YouTube Superstar Justin Bieber - Interview interviews Justin Bieber. Heres the story: boy performs in talent show, posts videos of performance on YouTube. What comes next is like a dream come true. This is how Justin Bieber got himself noticed by not one, but two music superstars and powerhouses, Justin Timberlake and Usher. A bidding war resulted in Bieber becoming Ushers protégé. And to think, he accomplished all this by age 15. In this video, sits down with the young star to find out more about his time with Usher, as well as how he plans to stay grounded as he grows up in the spotlight.

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Runtime: 2:53
Comments: 23226

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Author Sean Huynh (9 days)
Well at least he isn't a douchebag in this video

Author eid allumlum (3 months)
youtube superstar my ass 

Author Jacob Harris (17 days)
2:01 lol if only he knew that he'd become a loser

Author Wouter d.B. (26 days)
Hello, just came to dislike the vid lol

Author Dave Berz (27 days)
In their WMFAQ they talk about him being a douchebag lol!

Author Edward Elric (4 months)
You must have been holding back the urge to punch the faggot 

Author ItsFredtastic (1 month)
yeah i think he has "trainwrecked"

Author Ice Tabloid (1 month)
"I plan to just stay grounded" how did that work out for ya?

Author Fred Rice (4 months)
"We see so many celebrities at a young age train wreck when they get older,
now how do you plan to stay grounded." Foreshadowing at its greatest.

Author Links Dead Everyone (4 months)
I feel really bad

Author Tbc Alex (1 month)
Come on, almost more dislikes than likes, we can do it! :D

Author survivrs (1 month)
Yeah, he's gonna stay grounded my skinny ass!! Haahaahaahaa!! Biggest lie
on youtube! If he wouldn't have fired all of those good people when he
turned 18, he might have avoided all the trouble he's been in the last 12

Author Mike Conwell (2 months)
when I was 8 my voice wasn't that fucking high. lol

Author Little UZI (2 months)
his ego destroyed him

Author sonoki82 (3 months)
Stop hating! Just because a guy becomes a pothead, urinates in public,
spits on his fans, traumatizes and abandons a baby monkey, directs an
assault against a photographer, curses out a court reporter, vandalizes the
home of his neighbor, pleads guilty to a reckless driving charge, and
defaces the flag of Argentina does NOT prove that he is a train wreck.

Author Kassi Nelson (4 days)
Well I'm actually glad your friends/family couldn't make it otherwise there
would be no videos on YouTube then you wouldn't be famous and then life
would be over literally😂😭💖

Author Trevor Hermann (15 days)
Way to stay grounded.

Author RoboGamerGirl (7 days)
So much dislikes and likes xD

Author Samantha Cornman (3 months)
No youtuber shall speak of this. Don't blame it on youtube lol

Author Justas Guikutis (4 months)
Punch him

Author bananabep (3 months)

Author Jonny Freud (3 months)
HAHA the train wreck question, this must of been back wen he was sane

Author henryatd (6 months)
'I plan to stay grounded, it will be a good road ahead'
Not too good a singer. Not too good a future reader.

Author LightningXman (3 months)
jsutin... MY

Author stoagymahalo (3 months)
When did Game of Thrones' books come out again? early enough from him, or
long enough to what he wanted to do, Joffrey sure let himself go.

Author Paul McKee (1 month)
If only you knew you had the opportunity to end this twat before he became
the c**t he is today, oh the humanity!

Author Chuckman02 (1 month)
When he was young he was fine, I mean he sometimes acted like a wannabe,
and he was also annoying at times, but he was more down to earth then, than
he is now

Author aaron lozada (3 months)
"Stay grounded" my ass 😂😂😂

Author Syed Abdullah (3 months)
He's more than a train wreck, more like a mh 17 plane crash. Usher and
Justin timber lake are the pro Russian separatists and fame is the missile
that crashed the plane.

Author Destiny Henderson (1 month)
Ily so much Justin forever a belieber <3

Author Charla Rae (7 months)
holy shit guys, calm down the the GAYYYY, faggot comments. Seriously. He
was fucking 15 okay? Do you think it's appropriate to see a guy who hits
puberty late and yell GAYYY across the street? No, I don't think you'd do
that. Just because your hidden behind a computer screen saying this doesn't
make it any more right. I am no JB fan but using the excuse that "oh, he
chose to be famous so it's ok to verbally abuse the shit out of him' is
really sad :/ 

Author eze castro (1 month)
He trainwrecked lol

Author Jack McLean (3 months)

Author Nova Blast (1 month)
I like how the up votes and down votes are practicly the same

Author Reese Warner (6 months)
how will you not train wreck? jb: Well ill bla bla bla, 5 years later BOOM
trainwreck *Rolls eyes*

Author Bethius Tiberius (5 months)
Just think, if this had never happened to him he might be a decent person
right now, his life might be on track... it's kinda sad really...

Author Joe Wooden (4 months)
I like how this has almost as many dislikes as likes. Justin Bieber went
from a pathetic wimp to a crazy idiot. He thinks the Sistine Chapel is the
"Sixteenth Chapel".

Author Liam Guan (4 months)
fuck her right in the pussy

Author jetman717 (7 months)
can i kill him?Please tell me i can kill him!

Author CavemanasLT (4 months)
shit mother fucher justin bieber

Author FFA Jedd (1 month)
Nigga had iOS 3 on his phone

Author tlfilms (4 months)
i feel bad for the kid. he used to be this inoccent kid with a bowl cut now
he's a total douche 

Author Spencer Anthes (1 month)
Omg rofl! 2:01-2:12 is freakin hilarious. Because he is a train wreck.

Author Jimmy Timmers (1 month)
he stole my cousins ego

Author Callofmysubz | Road To 2k! (2 months)
"i plan to stay grounded" LMAO

Author hector otero (2 months)
Damn Rebecca was fine af back then

Author Abimael Avendano (2 months)
Fuuuck u jB

Author Angry Zombies (2 months)
The problem with Bieber he got to famous to fast. I mean back when he was
15 he wasn't to arrogant. But then...........

Author suthesan arasu (3 months)
fuck, why iam watching this :S Oh! it is on autoplay/playlist ;P

Author lus lpsvideos (2 months)
Aw I like it

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