10 Hidden Facts You Need To Know About North Korea

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest 1 month ago

    10 Everyday Things Only The Richest Can Afford https://youtu.be/YRfUR9iVPHc

  • Safaridis Stefanos
    Safaridis Stefanos 11 hours ago

    Give me 1000 euros I would not go to north korea.I fucking hate this country, not the people that are innocent the peopl who controls the country.And I would not rist my life.This is how I feel when someone tells me go visit north korea.

  • fishyman 908
    fishyman 908 23 hours ago

    Why hasn't someone put a bullet in kim-fat-un's skull? Oh wait, the bullet would not go through.

  • ishan narula
    ishan narula 1 day ago

    Only fucker king Jong un is fat rest all the country is skinny and dying for food

  • Saviør Øf The Brøken


  • Deek Gordon
    Deek Gordon 3 days ago

    I'd love to go to north Korea just to happy slap everyone i see

  • ahmed amjad
    ahmed amjad 4 days ago

    No thanks ,Aleppo is heaven to me

  • Tatz Adiktuz
    Tatz Adiktuz 4 days ago


  • Nelliyah Crelencia
    Nelliyah Crelencia 4 days ago

    The background you did behind the subscribe button IS not in Korea it's in China

  • Vandana Singh
    Vandana Singh 4 days ago

    I love one thing bat north Korea.... they don't care bat America n fr this I respect them

  • J Smith
    J Smith 4 days ago

    this country is fucked.up his people are hungry and poor with no.future and that fat fuck eats pizza and his father used to fill his face with jonnie walker should just go in and kill that fat fuck

  • Diamond Pepe
    Diamond Pepe 4 days ago

    It is not the fault of the citizens but the leader. If they would actually launch missiles to North Korea, some innocent people would die. Notice how I used "some", that is because some of the North Korean
    population are in that Leader is the greatest cult.

  • CocoCereal
    CocoCereal 5 days ago

    In all of the pictures, the women looked sad for some reason.

  • Daniela Munoz
    Daniela Munoz 5 days ago

    Clearly it's not the most hidden secrets if you know

  • Ebube Nwana
    Ebube Nwana 5 days ago

    on 3:33 there was a typo

  • Lincoln Loud
    Lincoln Loud 6 days ago

    It's all ran by a Child

    HYEYOUNG KIM 6 days ago

    Im from South Korea 🇰🇷

  • JFGI K
    JFGI K 7 days ago

    I hope that Italian pizza maker had the opportunity to add plenty of "special ingredients" for this fat fuck to enjoy.

  • JFGI K
    JFGI K 7 days ago

    Really? Punished for not pooping enough? As if this fucking "country" wasn't insane enough.

  • Edin743
    Edin743 7 days ago

    nothing I didn't knew

  • FunThemBlast 1
    FunThemBlast 1 8 days ago

    someone kill kim jong un plz why does the good leaders always die and the bad ones dont?

  • Anti Minecraftovič

    Kim Jong Un will find you and he will destroy you. :-)

  • FabY-U_Chen
    FabY-U_Chen 9 days ago

    In America people gets away from poop

    In North Korea people want and steal the poop


  • kersams72
    kersams72 9 days ago

    What's up with the air raid siren sound in the background

  • Julian Alfaro
    Julian Alfaro 10 days ago

    You messed up it says the intranet

  • MarcellusTheGreen
    MarcellusTheGreen 10 days ago

    Show the "Blue House" in South Korea vs. the Leader's residence in North Korea.

  • Fermain Jackson
    Fermain Jackson 11 days ago

    fucking great leader....
    😎👎 💩

  • shadowp80
    shadowp80 11 days ago

    Lol round tips are possible

  • Edy Dj
    Edy Dj 11 days ago

    i really find kim jong un's hair to be really amusing

  • jon doe
    jon doe 11 days ago

    Fatass Kim has more chins than a Chinese phone book....

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light 11 days ago

    Wait if these secrets are so well hidden how did they find out about them

  • Valter Sagheim
    Valter Sagheim 11 days ago

    The Leader off norht Korea are dumhead

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel 11 days ago

    Lovin' the trivia's

  • Angel Ntiamoah
    Angel Ntiamoah 11 days ago


  • S.B.R Stunta A.K.A Stay Bangin Records

    i want to no america hidden facts

  • will
    will 12 days ago

    O so if we want to kill Kim Jong-fat fuck we should strike his pleasure palace

  • Dai The Handsome
    Dai The Handsome 12 days ago


  • Blurry Medved Mishka

    There missiles wobbled because made in China.

  • eggssmell278
    eggssmell278 13 days ago

    They aren't secrets anymore!

  • Gnorf
    Gnorf 13 days ago

    You really think it's smart to be talking shit about N. Korea? You better watch out or they'll start making empty threats to you too.

  • deborah soule
    deborah soule 13 days ago

    please scientists, bring video game characters to life. I need to hire agent 47 from the hitman games

  • xcel cd
    xcel cd 13 days ago

    and the world keeps on watching and watching making their profits n ensuring their part of laughter..

  • Yelin Byeon
    Yelin Byeon 14 days ago

    Kim jun un is so fat! (I know because I am Korean)

  • Jeremiah K
    Jeremiah K 14 days ago

    Little is it known that North Korea possess surface to ship missiles that have trouble hitting the ocean let alone a mobile vessel.

  • Metal4Life56
    Metal4Life56 15 days ago

    the commentator is fucking annoying.

  • Sir Shankin
    Sir Shankin 16 days ago

    Poop thieves? Someone has crappy morals.

  • Jasper 213
    Jasper 213 16 days ago

    If Kim Jong Un reads this he is a butt head WHY ARE YOU A FRICKIN DICTATOR YOU ARE WORSE THAN ADOLF HITLER

  • Dragon Butts
    Dragon Butts 17 days ago

    What is the background music that is currently playing at 7:21

  • Isabelita De Castro
    Isabelita De Castro 17 days ago

    *sees the trivia question* OH HELL NO!!!

  • jaywebz Jerome
    jaywebz Jerome 17 days ago

    Dang I thought trump was bad

  • CT-5597 Jesse
    CT-5597 Jesse 17 days ago

    Oh, Kim-Jong Il doesn't use the bathroom? That explains why he's so full of shit.

  • Yasuko Yabuki
    Yasuko Yabuki 18 days ago

    Please research the pictures because you put a Japanese cover of the movie in your video.

  • Firepuppy 101
    Firepuppy 101 18 days ago

    "don't exactly get along". ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. WE HATE EACH OTHER

  • Romefeller
    Romefeller 19 days ago

    What shocked me the most is the fact that he's gay

  • Andy Wainwright
    Andy Wainwright 19 days ago

    Wow, the hamburger was invented by a North Korean leader? How few people must know that...

  • DumbTuber
    DumbTuber 20 days ago

    *Try exposing USA and be banned from YouTube*

  • Jimin, You Got No Jams

    kim jong-un needs to die Urghhh North korea even invaded south korea! that's so Betrayal

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Kim Jong is an idiot

  • Anon nymous
    Anon nymous 21 day ago

    What's with the North Korean vids?

  • Tazwar Hossain
    Tazwar Hossain 22 days ago

    Thw Richest really adores North Korea.

  • Daily Harry
    Daily Harry 22 days ago


  • øne crybaby at my parade for P!ATD phans

    1:53 Is she a Panic fan?!

  • SquadPlayzMore
    SquadPlayzMore 24 days ago


  • karim lavji
    karim lavji 25 days ago

    10 hidden facts the first one is not even a fact its your opinion

  • Kangriad 75
    Kangriad 75 25 days ago

    With the right headphones you'll her that hear mouth is just...wet.

  • Beebo
    Beebo 26 days ago


  • PierceMyPanicingChemicalBoy AtTheRollingHorizon

    It's not really hidden if it's on YouTube.

  • Pegasus XVI
    Pegasus XVI 26 days ago

    in the image of the miniature there's more photoshop than silicona in Nicki Minaj's ass

  • Ayu Supang
    Ayu Supang 26 days ago

    I love SOUTH KOREA

  • Scorpion Mice
    Scorpion Mice 26 days ago

    I hate North Korea 🇰🇵.

  • Philip Coblentz
    Philip Coblentz 27 days ago

    so they literally have turd burglars

  • spawn bacon
    spawn bacon 27 days ago

    "wtf .And what about the nuclear codes you liars "

    -Donald Trump

  • Krit432440 0
    Krit432440 0 27 days ago

    I never get shocked about these secrets tho

  • Patrick Wood
    Patrick Wood 28 days ago

    still better than Swaziland

  • Gaetan Vandenberghe
    Gaetan Vandenberghe 28 days ago

    at least they don't have rapefugees

  • MoonRuby
    MoonRuby 29 days ago

    This proves that North Korea is fucked up

    sorry for my language but it is true

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 29 days ago

    the next time you make videos about kim jong un try to say kim jong shit :-)

  • thnks pete
    thnks pete 29 days ago

    the richest:"in the emperors new clothes!"

  • Caleb Williams
    Caleb Williams 1 month ago

    If you could fucking stop repeatedly using the phrase "it's no secret" that'd be great

  • Paw Christ
    Paw Christ 1 month ago

    how is it hidden when u r telling us ?😕

  • L Johnson
    L Johnson 1 month ago

    kim kong ding can kiss my white American ass.........rite in tha crack......dingdongking

  • Theja-Pro-PvPer 1
    Theja-Pro-PvPer 1 1 month ago

    It probably not hidden cause u Told it to us

  • Austin Deleon
    Austin Deleon 1 month ago

    What's the legal age to join their military?

  • Vlad Parizer
    Vlad Parizer 1 month ago

    7:50 When "The Richest" tries to do some comedy...

  • Prodigy Weeb
    Prodigy Weeb 1 month ago

    Kim the type of nigga to remove his ribs so he can suck his own dick

  • Sachin Michael
    Sachin Michael 1 month ago

    Somebody have to kill that mtr fkr.....

  • Yup
    Yup 1 month ago

    If these facts are one of north korea's most hidden secrets, they don't hide them very well...

  • Владица Алексић

    10 more reasons for loving NK.

    SHUBHAM PANCHAL 1 month ago

    Now he seem threat to humanity
    Kim jun un

  • KingBerrus up
    KingBerrus up 1 month ago

    come to lithuania are people Is nice and helpful

  • Sienna Reaves
    Sienna Reaves 1 month ago

    It's going to be the appocleps because of them

  • Ronaldjr Montagne
    Ronaldjr Montagne 1 month ago

    *This video was taken down by **-North Korea-* *YouTube heroes*

  • Kill Eater
    Kill Eater 1 month ago

    we can still inherit debt tho.

  • Seré Jack Escarcha
    Seré Jack Escarcha 1 month ago

    stealing poop from neighbors? lmao... these north koreans are really weird.

  • haider ahmed
    haider ahmed 1 month ago

    cool video I subscribed

  • Mïňjoø Kîm
    Mïňjoø Kîm 1 month ago

    Okay now what the actual fuck I understand you steal money but stealing shit from people you hardly know is just fucking disgusting and hilarious.

  • baby seoul
    baby seoul 1 month ago

    Her voice is SO exaggerated

  • Reggie the Riveter
    Reggie the Riveter 1 month ago

    I've seen Salt, it's such a good movie!

    THE COLONEL 1 month ago

    their not really secrets anymore

  • Epic doge Lol
    Epic doge Lol 1 month ago


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