Kelly Ripa - Wet Bikini HD

Kelly Ripa

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Author clipsryan (4 months)
Fit mature women are the best.

Author DARTHREVAN97 (22 days)
Damn sexy

Author Qermaq (4 months)
I love those tiny boobs that only show up when she's crouching on top of
you. That's awesome shit right there.

Author Nik Rattlehead (4 months)
Hot body, but a little more weight would be nice. I have some protein for

Author BOBBYGITRPLYR (3 months)
sorry guys, but I would still take KLG!

Author goodoldBR (2 months)
Hot as fucking hell!

Author debgibsonfan (3 months)
Sexy girl.

Author donnieblondy59 (4 months)
too bad we didnt get a nice view of Kellys cute ass

Author Edgehead10075 (3 years)
This is much better than seeing Kathie Lee Gifford in a bikini.

Author hardgirl99 (3 years)
Wow! Amazing body. Work out much, Kelly? That girl must live in the gym.

Author Vanessa Bovie (2 years)
@jamesdodd64 Happily. Hope i never meet a jackass like you in my life.

Author Harriscandoit (10 months)
damn she is hot

Author highwater03 (3 years)
@SSduckclub She has a great body, but come on, her chest is flatter than a
pancake! A boob job would make her A+!

Author stalkingalizee (2 years)
her body is lame

Author Randy Lyons (2 years)
More than a mouthful is a waste! She has it where she needs it... nice firm
ass and flat tummy! I'd hit that!

Author DAM FLA (1 year)
She is tit-less.

Author crayhead (1 year)
Something about this emaciated coke whore with an outty bigger than most
guys cocks, that drains the seamen from my balls..

Author BleedingWalls420 (3 years)

Author IMaDEM0N (2 years)
keyword; BREAST-Stroke

Author bikerty67 (3 years)
id eat that everynight for the next 26 years

Author Edward Garza (1 year)
The tightest ass in the world! I would have sex with in the middle of the
street anytime. She is so damn sexy!!

Author RayburnPower (6 months)
That's as close to naked as you can get !

Author thetruthbroseph (2 years)
pecs dogpound! pecs idk bros

Author gsizzles (2 years)
:16 She has an outtie!

Author damit2 (2 years)
LOL..who the hell are you all kidding,,she is dam hot,,LOL,, you
would say NO..LOL

Author videocommenter67 (10 months)
Ripa's ripped!

Author Vanessa Bovie (2 years)
@jamesdodd64 That's a really awful thing to say. Honestly. That's just
horrible. Why don't you throw up now and then?

Author Aquahutch (3 years)
Sometimes I wonder if Kathie Lee ever watches the show and silently mutters
"f**k you, Kelly" under her breath.

Author The Herbit (2 years)
Mosquito bites can be really, really itchy.

Author SoccerRockNY (2 years)
She's cute and pretty.. nice voice, etc.. but her breasts are way too
small.. :(

Author LegMDend (2 years)
Smoking hot body. Nice, fit and toned. Would fuck her until the end of time.

Author M1LERTYME (2 years)
I like big tits. sorry

Author rock853okg (2 years)
You know i still think she is pretty. But she has no tits whatsoever. Now
that i see this video, she has an outee belly button, how more grouse can
her body get. She is way too skinny. You are pretty, but yuck...

Author SD1Chargers (2 years)
I want to suck her belly button

Author saknk1 (2 years)
thats what happens whem you send a Gay camera man to shoot a hot girl ,
never get a good shoot or good angle !!

Author walexia (2 years)
well if she hasn't got good tits, she could show us her backside, does she
have a a good one?

Author DesperatelyKind (3 years)
She's looking so hot. She's a gorgeous woman. Who says she doesn't look
like a woman? You don't know what you're talking about!

Author gage ledford (1 year)
her belly button should be poked in to make it an inee

Author Pube83 (2 years)
Amazing body. Why are women so jealous and lazy? They would rather trash
talk Ripa's amazing body (who they would give a toe for) than admit she's
gorgeous and use her as motivation to sculpt their own bodies? When most
men see the cover of Men's Health in the grocery store, they automatically
think, damn- I need to eat healthy and exercise.

Author dixmac (2 years)
Too Fuckin skinny. I guess if that's what u like, u must like little kids
too. That's sick

Author ta5172 (2 years)
I love you Kelly....ahhhh

Author Nightopia (2 years)
No shes way to thin, I can't even watch the program, womans chest also get
smaller when they exercise to much and don't eat.

Author Edward Garza (3 years)
@Sofa3301 My name is Edward Garza and I use breadior1971 when I log on to
YOUTUBE, Who in the hell is using my my screename right above?

Author Yakuzagang5 (2 years)
@SSduckclub Agreed. Fake tits annoy the hell outta me lol

Author IMaDEM0N (2 years)
@gracethedog48 a woman like that would be a nightmare, because she's REALLY
high-maintenance...the only Hollywoodish woman that may be worse, is Amy
Poehler. but for a totally different reason...Amy is an Improv-Comedy
genius...& those of you who don't believe me, if u have a Netflix Device;
search for "Upright Citizens Brigade: Asssscat" & it will show you an
Upright Citizens Brigade Production which is all Improv & That's were Amy
Poelher was before Saturday Night Live....

Author tedGEGI (2 years)
Kelly---hey Jersey girl---grow some boobs.

Author 09ingloriousbastards (1 year)
She looks good but she's got no boobs. Totally flat chested in that area.

Author jamesdodd64 (2 years)
Why can't more women look like this ? it doesn't hurt to throw up now and

Author JiggSaww127 (1 year)
thats wat im talkin about.

Author John Duffy III (2 years)
Kelly Ripa has a sexy body, and I love her solid green bikini bathing suit
she is wearing and was swimming at the pool and doing a breaststroke!

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