KUWTK | Is Scott Disick Over Kourtney Kardashian? | E!

Kim and Khloe Kardashian grill Scott on where he stands with their sister Kourtney. Hear it on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".


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KUWTK | Is Scott Disick Over Kourtney Kardashian? | E!

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Author Cecelia Marie ( ago)
What if Scott and Khloe were together instead of Scott and Kourtney O_o

Author Skye Charisma Garces ( ago)
I feel so bad for Scott. His sad face really melted my heart

Author twinkle twinkle ( ago)
When kourtney decides she wants another baby she'll get back with him.

Author Jennifer Veenstra ( ago)
What is the song at the end?

Author 123Pepsigurl ( ago)
why are the girls pushing this? he cheated on your sister!

Author Zoella D ( ago)

Author Darren Neblett ( ago)
idk how I got here

Author Patricia R. ( ago)
maybe if he actually tried getting a real job.

Author Humaira Mushtaq ( ago)
Can someone tells me the song played at last

Author caerulea0 ( ago)
What happened to supporting someone that you love through whatever? I get that it must of been hard for her when he was drinking and parting and she's left to support their young kids etc but now that he's really trying she shuts him out?

Author Mysterious Girl ( ago)
I'm trying not to pick sides because obviously they both have problems. One moment Scott says he loves her and he's not over her, but next you'll see him with another girl kissing and being romantic and all that crazy.. Kourtney's prob is she doesn't know how to appreciate Scott or maybe she doesn't know how to show it if ever she does. People says she's cold, but remember being cold, is a defense mechanism for people who always get hurt over and over again.. Maybe she still loves him, she's just scared of getting hurt again..

What they need to do is to concentrate with their kids and maybe stop trying to get back together because it ain't going to work until they realize their problems.

Author icevsfire fun ( ago)
Scott is so pathetic...

Author Ambereigh ( ago)
liking his whole wolverine look...his eyes are SO blue.

Author Truth Hurts ( ago)
Courtney is to up tite for him and seriously Scott is all over with different women especially as much as he drinks please biggest cheaters

Author Mary Hodgenson ( ago)
Scot has to take the orders.HER WAY OR THE HIGH WAY,I SHE IS A CONTROL PERSON.

Author Micky ( ago)
its not cheating if they aren't together. they haven't been together in like 3 years

Author megustaeltinman ( ago)
Why doesn’t E! post KUWTK extras anymore? I loved them.

Author Ess Rae ( ago)
Scott 😍

Author Tyra Yost ( ago)
honestly she seems so boring.

Author vsboy25 ( ago)
Khloe is a nice person the rest of the sisters are self absorbed rich brats.

Author Adriana Uguna ( ago)
so scott lives somewhere else???

Author aisha harris ( ago)
he hurt her so much in the past​

Author Annabel Draws ( ago)
Who else kinda ship khlóe and Scott I get that they're like brother and sister but still

Author Gabriel Lajara ( ago)
love khloe n wish theres was a way to fix her lips. to us she is so perfect,, love her spirit n soul n shes bom. . now thats wat u get for trying to fix perfection. still lover ger but cant keep my eyes away from her lips that r taking from them beautifull eyes

Author Lu Cifer ( ago)
Scott is obviously a homosexual

Author Waf funny ( ago)
scott doesnt love kourtney. he just tryna find ways to be with the kardashians. he was being shitty to her. and just trying to dig her money

Author achalanka onyfm ( ago)
Pretty sure this nigga banged the whole family from Kylie to Kaitlyn Lel

Author Leila Blue ( ago)
lol khloe i love you so much lol 😂

Author ms san2016 ( ago)
He should be! Move on bro!

Author Maithi Sritharan ( ago)
This is the craziest family I have ever seen in my life.

Author Ika Zalika ( ago)
the thing i like about scott is that he is very true to himself and he is very mature from the way he talks to people.

Author Anna W ( ago)
more kylie less scott

how many times can we do the kourtney storyline? this is literally season 13 and we've been on the same ish since season 1?!?!?!

Author trendsetter ( ago)
why do they wear shoes inside the house
.. dirrty shoes on the carpet

Author Brie Says ( ago)
he is full of sh*t. There is picture proof of him hooking up with other girls so 1) he doesn't want to see her with someone else (OR) 2) He needs a bigger story line than just being a Kardashian baby daddy to continue cashing in those episode and club appearance checks

Author Sevyn Ruby ( ago)
"Fool me once shame on you.. fool me twice..." he's fooled her one too many times and she'd be a total and complete idiot with no self worth and respect for herself if she went on with him again. A lepeord can't change its spots. he is who he is.

Author Gugu Hlophe ( ago)
i love pure and honest😍😍😍

Author Lamont Odum ( ago)
It's okay Scott, I would kiss you back.

Author Ray Mars ( ago)
i would never wanna be with anybody butthurt?

Author jamjelly2799 ( ago)
awwe. then why did you cheat on her multiple times?

Author Alicja xo ( ago)
He's so good looking.

Author Jazzie Wiliams ( ago)
Scott made a lot of mistakes but I don't ever remember kourt showing loving affectionate toward him even when his parents died

Author Nelly Miranda ( ago)
Scott just needs to get his sh** together and manup have a last chat with Kourtney and then do what he has to do... enjoy his life with or without her, the weird thing is she punishes him if he does something she doesn't like, if she's through with him, then let him be.... It's about time he puts his pants on and deal with his situ once and for all.

Author Angela L ( ago)
Kourtney is so emotionless ! Her attitude is "nah" for everything. It's hilarious.

Author Leslie Sayonar ( ago)
scott, if you really love her, marry her!!!

Author Jessica O ( ago)
SCOTT. PLEASE!!! move on!!!!She really doesnt love you......
or.... she just doesnt realize what she has so.... be gone!!

Author purplefashion03 ( ago)
This has been on tv too long.

Author Hattie Wright ( ago)
He love her she never acted like she really loved him only to make babie's.She so laid back about everything he need to move on and just be dad to his kid's.

Author Catira App ( ago)
She does love him back. Thye love eAch other. u guys always talk bad abou the girl

Author Catira App ( ago)
I love scott and kourtney relationship. They are just always soul mates and they gight but they love each other

Author Summer K ( ago)
She's moved on to much younger boys

Author kagiso kgalema ( ago)
poor Scott

Author Kay 100 ( ago)

Author Kirwina ( ago)
Scott, move on with your life please. Kourtney acts as if she is asexual and couldnt care less to be with a man. If she is gay, well that would explain everything. Scott was a douchebag and Kourtney put up with him enough but she does not want him sexually at all unless she wants to get pregnant. Scott, move on please, co parent, fix your life first and then find true love

Author Andrew Salinas ( ago)
"She didn't even kiss me back when we were together" HAHHAA

Author Adrienne ( ago)
I'm gonna need Scott to start wearing suits again.

Author Evelin Munoz ( ago)
why is he sooo red

Author Katherine Kelley ( ago)
hell no he's not seeing another woman... the Kardashian curse. he'll be alone the rest of his life unless Kourtney takes him back. what a pathetic life.

Author june alexander ( ago)
I love this trashy show

Author Olivia Rhodes ( ago)
I like scott. He truly loves her, but she doesn't know what she wants.

Author tw ( ago)
ugh endless dysfunctional relationship of an alcoholic and resentful enabler

Author Prizzy Pringles ( ago)
It's a big mess but I still ship them

Author Emz Nev ( ago)
lol the way Khloe says sauseeeeg it cracks me up so much

Author samsam abdullahi ( ago)

Author albinorainbow37 ( ago)
oh god, im the scott in my current situation :'(

Author Sebastian ( ago)
I love the song at the end so much!!

Author Panda Bear ( ago)
The thing is Kourt makes a ton of babies with him knowing he has a drinking problem and then wants him to act like he doesnt have one ?? She never acts like hes good enough for her yet out pop the babies. Mixed messages....

Author Nikhil Orpe ( ago)

Author Vanessa R ( ago)
Sure, just to cheat on her again, dump your kids and go get drunk. Get a grip and stop trying.

Author mesolesbian 000000 ( ago)
the drinking and partying aged him years!

Author Heidi Yin ( ago)
Love KUWK but every time I watch it I feel myself losing brain cells

Author Ariah Aguilar ( ago)
Before you give him all pity, remember he continuously cheats on her. Always has

Author Miss WOG Daily ( ago)
once upon a time they said he was going to church and worshiping the Lord maybe he needs to go back there again hopefully he can bring the whole family to Christ. I'm praying for them all!

Author Sihaam ( ago)
It's going to be hard to get over her/him when they are around each other all the time... Tough situation

Author Brian Sandoval ( ago)
I love kourtney and scott together but im also rooting for single mama's 😫

Author Ediana Ventrice ( ago)
I feel so bad for him I know he did a lot of bad things but he is trying & kourt just reached the limit of dealing with him I guess . :|

Author yes ( ago)
Scott loves her so much and she's just like "nah" lmao

Author Mar J ( ago)
I get a gay vibe from Scott.

Author Deer Heart ( ago)
she is sooo over him though

Author Lukeiaslove LukelovesLeia ( ago)
awwww feel him

Author PABLETE ( ago)
I watch KUWTK because of Kim and Kendall. I hate Scott, I don't care about him and his problems, get out of the show dude.

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