Ong Bak - Ting vs Mafia Henchman Fighter

A lot of you have asked me to upload some good fight scenes from movies so I decided to start uploading some. Also if there any good martial arts movies like this one that nobody has seen yet or even heard of then they can be introduced to them, so if you are a fan of martial arts movies then I definetely recommend watching these.

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Author Wellington BrumaK ( ago)
Defense Amazing 0:28

Author Marvin “life in balance” Balance ( ago)
holy shit this movie is already 11 years old ? 

Author Doupon223 ( ago)
lol i thought the henchman was called steroids dude.

Author Aleksi Huttunen ( ago)
he just doesnt know when the fight ends :3

Author Julian Mann ( ago)
This for some reason, is the coolest intro to a fight ever.

Author ThePeopleneedhelp ( ago)
TONY:Oh GAWD.....he's gonna touch me to death... badguy: >:D cm at mh br0

Author Justin Jay ( ago)
0:21 hes like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that felt good (troll face)

Author purefhate ( ago)
Yeah I thought that guys those moves... He's a great student..

Author Girom Christian Calica ( ago)
That henchman looks similar to Manny Pacquiao o.o

Author mkfan786 ( ago)
Tien is actually a separate character in Ong Bak 2 and 3. This guy is
another character.

Author alchemist8690 ( ago)
Nigga just trampolined bounced on your chest....The fuck?

Author ChilangoGONEWILD ( ago)
I believe it is Tien and not Ting

Author florisvdwolf ( ago)
his name is tien not ting

Author Evans Ejams ( ago)
muaythai da best martial arts....!!!!

Author ياسر سفيولا ( ago)
god nes

Author hialf73 ( ago)
لوسمحة نزل المقطع كامل

Author derf jarhead ( ago)
pinoy yan ung kalaban ni tony..

Author Bacda Fucup ( ago)
This movie is badass to this day still. Not too many movies like this.

Author Midomaru Yoshiru ( ago)
LOL . didn't you guyz know that the other muay thai fighter boosted up with
a 500mm steroid shot xDDD.. you gotta watch Ong Bak .. he was payed to take
drugs that's why he has incredible strength .. xP .. you guyz might be
wondering why Tony Jaa was beaten up in this scene ;D

Author Ultiman ( ago)

Author Krone Dirv ( ago)
the technique used by Tony is Muay Bohran

Author donkeyhacks ( ago)
and even a barely trained fighter can beat a well trained fighter its very
circumstantial , if x fighter lands a good hit on y fighter , if x fighter
drops guard for a split second etc etc. we're human mistakes are made
regardless of training

Author donkeyhacks ( ago)
and Ting purposely throws the fight

Author donkeyhacks ( ago)
indeed and if you watch the film you'll know he loses so badly because he
throws the fight.

Author DarthPRB ( ago)
How was that in any way awesome? It was so one-sided it was not even
enjoyable for me to watch.

Author reeper2363 ( ago)
What Movie is this from?

Author abbklll ( ago)
i remembered the mafia injected himself w/ steroids b4 the fight

Author Abdeel Elrai ( ago)

Author phi huynh ( ago)
đánh với một con chó

Author dastodavid ( ago)
the mafia guy reminds me of kazuya from tekken.

Author luis gustavo ( ago)

Author Irmasterlol ( ago)
Yeah I found it. It's the one where he wants Buddha's head.

Author Genus X ( ago)

Author Sovren Klank ( ago)

Author PODMAN5000 ( ago)
i'm not too familiar with this, but i lkie the scene.

Author Yoshidan Manucha ( ago)
NO FARE [thumbs up]

Author TheAirskyair ( ago)
completely agree

Author MrAbdlwahed ( ago)

Author kenshiro720 ( ago)
drug ..

Author Psacold ( ago)
Sting not prick ^^ sry

Author Psacold ( ago)
It seems to me that the man was to prick, He was on drugs sorry tmy english

Author hieuepu90 (1780 years ago)
Thế nào vậy, thằng đó đánh hăng quá

Author Vander men ( ago)

Author Vander men ( ago)
meeh.. i love Yuri Boyka :DDDD but the ongbak player ( i think he names
Ting) is good too with other style

Author Gerald Mesias ( ago)
aWesoMe fight!!

Author ngayonnaba ( ago)
ouch that's gotta hurt.......................

Author Total Spartan ( ago)
Ong bak 2 is one of the best, but 3 is terrible expect tony jaa fighting
the soldiers at the end. I wonder where he is now?

Author Pinkpapi ( ago)
kick him in the nuts. that'll show steroids whose boss:>

Author Read My Comment ( ago)
This is such a shitty fight.

Author si ( ago)
HABLO españOL que es un video k nUNKA HABIA VISO K DERROTan a tony haas
hablo español

Author Swizo ( ago)
man american sucker punches mean shit, this some real shit here, makes you
go tripple backflip on ya ass

Author ShAdoWx1000 ( ago)
In brawling movies, there is always one bastard given drugs to take down
the hero.

Author noobownr01 ( ago)
lmfao!! righttt brooo!!!

Author squawkbox09 ( ago)

Author si ( ago)
UNiKoo videooOO kK EHh vistoo cuandoO VENCENn a ToNyY JAS alGUEIInN SABee
coOMoOo se llamma coONn elL k e stas peliando TOnY JASS

Author Alex Konstantakis ( ago)
yeah, nobody can really say that fighter X would beat fighter Y. Personally
though, based simply on his raw training and workout regimens combined with
the years he's been fighting and body type, i'd say that Jaa is the most
capable fighter of the modern age.

Author squawkbox09 ( ago)
Ong Bak 2 and 3 were complete shit compared to this one. :L

Author IceColdBeer94 ( ago)
Who is the actor that plays the fighter with the dragon tattoo

Author IceColdBeer94 ( ago)
adkins does his crazy jumps I think, but I don't know for big stunts and I
think you can't make an educated choice on who would win, because most of
us only know them as actors, I agree with your comment tho.

Author Arthur Cobretti ( ago)
this movie is ong back

Author Bao Nguyen ( ago)
@Eidolonist it could be cuz this is a movie.

Author babyminajj123 ( ago)

Author jaycee wootszkie (1473 years ago)
what movie is this>?

Author DavidtheDuke ( ago)
1:46 this kills the boxer

Author David Cicala ( ago)
Ting would have won if that one guy didn't inject himself with 4 shots of

Author Muhd Taufiq ( ago)
No... This is the movie where he wants Buddha back. I think... erm...
yeah... pretty sure...

Author dee-kun chow ( ago)
if you watched the movie the guy that won used drugs to win

Author NinkasiDelight ( ago)
roid rage.

Author Irmasterlol ( ago)
Wait is this the movie where Tony wants his elephants?

Author Irmasterlol ( ago)
Everyone knows that gravity in lower in Asia due to proximity to the moon
and overpopulation.

Author TheJWKK ( ago)
If you watched the movie, that guy took drugs lol

Author ShadowDaPk ( ago)
Did you even watch the full movie? The guy you're cheering for took drugs
to numb the pain of the hits.

Author wat wat lay ( ago)
burmese power!

Author MrJuggernautX ( ago)
@GothicGreendayGuy Its about feats of characters in movies.

Author MrJuggernautX ( ago)
@GothicGreendayGuy I dont talk about Tony Jaa vs Scott Adkins. In films,
Boyka was faster, stronger, more durable and more skilled fighter then Ting
( watch movies, i am talking about characters that were played by these
actors, i hope you'll understand what i mean).

Author Nit996 ( ago)
@gamepower99 I did as well, but with English subtitles. Because I don't
understand thai but English dubs suck.

Author Alex Konstantakis ( ago)
@MrJuggernautX Hi. You're talking about a nonexistent fighter. Tony Jaa is
a REAL LIFE Fighter, just like Scott Adkins. If you actually want to talk,
you would say Jaa vs Scott Adkins. Adkins may have a wide array of fighting
styles, but Jaa is more focused on Muay Thai, which could be both good and
bad. The dividing line is, however, that Jaa does his own stunts, something
which im not sure Adkins does. Educate me.

Author MrJuggernautX ( ago)
@TheVortexLord Boyka would beat them, even if it would be Boyka from
Undisputed 3 with broken leg. He is just stronger, faster and more durable
(he withstood Dolors kicks).

Author MrJuggernautX ( ago)
@TheVortexLord And again, a little troll came back. You are continuing to
chase me. Are you in love with me? xD And again you show that you have some
problems in sexual life. If i were you, i would try to cure that problem.
And why the hell these guys can beat Boyka? They are not as fast as Boyka
in his prime, they are weaker and so on and so on. He has more kicks in his
arsenal, can grab and easily break a hand of this mafia henchman, for

Author TheVortexLord ( ago)
@MrJuggernautX Both of them would rape Boyka.

Author MrJuggernautX ( ago)
Boyka would beat the shit out of both of them.

Author Paikudesu ( ago)
@gamepower99 Best comment in awhile.

Author yayhahahaable ( ago)
และก็เต๊ะ! ก้านคอกรรมการ 55555555555+ LOL อย่างฮา

Author xXwilliamXeduardoXx ( ago)
pork diablo no ponen la maldita parte entera DIOS !

Author Warriorblack007 ( ago)
ese se inyecto esteroides e,e

Author Enoch Tang ( ago)
Oxycotton and Cocaine are two powerful drugs.

Author Tactical Calisthenics ( ago)
the reason why that asian dude won is because before this scene, that asian
due took steroids before the fight or some other type of drug that made him
resist pain. yes I watched the entire movie and needless to say, it was one
of the most badass movies ever

Author Bing Bong (387 years ago)
do they have a rematch?

Author coffeerunni ( ago)
kick him in the groin!!

Author TaekThaiMaster ( ago)
100% Drugs !

Author XxDestinyGodxX ( ago)
Didn`t understand a word, but it was the same epic as it was weird :D

Author mymarkis666 ( ago)
@gamepower99 I did.

Author Valasra97 ( ago)
@TheMMP12 funny thing, is in the movie he actually was 0_o

Author enginowich ( ago)
What's with the random grandma at 1:59?

Author smilodnfatalis55 ( ago)
Ting could've won this- he found the weak spot but he didn't adjust, he
just kept kicking the torso, he didn't learn :/ not to mention the other
guy was on fricking bane venom...

Author RetconCrisis ( ago)
Who here saw the movie in Thai? I did cause i understand thai! Maybe
because i am thai...

Author SimplyAsunder ( ago)
Makes fight club look like a bunch of sissys.

Author Carter Stone ( ago)
@Zenkenmaster k Thanks!

Author Zenkenmaster ( ago)
@Whitcod88 Ong Bak

Author Bakorebal001 ( ago)
that guy take steroid iv seen the movie !

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