Joe Rogan Experience #702 - Milo Yiannopoulos

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  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter 15 hours ago

    Joe looks super blazed

  • An Oldie but a Goodie

    Who is this arrogant piece of garbage? I love how he acts like he knows everything but just spouts bullshit. Couldn't even get a quarter of the way through this interview. What a loser

  • budemawa
    budemawa 1 day ago

    I can't stand when people don't know what they're talking about, there is nowhere in the New Testament where it says gay people should be stoned, nowhere in the NT is there anything about committing violence against others, if you wanna be an atheist I'm totally cool with that, but know what you're talking about before you speak.

  • budemawa
    budemawa 1 day ago

    Like oh my god Joe needs to stop with "Not all" shit I completely agree with Milo (this time) about speaking in generalizations, should I have a disclaimer before I say something?

  • James McCloskey
    James McCloskey 2 days ago

    Not a fan of this guests' views. Glad you had him on so I could yell at the screen but damn that was frustrating. Not homophobic but I hate everything about this guest. Some of what he says I can agree with but I generally thing he's so full of shit

  • Fabien Dolan
    Fabien Dolan 4 days ago

    I fell asleep whilst listening to this and I wake up to them shouting about some Jewish society shit

    RIC REMIXX 4 days ago

    I'm alone and watch JRE to feel alive vicariously through Joe's ultra Successful Manliness! The guy with the hair happens to be accurately controversial!

  • JT Edwards
    JT Edwards 5 days ago

    He admits his view is completely biased toward his views & his personal friends "large sample size of other gay folks or women who hang with gay dudes". My as an uncircumcised guy, like Rogan points out its all on personal experience. The women I have been with have said I felt better than other men & after talking it was them, not me,, who thought perhaps it was that I was the first guy they had been with who was uncut. Easy to flip & say that they ma have just had a number of bad sexual partners before me, but when I get erect, I have zero extra skin flopping around so I have been slightly curious what the heck people are talking about when they speak about that, Maybe the doc gave me a middle of the roader...or its just the fact that I have a large member, but regardless, it felt good getting those compliments all the same lol. So much so that I comment on a youtube vid bragging about my willy.

  • p1b1harper
    p1b1harper 5 days ago

    1:36.00 "The NAACP was founded by white people." No, it was founded by jews.

  • Monk3yp0x
    Monk3yp0x 6 days ago

    Milo is missing a piece with his net neutrality argument. I understand the blanket stance against government regulation, but this is uncharted territory. The ISP is the middle ground, not just the business to consumer but the half way point. Best Buy needs to funnel through the ISP to get to me the end consumer, so the utility analogy is a good one.

    The internet is the ocean - the traffic is the cargo ships and now an independent corporation would be in charge of who gets the fast shipping lanes. I don't think it's alarmist to say small businesses and independent non-corporate entities would surely be harmed. Sure it's possible over time the free market would accommodate - and it's certainly worthy of debate, but the old less-government-the-better as a hard stance ideology in this case doesn't cut it.

  • stereocollis
    stereocollis 6 days ago

    Wonderful fast paced conversation.

  • Bat Shit Crazy
    Bat Shit Crazy 7 days ago

    Milo is an ass but I love it , which is I guess is weird cause I'm a liberal. I think I just love free speech regardless of who's doing the speaking. Fuck the SJW's and fake feminists.

  • Ty Ostby
    Ty Ostby 7 days ago

    I dont know how to feel about this conversation at all. On one hand Milo is kinda trampling all over Joe when hes trying to get his two cents in, but on the other the banter back and forth is fucking fantastic!! They bring up excellent points that are necessary for the conversation regarding the current social and political climate, but Milo!!!!!! I
    love/hate it!!

    • Ty Ostby
      Ty Ostby 7 days ago

      2:01:37 Oh gawd this went south sooooooooo bad!!!

  • unothehippo
    unothehippo 8 days ago

    What is Milo trying to say 1:34 - 1:37

  • stuart
    stuart 8 days ago

    I'll give Milo this... He obviously has a high level of intelligence and information processing. He can be very charismatic. And on some topics I think he's spot on. But then there are other areas where it seems as though he just has no evidence, or no idea what the hell he's talking about but he takes a firm position for the sake of controversy or pushing some other agenda and you can see it happen in his changes in body language.... when he knows he's up against the wall and has nothing he then skillfully uses coy diversion tactics to just shrug off a challenge and move the conversation to something else that seems related but isn't really a defense of what he said which is flat out wrong. All in all... his logic is pretty terrible and aside from a few stances he has that I agree with, I find him to be pretty hard to listen to without getting a terrible head ache.

  • Karsten Elkjær
    Karsten Elkjær 10 days ago

    Great fucking interview.

  • Jeffrey Giaimo
    Jeffrey Giaimo 10 days ago

    I just heard about the five year gay kid... My bests friends brother growing up we always knew he would be gay as fuck and guess what.. he's gay, he's doing it in the man pooper

  • Jeffrey Giaimo
    Jeffrey Giaimo 10 days ago

    lol that's what holding you back the gay.. hahaha loved that part

  • Donna Guy
    Donna Guy 10 days ago

    male feminist you're being tricked by crazy women......women can be so down and dirty that's what I think men forget.......

  • Donna Guy
    Donna Guy 10 days ago

    I'm a woman, I've been beaten and molested, but I love men, I know I can't do everything a man can do but there's thing's men can't do that I can do..
    I will never not appreciate a door opened for me or point is I love men and relate better to men without all the cunt acts women do to other women.....and men...

  • iTro II
    iTro II 12 days ago

    I need a Ben shapiro. Joe Rogan podcast

  • Enrique  Rodriguez
    Enrique Rodriguez 12 days ago

    I say let people talk shit in the internet. people just need to grow a sac or a tough vagina. freedom of speech. let him or her talk and just do what you wanna do without crying over insults

  • Hamid Fdsav
    Hamid Fdsav 12 days ago

    Joe Rogan, in response to your 'criticism' of the Judeo-Christian heritage and your perspective that denies it's essential role in Western development, I'd recommend you rewatch the Jordan B Peterson podcast and what he said in it that can make you see it under a different light. I think Milo could not make the proper argument for it because he is a person with an internal conflict between base urges and higher virtue, a conflict in which the former regularly wins and that makes him unable to truly connect and make an argument for the religious life. Peterson, on the other hand, delivers the victory towards virtue, higher consciousness, and moral living and therefore can make a stronger argument because he has a stronger connection with it.

    In both his podcasts on your show, he makes these arguments in such a full and wise way that you never rebutted, nor did you even respond. Peterson talks sincerely, truthfully and devotedly about the topic because he himself is truthful, sincere and devout; an aspect that Milo cannot compete with that, therefore, limits him from making a proper argument. Professor Peterson clearly outlines the Judeo-Christian role in Western thinking and Western culture, namely, in it presenting the concept of the "Individual as salvation", the importance of "Truth" and many other contributions that are great and integral to the West.

    Beyond that, we have to admit this: Faith is not something that can be rationally proved, sensed, shared or even verbalized. This is better expressed in Kierkegaard's writing. Now I know this is quite convenient for the faithful and the religious people because now they don't have to make an argument and defend themselves as well, but that remains the truth. Revert back to the Jordan B Peterson podcast and listen to him, because Milo, for now, with his current lifestyle, cannot make an equal and worthy religious argument that portrays the Judeo-Christian role.

  • bro beans
    bro beans 13 days ago

    I think Milo has a lot of good points, but with the circumcision thing he falls short of his own standards in terms of how to convey an argument, and going agains the opposing arguer.

  • ShepherdsWrench
    ShepherdsWrench 13 days ago

    Net neutrality enforced by the government is government filtered internet. fact.

  • Anthony Puline
    Anthony Puline 13 days ago

    Milo: A-
    Joe: well no yadayadayada

  • LipOmbla- Minecraft and more!

    good podcast

  • greeksdorok
    greeksdorok 13 days ago

    Ok so ive watched maybe max 5 rogan podcasts and I love them so much. But Joe got really annoying during the religion portion of the talk. He kept cutting him off and interrupting and generally being unpleasent. Milo is eccentric but he didnt cross the line like joe did.... especially when joe said "if we are to have a conversation we cannot keep cutting eachother off" when he was the one doing it abundantly and continually doing so afterwards

  • De Chan
    De Chan 15 days ago

    Its a conspiracy man

  • Swaggasaurus58
    Swaggasaurus58 15 days ago

    I do believe everything that milo said about Christianity, I grew up catholic and even though I do not practice now it's very easy to determine that Christian moral values make people better people. Most people I know that are extremely kind/nice people are Christian and many of the bitter losers I know are atheist or agnostic. You can disagree with the stories, but you can't disagree with the message behind them. Also this is why there are different branches of Christianity, many people believe the message from the stories not the literal translation.

    • Swaggasaurus58
      Swaggasaurus58 15 days ago

      Your being a complete idiot about this conversation, even kind and morally righteous people in the United States who aren't religious have their morals from teachings from Christianity.

  • Lil Vacationland
    Lil Vacationland 16 days ago

    I think milo is silly.

  • Lil Vacationland
    Lil Vacationland 16 days ago

    So where is Milo now?

  • DeadlyGreenSpirit
    DeadlyGreenSpirit 17 days ago

    Rogan you always lose your mind when it comes to religion or weed. Stop smoking so much buddy :)

  • Webman Manan
    Webman Manan 17 days ago

    i will say milo is probably my favorite person who i disagree with so much ever, he's just really good at banter, also he does say some pretty smart shit when he says smart shit.

  • Mikolaj Badura
    Mikolaj Badura 18 days ago

    These comments are crazy. Pedophilia- no problem, deporting all muslims - no problem, global warming is full of shit - no problem, christianity is a fundamental part of western culture - WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU CRAZY? Bitch, thats fucking obvious...

  • DeVon Williams
    DeVon Williams 19 days ago

    Hey Joe ima kill myself! I'm a 26 year old male!

  • Philip Rowney
    Philip Rowney 19 days ago

    19:00 - Nice 'take' Joe, that's what it is:-

    Some dude, in a desert said 'I need to bite off this new babies foreskin...'

    ' you have a sharp stone, I am old and have no teeth!'

  • Dumbasslive
    Dumbasslive 19 days ago

    Milo is such a fucking idiot.. Not many humans manage such a high level of contradictory retardation.

  • Marlena Tocco
    Marlena Tocco 21 day ago

    joe just made his point withthe new ginny people how does he not see that

  • Marlena Tocco
    Marlena Tocco 21 day ago

    mythology does twll important stories about human beings

  • Minh Tran
    Minh Tran 21 day ago

    I love you Joe.

  • Mat Coddy
    Mat Coddy 21 day ago

    lol milo says "If i was a woman I'd be such a cum bucket , while I am but"

  • Mat Coddy
    Mat Coddy 21 day ago

    "Vicious and bitchy and mischievous" " youre so gay" LOL

  • TheTerrorUforgot
    TheTerrorUforgot 21 day ago

    Fun discussion, but I thought Rogan rode the religious criticism a bit hard, and kept sprinkling it into every conversation point since then. That's from an atheist.

  • phxtonash
    phxtonash 22 days ago

    he wouldn't even look Joe in the eye when he was talking to him

  • phxtonash
    phxtonash 22 days ago

    worst guest ever

  • Kisama
    Kisama 23 days ago

    Lost me at born and bred. Joe assumed troll, Milo is serious. Lost me.

  • Echoherb
    Echoherb 24 days ago

    1:50:07 is where the religion discussion starts if anyone was looking for that

  • Brittany Leigh Makeup

    haha joe rogan "dropping out of society? is this a real issue?" hahaha no.. no its not. women are big bad bullies! gimme a break!

  • Steve James
    Steve James 26 days ago

    milo has to keep repeating himself because rogan doesn't listen or cant keep up the first time

  • Hunter Buur
    Hunter Buur 27 days ago

    Why is Joe so triggered about religion?

  • Joe Fallin
    Joe Fallin 27 days ago

    Circumcision is such a stupid thing to have such a strong opinion about, fuck I'm happy I'm circumcised. You either have your child circumcised or not, and they either grow up and appreciate it or not

  • Tracey Cobb
    Tracey Cobb 28 days ago

    girlfriend due reading pocket text no plane already cop

  • karl jonson
    karl jonson 28 days ago

    Wow this Milo guy sure is...a piece of work.

  • David Huffman
    David Huffman 28 days ago

    I love joe to death, I've been obsessing over his podcasts lately and I'm often leaning more toward his belief system and points of view throughout the majority of his discussions with guests.. HOWEVER, I'd have to give this one to Milo via landslide. Joe was totally annoying and surprisingly uncharacteristically bullyish, unintelligent, brash..

    • MDianAdams
      MDianAdams 13 days ago

      David Huffman agree with this entire comment 100 percent

  • rhett bell
    rhett bell 28 days ago

    this is not a debate people...!!!!!!

  • Paul Fiorenza
    Paul Fiorenza 29 days ago

    Awesome podcast.

  • yoco90
    yoco90 1 month ago

    I personally dislike Milo and his views but damn it Joe let him speak, stop talking over him!

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts 1 month ago

    at 1.40.00 ...... what he's talking about is what ive thought for years.... the difference between homosexual and faggot..... queers are annoying as fuck ! my brother and one of my sisters are gay, i have no problem at all with homosexuality....but faggots...... fuck me they're a pain in the arse

  • Lauren Hopkins
    Lauren Hopkins 1 month ago

    wearing a suit and tie is the definition of conservative....

  • Nathan Sybrandy
    Nathan Sybrandy 1 month ago

    Wow, Milo reduced Rogan to repetitive cursing.

  • Annie Tanase
    Annie Tanase 1 month ago

    I'm not into this women against men and vice versa . Real women and real men will always love and support each-other.
    Also if Joe was single I would totally date him.

  • David Shovlin
    David Shovlin 1 month ago

    Wow. And they say the left is into identity politics.

  • Kempshaw
    Kempshaw 1 month ago

    I haven't listened to the whole thing, but Milo is very much right about religion here, and Joe were to hold a much more nuanced perception 1 year later when he was thought by Dr. Jordan Peterson.

  • CmanVlogga
    CmanVlogga 1 month ago

    By law; if someone is looking at a magazine and if some person feels offended by it and they ask you to put it away and you don't listen; they could call the police and you can get charged with harassment!! if you are looking with anything revealing than you could get charged with a form of sexual harassment, by law!! it's a bit crazy

  • SaintZombie1
    SaintZombie1 1 month ago

    Milo is fabulous! Lol

  • Grin Stylez
    Grin Stylez 1 month ago

    I got circumcised at 29 years old. Best decision I ever made. Come on my brother. I can compare both. I prefer it cut off.

  • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

    Milo is a piece of shit but at least he speaks his mind and isn't afraid to not be PC in a world where it demands everyone respect everyone's feelings.

    I respect that.

  • Trae Murphy
    Trae Murphy 1 month ago

    1:15:05 That was the end of this podcast with the final correct answer.

  • jackie0o0hhh
    jackie0o0hhh 1 month ago

    Ugh he cannot believe the things he says about net neutrality. These are the things that make me find him disingenuous.

  • Trae Murphy
    Trae Murphy 1 month ago

    Trump. Nuff said.

  • Blaise McLaughlin
    Blaise McLaughlin 1 month ago

    they are in love... ship em.

  • Ranma709
    Ranma709 1 month ago

    Come and listen too two guys talking over the top of each other

  • SportsCourt716
    SportsCourt716 1 month ago

    When a woman wants to kill her unborn child unbeknownst to the father.. totally acceptable. If she chooses to have the child and take the kid across the country to an unknown state or location without telling the father... totally fine. At times the wrong man is held responsible for child or the father isn't even told the child is his We wonder why disregarding men and specifically fathers is having a negative effect on families and society? The pendulum has swung so far from one side to the other, it's becoming quite dangerous. Glad Milo is waking ppl up.

  • Idont Care
    Idont Care 1 month ago

    Joe STOP interrupting!

  • Blake Cornelius
    Blake Cornelius 1 month ago

    Christianity is a myth? Jesus Christ was a myth? Come on joe Rogan really....even if you don't believe in jesus' divinity, denying his existence is ridiculous. Every important historian Christian or not will confirm he definitely existed. The most well documented ancient text in history is a fraud! Lol come on

  • Ron W.
    Ron W. 1 month ago

    The nitpicker and the rash generalizer, hahaha. Amazing podcast :).

  • Anthony Haller
    Anthony Haller 1 month ago

    We tried to take kill leader by CIA funded coups. Didn't work that well Milo but I love ya Milo.

  • Brandon Deyo
    Brandon Deyo 1 month ago

    "Obviously bullocks...You can generate quite a few extraordinary um.. theories with Etymology because some words sound like so many other words. It sounds like an interesting thought experiment, a nice social studies paper, but I'm not sure I quite buy it as being the origin of Christianity." <-- Agreed and very politely said Milo.

    These are the types of ridiculous things (and there are many) that atheists put their 'faith' in...smh ^-^ LOL

  • legacyShredder1
    legacyShredder1 1 month ago

    Some vaginas and nipples do need cropped down... Lets get straight up here.

  • Gary Yates
    Gary Yates 1 month ago

    so incredible to go back and watch this and see how he treated whistle blowers after the fact.

  • Rebecca T
    Rebecca T 1 month ago

    Milo's "facts" are mostly bullshit opinions

  • Dylan Drake
    Dylan Drake 1 month ago

    Milo is entertaining and sounds very smart the way he talks and carries himself, but when you get down to it, the guy talks out his ass through this whole conversation. We all know the far left sucks, but he just spews out bullshit to support most of his arguments. A lot of what he says is his perception and how he feels, but is not reality. Especially when he is defending Christianity, he couldn't be more wrong.

  • Dylan Drake
    Dylan Drake 1 month ago

    Calling Jesus a Jewish zombie....Joe Rogan is a genius

  • Rock Smith
    Rock Smith 1 month ago

    doing blow and fvcking their son

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 1 month ago

    Milo is so well spoken.

  • Planet of the Atheists

    Milo is a fast-talking little con man. He is wrong about virtually everything he talks about. I enjoyed watching him demolish these so-called feminists but he's a shallow arrogant little punk and I can barely stand listening to him, he speaks fast as if that is some kind of sign of his intelligence and education. He will have a job at Fox News one day and that's where he belongs

  • TheRefiper
    TheRefiper 1 month ago

    22 seconds into the video and im questioning my life. i've been saying "run the gambit" my entire life when its 'run the gamut" ....well then

  • Tyler Erkelens
    Tyler Erkelens 1 month ago

    not true that everywhere england has been is great, south africa is terrible and dont get me started on india

  • Miki Seius
    Miki Seius 1 month ago

    Pedo Pedopoulos

  • Rob H
    Rob H 1 month ago

    @ 1:20:45 Not in Parris Island Joe!!! Maybe the Navy, but not the USMC!!!!

  • MLE canal
    MLE canal 1 month ago

    Poor Joe got his ass kicked so badly!

  • gophop
    gophop 1 month ago

    Not sure what's more ridiculous and disingenuous, Joe's views on aliens or Christianity.

  • K. harty
    K. harty 1 month ago

    this made me laugh so much

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams 1 month ago

    Joe Rogan is the ultimate Devil's Advocate. He's clearly taking his ego out of most of what he says, specifically so that he can allow his guests to do what they came on his show to do: share their perspective and explain why they have it. Consider that every stance he takes in these conversations is posed to give his guests a platform to explain the reasoning behind their arguments.

    TASHHHH 1 month ago

    The idea that a woman would hate all men, or a man would hate all women is so sad to me. Many of the people who inspire me the most are men, and there are many men who say their biggest role model is a female teacher, mother or grandmother. Male or female, we all need each other, and our different opinions. Even before I heard of all this PC bullshit, I knew as a more liberal-minded person that I would never dream of wanting to wipe out or silence the Republican party, because who's going to step in when the liberals go off the rails? For that reason alone, even if they were all fundamentalist christian nazis with whom I never agree (which is not the case), I want the conservatives to have a voice.

  • Daniel Roos
    Daniel Roos 1 month ago

    Joe ROgan, I LOVE the fact you stand up for little guys dicks! Circumsicion is barbaric! :)

  • David Walker
    David Walker 1 month ago

    I agree with Milo on the point with Religion, it's immature to undermine and take for granted what religion has done for our culture and future. You do not have to believe (I certainly don't) but you have to respect it, and other people's opinions for that matter.

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