RHOA: Phaedra Parks Opens up to Cynthia Bailey About Her Divorce (Season 9, Episode 18) | Bravo

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In Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, after coming to grips with the end of her marriage to Peter, Cynthia is looking forward to embracing this new chapter of her life with a fresh start in a new house. Kandi and Todd are still over the moon with the arrival of baby Ace, but juggling high-profile careers and parenting duties proves to be challenging, especially with Mama Joyce drudging up past issues between Kandi and Phaedra. With her law practice and social justice work taking up more of her time, Phaedra hires a tough new nanny to wrangle her growing rambunctious boys, Ayden and Dylan, as she awaits word of her divorce from Apollo being final. Porsha has rekindled a love connection with an old flame and in an effort to better herself, she begins anger management counseling. On the heels of juggling a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend Matt, Kenya channels her love struggles by racing to finish "Moore Manor." Just up the road at "Chateau Shereè," and holding a peach for the first time since Season 4, Shereè puts on her "Momager" hat with hopes of her son being The Bailey Agency's next top model. Coming up this season, there are major twists in relationships among the group from unexpected alliances that form as well as shocking accusations that could end an old friendship beyond repair.

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RHOA: Phaedra Parks Opens up to Cynthia Bailey About Her Divorce (Season 9, Episode 18) | Bravo

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Porsha admits she SMASHED Apollo at the #RHOA Season 9 Reunion POOR Phaedra 😓



Author WAYerz ( ago)
No, bitch! What's evil is manipulating Porcha, who isn't the brightest person, to get back at an ex-friend you're at odds with.

Author Sanna ( ago)
Phaedra has a face of a bratz doll. So pretty.

Author Bluesweets79 ( ago)
Phaedra is the biggest hypocrite! Jesus is ashamed of you Phaedra. Stop using his name while blaming and backstabbing everyone else. Now who do you blame for Apollos new girlfriend, Kenya? Lol

Author fefereed ( ago)
i dont get Pheadra....wasn't she taking to other men before the divorce situation, according to Kandi? she shouldn't pretend to be cool with Kenya, obviously she still harbors ill feelings.

Author tanya t ( ago)
she's gonna blow

Author creolejoy. ( ago)
Okay so now everybody is team Kenya this is hilarious. Everybody doesn't celebrate divorce it's insensitive to throw a party without consulting the other

Author Ruby Jackson ( ago)
There was no malicious intent on Kenya's behalf..

Author Scio te diligam te et liber fieri ( ago)
WHAAAAT possessed Phaedra to where an Open Back Dress with string ties AND SHOW ALL HER BISCUITS and rolls to world!


Author SXYBrown Suga ( ago)
See this is how things always get misconstrued!! Don't just half tell the story, Cynthia should have let her know that all of them including Cynthia was trying to get on Pheadra about her reaction to the "Divorce Party"and Porsha came to Phadreas defense saying that "it's still fresh, she just finalized the divorce about a week ago." I hate the way that Cynthia just made it seem as if Porsha was just running around telling her business just to be telling her. They just do the most on this show LOL!

Author tumimakh ( ago)
"yeah, you don't cause I, yeah..." :/

Author Raye Mozee ( ago)
Funny that this video is in my suggestions after I read the TMZ article about how their divorce is NOT finalized. She lies so much that she doesn't even think before she speaks anymore.

Author Sabrina Guzman ( ago)
Phaedra has a poor disposition.

Author Nova Love ( ago)
Kenya has made a slight turn for the better this season, and I think that she meant nothing but the best for Phaedra. Really... It ain't that deep.

Author MsLatte205 ( ago)
Phadera made herself look biopolar. She invited Kenya to her camp and supposedly they had their we forgive each other come to Jesus. Then Phadera just go back 360 to when Apollo was still on the show. 🤔🤔 If Phadera didnt want to participate in the party then she could have said as much. She's an attorney her communication skills are not lacking.

Also Apollo was your husband and made that vow to you. Get him and deal with other women as needed. Me being me. I would have made a statement when he threw her into the pool and then dealt with him privately. I would have addressed Kenya as well.

Author Butter Cup ( ago)
cynthia's wig is soooooooooo bad!



Author Queen Ferrier ( ago)
Fakedra is an asshole

Author promprom ( ago)
Cynthia is wearing a phulkari as a dress omg haha

Author Christine Cardelli ( ago)

Author Heather Forrest ( ago)
Cynthia, You are speaking to phaedra who is a complete LIAR!

Author IrocEm Rockett ( ago)
Cynthia...gurllllll....really?!?!? Why would bring your ass on camera with that synthetic stiff ass wig???? Girl no ma'am.

Author Phillip Amura ( ago)
Cynthia's weave is UGLY

Author Mero ( ago)
Y'all are so fucking stupid. Celebration of life is indeed a thing and MANY people have thing either in lieu of a traditional funeral or in addition to one. Celebrating a divorce, especially when it wasn't amicable is indeed evil.

Author Jenn Walker ( ago)
She has every right to be upset don't judge someone unless you been in their shoes, Fakeya = Kenya, shouldn't have thrown the divorce party but it just shows she's evil misery loves company, she's never been married cause nobody wants her evil, fake ass

Author Undré Felix ( ago)
she was doing it to let yo crazy ass no she hear for you Kenya a lot of things but she has really grown up a lot this season and she's really trying still shady as hell but she's trying y'all said y'all were starting fresh and then you back tracked

Author Layshawn Edwards ( ago)
I like Phaedra and Kenya but they will never be real friends. I'm kind of annoyed by Phaedra though, like if you really did NOT forgive Kenya, then why try and repair the friendship. I feel bad for Kenya because she always seems to get the short end of the stick, in every situation.

Author Captain J. Dreadful ( ago)
These women are vicious. They both used their husbands and now they want so called freedom. It was all about Cynthia and Phaedra.....still is....

Author ChastityChained ( ago)
How are you a private person, yet you are broadcasting your personal life to millions of viewers on national television?

Author Cherie Brooks ( ago)
wonder if Portia has native american indian roots

Author King Jhari ( ago)
Phaedra stfu cause you told Kenya about porsha's anger management. Pheadra is really nobody's friend but herself

Author Cherie Brooks ( ago)
Porsia seems like the enviornment speaks through her

Author Cherie Brooks ( ago)
Porsia seems like the enviornment speaks through her

Author King AndMoreKing ( ago)
This was the only time in RHOA history that I've been on Kenya's side. Pretty much most of the season lol. Sheree was wrong about how she approached Kenya on the domestic violence thing and Phony Phae Phae is wrong here.

Author Mo Mo ( ago)
Y'all dragging it Kenya has no bad intend ... she had to divorce party so it can be a hey it done I'm on to bigger and better stuff or a better space in my life. Maybe her timing was wrong but her intent wasn't bad

Author It'sAllAbout O ( ago)
Phaedra's family became broken the day Apollo went to jail. Phaedra chose an ex-con to create her family.  I'm not saying that people don't deserve a second chance.  However, Apollo committed the same crimes before he was charged, convicted and sent to prison for a second time.  Phaedra didn't divorce Apollo because of Kenya.  If she really believed in her marriage to Apollo, then, she should've never divorced him.

Author ThatLadyDray ( ago)
Really?! What's "evil" is running around pretending to be this Christian woman, yet you know your ex husband lied on this woman, you made fun of her wanting to become a mother on national television, & when she tried to help YOU through a rough time by trying to do something nice instead of voicing how you felt to HER you LIED about feeling sick then sent a nasty text. Kenya has her issues but she's being ganged up on this time by Phaedra and Sheree for no valid reason.

Author African Barbie ( ago)
I have never heard of a divorce party before. How could you celebrate something like that. Kenya am looking at you with a squint eye

Author rlamey69 ( ago)

Author Smilling Love ( ago)
growing up i remember kenya moore was one of the most beautiful women you could see every man i know wanted to marry her what a disappointment seeing how she really is. thats you cant put celeb on a pedestal and she mess her face up with plastic segury

Author Nicole S ( ago)
For the people attacking Phaedra have you been married? There is already a stigma about black mothers and fathers!!! Please stop attacking Phaedra for thinking marriage is something is sacred and that there is nothing good or happy about rejoicing over the fact that your children will be affected! I have had whites seem shocked when I correct them over asking about my baby daddy and I say my husband get it right!!!! I get that what the party is for and I get why some women have them but I also understand what Phaedra is saying. Not everyone is okay with these parties and some people do like these parties considering them to be like a fresh new start. Get your head out of your a$$$ and understand what this woman is saying and not what has been edited... did you hear Cynthia when she said that she is never going to be married again...that was sad but I understand that she would feel that way. People view marriage differently and respond differently when it ends.

Author kardiair2 ( ago)
Phaedra do the absolute most. u private but on RHOA. Apollo use to put ur biz on front street and u cud not handle that.

Author kardiair2 ( ago)
Phaedra do the absolute most. u private but on RHOA. Apollo use to put ur biz on front street and u cud not handle that.

Author marmarcellos1 ( ago)
Phadrea shut the HELL up. you really are a Fake phat troll. I'm Done!!

Author John Parker ( ago)
No trout mouth, your ass ain't private bitch, you are fuckin sneaky and a liar!!!!!

Author Clara Kirkendoll ( ago)
Phaedra always trying to blame Kenya. If she was so heartbroken over her marriage why was she talking to someone else even before filing for divorce. Still don't think she was innocent in what appollo was doing.

Author Pretty Vicious ( ago)
Get over yourself Phaedra, you are reaching and truly making something out of nothing. If you've forgiven the woman, then move past it. If you're going to be petty & spiteful, then at least own up to it, instead of doing this passive aggressive bullshit.

Author Hector Garcia ( ago)
phaedra phaedra when you will out off the show, I really hate people like her who always talk about God and pretend that something she's not. evil,fake and hipocrita. . that's what you're l really hope you won't show up at season 10 otherwise I will not watching at all

Author Perry Blevins ( ago)
I can't stand these bald headed fuckin YouTube trolls. Get a life and a hobby. Take care of your household and husband. Get off social media.
Do something more productive with your spare time. FUCKIN IDIOTS bore me...😴

Author Bianca Bonapart ( ago)
smh like said again, i don't understand porsha and phaedra's relationship, but yet she mad at kenya for throwing a party for them although she should have asked but it was a supprise i guess. porsha goes and tells Phaedra her business after she told her not to and does anyway but Phaedra doesn't get upset but always gets mad at kenya???🤔🤔🤔😩😩😩and im pretty sure porsha had a 3some with Phaedra and her husband but porsha wants to spreads lies about kandi and todd trying to drug her and such 🤔🤔🤔😑😑😩😩😩

Author 20something ( ago)
I honestly think Kenya had good intentions, not saying a divorce is something to celebrate in terms of a party, but i really feel like she was coming from a good place.

Author Debra Garner ( ago)
Yes, divorce is hard because, It hits you when you're unexpected. Out of the blue. Feeling,; You never knew was there. Its nothing to take likely. I feel for any woman.

Author Yelly Yellez ( ago)
Kenya is annoying and doesnt have any social skills sometimes so she ends up burning bridges. Like she started the whole Sheree house thing and she kept getting into Cynthias and her sister's business she can't tell when shes starting shit then acts like the victimt But I have to say these last few episodes kenya has been alright. Maybe she has gotten mental help and i honestly don't think she was being shady throwing the party. I think she just wanted to move on and do something nice for both of them regardless of what happened. But I also think Phaedra has the right to feel how she feels he was flirting with her and maybe shse just has inner problems. I dont think anyone is to blame u dont always have to choose a side.

Author Bonnie D. Writer ( ago)
I hate how Phaedra did Kenya in that text message instead of saying that while she was still at the divorce party. And the fact that she's still carrying on about something apollo already admitted to lying about is lame! She's looking for someone to blame...maybe she should consider her and mr. chocolate, or the dude kandi always speaks of. But to play tennis with kenya then call her trifling...smh.. thats why i don't fw phaedra's character. #shadyaf #fake also..i cant wait for the truth about her "outing" kandi to come out!

Author Prtyton ( ago)
Kenya is the villain! Her own mother knew this from day one. When a person shows you who they are you believe them. She showed the world she had no regards for Phadrae and Apollo's marriage the first season she came on the scene. Phadrea knows shade when she sees it.

Author Trelanda Hawkins ( ago)
shady phapha just need a story line because although Kenya has been shady in the pass she just thought they had gotten past that in she was just tryna make em have fun for once.

Author ImWhat YouWant ( ago)
y'all be saying pheadra fake but Cynthia one off the fakest of them all just like kandi ass always throwing shots in the confessional but be all in they face smiling when they in person Cynthia kenya and kandi are so fake you never know how they really feel about people cause they will throw shots then act like the best of friends with you

Author joey smith ( ago)
yeah nah. Phaedra needs to go. she can't move on, she holds grudges for 4 seasons and she's clearly not a good friend and a big big big LIAR

Author Erykah Willisms-Farmer ( ago)
Phadrea is such a lady. I think Kenya was actually being a good friend. It was just a bad ass idea. And totally not time or place for it. Porsha ass talks to much. Even though her dingy ass didn't realize she spilled the beans with that look on her face after the ladies asked why didn't Phadrea mention to them that the divorce was final.

Author saushe young ( ago)
She must not have anything else for a story line cause she flipped better than Gabby Douglas. Smh.

Author Lauren Lucas ( ago)
the party was a renewal not a bashing for her children Lossing there father idiot just mad over stupid shit

Author Lauren Lucas ( ago)
Phaedra is to damn much

Author * Jackson ( ago)
I don't think Kenya meant evil and i do believe that even though she was Dead wrong with Apollo. She has grown a lot in THAT area. I think all of the emotions that come with a divorce was what Phaedra was feeling, she was mourning the loss of her marriage, its very normal.

Author Julieanne Waller ( ago)
Shadera at it again. Kenya did nothing wrong

Author Leslie Boozer ( ago)
Cynthia gets on my nerves.  They are all CRAZY!!

Author Dedgra Jones ( ago)
I don't think Pheadra was fake about the situation. First of all why would a woman who publicly flirted with your ex husband, talk about how fine he is on national t.v, text with him behind your back throw you a divorce party 😒😒😒

Author Youths of Dublin ( ago)
Love RHOA!

Author NfamousDoshay ( ago)
Phaedra so ridiculous just like she was when she didn't know when she got pregnant nor how many months she was way back when. She will always be Fake-dra. Kenya truly thought they were becoming good friends and even said she's happy she got her friend back and here you go wit some shit from 2yrs ago. Honestly tho, Kenya should've known better. Fake-dra turned on Kandi after how many years of friendship, dogged Porsha out yet befriended her then left her to take the heat for shit she said. This woman is ridiculous.

Author tangaj ( ago)
Don't trust Cynthia...

Author Tash Jeffs ( ago)
A divorce party by a woman who didn't respect the marriage in the first place ..girl bye 👋

Author NBA101NFL4HER ( ago)
Pheadra if you all that damn private you should get off the SHOW!!...

Author WifeandWife ( ago)
Back in my senior year of high school, my math class wasn't prepared for a Math test..... so conspired during lunch and went to Publix and bought her a "Happy Birthday" cake - pretending we thought it was her birthday.... ( of course, it wasn't). Little did we know she was going through a divorce, and she told us that our party would be her divorce party and it made her feel better (she got emotional).... Needless to say, we got an extra review and didn't have to take the test until the next class.... lol. I said all of that to say that some women do celebrate it, especially if the woman was hurt and found the strength to move on.

Author Shpresa Fejzullahu ( ago)
i totally understand Cinthya and Phedra on the D.P.
but Kenya never was married before so maybe she doesn't understand the pain behind it ?!

Author Nisa Carla Smith ( ago)

Author Nisa Carla Smith ( ago)

Author Nisa Carla Smith ( ago)
Cynthia stfu

Author Mariam Y. ( ago)
Cynthia's fakeness has really shown it's self this season.

Author Ohhey Bih ( ago)
Is this a clip from the show? It "shole" is clear!!! Look like a talk show. 😩

Author Ohhey Bih ( ago)
Phaedra was getting ready to sit and be all fake (as usual) until Cynthia said Porsha already told them the divorce was final.

Author Ohhey Bih ( ago)
Fat back. Does Phaedra not own a damn mirror.

Author Cortney lee ( ago)
Phaedra irritates me always acting like she so perfect. Apollo was never into her anyway and only dealt with her because of what she could offer him. Phaedra is mad that Apollo was attracted to Kenya.

Author RocknRollDina ( ago)
Yes Phaedra is happy the PROCESS of going through a divorce is over. But like she said, having her family broken up is not easy or celebratory. It's not like Kenya is a genuine friend to Phaedra, she never has been. Now all of you defending Kenya are just single women in your 40's never been marry, have no kids, and crates/dimples on your ass and face :) The woman has done nothing of value with her life since the beauty pageant.

Author Money 1 Money 2 ( ago)
All the housewives Keep up shit it's in there contract. They are getting paid millions and the shit is scripted.

Author thalrg22 ( ago)
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but honestly the hate toward Phaedra is more based on ppl not liking her than this actual incident. The woman is not ecstatic or happy about her marriage ending,whatever you reasoning you believe she has...she isnt happy,period. She NEVER said Kenya broke up her marriage but the main source of contention they have had for 4 seasons has all been centered around Kenya over stepping her boundaries with this lady's husband. For Kenya to be the one to throw a divorce party,whether good intentioned or not is just tactless. She could have even gotten Sheree and Porsha to help her just so it wouldnt come off as cynical. The place that Phaedra is also at with Kandi right now,yes she can be cordial but celebrating her divorce with the woman going on tv divulging secrets or lies about her marriage? Thats just asinine. These women have been around eachother long enough to know how one another will react to certain situations is very obvious. And for Kenya to claim she wants to be "friends" with Phaedra then you sympathize with your "friends" when they're angry or feeling bad,you dont go patronize them in hopes of further escalating a situation.

Author LoLaS2011 ( ago)
Kenya is annoying but I'm sorry she isn't the villain here 🤷🏾‍♀️...she seemed very genuine but it was not the best idea

Author Nerissa Loc ( ago)

Author Cherie Morris ( ago)
I am amazed.They were going on each other a few seasons ago.

Author Derrick Singleton ( ago)
Soooooooo...Phaedra doesn't have the right to celebrate her divorce her own way? wasn't Kenya's place to do that....if she really meant well like the messages I have read ...why hasn't she thrown Phaedra a surprise bday party?..but a Divorce party?.....whether women or men we all should question our motives when we mess in other people's lives...Respect and boundaries are always in order.

Author Radiance230 ( ago)
Phaedra lives in the self imposed prison of her facade (and lies). So it is some what challenging to sympathize with her when she finally shows real feelings.

I think this is the driving force of the demise her and Kandi's failed friendship (and probably marriage as well).

Author Curly Qfro ( ago)
Phadrea bounce more than a ball. Bye PP!

Author Averyahna ( ago)
I think Kenya intentions were good but as somebody who played a part in Phaedra marriage which made her have problems woth Apollo by Kenay texting him & Apollo flirting back. Kenya should not have threw that divorce party for Phaedra. Not blaming Kenya for her divorce but she did play a part in their marriage falling apart & causing problems. I think that's where Phaedra Coming from, she thinking the person that played a part in my life, my marriage falling apart is throwing me a divorce party. I think Phaedra could have went bout it differently, more nicely then sending that text.

Author Swedish Talk TV ( ago)
Phakedra Park !!!! 🙄🙄🙄

Author Kerne Jeannene ( ago)
Kenya is a villain... if a so call friend start texting my husband and I asked them to stop and she didn't I was have a problem... then the same friend throw you a divorce party... that is throwing a cup of tea on you...

Author Michelle Lindsey ( ago)
Kenya is a evil misable woman who gives there buddies a divorce party 😞?That fake ass Kenya always causing harm then good that's why u don't have a husband or kids

Author Catherina Brown ( ago)
The party was in poor taste.

Author Karol j. ( ago)
phaedra is bugging...arent her and kenya cool...the party was for cynthia too....phaedra is Just reaching with this one

Author Tomeka Lewis ( ago)
sooo sick of phaedra BS..get off the gas with this apollo thing its so old & she didn't give af about him anyway!'s past time 2 leave kenya alone..waiting on her porsha 2 fall out!'s coming cuz she can't keep no friends, her fakeness wins every time

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