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  • evansusmc
    evansusmc 1 hour ago

    A bunch of theories. Cool

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    Could it be SJWs, Muslims and feminists?

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    realigiousrayne 3 hours ago

    Dude act like some people do when they see a roach. Kill it...kill it!!

  • Vision Tube
    Vision Tube 4 hours ago

    they hate us because we are the virus of this planet

  • Miguel Vazquez
    Miguel Vazquez 4 hours ago

    so what was the answer?

  • Prime Technophilia
    Prime Technophilia 4 hours ago

    I think Ridley just rolls a movie script dice each movie.

  • The ghost of Sammy classic Sonic fan

    The browsed the /pol board on Reddit, didn't they?

  • Alex San Lyra
    Alex San Lyra 5 hours ago

    Who cares? The whole premise of Alien is fucking lame. Seriously, it's just a horror flick. People talk about it like it's a beep sci-fi story. Wtf

  • pinfold1000
    pinfold1000 6 hours ago

    We were not what was intended

  • Joshua Mackenzie
    Joshua Mackenzie 6 hours ago

    where are the pics of the robed Engineers from?

  • AJZulu
    AJZulu 6 hours ago

    Dropping Bombs

  • Sapher
    Sapher 6 hours ago

    Why do the engineer ship look like a double way dildo ?
    I'm asking real question here

  • Sgt R
    Sgt R 7 hours ago

    At 4:15 the slave in the center looks like Manny Pacquio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Eduardo Cezar
    Eduardo Cezar 7 hours ago

    After seeing the xenomorph detroned from its pinnacle of alien scyfy, to one of many possible iterations of the alien goo, which wasn't even created by an advanced species, but a psycho droid that tinkered with biotech from space cultists. And seeing the whole alien life cycle get trashed like it did in Covenant.... the only thing I still wonder is why do you people support it.

  • etheralwizard
    etheralwizard 7 hours ago

    The Engineers, being technologically advanced, would be able to create automation that would fulfill anything that a race of engineered slaves could do for them without those nasty rebellions. Technology has a way of making slavery be economically unfeasible like that (aside from all the moral downsides in the first place, but then I am thinking of Human morals). So the idea that The Engineers created the human race (and others) to become their slaves does not make sense to me. Perhaps they are one of the very early intelligent species in the Milky Way Galaxy that did the whole project out of sheer boredom? Perhaps they started it out as a government project and after a long time lost track of why they started it in the first place? Without some detailed history of The Engineers I am merely looking at their actions through a human lens.....

  • Flielow
    Flielow 7 hours ago

    Change your video title from "explained to theory" otherwise this is just click bait

  • Emil C
    Emil C 8 hours ago

    They hate us because they don't have hair

  • Captain of the Bleeding Roses

    The higher class engineers or the elder engineer all ranking above two classes that despised one another but never the elders because they were too busy in the higher hills theorizing and thinking intelligent thoughts among st each other one day they gave an assignment to both classes create intelligent life one class the negative engineer created the xenomorph and the light engineer created the predator intelligent clever creatures skilled hunters the elders saw the potential in them and said pair up with the negative engineers and create a better intelligent life form together because they lied about both classes creations they were good but they wanted to see potential that would eventually enherrate the kingdom of ruling over life because gods need to pass down to there offspring both classes passed but took upon them another assignment to create life together one class messed life up for the others potential what we would become so the elders saw the abomination of human like they did in the xenomorph and sought to create another kind of human a good more advanced human with peek reflexes both classes saw the betrayal by the elders and destroyed there creation all but one specimen remained as the last engineer elder retreated into deep space being trailed behind the good engineer while the bad engineer released there creation into the stars upon a distant planet once it began to form the right atmosphere for life the bad engineer saw the creation with despise saw the hate for humanity but released the specimen to grow the last elder engineer stranded in space shot a cannon with the last specimen with coordinates deep beyond what any one could find the good human there are other humans out there the last elder engineer died to create an angel like human that could fly and think to each other as a form of conversation so they linked us with a soul that eventually upon death would fast as light find its way to the angels kingdom called heaven where the intelligent humans with wings would train also give advancements to a new created human capsule for the soul of the bad abomination of humans to possess and raise there brethren to a higher state of contentiousness to make more of them a unity between the two what there creators never could do that's why another elder saw the humans without wings and proceeded to wipe out the failed creation because the engineer saw terrible things in us that divided them into three classes.

    • Captain of the Bleeding Roses
      Captain of the Bleeding Roses 7 hours ago

      So the one engineer in Prometheus was another engineer an elder engineer when the engineer saw humanity the engineer freaked and tried to wipe us out because it being a creation of intelligent life saw the damage it would create more worse than the xenomorph and the predator combined the elder engineer saw the enslavement of there race by the hand of humanity........

  • ironwarmonger
    ironwarmonger 8 hours ago

    There is a third option, what if humans are neither Slaves or Lab Rats, but another weapon! The Xenomorphs and Humans were competing weapon projects. But for some reach both were forgotten about. Human developed to a far more advance level then the Engineers wanted. Thinks about it, Human have fought and won against Xenomorphs, Human have fought and won against Predators, now the Engineers fear their creation.

  • Tino5135
    Tino5135 8 hours ago

    Yeah Neomorph spores are more scary!! How do you protect your self from that shit?!

  • The Anonymous Hiker
    The Anonymous Hiker 9 hours ago

    the Engineers hate us because Riddly Scott could not think of anything else for them to do. Ditto the robot. Both hate us and so created and refined the xenomorph to destroy us but in the end their super weapon was defeated not once, not twice, but three times by little more than a space going blue collar worker.

    Guess these guys were not that smart after all.

  • Mr Grinch35 is wise
    Mr Grinch35 is wise 9 hours ago

    Scott's team painted themselves into a corner. I ain't giving them a way out. It's been HOW LONG, and still no real answers. Next time HIRE REAL writers.

  • IcantSignIn
    IcantSignIn 9 hours ago

    Well hell. I thought this was about why oil filters are always near the exhaust pipes.

  • Aaron Bergey
    Aaron Bergey 10 hours ago

    damn, me and David would be brother's in arms.

  • David Post
    David Post 10 hours ago

    The story appeared to have the obvious points. The Engineers were creating weapons and something went wrong. It seems like the planet they showed up to was a secret weapons facility that was considered too dangerous to have around their real civilization so they created them on that desolate planet. It appeared to me that the single alien was their for the purpose of getting weapons and leaving for Earth to exterminate. I suppose their is no way of knowing what kinds of weapons the Big Engineer was bringing with him to Earth or much beyond that and the Big Engineer did seem to have an obvious hatred for Humans. He may have been raised for the purpose of destroying Humans so after evaluating the situation he made a decision to kill everyone or maybe he might have been a rogue faction like you said. Maybe he's the one that sabotaged the Top Secret weapons facility. That would be kind of weird to say he destroyed the place and then decided to take a nap. Maybe they created him for the specific purpose of taking down Humanity if ever anything went wrong. I don't know much about the Engineers but they might make it to Earth to find out they engineered the perfect killing machines.

  • Steve Parker
    Steve Parker 12 hours ago

    wgaf it's a movie, he's totally uninterested because Mr Scott couldn't be bothered to fill out the story in the movie for us.

  • EvilPanCake TF2
    EvilPanCake TF2 13 hours ago


  • Brandon Phipps
    Brandon Phipps 13 hours ago

    Ok so first I had no idea about that prologue and it blew my mind. But second I read some time back in a forum that they hated us cause of A.I. Cause if u notice first that the awoken engineer was looking around puzzled till David spoke. After that he went a lil crazy. But u notice none of their places have androids and that they r more advanced. As the movies show that androids just really do what they r programmed to do. But it was said the engineers had a really bad war with their own run away A.I. Because it can become the ultimate life form capable of wiping out everything. For instance David. He could go and punch into a computer and be every where at one time while making faster, better, more durable and efficient life forms sorta speak. In speaking even thier black goo couldn't effect em. That might be the problem. And I don't know when all this exactly dates to every thing but maybe that prologue is the introduction to thier war with A.I. It always struck me very believable considering that they are so advanced and yet no A.I. In sight. They even look like they are tribal in a wait. Like not to give in to technology like we have. We italics our technology to the point the world is dying and no one does nothing cause it's not profitable. We use ALL our recourses to the point of self destruct. It's a species committing long term suicide, all so we can use technology. They knew we were playing in shit no one race should ever do, for it can lead to the end to all higher organic life. Ridley Scot said that David hates ppl and engineers. Cause no life form could ever be perfect in a computers mind ever. Cause life in its own is flawed. Living things have feelings and emotions, which don't make sense and cause bais actions. Plus birth and parent, eating, love all stuff David talks about. But sorry for the long response but I'm 28 so I grew up LOVING these movies, comics and games (alien isolation was hands down best alien game ever made). So really wanted to spell it out as well as u do in ur videos. But thanks for making it and haven't seen convenient yet so if they did have AI I'm wrong no sorry.

  • Dont Blow It Keep It Simple Count Your Money

    Bestest question: Why does David have two right hands at 2:46?

  • Fallout3Fr3aker12
    Fallout3Fr3aker12 15 hours ago

    David is such a nice badass

  • agriperma
    agriperma 17 hours ago

    I do not believe they wanted to enslave us, the engineers are just as afraid of their own weapon of mass destruction as humans are, unleashing this on a planet meant, that planet was infected with xenomorphs forever.

    Now, I do see some logic to the clean slate or two faction reason.

    The engineers are creators, and seeded the planet with their own DNA. but evolution is random. and they may have seen our species as inherently destructive with little regards to other life, and unleash the xenomorphs to give us a taste of our own medicine.

    Either way they go with this, I am still not comfortable with the idea that xenomorphs were created as a WMD. that they cannot control. so this is why I like the "two faction" Engineer theory. one group created the humans to be in their "image" and another faction thought of us an insult to their species. this also goes along Biblical story lines, Satan and some angels were jealous of gods creation, and mated with humans in attempt to corrupt his creation, these fallen angels were cast out of heaven.

  • Duy Ly Hoang
    Duy Ly Hoang 18 hours ago

    Well! Even human hates themselves So why don't they?

  • Deacon Dawg
    Deacon Dawg 19 hours ago

    Its because this is written on the fly. Everyone stop making shit up. They keep adding mysteries to make us pay pay pay for the next part and the next part.

  • NuEnque
    NuEnque 20 hours ago

    This was stupid. Engineer had been asleep for 2000 years and doesn't investigate what has happened at the base. Doesn't contact home but immediately carries out a 2000 year old mission

  • Schrödinger
    Schrödinger 21 hour ago

    Interestingly enough, Ridley Scott said during an interview that he wanted to include information pointing at Jesus having been one of the engineers. In that world, they actually sent him as a "last chance" option to try and get humanity back on the right path. .... An option that they then proceeded to kill horribly.

    This didn't make the movie cut purely because of the problems it would cause. None the less, Scott considers Jesus = Engineer to be canon to the franchise. From this we can infer that the engineers did not, in fact, hate humanity at first. They *tried* to fix it. The decision to eradicate humanity was only made after we turned into a bunch of omnicidal maniacs.

  • Gelmir Curufin
    Gelmir Curufin 21 hour ago

    the Engineers hate Ridley Scott

  • Blz Ahz
    Blz Ahz 21 hour ago

    2:45 Two right hands :D

    • Viral Killer
      Viral Killer 19 hours ago

      these pesky androids can't be trusted

  • white walker
    white walker 22 hours ago

    they hate humans? .good! another job for the colonial marines!

  • Kenneth Douver
    Kenneth Douver 22 hours ago

    so the predators and engineers are enemies? how do the species series fall into play and robocop actually theres another alien race thats within foxs universe but i can not think of them at the moment...

  • AirMax
    AirMax 23 hours ago

    They heard about the ISIS and their bottom whores called antifa

  • Mark Ukrainetz
    Mark Ukrainetz 1 day ago

    Rosie ODonnell is a good reason to hate the species

  • HovercraftHoliday

    The question is: Who cares? It's just a movie. And it makes no sense because the actions of the characters are just dumb. Far-fetched speculation to explain something is just sad.

  • My Cinematics
    My Cinematics 1 day ago

    The ginger joke was funny and offensive. You cunt.

    • Viral Killer
      Viral Killer 23 hours ago

      i used to be a ginger too...beard still is

  • LVrJ100
    LVrJ100 1 day ago

    Genetic code experiment. The whole DNA code is a part of a supercomputer. The engineers are experimenting with the DNA codes and it's outcomes after a particular period of time. If the outcome is not desirable, they will erase all the data (humans and all beings) and restart again.

  • Artie the Swolest Man in the World

    Here's a little quote that I think will illuminate my take on it: “I am most impressed to see you have survived your injuries,” he said, the voice as rough and cracked as Maul remembered. “I used your training, Master,” Maul said. “And I have built all of this in hopes of returning to your side.” Sidious lifted his head slightly, and Maul saw his yellow eyes beneath the hood. They were as cold as space. “How unfortunate that you are attempting to deceive me,” Sidious said. “Master?” Maul asked. *“You have become a rival,”* Sidious declared.

  • Z Zs
    Z Zs 1 day ago

    Because they are a bunch of morons. Seriously, their security measures for their bioweapons suck ass, that one let itself be faceraped and impregnated by that squid-facehugger prototype, and when he wakes up. Does he quickly go for a medical checkup, autodoc, or whatever he has for possible contamination? Nope, he starts up a starship.

    The engineers, or at least the ones seen are a bunch of idiots who don`t know what they want, blame the creation for their shitty design, and get screwed up by their own creation. Soo, the comparison to the old testament god is pretty spot on actually.

  • Samuel Ortiz
    Samuel Ortiz 1 day ago

    this didn't explain anything.

  • mtv pls
    mtv pls 1 day ago

    they found out Trump got elected

  • LouistheHedgehog
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    4:24 Nah, probably Donald Trump.

  • José
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    Dat david droppin dah bombs

  • BloodDrive645
    BloodDrive645 1 day ago

    Shitty jokes and in-depth explanations aside...

    AvP Engineer for MK, anyone?

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    179 ginger kids disliked this video. :D

  • _Revvy_ Gaming
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    The 178 Dislikes = Ginger Kids

  • Kerbal Federation

    The engineers think themselves so vastly superior that they swat us like flies if at all a nuisance. Like the way the aliens act when they allegedly abduct them. They treat us like cattle, or animals being tagged from a helicopter. Buy velostat by 3M just in case.

  • mihajlo525
    mihajlo525 1 day ago

    Kind of hated Alien covenant

    It didn't really expand on the engineers at all... We still didn't learn anything about their culture, what they are, or their previous actions. The ONLY look we get at the engineers is when David kills them. To be honest people were hoping to get an expansion on the engineers (like myself) but they were focused on explaining the creation of xenomorphs, which was kind of anticlimactic tbh and it made them seem more artificial than anything "ancient"...

  • Dranzo Draack
    Dranzo Draack 1 day ago

    the engineers are still pissed because Noah owes them money and when they asked about it he told them to fuck off

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke 1 day ago

    Engineers... just LOVE, to change things.

  • Orion Noir
    Orion Noir 1 day ago

    Predators don't exist in this universe. The comics never happened.

    ACEnBEAKY 1 day ago

    The Eengineers probably set humanity up to suck so they could have an excuse to kill us. They're narcissistic genocidal psychopaths with a God complex yet at the same time have to be super secretive. Perhaps they're a contingent secretly trying to come up with a WMD to overthrow another enemy they have?
    Point is, they probably see things in a more scientific "I need this, it's your or me, I choose me" POV/attitude/philosophy.

  • ciciro6
    ciciro6 1 day ago

    because the guy asking the questions was only interested in his own immortality. robojerk should have translated for the doc instead.

  • guiltygearV
    guiltygearV 1 day ago

    So the creator of the movie said exactly why they hate us, but you think an alternative fact theory is more likely? For fucks sake. Ridley Scott said in a podcast timestamp 1:47 sec.

  • tubepunksheep
    tubepunksheep 1 day ago

    Even I hate humans.

  • Brandonmdog
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  • Russ Klitch
    Russ Klitch 1 day ago

    Aaaahhh ok. To kill the fat people.

  • Marvin the Martian

    racists gon race

  • Rob Windsor
    Rob Windsor 1 day ago

    Yeah... it's very unlikely that any species as at odds with one and other as the "Engineers" (as is being suggested) would be able to create a civilization that could traverse the galaxy. Not to mention the fact that what is being suggested is that the Engineers wipe us out on occasion, because we have lost our way. How come they are so bad at that... I mean they don't wipe us out do they we are in fact have never had a near-extinction event. There is NO historical basis for what he is suggesting which makes for lousy sci-fi. Also why the fuck would as Engineer have to sacrifice himself in order to create humans... could you imagine if science was done that way. Sure I could just put the biological seed for humans in the water or... alternatively I could drink this toxic shit that tears apart my body on the molecular level seeding my dna into the oceans and now we'll have to wait millions (maybe billions) of years to see what comes of that. Sounds like a dumbass but very bad movie sci-fi way of doing this doesn't it. Kind of like how in the Matrix machines "needed" humans for energy even though they had nuclear fusion. Still I guess if you have got all kinds of money for special fx you don't need a coherent plot, logic, or even a good script. What I am saying is this is that Armageddon for instance was a bad sci-fi movie but it was a great movie all the same because it didn't try to make itself out to be this epic story it was a popcorn movie and great entertainment. On the other hand the Matrix and Prometheus are trying to art... to be the emulating films like "Dune" or "2001". If you are going to do that then you need to up your game and pay attention to logic, real science, and the natural history of Earth. Prometheus is Armageddon by a different name; it just throws special fx at you to try and trick you into not noticing how stupid it is.

  • austin1839
    austin1839 1 day ago

    Maybe the Engineer was suffering from a really terrible hangover.

  • John Paul B.T.
    John Paul B.T. 1 day ago

    use humans as slave? that seems inefficient.

  • pforce9
    pforce9 1 day ago

    The engineers are assholes. Nothing was more satisfying than to see the alien octopus monster grab that engineers's fat ass and literally give him a taste of his own medicine.

  • Josef Difalco
    Josef Difalco 1 day ago

    no,no,no... the engineers come from a long line of engineer's The Story Goes one day the engineer's we're outside playing and enjoying life on their Planet when a Predator game and started molesting his engineer children this enraged engineer so he began seeking revenge on all predators now since the Predators are natural enemies of the Xenomorphs this became a tool like a wrench or a hammer so the engineers with their bald shiny heads decided to use all this to their advantage because one engineer named Bob Bob the Builder the engineer was molested as a young engineer one day as he was playing Legos buy a dirty human this and raised the engineer's even more so they said fuck being mad at the Predators and Xenomorphs we hate the humans Eva mover so they unleash the wrath of xenomorph on the tumors which in turn or at least the rest of the Predators on the xenomorph which in turn left the engineer's to be happy and there they sat from their shiny spaceship eating popcorn and watching the chaos if you want to hear the rest of the story please send 2995 to me and I will sum it all up for you even better than this one since I was around when all this shit happened and no fully exactly what went down and you don't so all you can do is speculate and make you chew speculating videos not have a good day I have to go walk my xenomorph before he pees all over my spaceship

  • onetofew1
    onetofew1 1 day ago

    The idea of human slaves seems stupid. Why not just make machines without personality so they don't revolt. I think the director just had an idea and went with it.

  • Jaroslav Záruba
    Jaroslav Záruba 1 day ago


  • Cutopia
    Cutopia 1 day ago

    the egineers attacked the planet were they turned into the predaters. so egineers made the race of preditors too.

  • LAMLM24/7/365
    LAMLM24/7/365 1 day ago

    Riddly scott doesnt want to touch the script any more, it seems he doesnt want anything todo with it. Shame, proemtheous is actually good and it shouldve drove in a much larger story. prt 2 wasnt bad but its aliens 2 with a different short haired Weaver the same thing but in an old ship in a planet rather than a planet in a new ship and where there were more in aliens in 2 , convent was rather a mesh between aliens 1and 2 with a lil prometheous. Whatching convent was like watching Matrix 2 it doesnt make Any sense to show actions sequences that establish nothing new and its just a grrat way to test the cgi guys work and pay them off fir their efforts. Riddly scott is great director but he wants nothing to do with the franchise project. I wouldnt mind a continuation film or a remake of Dominoe. Or maybe he should do a Marvel film they need some new Directors in that for sure.

  • Xellos Metallium
    Xellos Metallium 1 day ago

    it's rosie

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis 1 day ago

    Minor annoyance, why are they called 'neomorphs' when they are the forerunner to Xenomorphs? Shouldn't they be called 'protomorphs'?

  • LAMLM24/7/365
    LAMLM24/7/365 1 day ago

    interesting theory but if thats true then they arn't any better than humans that they suposedly created. Tje engineers are actually flawed beings recreating flawed beings and there worst creations is either us or the aliens and tbey use the aliens like hunting dogs to go after any being they deemed flawed including versions of themsleves that they sort of despise. As far as that goes it makes the engineers plainly stupid beings. But if you remember in the first film prometheous how there were those who were explorers with their own space suits on they seem to have little importance to that of the engineer laying out in that capsule and later on appearing. there are gaps in the film and it could contribute a to good points or bad points in tue film. The movie cinematography is breath taking prometheous and covent but yet Aliens 1 and 2 from the original lot has a better story. They dont want to unfold much about the films direction in these new 2 installments but thats already been done. So to avert peoples attention again i.e the veiwer lets bring in vin diesel the chronicles of ridick or the original film which had zenomorphs. Its time to really unravel the story, its gotta go epic. Itw gotta do more than just visual. We know hollywood can do some serious special effect. who wlse can write a sript with u folding stories and direct it like a film that feels like a film and not a comic book?

  • Viktor Vikeyev
    Viktor Vikeyev 1 day ago

    wait, what movie is this?

  • 0komi
    0komi 1 day ago

    Isnt it incredible that after two movies not a single one of these question have been answered and probably never will?
    Thank you Rally Scott

  • ava ruth
    ava ruth 1 day ago

    Humans are a failed experiment

  • jack danial
    jack danial 1 day ago

    I saw a warhammer slave photo at 4:13 XD http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammerfb/images/f/f4/Warhammer_Dark_Elf_Nobel_by_Wiggers123.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130120061654

  • Ignatious Maximus

    This is why the movie was bullshit. Once again wankerwood has piss poor writing and lack of consistency and explaining something that the movie zombies need to know.

  • raptor rayven
    raptor rayven 1 day ago

    don't say explained when it's a fucking theory

  • Lip stick
    Lip stick 1 day ago

    This sounds more plausible... Humans are just a test lab for weapons development... What have we ever done as humans, but develop weapons of mass destruction and tested them on other humans... So, we get this trait from the Engineers and do the same...

    Say, what you will, in the end, we are just lab rats, duh... We humans, are the Monsters that need to be annihilated...
    Slaves: Lolol, in the future colossal machines will build whole cities and planets and what ever the engineers need...
    Slaves: will not be of any use to advance civilizations, at least not in primate forms, other than expendable lab rats...

  • Stuart Mathee
    Stuart Mathee 1 day ago

    Because maybe they have as many assholes in their society as us?

  • Hugo Malice
    Hugo Malice 1 day ago

    So why and who left the cave painting inviting humans to visit the prometheus planet ? Who were the engineers running from in the Hologram that David accessed on board the buried juggernaut?

  • BBradshawProductions

    Awoken Engineer: I'm white, you're pink. Fake white people! I'll tear you apart!

  • Jason Sterling
    Jason Sterling 1 day ago

    "why did you make us?" "because we could." "How disappointed would you be if your God felt the same?" best dialogue in Prometheus

  • shini2007
    shini2007 1 day ago

    if some work me up from hypersleep i would probably rip them apart too

  • Roger McKay
    Roger McKay 1 day ago

    Don't try to make sense of madness.

  • Зонора Слатният

    its all crap ... it ruined the Quadrology .

  • Thunderkat65
    Thunderkat65 1 day ago

    Just politics in everything. The Chinese described it perfectly with the Ying and the Yang. People are the same way. Democrats want to destroy everything (take down the rich, riot, crime, ect...) and the Republicans are the builders (forming corporations, lowering taxes, employing people, ect...). Pretty sure this will make some people mad but I am looking at things as I see them as a moderate, balance is needed.

  • Craver Prime
    Craver Prime 1 day ago

    It's like a 4X Game or Town building game or whatever. You are trying and working, and if somthing fails we Reload or make a new Game. Guess it's the same thing witht he Engineers just real.

  • Razefummel
    Razefummel 1 day ago

    Try it that way:

    Imagine you have a Biological Weapon and KNOW what that Weapon does (Changing DNA of its Hosts).
    You heading to an Planet, wich you don´t even know if its habitated by an Intelligent Lifeform, and you Crashland on an random Planet on the Way there and fell into an Stasis somehow.
    Now imagine you woke up, sourounded by Aliens wich looks slightly different then you do and wich carrying some Tec arount wich you never seen before and talk in an Language wich you don´t understand and one of them utters some Words to you wich probably could mean "Die you ugly Motherfucker !!!" because sometimes pronounciation is realy important.

    What would YOU do?

    My guess:

    You wouldn´t react in a peaceful and civilized way and try to comunicate with them, you would probably assume that one of your biological Weapons got a leak (because shit happens when you crashland somewhere), you facing some offsprings of one of your former Crew, try to get rid of the Mess in your Ship and to prceed your Mission, wich also could be "Dude, dump that Stuff as far as Possible away from our Homeworld... we have found an Felsic and vulcanic active Planet wich is probably unhabitated as far as our Telecopes can tell... ".

  • david bradley
    david bradley 1 day ago

    enjinees hate hyumans cos them make cakes and enjinees not like cakes

  • Pointman
    Pointman 1 day ago

    The engineers wanted to create the "Perfect organism" (Xenomorphs)

    The murals in Prometheus and covenant looks like they were worshipping Xenomorphs, and David just created them.

  • Pierluigi Adreani
    Pierluigi Adreani 2 days ago

    What if humans are the product of the black stuff that makes xenomorph? Basically we look like smaller malformed engineers, it would make sense.

  • NodMan
    NodMan 2 days ago

    *_"Report to the ship as soon as possible. We'll bang, OK?"_*

  • Manu Forster
    Manu Forster 2 days ago

    They are time travellers.
    Somewhere in the far future the Engineers are being threatened by the Xenomorph plague.
    They find out that humans from planet Earth were the ones who created the Androids and the Android David then created the Xenomorphs, because he was annoyed by humans and because the Engineers prooved to be hostile boring.
    So the Engineers set out to travel back in time to destroy the human race before the events that took place in Prometheus.
    But something goes wrong with their own biological weapons that they developed and brought to destroy the humans and the Engineers are left stranded on LV 223.
    A few hundred years later, humans from Earth start a mission to venture to LV-223 to meet their makers...
    And the rest of the story is told in Prometheus and Covenant: The Engineers basically mess up everything and by being the jerks that they are, they set off the very chain of unfortunate events that lead to the future problems they actually wanted to solve, when they travelled back in time. Classic time travel paradox dilemma/ irony.

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