AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Processor:
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Rams:
EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC:
Corsair Air Series SP120 Fans:
Crucial MX300 525GB SSD:
InWin 303 White ATX Case:

Silverstone Sleeved Motherboard 24-Pin:
Silverstone Sleeved CPU 1x8-Pin:
Silverstone Sleeved PCI-E 1x8 Pin:

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Dreams by Dj Quads
Music provided by Audio Library

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Runtime: 6:51
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Author Sunny Nath ( ago)
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Processor:
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Rams:
EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC:
Corsair Air Series SP120 Fans:
Crucial MX300 525GB SSD:
InWin 303 White ATX Case:
Silverstone Sleeved Motherboard 24-Pin:
Silverstone Sleeved CPU 1x8-Pin:
Silverstone Sleeved PCI-E 1x8 Pin:

Author Ryan Jose ( ago)
Why the FUCK did you put a filter in the video ?
And please fix the 24 pin connector's cable , it's cringy AF.

Author Dragonfreakgaming ( ago)
are you the one who keeps returning product to my store?

Author Ankur Tikkoo ( ago)
sunny where is got custom sleeved cables.

Author elysiumcore ( ago)
Any issues with the ram ? were you able to run it @3000

Author Haoko ( ago)
Don't forget the v13 BIOS update

Got it today, Stable 3200 RAM :D

Author Csaba Uri ( ago)
Not bad , but ;
4 exhaust fan and 0 intake ,that makes no sense. I would put the top fans under the VGA as intake

Author AlecsFX ( ago)
how is the amd cooler for overclock?

Author rexorapter ( ago)
how loud are those Corsair fans?

Author Metamancer ( ago)
Anyone want to buy an RX 480 for $150? Leave your email below.

Author xX_TrollN0sc0pe_Xx 69 ( ago)
All over cost

Author heavy gamer ( ago)
what does it cost to make? will it fit in my budget?

Author heavy gamer ( ago)

Author David Hourani ( ago)
im curious. what is the need for the fans at the top of the case if they do not lead to anywhere but the powersupply.

Author Francisco Price ( ago)
hi I'm looking to do a Ryzen build with the same motherboard. Dose the ram speed matter, and why did you decide to go with speed of 3000 instead of 2400 recommended for the motherboard ?

Author Zalex GT ( ago)

Author rajdeep dutta ( ago)
what's the total amount of this build?

Author Nightss10 ( ago)
Hey Sunny! That build looks amazing! How is the audio on this motherboard? It looks like you have a nice sound system set up there, the on board audio provide a good punch?

Author ens44n ( ago)
does the Rayzen 1800 compatible with the motherboard?

Author ens44n ( ago)

Author Twinkie552 ( ago)
on that cooler u can get 3.8 easy with temps taht dont go over 75c.

Author Prasad Wagh ( ago)
That is a beautiful setup !

Author WhiteSnowGentelman ( ago)
I thought you can only use dual channel memory ?

Author bobuarse ( ago)
Hands up who muted the music ..omg so ears hurt

Author AsianGamerBro ( ago)
Nice build man. Gonna do one like this. Just subbed.

Author Muhammad Akbar Adnan ( ago)
great taste of music there bro! u shud try jinsang on soundcloud after this. it suits timelapse build so much

Author Nathan Kam ( ago)
what mat is that?

Author Le Arni ( ago)
the musik kinda sounds like if it said: looool my dreams come true

Author EB Lou Lou ( ago)
grt video thanks, would you recommend this case I heard the air flow is not that grt, what are your temps like with the amd stock cooler

Author PureCyn ( ago)
You need to activate Windows.

Author BeastyCat ( ago)
How much does it cost all around? I know it's a dumb question lol, a little lazy adding up the price lol. Love your vids and music taste dude. subbed.

Author Jon Maat ( ago)
Nice build! Looking at doing a 1700 or 1700x build soon. Is the 1700x worth the extra $50-$75?

Author jackelofnar ( ago)
Recommended the 303? Looking at this case for my new Ryzen 1600x

Author Dhruv1223 ( ago)
Not to be rude, but are you going to SLI? because that 750 Watt PSU seems overkill.

Author Ryan Goh ( ago)
in all its 1,650.86

Author LEON SAHA ( ago)
you can overclock with the Stock cooler look at Bitwits video to the wraith cooler

Author Vínäy ( ago)
Monitor and Speaker??

Author Lyes Bourahla ( ago)
the song looping
i feel dizzy

Author Dharaneesh Dhupam ( ago)
It's not a timelapse

Author Travis Ehlers ( ago)
Awesome build! Great job with the video! Just watch that autofocus.

Author Vicadin777 ( ago)
Activate Windows

Author Nits Sonkar ( ago)
Background music is very annoying.. other than that Good Timelapse..And isn't 750W PSU overkill??

Author Sumit Midya ( ago)
This is the first time I'm visiting ur channel , I REALLY LIKE UR CONTENT !!
small suggestion - U should change ur channel name !!

Author TechSnap ( ago)
Great Build Sunny!!! I too have a Ryzen system and loving all the power!!!! VERY FAST!!

Author Teko Alencar ( ago)

Author BEN K ( ago)
what was the total freaking cost on this

Author Sub Normal ( ago)
is the stock cooler good enough??

Author ruizhe ma ( ago)
nice video but bad music.

Author Neel Shah ( ago)
do you stay in india

Author Charles White ( ago)
very nice. by the way, that wallpaper looks great. is it somewhere online?

Author Christopher Kelley ( ago)
waiting for my new 144hz monitor & RX480 in the mail though, stuck with a old GTX 750 ti I found in my closet while I wait another 3-4 days xD

Author Christopher Kelley ( ago)
I'm on the asus prime b350-plus , Ryzen 1700 + stock wraith cooler @ 3850mhz oc completely stable, 3.9+ seems like it's a bit unstable right now, better off waiting until I get a liquid cooler, but with that stock wraith cooler you can easily crank out 3.8ghz. CPU temps idle for me is 30-32, underload 60, all without touching voltages.

Author Omar Perez ( ago)
Hi, just curious what cooler did you use for the CPU? I would be surprised if it was the stock cooler since it had RGB lights.

Author Rogier Derksen ( ago)
Are the top fans exhaust or intake?

Author Asrof Choudhury ( ago)
bro can you plz tell me the name of pc case model ?

Author helgardo globio ( ago)

Author HoosYaNicka ( ago)
beautiful build man

Author Marko Glavacko ( ago)
Hi, planning to by the same rig. How long is the post time? Is there a picture of that car everytime you boot :)? Have you tried overclocking with the stock cooler? I would like to achieve 3,6-3,7 with it and use the Sony Vegas for daily rendering.

Im torn apart of this motherboard which looks gorgeous and Two Asrocks . Fatality and Killer, both are bit cheaper, what can you recommend? Ty

Author piffdaddy420 ( ago)
this song is so absolutely fucking stupid!!! wow...

Author AMDSITHLORD ( ago)
nice video man

Author Cirux321 ( ago)
Very nice looking and clean build. Well done man.

where u from sunny

Author Senmeister ( ago)
The new AMD cooler Looks so sexy <3

Author Hermit Tanimoto ( ago)
Hows the bios been for the mobo/cpu/memory since making the build?( Waiting for the R5 1600 with same mobo so tks install clip)

Author Daniel Evans ( ago)
Pretty sick

Author Vishal Kapoor ( ago)
looks like you did not apply thermal paste ... isn't it necessary ?

Author allah adel ( ago)
very very thanks to you , about + speak about amd , ryzen
i always send your video to amd facebook ,nd amd manager email

there are bad info in youtube and games bench0 ,all think 7700 is powerfull than ryzen 1700 (please create video about multicore ryzen total power)

but this is wrong,in 1 core and games(if you check games use max 2 core,4threat)
but after 6-8 mounth games update and can see ryzen all threat , ryzen will fuck hard 200% more speed)

please compair windows restat time ,photoshop render , 3d max render , opening heavy software and....

Author FranTech ( ago)
Nice man!

Author AW ( ago)
and I the corner Activate windows :D

Author Andrew B ( ago)
As I said on Twitter, that is a stunning looking build. I love the top fans as it gives it blends a high tech look with industrial power. Well done!

Author Kíre Howard ( ago)
What monitor do you have?

Author Giri Alkondan Subbiah ( ago)
clean and well done.. What software you use for editing the video?

Author Teddy Kozub ( ago)
That Logitech Z200 tho :D

Author GameZ Saver ( ago)
Nice Video.

Author Brian Jules ( ago)
What controls all of the RGBs? Motherboard or software?

Author Régis Soutello Pessolano ( ago)
Amazing build, man! :D

Author Camper X ( ago)
Nice video man.

Author Vintage Hardware ( ago)
amazing ;)

Author PillzBerry27 ( ago)
Are you going to to do a build for Ryzen 5 soon ?

Author Faded NCS ( ago)
hey, good video

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