Lorde - Green Light

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  • PantherPlayz
    PantherPlayz 1 hour ago

    you can go it's Green Light

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 2 hours ago

    Yayaya im lorde

  • Natalie Imbruglia
    Natalie Imbruglia 2 hours ago


  • ItzYourGamerKyle GAMING

    3:53 devils face

  • ItzYourGamerKyle GAMING

    She looks like she's drunk and she's been beaten up

  • __ Akantha
    __ Akantha 5 hours ago

    eu andando na rua, smp

  • Rene Lacoste
    Rene Lacoste 5 hours ago

    1)The fuck is wrong with this wannalook( not even wannabe) deep n stuff singer.
    2)The fuck is wrong with the views and the likes...?
    3)You people are so fucking low.

  • Nelson Ximba
    Nelson Ximba 5 hours ago

    'yes yes"

  • Nazar Matti
    Nazar Matti 5 hours ago

    her lips move weirdly lmao

  • Skankhunt 42
    Skankhunt 42 6 hours ago

    This is Randy Marshes worst song

  • PattyDGreat
    PattyDGreat 6 hours ago

    i stopped my mcr marathon for this song. worth it.

  • Jenell Virgilio
    Jenell Virgilio 6 hours ago


  • Plasma Wave
    Plasma Wave 7 hours ago

    Charlie xcx sounds better

  • Antonio Ranieri
    Antonio Ranieri 7 hours ago

    It sounds very similar to Kate Bush and I like it!

  • I SAY
    I SAY 7 hours ago

    What I listen to when the traffic lights are red

  • Taylor Douglas
    Taylor Douglas 7 hours ago

    I love Lorde so much and the fact that she dances like a spazoid makes me love her even more.

  • I SAY
    I SAY 7 hours ago

    only those who had a true heartbreak will understand...

  • joy0923
    joy0923 8 hours ago

    Where is the song?

    JESUS ABREU 8 hours ago

    Why do you stretch your mouth like that?

  • Misery M.
    Misery M. 9 hours ago

    How she doesn´t care what other people think.. I would die of embarrassment

  • Alf
    Alf 10 hours ago

    Seal is so right. This song is mediocre at best!

  • Googlee Star
    Googlee Star 10 hours ago

    Lords songs always mean something and they are really intense. I love her unlike katy perry or taylor swift shes not fake.

  • Drew Theller
    Drew Theller 11 hours ago

    I just went from sepultura to lorde

  • Leah Robinson
    Leah Robinson 11 hours ago

    She kind of looks old

  • Miih U.U
    Miih U.U 12 hours ago

    Eu sou rolezeira

  • Mark Bastin
    Mark Bastin 12 hours ago

    Saw her at Glastonbury. She totally nailed it!

  • Ishana Soman
    Ishana Soman 13 hours ago

    0:29 I swear to God she looks just like Kim Kardashian!

  • Laura N.
    Laura N. 13 hours ago

    i Think she is looking sometimes creepy😱

  • Cornlord 27
    Cornlord 27 15 hours ago

    This song is beautiful😍

  • Thais Braga
    Thais Braga 15 hours ago


  • Joseph McClaren
    Joseph McClaren 15 hours ago

    Wassup Lorde?? So much promise for something different and here you are regurgitating generic sounds like every other artist. :(

  • Antonia Holden
    Antonia Holden 16 hours ago

    Make a new song

  • Marieke Falke
    Marieke Falke 16 hours ago

    2:26 WHAT?! 😂

  • Conny Zentner
    Conny Zentner 17 hours ago

    I love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💟💟💟💟💟💟

  • Kate LOL Chanel
    Kate LOL Chanel 17 hours ago

    То чувство когда хз о чем песня

  • Asmaa Elhade
    Asmaa Elhade 17 hours ago


  • Mollys Channel
    Mollys Channel 18 hours ago

    Lord: I did my make up somebodys else's car
    Me: broom broom I'm in me mams car!

  • Verde Djiebua
    Verde Djiebua 18 hours ago

    OMG she is 20 years old

  • Take 5 Tyler
    Take 5 Tyler 18 hours ago

    Absolutely loving this!!!

  • Ondrej Franko
    Ondrej Franko 18 hours ago

    40 years old geologist but still piece of ass ... pilates

  • Virus Games
    Virus Games 18 hours ago

    At least I found that catchy tune in my head 😏

  • Lost In Youtube
    Lost In Youtube 19 hours ago

    hi Randy😍😍😍

  • Ap Avila
    Ap Avila 19 hours ago


  • Roger Roel
    Roger Roel 20 hours ago

    i love her, she s a diva

  • Catherine Parkin
    Catherine Parkin 23 hours ago

    Mint tune

  • Jade Real
    Jade Real 1 day ago

    I Think?! hmmm!

  • Rafael S
    Rafael S 1 day ago

    Best alternative artist

  • GC
    GC 1 day ago

    tbh I agree with Seal, it's storta shit.

  • NarniaFan27
    NarniaFan27 1 day ago


  • Giovanny Félix
    Giovanny Félix 1 day ago

    2:06 she's a savage

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 1 day ago

    I love you lorde 💖

  • Gangsta Dresta
    Gangsta Dresta 1 day ago

    Randy Marsh?

  • Miguel Juarez
    Miguel Juarez 1 day ago

    in the beginning she almost looked animated

  • ChrisMihura
    ChrisMihura 1 day ago

    *Heyyy listen to my new remix of this song please!! Thank youuuu*

  • Marcelo Hill
    Marcelo Hill 1 day ago

    I've listening it all of days. I can't stop, this song made me set free!
    Green light is the best song ever from MELODRAMA, but the recording OMG, the best thing that i heard this year!
    I READY TO LISTEN IT EVERY DAY 'til other album.
    Thanks MOM, Thanks LORDE!!! <3 :)

  • Abigail Winter
    Abigail Winter 1 day ago

    *Lorde sticks her head out of the car and sings*

  • daniel ramotowski

    2:27 - dance moves on fleek

  • Christian Namphy
    Christian Namphy 1 day ago

    South Park brought me here

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas 1 day ago

    I am Lorde. ya ya ya

  • Nick Armstrong
    Nick Armstrong 1 day ago

    She dances like she is about to have a seizure..

  • andrew borrrego
    andrew borrrego 1 day ago

    0:27 she sort of looks like the girl in stranger things

  • Jaime Viramontes
    Jaime Viramontes 1 day ago

    This song blows

  • Andressa Adauto
    Andressa Adauto 1 day ago

    00:35 MELHOR PARTE ❤

  • Chardonnay J.p08
    Chardonnay J.p08 1 day ago

    sikik suratli

  • Daily with Zack
    Daily with Zack 1 day ago

    I think I broke the reset button

  • Rhys Limbo
    Rhys Limbo 1 day ago

    This comment section is making me cringe so much

  • Simply Louise
    Simply Louise 1 day ago

    This song makes me so excited for some weird reason😂🤙😛

  • Amir Khalifa
    Amir Khalifa 1 day ago

    Peeeeerfect 👌🏻

  • Lara Estigoy
    Lara Estigoy 1 day ago

    Hi lode

  • HeyItzTrin
    HeyItzTrin 1 day ago

    Love This! Her voice is amazing! favourite song. 10/10 (:

  • Scott Sound
    Scott Sound 1 day ago

    Bed Room Bitch ........

  • Ronald Stapleford

    As for all those so concerned about others comments it's just someone's opinion if that makes you mad enough to stop you in your tracks get angry, then I believe there are too many people with no life and certainly not a good understanding of seeing the forest threw the trees and just letting go. You see many people are unable to keep negative comments to themselves. If that's not enough struggle then there is a whole other group of individuals who just seek attention, or perhaps validation fact is let's just be honest for once. We have never met Lorde. She doesn't respond to negativity that's because when you get that famous you are going to have people you don't know talking about every aspect of your life without ever seeing or meeting you. That will only give you perspective over the masses of people victimized by mass -asteria. Typical. Lol

    • Graeme Henderson
      Graeme Henderson 1 day ago

      Fuck off you pompous moron. Being an apologist for trolls is like being an apologist for Nazis, seriously, get a brain and a backbone.

  • cole harrison
    cole harrison 1 day ago

    see says ''thae roomers have big theeth oh thell bite u'' i here hope thay bite you

  • Suzie Hill
    Suzie Hill 1 day ago

    Lorde is amazing, a voice for a generation. I love her music!

  • Ryan Ho
    Ryan Ho 1 day ago

    Im waiting for it the green light i want it!

  • Jayda Burgmann
    Jayda Burgmann 1 day ago

    IM SCREAMING SHE IS SOO GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😲😍😘😚😗❤💋👄💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👌✌✋👏

  • Abishek Timsina
    Abishek Timsina 1 day ago

    at first wtf is she going to rap
    and after music starts ohhh its good

  • Joshua Yeung
    Joshua Yeung 1 day ago

    her dancing has improved

  • Helen Staines
    Helen Staines 1 day ago

    Lorde is a beautiful soul. If you can't see this sadly it is your loss not hers.

    • Helen Staines
      Helen Staines 1 day ago

      You bet I liked my own comment because it is true. And I back up what I believe in.

  • Metrono Ivernan
    Metrono Ivernan 1 day ago

    She looks like Ripley from Alien, no offense XD

  • chris leaves
    chris leaves 2 days ago

    a pep dress and an adidas? so me

  • Itsonlyme 220
    Itsonlyme 220 2 days ago

    I feel sorry for that Uber driver

  • catwith cinnamon
    catwith cinnamon 2 days ago

    I love how Lorde is dancing and being crazy and this driver is like "Nah this shit is not for me, Im just going wait here and smoke my cigarette"

  • ETsmom
    ETsmom 2 days ago


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  • Brittaney Coad
    Brittaney Coad 2 days ago

    she looks a bit like hannah baker...

  • jos nova
    jos nova 2 days ago

    Hey People shes got Croation Blood in her thats why shes the best

  • Jessica O'Connor
    Jessica O'Connor 2 days ago


  • Nathan Briglia
    Nathan Briglia 2 days ago

    I usually only listen to rap or rock but this is somehow fire for no reason

  • Satan
    Satan 2 days ago

    Her face annoys me on an extreme level. The songs great though.

  • Kyra Kenny
    Kyra Kenny 2 days ago

    it is cool song

  • comments
    comments 2 days ago

    This is an epic song. I never get sick of it. Its very complicated, going back between the words and the music. never gets boring

  • Kelin Hu
    Kelin Hu 2 days ago

    whats wrong with her mouth?

  • Luna Lolita
    Luna Lolita 2 days ago

    Wow... this song.. Lorde this is helping me with my breakup thank you so much... :')

  • not telling
    not telling 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who really wants that dress?

  • Lee Berreth
    Lee Berreth 2 days ago

    What bar is she going to that has a piano player in the bathroom?

  • Sarah Chandler
    Sarah Chandler 2 days ago

    I love this song 😊

  • #1 P
    #1 P 2 days ago

    oldest looking 19 year old ever @_@ dont do drugs kids

  • marcus tait
    marcus tait 2 days ago

    2:25 what went on her face?

  • Archie Stephens
    Archie Stephens 2 days ago


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