10 Lucky Kids Ellen DeGeneres Made Famous

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  • 10 Kids Who Found Fame On The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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    One of the best things about the “Ellen” show is Ellen DeGeneres’s ability to spot new talent. She often brings these talented people to her show to display their skills. But, it’s the most shocking when these talented people happen to be kids! From a little girl who knows every element on the periodic table to singing cousins who became internet sensations, these are ten kids Ellen made famous.

    It’s hard to get kids to sit down long enough to focus on anything other than cartoons. This is what made it entirely surprising when Ellen brought 3-year-old Brielle Milla to her show in 2016. Not only had the toddler learned every element in the periodic table, but she knew every state, state capital, and every US President! She isn’t the only toddler to impress Ellen. Heaven King appeared on the show when she was just two years old. Her talent was much different; she was a dancer! The incredible 2-year-old shocked the audience with her unbelievable dance moves, and she hasn’t slowed down since. Another dancer to perform for Ellen on her show is Merrick Hanna. The 10-year-old boy is a whiz at the robot, and his performance was so incredible that even the DJ couldn’t hold back his amazement when he joined him for a dance on stage! The most notorious kids that Ellen made famous have to be Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie. The tiny singers blew everyone away with their version of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.”

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  • Ella McGuigan
    Ella McGuigan 6 hours ago

    ya aaa

  • Ella McGuigan
    Ella McGuigan 6 hours ago

    ya aaa

  • love2laughwa
    love2laughwa 11 hours ago

    There's no x in "especially".

  • Caroline H
    Caroline H 19 hours ago

    Wait wasn't merrick Hannah already on americas got talent and that's why he's famous right? So why did it say he has plans to audition for americas got talent in the summer of 2017

  • Alex 62
    Alex 62 1 day ago

    666th comment

  • Dearbhla Lyons Nolan

    Merrick Hanna did audition for America got talent 2017 and was my favourite contestant I didn't realise he was on the ellen show..... he was Amazing!!

  • Just Ambs
    Just Ambs 2 days ago

    Merrick's AGT audition is amazing!

  • Chance Translations


  • Queen Everything
    Queen Everything 3 days ago

    did anyone see sophia grace at 3:34 and at 11:04 they said she was also doing THE TOY BOX

  • Anwesha Paul
    Anwesha Paul 4 days ago

    rosie and sophia grace is irritating

  • Chloe Dale
    Chloe Dale 5 days ago

    I like JoJo better

  • lauathon 12
    lauathon 12 5 days ago

    I think sophia grace was better when she was little because it was inpresive that someone so litte knew all the words to the songs but now her voice hasnt chainged a bit so now iher voice is just weird and she thinks that everyone likes her and that if she goes somewere everyone will be on top of her just see her song hollywood

  • lauathon 12
    lauathon 12 5 days ago

    Can i just say that sophia HAS slowed down, does enyone agree with me?

  • Goddess of purple
    Goddess of purple 6 days ago

    The way they pronounce especially... 😬 *cringing*

  • Corinne Horowitz
    Corinne Horowitz 7 days ago

    I don't even think Sophia grace is even that good. I'm not hating I'm just saying my opinion

  • Rory mcgarrigle
    Rory mcgarrigle 11 days ago

    Ummm were ,is tavairis jones

  • Disney kids
    Disney kids 12 days ago

    why can't my kid be famous from Ellen

  • Edénia Lima
    Edénia Lima 13 days ago

    Sorry but Charice doesn't count because she was already famous. The fact she wasn't famous in the USA means nothing!

  • HikarixDaku
    HikarixDaku 15 days ago

    In 2015, I went to this festival (Which I always go to every year) Charice performed. It was a festival to celebrate the Filipino culture

  • J & R's World
    J & R's World 15 days ago

    I really want to be famous from Ellen for my amazing singing

  • Dangerous Toriel
    Dangerous Toriel 18 days ago

    I come from the same country as Charice!

  • light's Out Brick
    light's Out Brick 20 days ago

    The kids in the thumbnail look like horses

  • Joe sugg VLOGGED ME!!!!

    but alex from target is already famous before he was in th ellen show?

  • Anthony Waldron
    Anthony Waldron 24 days ago

    you are cool

  • XXkawaii Sweetheart
    XXkawaii Sweetheart 24 days ago

    When they say famous I only know 2

  • Dieuviline Francois
    Dieuviline Francois 26 days ago

    Merrick Hanna just auditioned for America's Got Talent on 5-30-17. Please go watch it! It's so good!

  • Jamie Chee
    Jamie Chee 27 days ago

    How about Zony,Yony and Emma?

  • PigTongueHuman
    PigTongueHuman 27 days ago

    i think you missed Emma Rester

  • Poorva Parajuli
    Poorva Parajuli 27 days ago

    Who is watching in 2017?

  • Poorva Parajuli
    Poorva Parajuli 27 days ago


  • -
    - 27 days ago



  • Jimmy Joles
    Jimmy Joles 27 days ago

    Check out Brandon does everything everybody he might be on my channel


    I just seen Merrik Hannah last night in americas got talent!

  • Emilie Woo
    Emilie Woo 28 days ago

    The cousins are on Sam and Cat old tv show with Ariana Grande

  • Tiana Morgan
    Tiana Morgan 28 days ago

    Brielle is like LITERALLY the SMARTEST kid in the U.S, I bet she convinced her parents who to vote for last year during the election

  • Glena Tribout
    Glena Tribout 28 days ago

    I wish I was Alexs age he is soooooo HOT

  • Glena Tribout
    Glena Tribout 28 days ago

    I wish I was Alexs age

  • Glena Tribout
    Glena Tribout 28 days ago

    I wish I was Alexs age

  • Sara Person
    Sara Person 28 days ago

    your so domp and your voice is so stupid

  • Sara Person
    Sara Person 28 days ago

    your so domp and your voice is so stupid

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    I Know Noah On Toybox

  • Kendall Woodhams
    Kendall Woodhams 28 days ago

    um weird

  • ArtsyPutsy
    ArtsyPutsy 28 days ago

    I'm here to see if they mentioned Brielle. She's the cutest, smart, polite, and adorable at the same time. ❤️

  • Julia Daniec
    Julia Daniec 28 days ago

    this isnt that good of a vid like the others no hate

  • emma wales
    emma wales 28 days ago

    At 3:29 did anyone notice that Sophia grace brownlee was in the picture with Noah?

  • Aimee Thorneycroft
    Aimee Thorneycroft 28 days ago

    I watch Sophia and rosie on Sam and cat☺☺ your angels 😇😇👑👑and so cute🐇🐇🐩🐩

    BRM SHOW 28 days ago

    2 of them play gwen and ruby in Sam and cat

  • Isabella Dudley
    Isabella Dudley 28 days ago

    Did anyone see Sophie grace when they were talking about Ritter?

  • Hayden MistStream
    Hayden MistStream 28 days ago

    figure out these sentences
    1. I ❤🐴➕🐶
    2. I ☺
    3. I 👀✨❇🌠
    done now like and comment if u find them

  • Brianna Williams
    Brianna Williams 29 days ago

    Ellen didn't make Sabre Norris famous she was already famous from the surfing competition

  • Jordan Ange
    Jordan Ange 29 days ago

    Sophia grace is annoying ugh

  • Jordan Ange
    Jordan Ange 29 days ago

    I bet 5 million dollars talko will not reply

  • Odhran_ Freeplay
    Odhran_ Freeplay 29 days ago

    OMGG I hate the way she says "THE REST IS HISTORY"

  • LilGracePace
    LilGracePace 29 days ago

    Half of these kids don't even deserve their fame at all! >_<

  • Family and Sister tube

    3:31 and 3:35 you see Sophia grace

  • Infordel
    Infordel 1 month ago

    Sofia and Rosie will always been known as the 2 British kids from Sam and Cat

  • Monica Toncz
    Monica Toncz 1 month ago

    Sophia grace and Rosie are stupid

  • Savana Lerma
    Savana Lerma 1 month ago


  • Grace phan
    Grace phan 1 month ago

    this was posted on bday

  • TheMrsnikkisixx
    TheMrsnikkisixx 1 month ago

    Tayt?? Macey??

  • Victoria Bonilla
    Victoria Bonilla 1 month ago

    The last girls were also on the TV show sam and cat

  • Roxana Munson
    Roxana Munson 1 month ago

    You know everybody is lucky because they have a family

  • chloe espejo
    chloe espejo 1 month ago

    Did any one see sophia grace next to yhe apparently kid

  • Angela Marifelle Acuna Babiera

    where's sophia grace and rosie

  • Morgan Lilja
    Morgan Lilja 1 month ago

    tbh sophia grace has became a brat

  • Charla Willson
    Charla Willson 1 month ago

    I love shows with Ellen and her kids. Ellen is so loving and good. No pressure there Ellen.

  • Barbara Witovicz
    Barbara Witovicz 1 month ago

    Ellen is true blue and awesome!

  • Nadya Lopulisa
    Nadya Lopulisa 1 month ago

    I live in Malaysia but i don't know that guy

  • Chloé M
    Chloé M 1 month ago


  • Sidsm
    Sidsm 1 month ago

    Ellen is an angel oh my...💎💎💎

  • Golden Panda
    Golden Panda 1 month ago

    'And the rest is history' 😂😂

  • Abbie Barber
    Abbie Barber 1 month ago

    wow...sooo famous that I don't know about most of these

  • Lydia Hoefer
    Lydia Hoefer 1 month ago

    Brielle is one of my favorites! She is so adorable. Glad you put her on there😁

  • Joey Joanne
    Joey Joanne 1 month ago

    U said AUSSIE wrong

  • Brooke and Izzie Yousseau

    Of course she made Sophia and Rosie famous their dancing is great!

  • Luna Reynoso Tesorero


  • Anuja Chatterjee
    Anuja Chatterjee 1 month ago

    Macey the presidential expert was also made quite famous by Ellen!

  • Seriah Clarke
    Seriah Clarke 1 month ago

    that's for making me feel sad

  • johnjap2
    johnjap2 1 month ago

    I just want to say one name here " Connie". Now I will let you all take it from here.

    Don't forget to like.

  • Bubbly Peppermint
    Bubbly Peppermint 1 month ago

    omg Brielle she is absolutly adorable.

  • Joie -
    Joie - 1 month ago

    Where is the presidential expert Macey ??

  • Zainab Shofu
    Zainab Shofu 1 month ago

    Oml. Who forgot about Grayson Chance. When they said his name I nearly burst out crying.

  • Tolani Wura
    Tolani Wura 1 month ago

    You forgot Kai 😏

  • Gary Plastek
    Gary Plastek 1 month ago

    OMG I have always hated the no talented kids Sophia Grace & Rosie. Can't understand WHY Ellen keeps bringing them back.

  • Hey It's Vanz
    Hey It's Vanz 1 month ago

    that ritter 5 year old looks like a tiny ed sheeran..

  • TheAmorlyn
    TheAmorlyn 1 month ago


  • Colina Harvey
    Colina Harvey 1 month ago

    They forgot Charlie Puth

  • Dana Brooks
    Dana Brooks 1 month ago

    Some of these kids don't deserve what they got

  • Catherinechia 94305107

    they are so lucky im unlucky

  • Pink Pink
    Pink Pink 1 month ago

    You never mentioned that Charice is a Filipina. Can't the countries get a little pride here?

  • Rhea Israni
    Rhea Israni 1 month ago

    At 3:36 Sophia grace is in the picture

  • Janeth Olivas
    Janeth Olivas 1 month ago


  • Kaela Jehnke
    Kaela Jehnke 1 month ago

    the girls name isn't milla it's Brielle

  • Kaela Jehnke
    Kaela Jehnke 1 month ago

    the girls name isn't Norris it's saber.

  • Amira osman
    Amira osman 1 month ago

    i think alex is a teen i think

    PTXLOVE1 1 month ago

    Wait...sooooooo their not going to mention that Justin Bieber launched his career when he was in the Ellen show
    No...just me...k

  • Madison Kupsky
    Madison Kupsky 1 month ago

    I love the talents these kids have. They are so cute.

    I am not trying to be greedy or anything but I have a cool impressive talent that only a handful of people have ever done.

    I have an eye condition called cone dystrophy which basically means the part of my called cones which help you see color are not in my eyes. Also with my eye condition my central vision is much worse than my peripheral vision and my eyes are super sensitive to light which makes it hard for me to walk outside because I can pretty much see nothing on bright sunny days unless I wear huge dark sunglasses and a ball cap to block the sun.

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    There you will see a video titled
    Dublin Scioto HS Marching Band
    The video was posted by Edwin Wilson

    If you could find that video and Watch it and share it with everyone you know that would mean so much to me.

    I am not trying to sound greedy or selfish or anything like that. It's just a goal of mine to be on the Ellen show. Let's try to make this happen it would be so awesome.

  • Talia Astorino
    Talia Astorino 1 month ago

    Hope this random person scrolling through the comments is having a amazing day

  • Kashishiwishi Official

    Well Ellen is the generous

  • Camille Cameron
    Camille Cameron 1 month ago

    Charice isn't gay😂 She's lesbian😂😂😂😂

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