Crash - Motocross Hill Climb KDX200

"JR" tackles a hill climb at Milford Lake, KS. on his KDX200, back in 1993.

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Author andrewscottwiley (4 years)
damn juss a lil more throttle and he would have made it.thas badass tho.

Author EdwardBlometjie (5 years)
lol n1

Author kingrico1921 (2 years)
actually, after watching it again, id hit it in third gear pinned! lolol,
still throwin down the Knack Knack though

Author kxdirtrider85 (5 years)
haha nice

Author Dylans503 (4 years)
my exact words while watching " no no NO NONONO!...aaaw shes fine"

Author Hugehead30 (5 years)
wow that was real close...

Author ez45 (3 years)
good reaction

Author anoonan27 (5 years)
the kdx hauls up hills

Author JakeEwing5 (4 years)
That was sweet! I've been trying to conquer a similar hill, where it's not
exactly huge but the lip at the top is so steep that its near impossible to

Author Dylans503 (4 years)
if he woulda stood up he prolly woulda made it

Author kingrico1921 (2 years)
nice try! the thing is, you have to launch it, i'd do it in third gear 3/4
throttle. maybe throw in a knack knack for good measure ;)

Author Roy van Stiphout (4 years)
name of the song?? pleas

Author 250rider7 (3 years)
i feel bad 4 him he never had a chance

Author glencr125 (4 years)
lol burrn = ]

Author nickbxyz (4 years)
@UBFoolin hey nice bike

Author spruland (5 years)
i used to have a 1991 KDX250 all my mates called it the clydesdale, but it
had 2-stroke power with 4-stroke torque, i loved it, pitty it blew up :(

Author Craig Arndt (2 years)
Awesome job, that takes balls.

Author collinsheets26 (4 years)
almost had it...just more throttle

Author DirtBikeRiders9495 (4 years)

Author UBFoolin (4 years)
uh,..completely ignorant; I am behind the camera, NOT on the bike, so I
don't need the riding tips, and it was 15+ years ago. Just enjoy the video
and keep your riding tips to yourself. Thank you.

Author yz125rider209 (3 years)
woulda made it if he stood up b4 the jump n feathered the fuck outta the
clutch once he landed

Author 5810 (5 years)
insane !!!!!!!!WOOT

Author JakeEwing5 (4 years)
"Boom" by P.O.D.

Author Lou Skunt (2 years)
Damn! So close. I bet the bike is just fine to! It's a KDX! It enjoys
getting the crap beat out of it :P

Author founder3 (4 years)
Awesome attempt man! That's the way it should be, slam that beast to the
ground if it doesnt do what you want it to. The next run it will think
twice about questioning you and your intentions! :) But seriously, kudos
man, most people dont make it half as far as you did.

Author ThatSaundersKid (4 years)
nice ;) haha love it

Author xixAJxix (4 years)
i live in perry lake ks

Author teamgreenM1 (6 years)
dud i got the same bike it rocks for hill climbing

Author evdue42 (6 years)
woah close one...what was going through you head when you were running down

Author Maulerw (5 years)

Author tony martinez (3 years)
if you never fail you will never sucseed no fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author bet dsp (4 years)
i felt bad for the bike :( slam

Author jeremymach2015 (3 years)
if i could count how many times that has happened to me on a vertical hill

Author UBFoolin (6 years)
It wasn't me, I'm behind the camera.

Author GWJC97 (1 year)
I would have wheelied for the cliff. the important thing is that you had
fun, made a good memory, and are okay! :D

Author Blake Michal (4 years)
balls to the wall!!!! sick vid

Author bboy9955 (4 years)
he running away like o sheeeeeetttttttttt

Author quadcrazy88 (4 years)
good attempt m8!! you should have pulled back on the bars just before the
steepest point of the climb so your suspension was already extended, you
whould have got up then!

Author Mlo Pez (2 years)
aweonao ignorante cualquiera sabe que para subir pendientes aique estar
parado e inclinado hacia adelante jamas sentado xd

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