masterbating monkey

Excited Ape in safari park Liverpool England 1995

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Author Jack Meoff ( ago)
That monkey style my girl friend

Author zack ender ( ago)

Author Aidan Phelan ( ago)
That's nasty

Author 3636Clarence ( ago)
They have the best seat in the house...opts, I mean car.

Author Fly Fart Baby ( ago)

Author Maddy Tarbox ( ago)
Lmfao woww

Author JustSome762 ( ago)
I agree... Its not very often when monkeys decide to wank off on the hood
of your car

Author mcanally27 ( ago)
LMFAO blonde moment

Author mcanally27 ( ago)
THATS A HUGE MONKEY i didnt know there bigger than cars

Author Ranger Davis ( ago)
Sick fucks

Author The_Packen ( ago)
but its itchy. :|

Author George Tom ( ago)
keep pressing 5

Author deppfan85 ( ago)
@groffeaston Baboons ARE apes.

Author Pikafan2132 ( ago)

Author Zetsuke4 ( ago)

Author port753 ( ago)
on my wishlist when im 23 and take my friends to england. GO TO A SAFARI

Author bluecatky ( ago)
Kind of brings a more literal meaning to the phrase "spanking the monkey",
doesn't it?

Author Diversis Puer ( ago)
Well then monkeys can just do anything then

Author Maya Dent ( ago)
why am i watching animals mating and masturbating again

Author steffi67 ( ago)
@athabascka duhhhhh we are evolved from them

Author groffeaston ( ago)
They are not apes! They are Baboons!!

Author Stewart Griffin ( ago)
@athabascka But they are human...

Author throttle cracker ( ago)
I got the weirdest boner lol jkjk

Author DBY97 ( ago)
@kh101100 dude, thats just gay.

Author DBY97 ( ago)
Im on the weird part of youtube again arent i..

Author MrBergman7 ( ago)
they fucking raped that car

Author RyanStarcraftProtoss ( ago)
22 were jealous of that mokeys dick :)

Author adbmnj10 ( ago)
i've seen bigger. Thats just a little prick...

Author Luis Noriega ( ago)

Author leonid313 ( ago)
really?? so you allow this kind of stuff.. but a glimps of a boob, and the
video is removed???

Author Rikairiify ( ago)
This was 2 weeks before my birth!

Author crazyriders83 ( ago)
That baboon got free food, a free ride, and got to jerk off on the car.
That's a good day in my book.

Author Rodiguez83 ( ago)
I has a whiteman's dick.

Author spidermanfan45 ( ago)
Givem some privacy fags :]

Author Amalea Cisneros ( ago)
lol the kids r screaming and the monkey is like "what?... oh! awkward um im
gonna turn around..."

Author iBischoff ( ago)
@athabascka they're primates as are we

Author iBischoff ( ago)
looks like a baboon

Author Mufflemonsta009 ( ago)
So like us.....

Author ThisFrickinSite ( ago)
@NFnightTripper it is still inapropriate, if you film yourself having sex
is that nature?

Author athabascka ( ago)

Author I'M COMING FOR YOU ( ago)
monkey spanking that monkey

Author BI0G4M3S (1941 year ago)
Get a bannana and stuff Viagra in that would be good :D

Author victor ramos ( ago)
@lilboy lol

Author tgsol1 ( ago)
its weird how it looks down and notices it has a boner then gets all
embarrassed and turns quickly then starts touching himself....

Author Storm treppen ( ago)
@liQuidmoTion oh really? Never knew that XD

Author Australianhunter ( ago)
wash your window sahh???

Author lovebug65409 ( ago)

Author Sukiman Tongkodu ( ago)

Author jimmyshitbags ( ago)
@Slycooper2010 speak for yourself

Author SalvatoreBallistics ( ago)

Author liQuidmoTion ( ago)
@Slycooper2010 standard procedure in texas YEEHAA not just the monkeys btw

Author Eddard Liebber ( ago)
I felt a strange desire to watch Jurassic Park after this video....for some

Author painleica ( ago)

Author felix baumgartner ( ago)
eeeeee??????? england safari park??? i was at safari park

Author John P ( ago)
lmfao just imagine it u stop at a stop lite the monkey jumps on ur car and
sperms all over it

Author TheEyreBender ( ago)
co za asy...

Author phxsuns713 * ( ago)
How is this not flagged it actually shows a monkey dick

Author rsplayer525 ( ago)
Roofilyn!! the date rape drug :D... you need too clean your sheets ;)

Author Sebas- Chan ( ago)
well now..everyone has monkeys and shit on their car

Author OmFg428 ( ago)
how is that monkey circumcised?!?!?!

Author Storm treppen ( ago)
Monkeys jacking off on ur car doesnt happen very often

Author monkeynuts76 ( ago)
that's my family

Author WatchingSky ( ago)
@TheBnmghjk hahahaha me too !

Author TheBnmghjk ( ago)
My god... This shit is going to appear in my 'Recommended for you' videos.

Author RedTailOwner951 ( ago)
@vonijoe hes not thats jus hilarious, how often do u see a monkey jack off
on ur car lol

Author Aiman Idaham ( ago)
how did a music video get me into this shit?

Author drag0nfig0 ( ago)
red dragon, red dragon!

Author bellkid68 ( ago)

Author kdc43 ( ago)
@notsomeoneable No it doesn't, but it mentions 'onanism', Onan was a guy
that did not want to take his dead brother's wife to have children for his
brother, so instead of cumming in her he 'spilled his seed or cum' on the
ground. His big sin was not continuing the family line, the masterbating
was not the sin. But religionists take this out of context of the family
ideas at the time. Modern men do not marry their dead brother's wife
anymore and the anti-masterbation religionists use this.

Author theoneandonlyfiberT ( ago)
@Ripto22475 I laugh at your Human porn. I find gay porn to be the funniest
fucking thing ever.... I'm a Japanese Brown bear...don't ask how I can type
I don't know I also don't know why I speak english so well it baffles even

Author thresher4 ( ago)
spank the monkey!! Bwhahahahahaha

Author Donavan barber ( ago)
that would be the funniest shit t see in person a monkey jumping on ur car
only to choke his chicken

Author Ripto22475 ( ago)
God freaking sickos, laughing ass off over this? Wow what have we amounted

Author Ben Franklin ( ago)
Mom: Well you see children that's surprisingly bigger than your fathers...

Author my7ass ( ago)
@vonijoe Is there children you think?

Author josh71111 ( ago)
So masturbating is natural?!? If animals do we should too?!?

Author PrUnEJuIcEtHeThIrD ( ago)
Lol what if that fat monkey had jizzed over your windshield

Author englishman177 ( ago)
so wait...monkeys are allowed to masterbate but I'm not! the bible is so

Author Jay Tee Kay ( ago)
Oh so its cute when a monkey gets on top of a car and whips his dick out to
polish the polish prince but when I do it i get arrested.....

Author sellfood64 ( ago)
i found this from a military video???

Author nivek3211 ( ago)
just like any other weekend

Author w5r6ranny ( ago)
Lol How are you going to explain monkey jizz all over your car :-0

Author Doug Wills ( ago)
Clearly, this is a guy in a gorilla suit getting his jollies knowing he
won't be arrested.

Author MegaBastard123 ( ago)
Lol, the many of times i've been here <3

Author crazydiamonds3 ( ago)
haha, Funniest thing here is the Welsh accent! lol

Author SF Videos ( ago)
@acsmashing What, there aren't enough (human) porn sources out there for
you? Let's leave it off of YT, indefinitely.

Author SF Videos ( ago)
@nani80011 Your logic is flawless.

Author Kalikizz7o2 ( ago)
who circumsized this lil prick?

Author 10crow ( ago)
thumbs up if you think that second monkey was just a man in a monkey suit
who just wanted an excuse to jerk it on a car.

Author 10crow ( ago)
Would have been funnier if a human wanked it on a monkeys car.

Author w5r6ranny ( ago)
Kid in the background yells "he's got a boner!" at 0:34 XD lol

Author TwistedFMJ ( ago)
Kids! It's a worm, not anything else that you think of :o

Author Dread ( ago)
at like 0:32 that ape had a pornstar type cock, good grief

Author MEGAGUY21 ( ago)
spanky the monkey spank his monkey

Author John Kimble ( ago)
he looked down and at the people in the car and said "perverts"

Author Joe Williston ( ago)
No money shot?

Author roy vh ( ago)
Wow he is hairy

Author LXTTLXKXLLXR ( ago)
I wish i was a monkey, then i can jack off anywhere on the net without
censorship.... damn the 1% species difference -_-

Author Gloria Lemmon ( ago)
Well, they ARE like 99% human (or something like that)

Author happyteapots ( ago)
@vonijoe lollollollol hahaha , i don't deny nuthin lol

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