ghazala javed killed video 18/6/2012

uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff how can i forget you my dear

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Author Abdul Hassan (2 months)
Killed by her ex husband, due to jealousy and vengeance.

Author musa khan (11 months)
wah g wah

Author summervibe79 (2 years)
No regard for any human in here, She is pashto Artist, Pashto only regard
Taliban sort of People. FFFuck Taliban and Killer of this innocent Artist

Author smooki light (2 years)
she was sooo beautifull.. soo sad never forget

Author Jandaraz khan (2 years)
Guloona ka sta na shool shooka wa yaiy ma:Khkooly ka ghalat shee katlaway

Author 124ayaz (2 years)

Author Jandaraz khan (2 years)
Dard kho yai wee chaiy nazawalee kala Gor ta daroomee: Nor ham sewa shee
chaiy Murjraim kala khapal Kor ta daroomee !

Author justicepartyuk (1 year)
Mahdi have arrived

Author Zulfiqar Shah (2 years)
[5:28] Even if you stretch forth your hand against me to kill me, I will
not stretch forth my hand to kill you. Surely, I fear Allah, the Lord of
the entire Universe. [5:29] I would desire that you be laden with my sin
and with your own sin, and thus become among the inmates of the Fire. That
indeed is the right recompense of the wrong-doers."

Author 143445254277 (2 years)
only god can judge and take our breath away,,,,no one else except

Author Kapunyu (2 years)
Why she has been killed, who killed her?

Author kudakala (2 years)
who is she? religion scholar?it's ok..4 some reason,earlier is
better..we're already 8 billion on earth.huhuhuuu..Peace إِنَّا لِلّهِ
وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

Author jlmpk (2 years)
is she,s the one who use to dance in parties ?...vulgar dancer..if she,s
the same ghazala javed than how can someone call her shaheed ?

Author Faadi Khan (2 years)
love you

Author Iftikar Khan (2 years)
abhi yea jahanum mai mujra karrahi hogi

Author Safar Akbari (2 years)
fat cat is brautifull. just fuck of. kid face

Author Bilal Khan Afridi Aafi (1 year)
hahahahhaha kachara :D

Author zmlovers31 (1 year)
Murdara da killed video da so

Author Mughal Mugall (2 years)
get a life

Author dosehrvi (2 years)
stupid people ,,, pukhtana ye kanaaa,,, jahiloo.. Allah Pak sok Jannat to
bozii ao sok dozakh taaa,, taso ta patta shtaaa.. awall pa khpall gareeban
ko ogoryy,, che taaso somra obo ke yee,, byaa da chaa barra ke comment

Author S R Singh (1 year)
jis kisi ne aisi begunaah aurat ka qatl kiya,use dunia me jeene ka haq nahi
hai.Hum ek phool bhee nahi bana sakte lekin maali ka berahamee se qatl kar
deten hain.Laanat hai aise logon ko.---------------- Lucknow, Bharat.

Author MrHaga420 (2 years)
In the first place her beauty was the reason of her killing but how? Some
told me she had porno films before she was married with his husband so
after her marriage her husband fond out that she got sexfilms so he killed
her by some men, I think her husband made a big mistake to marry a woman
like this but if accept her than you must accept her past too, but we dont
know what Allah wants now she is Shaid and her husband goes to jail after
that to hell, Thanks for reading this..

Author Aysha Khan (2 years)
Charan, I totaly agree with you. Actually I dont understand pushto language
very well so I dont know who the singers are. If some pathan is reading
these comments they might be able to answer.

Author Saleem568891 (2 years)

Author Saif Islam (2 years)
hay muslim vhaio shaheed kisko kehtahay?jo gana gatahay aur logoko baad
khoyesh kortahay!!!!!aysay mat kahiye plz saheed ko naam kharap maat koro
muslim vhailog

Author Jandaraz khan (2 years)
The case should be brought to justice very soon. The suspects are already
held. Thanks for Quick action of the Kpk Police!

Author noor kakar (2 years)

Author cokguzel100 (2 years)
gazala is the most beautiful women on earth

Author Faadi Khan (2 years)
love you ghazala javid you are still live in our heart

Author junaidila95 (1 year)
Why kill her

Author Albie Huss (1 year)
I want the complete song of this video please help?

Author Khan Imran (2 years)
l,ike that sheikh in the last,, he is so handsom,,,

Author Mobi Ch (2 years)
aaj pehli bar es face ko dekha aur es news se dukh howa k es ko qatal kr
dya gya dunia mai aese b janwar hai jo es masoom face wali ko maar
de..yahoodio se batar insan hai woh

Author Charan Singh (2 years)
ayshakhanmo, thank you very much for responding to my request. I do
understand the circumstances surrounding Ghazala's and her dad's death. If
Jehangir had committed the murder here in England, he will be behind bars
for the rest of his life. I do not believe that any one has any right to
take anyone's life except god. My request was about the background song.
Who are the singers. One of them I think is Sitara Younas and secondly
where can I find the original song?

Author emtiaz69jk (2 years)
she was beautiful..............

Author Zulfiqar Shah (2 years)
So according to mentioned versus of Quran, if she had committed sins (God
knows better), those are transferred to her murderer. She is innocent now :)

Author MsKNadia (2 years)
Na mara, Shiekh badranga na dey...dey ho der shiasta dey :)

Author Aysha Khan (2 years)
charan she was a pushto singer killed by her husband about couple of months

Author Albie Huss (1 year)
Am sorry but Taliban are fucked up people as whole hope they go Hell from
time your kill your self you ain't going to Jannah there no place for
people who kill himself and kill innocent people around them its a fashion
for them to blow themselves up and say we doing this for Allah so and so
its complete bullshit..

Author DementedButtHole (2 years)
Allah said only he knows if a person will go to heaven or hell. If one
kills, hates on someone, or so much as doubts other person's faith then
either they claim to share Allah's intelligence or something more
astronomical. Subsequently, if you call someone an infidel then you ARE
committing shirk. If it were that easy to judge then there wouldn't be
qayamat. Khuda ka faisla khuda ko karne do...

Author faisal khan (2 years)
isko allah maaf kare aur isko jannat naseb farmay mujhe is gane ka naam

Author Kashif Malik (2 years)
Kisi ko bhi marnay ka kisi ko koi ikhtyar nahi . ota nahi ktine ghareebon
ki help kerti hogi . God Bless her soul

Author Usama maqsood (2 years)
o hello ya sheed nai hoi hay ya gany gana koi nayki ka kam hay jis per ya
shaheed hoi hay waisy ya achi singer hay

Author TheLondonerkhan (2 years)
Da sheikh badranga sok de

Author hikmat jan (2 years)
S0 sAD S0nG

Author Charan Singh (2 years)
I do not understand a word of it but the music is smashing and the theme
melodious. Can anyone please tell me where the original version is and who
the singers are?

Author mnszahid (2 years)
chop ho ja konsa farishta ti jo sheed ho gai ya konsa nik kam keya hia
tawaif ti bal k sawab osko mila ga jis ni osy ktal keya hia

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