10 Ways to Spot a Fake Chinese Restaurant

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  • PyroGoose
    PyroGoose 5 hours ago

    why do I like fake Chinese food more than real Chinese food???

  • HuffinMuffin
    HuffinMuffin 9 hours ago

    a real chinese buffet will only have a bunch of cold dishes of stuff you couldn't recognize - all hot food must be made fresh

  • monda111111
    monda111111 2 days ago

    I don't need to bring cutlery for camping, I already have 10 fingers

  • Christine Pham
    Christine Pham 3 days ago

    I remember in that Bruce Lee movie "Way of the Dragon," one of those gangsters comes in the restaurant and tries to order "chinese spare-ribs' and no one working there knew what tf that was...now I see "Chinese spare-ribs" on the menu at Panda Express lol

  • Craig Marston
    Craig Marston 4 days ago

    We have Chinese restaurants run entirely by chinese people in our town all serve mu-shu pork, I did not know they were imposters.

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 4 days ago

    Nothing but pretentious, cultural superiority. Get real dude, western palates cannot tolerate Asian cooking as a whole.

  • padlockbeats
    padlockbeats 4 days ago

    The personal table fork was most likely invented in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, where they were in common use by the 4th century (its origin may even go back to Ancient Greece, before the Roman period).

  • kohakuaiko
    kohakuaiko 5 days ago

    Sadly, he is right about Missouri ; most of the passable "Chinese" restaurants in the Ozarks are actually Korean. Many are owned by the same family.

  • shahram72
    shahram72 6 days ago

    White people food! LOL!

  • shahram72
    shahram72 6 days ago

    Ah man, these are some of my favorites as I try to cook Chinese. But my skills are way beyond these, so I will watch and listen.... I do also have black bean sauce in my cooking.

  • 12 Volts
    12 Volts 6 days ago

    used to know a girl who's parents owned a Chinese restaurant. they were actually Cambodian and yup.... white people food. they didn't eat it themselves because it wasn't to their tastes.

  • Luigi Martinelli
    Luigi Martinelli 7 days ago

    I work at a Chinese restaurant and they have live seafood, dim sum carts, tea pots and chopsticks, the round glass in the middle, and yes the majority of the people there eating are Chinese (like 85%). but we also serve cold water to Americans, and ask Chinese people if they want some, but the old Chinese people we never give them cold water, We know its always the same answer:NO. also the newer generation of Chinese or Asians don't mind cold water and "americanized" food. its almost impossible for a Chinese restaurant to stay afloat in the USA if they don't accommodate to the American taste. I'm not trying to say you are not right ( you are Chinese and I'm Mexican-American haha), but some points are, well, pointless (IMO).

  • Heath Kitchen
    Heath Kitchen 7 days ago

    Thank you very much for the information. I just moved to Oregon from West Virginia. There are so many more Chinese restaurants in Oregon and now I know how to find the authentic ones.

  • Ricardo Caiano
    Ricardo Caiano 8 days ago

    no cold water? I''m out.

  • asian stallion
    asian stallion 8 days ago

    " White People food " did he just diss his parents place? 😂😂😂😂😂😋

  • Bradley Gao
    Bradley Gao 8 days ago

    6:02 there is a restaurant called Joe's Shanghai. Do you know how freaking suspicious that sounds! x)

  • TwinTails Gaming
    TwinTails Gaming 9 days ago

    i'm still gonna eat and panda express but thanks doe. i'll try the authentic stuff sometime

  • Nelyak5
    Nelyak5 9 days ago

    I thought it said how to spot fake cheese in restaurants I am a little sad now...

  • Gaming With Jackey
    Gaming With Jackey 9 days ago

    You lie my family is Chinese and they have a restaurant that have signage

  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee 10 days ago

    I didn't agree that one couldn't get authentic Chinese food in a buffet. I am Chinese American and I had a buffet place near my house in So. Florida that I went almost weekly. Sure they served garbage liked orange chicken, fake egg roll, shrimp, etc. However, they had t one of the best Chinese bar-b-q bite size spare rib I had eaten. They also served fantastic large chunks of flank steak with vegetables. My wife and I used to go before 3 P.M. and total bill came to less than $20 including hot or iced tea. Then we learned that they had food to go and cost $5 a lb. We have been taken out since because I usually overstuffed myself eating there. We would buy about $25 (5 lbs) of food, I mostly put only rib, beef and maybe little vegetable in my 3 boxes, my wife would get mostly vegetable and shrimp on her box. We would have enough food for two meals.

  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee 10 days ago

    You were correct. Did you know that orange chicken was the most popular dish ordered by Americans but no real Chinese would ever order it? We never heard of broccoli, cream cheese either. By the way, never order chicken in ANY Chinese restaurant. Frozen hormone injected chicken would never taste authentic and would be toxic. They would never serve natural chicken. I never ordered chicken in any restaurant for the same reason. Panda Express had to be the worst food place I had ever walked into and walked out immediately. There was not one thing that I wanted to eat there.

  • ric4397
    ric4397 10 days ago

    You know it's authentic when they serve frog legs or pig intestines

  • Frank Chen
    Frank Chen 11 days ago

    I'm chinese, and I like panda express...

  • Sandwitch Chan
    Sandwitch Chan 12 days ago

    I kind of feel the same way with Taco Bell and Mexican food

  • Uncle Rico
    Uncle Rico 12 days ago

    Thais created forks not chinese....

  • MoneyShot
    MoneyShot 14 days ago

    so i have been eating a lie?

  • ImWorth
    ImWorth 14 days ago


  • Meh Meth
    Meh Meth 14 days ago

    10 ways to spot a fake chinese Restaurant

    10. Spot the cheff, if the cheff ain't asian chinese then it's fake

  • Quadraginta
    Quadraginta 14 days ago

    I always thought 'Chinese Food' in America was just a poor imitation of what's actually served in China. After all, American Chinese restaurants don't serve animal entrails or de-gutted worms.

  • Snott 'n Frak Off
    Snott 'n Frak Off 15 days ago

    All that fake Chinese food must be an American invention cause up till now I'd never heard of them. Except for Chop Suey, but I thought that was some sort of joke, not a real thing. The Chinese restaurant I eat at is full of Asians, although they do have silverware if you ask for it. You also have to ask for cold water, as the complementary drink is tea. Also here in Australia, fried dumplings are called dim sims. Not a Chinese dish, but invented by Chinese immigrants here in Australia.

  • Christian Turner
    Christian Turner 15 days ago

    I live in Oklahoma...so yeah, we don't have any authentic Chinese restaurants

  • Kai Hinojarama
    Kai Hinojarama 17 days ago

    in Missouri the Chinese population might be small, but the hmong population is... not so much ( ; - ;= )

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez 17 days ago

    good to know that my ramen instant nuddles are authentic

  • Mackenzie4 DIYS
    Mackenzie4 DIYS 17 days ago

    Omg literally I know all these facts cuz my parents are so Chinese

  • Midnight x3x
    Midnight x3x 17 days ago

    dude... egg foo young, moo shu pork, General Tso.. are all Chinese dishes....

    foo young is Cantonese cuisine
    Moo shu is Shandong cuisine
    General is a tricky one, because the Chef invented in 1952 based on Hunan cuisine.

  • Rayn Manaloto
    Rayn Manaloto 18 days ago

    i thought chopseuy is a filipino dish .w.

  • GAMEBandit 64
    GAMEBandit 64 18 days ago

    I went to a place called Asian Buffet and it literally served PIZZA and FRIES.I still like anything though.

  • GAMEBandit 64
    GAMEBandit 64 18 days ago

    "I put siracha on my
    Siracha" jk im not a spice person.

  • ladyi7609
    ladyi7609 18 days ago

    Ironically my favorite place to get hot & sour soup was a now-shuttered Chinese buffet! It also specialized in Szechwan dishes and provided plenty of chopsticks at the buffet station. Man do I miss that place. Anyway, as far as cold beverages are concerned, sorry bud but you're going to have to concede this matter because there is no way in hell I'm going to be eating my meal with a hot beverage during the nine months out of the year it's stifling hot where I live. We are a very pro-iced tea locale and if you disagree with that, too bad. Even the authentic places that are known for their luncheon dim sum or Cantonese or Hunan cuisine serve ice cold beverages because they actually give a damn about their customers. BTW, while I'll never stop loving egg rolls, I'm glad none of my other favorites made your list!

  • Fred Stiening
    Fred Stiening 18 days ago

    Cheese is not a problem for lactose intolerant people

  • ML Greenspan
    ML Greenspan 18 days ago

    Avoid Yelp, Buffets and anything that looks like a Panda Express.

  • LoverYaoi111
    LoverYaoi111 18 days ago

    join the hunt

  • Aaron Calvert
    Aaron Calvert 19 days ago

    I just question, is it good or not?

  • Throatwobbler Mangrove

    I attended college many years ago with a young Cantonese immigrant whose family had come to America and opened a restaurant. I enjoyed their food, and would work on homework with him at the restaurant. They would close the restaurant for the family to eat, and fixed themselves different dishes from what was on the menu. When I asked his mother about it, she said they had to change their recipes to make it palatable to Americans. Having traveled to both Korea and Japan, I can attest that I was never as excited with their local foods. You can check to verify that Coca Cola (for example), while it is served worldwide, uses different formulas catered to each society. I visited a McDonald's restaurant in Germany and was served fries (pommes frites) with mayonnaise and a little fork designed only for picking them up. I think you'll find variations of different societies' dishes regardless of where you go. The restaurants themselves are more interested in satisfying the customers in their area than in being true to the original recipe.

    • lina8316
      lina8316 1 day ago

      That visit to Germany must be long time ago. The last time McDonalds in Germany had this little forks, i was a little kid and I'm 33 now.

  • I suck at everything

    1k fake Chinese restaurants disliked this video

  • Kitten Army
    Kitten Army 20 days ago

    LOL we have more than 4 or 5 Chinese people in Missouri!! 3 more showed up!! we are up to 7!!

  • FaZe Pika
    FaZe Pika 20 days ago

    I'm Asian and I don't know how to use chopsticks. .. =l

  • Sarah Novak
    Sarah Novak 20 days ago

    My world has been broken.. I live in Iowa, anyone know any places that are authentic or close to it?

  • LolYerMawsMinge
    LolYerMawsMinge 21 day ago

    Why would you dislike cold water? Real thirst quencher in comparison to hot liquids, nastyy

  • aewtx
    aewtx 22 days ago

    Pretty much the best places to get authentic Chinese food outside of actually going to the countries is Los Angeles and Canada.

    Eggrolls can be authentic, but it depends on what's inside it. Like wood ear fungus.

    And the condiments or dishware setup and stuff varies depending on how classy they're going for. You wouldn't find all those sauces on the table at a fancier restaurant. The way to tell authenticness is if the first thing they bring to you is hot tea, whether in a ceramic cup or a styrofoam cup (again, the dishware depends on classiness). It doesn't matter if it's 100 degrees outside. You will still get hot tea. You have to ask for ice water.

  • Diamond Pepe
    Diamond Pepe 22 days ago

    Easy bring a Chinese friend and let him taste the food.

  • Eem bibble
    Eem bibble 23 days ago

    I've tried to use chopstics a few times but I find it messy and I find it hard to empty the bowl.

  • professorquarter
    professorquarter 23 days ago

    I like Panda Express. Delicious, also Tsao's Chicken is also pretty much exactly like the way Chicken is often done in some parts of China imo.

  • Carson W
    Carson W 23 days ago

    If it serves pizza or French fries

  • Oie White
    Oie White 24 days ago

    hey dude what up with the Missouri joke!

  • serious minded
    serious minded 24 days ago

    A lot of fake  Chinese restaurant in the Caribbean west indies.

  • krishna Nambiar
    krishna Nambiar 24 days ago

    You are a chinese and ur wearing Canadian t shirt

  • Hao Yang
    Hao Yang 25 days ago

    Forgot the turny-table thing! ( Yes I did grow up in China)

  • Professor Pain
    Professor Pain 25 days ago

    yer parents are racist

  • Grace L
    Grace L 26 days ago

    v really likes panda express lmao

  • Eric Ling
    Eric Ling 27 days ago

    If the Chinese staff and customers aren't talking to each other in Chinese...
    Honestly though don't know why anyone cares too much as long as the food is good. If you ever want authentic anything food you generally should go to the source country. Not sure you'd want to go just to eat their food though.

  • Tsuki Condor
    Tsuki Condor 27 days ago

    Where I live its hard too find them

  • Jeffrey Nguyen
    Jeffrey Nguyen 27 days ago

    Actually there are 13,667 Chinese people living in Missouri not 4

  • Charles Williams Jr
    Charles Williams Jr 28 days ago

    Great tips!!

  • LunarOwl1214
    LunarOwl1214 28 days ago

    Bitch who needs Chinese restaurants I got my trusty Chinese grandma. She's got a butchers knife that she carries around and everything!

  • Samantha Dewey
    Samantha Dewey 29 days ago

    like what the hell is "Authentic American" food.. basically any fast food place revolving around burgers I guess 😭😭😭

  • He Zhang
    He Zhang 1 month ago

    When I go to asian buffets I never touch the food and I only order sushi

  • Sarath Sok
    Sarath Sok 1 month ago

    All the dislikes are from "Chinese" food goer or the Restaurant owner? :D

  • xLe Loserx 8950
    xLe Loserx 8950 1 month ago

    It's not real if they don't give u a fortune cookie ...

  • Infallible
    Infallible 1 month ago

    Just eat what you like, don't care about authenticity. Also be careful when adding chili to your pho (that's vietnamese tho)

  • Denise Mullarkey
    Denise Mullarkey 1 month ago

    There is restaurant within driving range, on Sundays they serve son sum, shark fin, chicken feet, sesame balls, you name it traditional food prepared well. But online and during the week, American Chinese foods, made better than average and served nicer. But if my friends hadn't taken us, I would never know

  • KV Kao
    KV Kao 1 month ago

    The hell, i'm Chinese and the dishes don't even look real

  • Allison
    Allison 1 month ago

    I like in a small town in FL and we have a really popular Chinese buffet and it's always full of Asians. Like more Asians than Americans sometimes. FULL of "red flag" dishes but idk they seem to love it 🤔 I know I do 😂 honestly though, this makes me sad because I don't think I've ever been to an authentic Chinese restaurant 😐

  • Lauren Fouts
    Lauren Fouts 1 month ago

    When people think Olive Garden is authentic Italian.......

  • Sara Evans
    Sara Evans 1 month ago

    I love panda express

  • NclinedMuzaclly
    NclinedMuzaclly 1 month ago

    say what you want but Pei Wei has the best Crab Wontons..actual crab.

  • Kyphon Phoo
    Kyphon Phoo 1 month ago

    You also forgot to mention add poor service. I love Chinese food but the waiters at these places are usually garbage. IF they aren't bringing you your food they aint comin. I dont care though, cause the food is bangin. I tip anyways. I dont know what it is but asian cultures do waiter stuff different from western. I STILL tip good cause the food more than makes up for it.

  • aaron gibson
    aaron gibson 1 month ago

    Weren't a lot of these dishes created by the Chinese who opened restaurants so they could make money in the states?

  • Arella17
    Arella17 1 month ago

    What if I like both? American Chinese and authentic chinese.

  • Russiangamer33
    Russiangamer33 1 month ago

    I remember when I was new to USA I went to a Chinese restaurant and I saw those Cream Cheese Rangoons.I knew that it wasn't authentic cause I've been to Singapore and Rangoons are Chinese American cuisine

  • Louise Fabi
    Louise Fabi 1 month ago

    i chuckled when watching this. so true but i do love me some egg foo young. dumpling restaurant we love has 80% asian folks eating there when ever i go

  • Kyla Luv
    Kyla Luv 1 month ago

    I seriously doubt most western restaurants in China are authentic either. Especially when I read that squid is the most popular pizza topping in Korea. I can't imagine pepperoni is all that popular in China either.
    would Chinese enjoy pot roast, hot turkey sandwiches and side cottage cheese, or tuna casserole. Or how about a bowl of grits and a plate of chicken fried steak smothered in pepper gravy? Nah I am sure western food is tweeked to suit the locals tastes so it will sell.

  • Jocelyn Tan
    Jocelyn Tan 1 month ago

    Surprised about foo yong egg and cold water which is pretty common at Chinese restaurants in Singapore, which has a population that is 80+% ethnically Chinese... but then again Singaporean/Malaysian Chinese cuisine is quite different from mainland Chinese cuisine anyway


    Dude , Chinese people don't always eat at the same place every day ....

  • Karren Kuddlesberg
    Karren Kuddlesberg 1 month ago

    This could count as authentic one day. When centuries go by the later generations deem it authentic base on what their ancestors(We by then) ate?

  • SoneDiadem
    SoneDiadem 1 month ago

    fk you egg fuyong is chinese

  • 鬼グゾ-san
    鬼グゾ-san 1 month ago

    i dont care i love orange chicken

  • Another Fanatic
    Another Fanatic 1 month ago

    Supernatural <3

  • Heathen Smither
    Heathen Smither 1 month ago

    Isn't this the same channel that put out the video where all the old chinese people loved the "fake chinese" food and all the young chinese were bashing it like smug assholes? I don't value your opinion, sorry.

  • L Land
    L Land 1 month ago

    Good video. One quibble. What's wrong with moo shu?

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 1 month ago

    The Pu Pu Platter is a real thing?! I just thought it was a funny dish name from A Bug's Life.

  • Ghost Machine
    Ghost Machine 1 month ago

    The fork as a dining utensil was originally used by the Easten Roman Empire (Byzantium), Not China . And the earliest known uses as cooking utensils of the fork occurred in ancient Egypt . Btw, as a fun factoid, Kim Jong-IL, Un's daddy, claimed to have invented the hamburger, lol.

  • Forest Wizard
    Forest Wizard 1 month ago

    There is not a real chinese restaurant within 100 miles of me so this video doesn't help me worth a damn.

  • heeey eeey
    heeey eeey 1 month ago

    poo poo platter? really? who eats that?

  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos 1 month ago

    None of this food is "fake". It's the product of immigrants adapting their local cuisines to both the local availability and local palates. Since most of these are the result of immigrants coming specifically to America, then "Americanized" is a better term. Food changes in different parts of the world and that's a good thing. Heck, all the food we have now is a result of learning from someone else.

    I feel several of these points are inaccurate anyway. Like the menu board (which is used in China itself), the term "potstickers", and the specification of place. Heck, one of my favorite places is just "Chinese" and if I was to call them up and ask them to be more specific...honestly they would probably hang up on account of none of them speak more than a few words of basic English. They also have Americanized dishes on their menus in addition to stuff most places specializing in American style don't have.

    Plus, "white people food"? Why did they assume that only one race ate it? Why did they stop you from eating it? Why did they even serve it if they didn't stand behind their product? None of this makes sense.

  • Ow P.
    Ow P. 1 month ago

    Actually, in some places in China, 'Guo Tie' or potstickers is used instead of 'Jiao Zi' or dumpling. But I guess that pretty weird in the U.S. or Canada

  • Vampy Mouse42
    Vampy Mouse42 1 month ago

    the emojis in the back made me want to end myself

  • Jacky Jiang
    Jacky Jiang 1 month ago

    If the 4 Chinese people are going to the same restaurant and eating there, who cooks the food? Would the food be considered authentic if not cooked by chinese people?

  • LÖViZ
    LÖViZ 1 month ago

    Where I live - chinese (or other Asian etc) restaurants usually have both forks/knives and chopsticks. I for example haven't learned to use chopsticks so a fork and knife is helpful :)

  • BlitzoRommer
    BlitzoRommer 1 month ago

    Ahhh, I recognize one of the restaurants shown here!

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