TERRIBLE COPS | Rudy Mancuso, Juanpa Zurita & Inanna Sarkis



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Author Rudy Mancuso ( ago)

Author The_GamingBoy 13 ( ago)
if you are reading this stop wasting your time

Author NaTulia ( ago)
jajaja juanpa me ds mucha risa los amo a los 2

Author Jade Herrera ( ago)
I don't even know him and I already subbed and liked this video💙🔥😂

Author Beauty girl 104 ( ago)
Am I the only one who actually put the num

Author Olivia Rose ( ago)
this almost made me pee my pants AHAHA u guys are so funny

Author Rainbow Enforcer ( ago)
Cool I subscribed

Author newtie frootie ( ago)
love this videos!

Author Eline Berge ( ago)
love this, so funny

Author Mirna Nabil ( ago)
hola soy mirna mouch gousto

Author D. Dayana Patin ( ago)
eres muy guapo , me encanta tu pelo Rudy y tu estilo 😍😍

Author Angel Cobian ( ago)
How many people tried that phone number

Author Catherine P. ( ago)
you guys are cool 😎, funny😂 but terrible cops

Author Mia Victoria ( ago)
Next video:Terrible musicer😂😍

Author - FrostBlitz - ( ago)
Practice makes puss.. perfect.

Author Gamer Karlo ( ago)
Cry baby

Author Sony Bcb ( ago)
Inanna the best 😍😍😍

Author Valeria Flores ( ago)
fave part was when rudy danced while shooting when his eyes were covered by juanpa😆

Author LaToya Forever ( ago)
Shoots him in the neck and the next scene he has an arm sling on 😂😂😂

Author Sarah Castro ( ago)
"police people " i die😂😭😭

Author Goni Gaming TV ( ago)
all subscribe me pls

Author Richest Celebs ( ago)
In their next video, they might play DJ...."We should do music" :p

Author Emmy _2234 ( ago)
You should be doctors!

Author ItsYumiYan ( ago)
Practice makes pussy 😂

Author Raja Satria ( ago)
Da best collab when with juanpa😂

Author Ro del picolo ( ago)
me encantan, son increíbles los dos jaja💕

Author Ikenasio Tuagalu ( ago)
"I said-a doof" 😂

Author Elena Toth ( ago)
Did Lorenzo really get hurt

Author Murion ( ago)
Juanpa kinda looks like kennyS from Cs:go...feel free to search him

Author Sonia Gonzalez ( ago)
Oml this is so funny

Author Movies Together ( ago)

Author Sabrina;* ( ago)

Author Luchiia Posada ( ago)
i'm guessing they're going to be musicians next lmao

Author Tara Burtis ( ago)
omg you guys are soo fucking cute😍😍

Author R3DCrystalGaming ( ago)
hahahahahaha 😂😂😂Tuff

Author Gabriela Divino ( ago)

Author Joverly ( ago)
1:49 best part

Author PookaShellHeineman17 17 ( ago)
Thanks again Rudy!!!! keep posting!!!!! thank youuuu!!!!!!!!

Author Right Or Left ( ago)
are they siblngs?

Author Twinkle Kilara ( ago)
So stupid lmao

Author Jéssica Brenda ( ago)
i love!!

Author John Xu ( ago)
I can't stop laughing

Author Sabrina Rosales ( ago)
Que mate de risa jajajajajajaja

Author Gabriela O ( ago)
I said atoof

Author Melanie Mejia ( ago)
Is that a bread? 🍞 "roof"

Author Salty Cherrios ( ago)
I cant watch one of rudys videos without acidentally blowing a snot rocket ;-; i cant stop laughing

Author Saul Gallegos ( ago)
you and your videos are lit

Author Diana Silverwood ( ago)
Yesssss finally Lucas & Lorenzo ! I love this series 😂😂 please continue these & also super heroes . 😭❤️

Author Just A Regular Guy ( ago)

Author yvng YouTuber ( ago)
subscribe to my channel

Author AGFanLuv 123 ( ago)

Author maypop flower ( ago)
when he cried when he hit his arm....LMFAOOOO😂😆😆😆😂😂😂

Author Dart the Jumping man ( ago)
It's always the same thing. Not really funny anymore

Author Maria Ramirez ( ago)
😂😂do more collabs !!!

Author Mario and Sonic Plush Bros ( ago)
bro your awesome I hope you reply

Author Leslie Dumlao ( ago)
Subbing because this is hilarious

Author ALVINACAKE ( ago)

Author Vato Loco ( ago)
This channel is the best

Author Mersea Aqua ( ago)
juanpa is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Author célia kpop ( ago)
that's so funny guys 😂😂😂

Author matthew1234 haile ( ago)
make A new one

Author matthew1234 haile ( ago)
you have good video's

Author Zukoilmaaa ( ago)
Almost 2 MIL ⭐️⭐️⭐️👆🏼

Author Andrea Chimenti ( ago)
Why don't you drink tequila?!?!

Author ItzSpacePandaPlayz !!! ( ago)
I subbed love your channel

Author moonligh32345 ( ago)
they are brothers!!!! O.O

Author ItzSpacePandaPlayz !!! ( ago)
You can't kill me I was born dead

Author Matu Ramitrz ( ago)
i ❤ love you

Author Muffin Muffinz ( ago)

Author Reem Alqattan ( ago)
Awesome dudes 😂

Author Joselyn Rodrigues ( ago)
hi omg i love you 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

Author Eleni Tarusha ( ago)
Juanpa is so handsome omg .

Author Janet Nunez ( ago)
this is funny

Author anicea joseph ( ago)
Haha that cry

Author Farhana Begum ( ago)

Author miss dinda ( ago)
i love this series 😂 well, you gotta be zoo keeper next

Author Verlisity Perez ( ago)
"practice makes puss- perfect"

Author GabiLife BloGai ( ago)
I loveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuu
Love from lithuania
Please text back

Author GabiLife BloGai ( ago)
I love uuuuuu
Please text back

Author Thien Pham ( ago)
2:18 beliek... Ey ey ey, you're fine you're fine, don't tell Mum okay?

Author Adyan 24 ( ago)
Inanna looks like leigh anne

Author Adyan 24 ( ago)
Inanna looks like leigh anne

Author jedigurl691 ( ago)
When I saw him got shot and cried I was feeling sorry and thought it was real! WAS A REAL

Author Bryan Guerra ( ago)
like si lo ves aunque no entiendas mucho lo que hablan 😂

Author Mia Barisic ( ago)
Love the vid! 😂

Author Roblox Jackie Gaming ( ago)
ᴊᴜᴀɴᴘᴀ's ᴄʀʏɪɴɢ sᴄᴇɴᴇ sᴏ ғᴜɴɴʏ...😂😂😂😂😂

Author Gladstone ( ago)
Whenever I watch your videos I feel like I want to rewind time to where I was under my mother's spawn point And then go inside of her again and unexist >ok

Author Andrew Cosme ( ago)
I laughed so hard 😂

Author Jet ( ago)
Tennis people

Author Tchalla Sellers ( ago)
is that her real phone number

Author Brenda Reid ( ago)
are they really brother????

Author carla rose ( ago)
why people are watching this

Author BlaZe Overall Gamer ( ago)
The day after John Doe was online. xD

Author EVGen ( ago)

Author Xiaoku Jue ( ago)
智障兄弟吗 太逗了哈哈哈哈

Author Dimitrije Ilic ( ago)
those guns were fake😂😂😂😂

Author Caffeinated Nation ( ago)
Damn, your brother's got some pair of eyes. ( stares )

Author Christopher Hamparsomian ( ago)
This guy looks like Rudy Mancuso

Author RoKetBunyy ( ago)

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