masterbating monkey

Excited Ape in safari park Liverpool England 1995

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Author TheNek12 (5 years)
ummm... he must thought you are a female monkey

Author tgsol1 (3 years)
its weird how it looks down and notices it has a boner then gets all
embarrassed and turns quickly then starts touching himself....

Author ElliHasHorns (5 years)
nice cock :D

Author lovebug65409 (4 years)

Author SF Videos (4 years)
@nani80011 Your logic is flawless.

Author Diversis Puer (3 years)
Well then monkeys can just do anything then

Author Lildrummer02 (5 years)
i know im thinking of megan fox

Author happyteapots (4 years)
@vonijoe lollollollol hahaha , i don't deny nuthin lol

Author crazydiamonds3 (4 years)
haha, Funniest thing here is the Welsh accent! lol

Author Pikafan2132 (3 years)

Author SunBreaker6 (5 years)
omg how the heck these monkeys came on road. and why the monkey have to
come show his huge boner and wank on filmer`s car :D if I were the car
owner I would fuck up that moneky and show him who`s the boss ;) ((no one
wanks on my car except me))

Author felix baumgartner (4 years)
eeeeee??????? england safari park??? i was at safari park

Author SF Videos (4 years)
@acsmashing What, there aren't enough (human) porn sources out there for
you? Let's leave it off of YT, indefinitely.

Author MrBergman7 (3 years)
they fucking raped that car

Author vuurgerben99 (5 years)

Author sellfood64 (4 years)
i found this from a military video???

Author writerboy111 (4 years)
what if it came on the car!

Author Ricardo Rodriguez (5 years)
NOO!!! The monkeys are taking over!!! 0.0

Author Sukiman Tongkodu (4 years)

Author PsychicGirl25 (5 years)

Author my7ass (4 years)
@vonijoe Is there children you think?

Author DBY97 (3 years)
@kh101100 dude, thats just gay.

Author roy vh (4 years)
Wow he is hairy

Author phxsuns713 * (4 years)
How is this not flagged it actually shows a monkey dick

Author Australianhunter (4 years)
wash your window sahh???

Author Midnight-Shadow (4 years)
co za asy...

Author sammygtfo (5 years)

Author mcanally27 (2 years)
THATS A HUGE MONKEY i didnt know there bigger than cars

Author Jay Kay (4 years)
Oh so its cute when a monkey gets on top of a car and whips his dick out to
polish the polish prince but when I do it i get arrested.....

Author TheSkull713 (4 years)
Well, masturbation is said to lengthen one's lifespan.

Author Zetsuke4 (3 years)

Author Dread (4 years)
at like 0:32 that ape had a pornstar type cock, good grief

Author 10crow (4 years)
thumbs up if you think that second monkey was just a man in a monkey suit
who just wanted an excuse to jerk it on a car.

Author Brian G (4 years)
turn the windsheeled wipers on lol

Author Chris J. (3 years)
@liQuidmoTion oh really? Never knew that XD

Author Aiman Idaham (4 years)
how did a music video get me into this shit?

Author Stewart Griffin (3 years)
@athabascka But they are human...

Author Maya Dent (3 years)
why am i watching animals mating and masturbating again

Author drag0nfig0 (4 years)
red dragon, red dragon!

Author PilsberryDoughboy528 (5 years)
at 0:30 this big ass random monkey comes up on the car with a huge boner
wtf this guys car is going to need to be washed like 9 times LOl {^_^}

Author johnl5r3w (5 years)
how are you gonna explain monkey jizz all over your windshield?

Author weirdone17 (5 years)
u should have honked your horn!!! RUN MONKEY! RUN! (i kno it is not a
monkey but a baboon)

Author voff7 (5 years)
he got an small dick

Author dinomanj (4 years)
that would be the funniest shit t see in person a monkey jumping on ur car
only to choke his chicken

Author PrUnEJuIcEtHeThIrD (4 years)
Lol what if that fat monkey had jizzed over your windshield

Author darkdragona619 (3 years)
thats nasty...

Author MegaBastard123 (4 years)
Lol, the many of times i've been here <3

Author Maddy Tarbox (2 years)
Lmfao woww

Author leonid313 (3 years)
really?? so you allow this kind of stuff.. but a glimps of a boob, and the
video is removed???

Author Chris J. (4 years)
Monkeys jacking off on ur car doesnt happen very often

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