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Author Wellington BrumaK (10 months)
Defense Amazing 0:28

Author Aleksi Huttunen (1 year)
he just doesnt know when the fight ends :3

Author doupon223 (1 year)
lol i thought the henchman was called steroids dude.

Author Marvin Balance (1 year)
holy shit this movie is already 11 years old ? 

Author mymarkis666 (3 years)
@gamepower99 I did.

Author xXwilliamXeduardoXx (3 years)
pork diablo no ponen la maldita parte entera DIOS !

Author MrMedico33 (3 years)
@kiwishizzle it is methamphetamin.. it workt immediately in the system, and
not only gives strenght and resistence,, but is a potent pain killer.

Author Trafalgar Law (3 years)
he took STEROIDS that as big as aSTEROIDS xD

Author Ko-wing wong (3 years)
@kiwishizzle PCP

Author ngayonnaba (3 years)
ouch that's gotta hurt.......................

Author Bacda Fucup (2 years)
This movie is badass to this day still. Not too many movies like this.

Author Genus X (3 years)

Author SimplyAsunder (3 years)
Makes fight club look like a bunch of sissys.

Author ChilangoGONEWILD (2 years)
I believe it is Tien and not Ting

Author reeper2363 (2 years)
What Movie is this from?

Author Yoshidan Manucha (3 years)
NO FARE [thumbs up]

Author derf jarhead (2 years)
pinoy yan ung kalaban ni tony..

Author Anonymust (3 years)
@AsianOmega My wife has the same mentality but what do you do if you are a

Author TheVortexLord (3 years)
@MrJuggernautX Both of them would rape Boyka.

Author DarthPRB (2 years)
How was that in any way awesome? It was so one-sided it was not even
enjoyable for me to watch.

Author Vam TheAnomaly (3 years)
In reality, although the guy wouldnt feel the pain from being hit due to
the drug, the damage would still take effect on the parts being hit,
especially the organs and later he would feel it and / or die.

Author Sovren Klank (3 years)

Author Steve Tonic (3 years)
To the "geniuses": Steroids do not kill pain, crack, heroin and those other
kinds of hard drugs are what make you psychotic and not have feeling.

Author Aerosmith589 (3 years)
@kiwishizzle PCP can also have the same effect, gives you crazy strength
and a nearly inhuman pain tolerance.

Author Purez (3 years)

Author misterlestrade (3 years)
@smellokitty Yeah, Tony's chest

Author MrJuggernautX (3 years)
@TheVortexLord Boyka would beat them, even if it would be Boyka from
Undisputed 3 with broken leg. He is just stronger, faster and more durable
(he withstood Dolors kicks).

Author Nit996 (3 years)
@gamepower99 I did as well, but with English subtitles. Because I don't
understand thai but English dubs suck.

Author Savvas Politdis (3 years)
tony jaa is just playing with him :D

Author Mwayra6 (3 years)
@smellokitty no

Author Sha1gon (3 years)
sickest clothesline ever 1:46

Author Irmasterlol (3 years)
Yeah I found it. It's the one where he wants Buddha's head.

Author 26DLT (3 years)
@kiwishizzle He took PCP you dont feel any pain from it and you go crazy

Author donkeyhacks (2 years)
and Ting purposely throws the fight

Author MrAbdlwahed (3 years)

Author David Cicala (3 years)
Ting would have won if that one guy didn't inject himself with 4 shots of

Author si (3 years)
HABLO españOL que es un video k nUNKA HABIA VISO K DERROTan a tony haas
hablo español

Author si (3 years)
UNiKoo videooOO kK EHh vistoo cuandoO VENCENn a ToNyY JAS alGUEIInN SABee
coOMoOo se llamma coONn elL k e stas peliando TOnY JASS

Author FireRockzy (2 years)
ถ้าเป็นเรื่องจริงถ้าโดนเตะก้านคอต้องลงไปนอนนับดาวแล้ว ^^

Author mkfan786 (3 years)
Yes the guy who won the fight was using drugs but Tony Jaa was also
blackmailed into throwing the fight, don't forget.

Author Valasra97 (3 years)
@TheMMP12 funny thing, is in the movie he actually was 0_o

Author purefhate (2 years)
Yeah I thought that guys those moves... He's a great student..

Author dee-kun chow (3 years)
if you watched the movie the guy that won used drugs to win

Author squawkbox09 (3 years)
Ong Bak 2 and 3 were complete shit compared to this one. :L

Author Tehnubwaffle (3 years)
@DJogdog lol :D

Author Alex Konstantakis (3 years)
@MrJuggernautX Hi. You're talking about a nonexistent fighter. Tony Jaa is
a REAL LIFE Fighter, just like Scott Adkins. If you actually want to talk,
you would say Jaa vs Scott Adkins. Adkins may have a wide array of fighting
styles, but Jaa is more focused on Muay Thai, which could be both good and
bad. The dividing line is, however, that Jaa does his own stunts, something
which im not sure Adkins does. Educate me.

Author squawkbox09 (3 years)

Author 210daica (3 years)
I saw this movie already ... The guy that beat up tony jaa use steroid...

Author Explicit (3 years)
man american sucker punches mean shit, this some real shit here, makes you
go tripple backflip on ya ass

Author Ultiman (2 years)

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