Marshall
    Sherwin Marshall 1 month ago

    hate when rapper act stuid af

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 1 month ago

    1:46 OSN

  • allan mckinney
    allan mckinney 1 month ago

    he got a full teeth girl

  • RoY FLYY
    RoY FLYY 1 month ago

    Why would you ask Rocky about off white? These reporters gotta do research lol

  • Miles Pearson
    Miles Pearson 1 month ago

    i connect to asap on a spiritual level

    except with money, i felt poor as fuck watching this lol

  • Santiago ojeda
    Santiago ojeda 1 month ago

    He says lates and walks the same way

  • Junice Bourgeois
    Junice Bourgeois 1 month ago

    I really just wanna sit on his face😭😍🤦🏽‍♀️

  • LookDatWayB
    LookDatWayB 1 month ago

    This nigga slapped $300 on a white T bruh lolllll

  • Michael Drew Harris
    Michael Drew Harris 1 month ago

    His style is lit

  • valentin pons
    valentin pons 1 month ago

    Still the best sneaker shopping u did joe , the goat , asap rocky , so underrated , he my favorite since he started , ALLA one of the best album of this century

  • LoyalzZ Idol
    LoyalzZ Idol 1 month ago


  • kevin o'connor
    kevin o'connor 1 month ago

    A$ap with the windex bottle laugh

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 1 month ago

    Love asap, stoned and happy. Nice guy

  • Michael K.
    Michael K. 1 month ago

    same jacket he wore in L$D music video. you're welcome.

  • Eugene A.R Panton
    Eugene A.R Panton 1 month ago

    Yeah you best be taking my bag to the car after paying that price!

  • Vision
    Vision 1 month ago

    Why rocky so good looking, ho homo

  • It's Ya Boi Franco
    It's Ya Boi Franco 1 month ago

    That laugh tho lmao

  • Nyths
    Nyths 1 month ago

    this nigga a god yo.

  • Jay Wang
    Jay Wang 1 month ago

    thats a poormans shop

  • Dpd I Challenges I Funny moments I Vlogs and more

    lol he was savage to off white

  • Edgar Deutschland
    Edgar Deutschland 1 month ago

    can't believe this guy's dating kendall jenner. lmao he really went to stoop that low

  • Sam Van Doorn
    Sam Van Doorn 1 month ago

    Part 2 please

  • ApeXx Predator
    ApeXx Predator 1 month ago

    Fashion Killa

  • Jefferson4420
    Jefferson4420 1 month ago

    Wow! That store seems a little expensive!

  • King Rogus
    King Rogus 1 month ago


  • Ethan Corbin
    Ethan Corbin 1 month ago

    Be happy they don't do x he would rob the fucking store 😂

  • ScrubTheNub
    ScrubTheNub 1 month ago

    He's a fashion killa

  • xXx chris
    xXx chris 1 month ago

    Yo asap the coolest nigga ever

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 1 month ago

    Asap rock in them 4s, .I still got mine from 2008
    I keep my shit fresh

  • jumpstart55million
    jumpstart55million 1 month ago

    Asap Rocky is the Fliest nigga hip hop straight up.

  • oce
    oce 1 month ago

    lmao "i don't even care to speak on that"

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 1 month ago

    yall always have the most awkward outros lmao, like why was the employee walking with them? could rocky not carry it himself?

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