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  • Jane
    Jane 1 day ago

    2:39 who does a somersault down the stairs?? Like what do you think is gonna happen? 🤔

  • Nijahlangley
    Nijahlangley 1 day ago

    3:12 ugly hoes

  • Nijahlangley
    Nijahlangley 1 day ago

    70% hoes

  • Sophia Skittles
    Sophia Skittles 3 days ago

    8:03. So Fucking hilarious it's almost unreal.

  • gaming first
    gaming first 5 days ago

    i confess i came here for the tits

  • Republican acosta
    Republican acosta 5 days ago

    girls are beautiful i have to find the right girl that i love alot and be with her for a long time for now im single but want i want in my life is a girl that is very beautiful for me

  • Just Entertainment
    Just Entertainment 7 days ago

    facts you dont know about girls

  • Aringato Karrensentonz

    08:30 hahaha

  • Lance G
    Lance G 8 days ago

    Thank me later

  • Simmers' World
    Simmers' World 12 days ago

    7:40 That dolphin wanted her to be his baby mama.

  • O r
    O r 16 days ago

    I hate watching sluts that think they're hot and twerk in public

    Close your fucking legs.

  • A. Guest
    A. Guest 17 days ago

    2:15 - Not cool. That asshole should have been stomped.

  • Sophie White
    Sophie White 18 days ago


  • Steve Foley
    Steve Foley 20 days ago

    wow these girls sure did fail, just like Clinton running for president! too bad almost every fucking compilation of girls failing is the same videos. ever think of swithing it up? i mean that might be nice. maybe i wanna watch a girl get a load shot in her eye.. oh wait, thats a different website. anyway, i'm just gonna go make a girl "fail" her pregnancy by. "accidentally" pushing her down the stairs

  • Zoe Creed
    Zoe Creed 21 day ago

    Date girls here
    Join NOW!

  • Mystical Rekt
    Mystical Rekt 26 days ago

    Roses are infact red.
    Violets are fucking VIOLET.
    I did not come here for the thumbnail so don't tell me I did bitch.
    I came here for the vine cunt.

  • Ubon Jariya
    Ubon Jariya 27 days ago


  • Simon Petkov
    Simon Petkov 28 days ago

    And you tell me guys are stupid plz feminist bitches

  • richard salvator
    richard salvator 28 days ago

    This is actually a worthy exercise for the viewer. It will be educational for you. (ikr. but i am SERIOUS, just bear with me here). Find out how much you really hate women, or if you do NOT actually hate them. If you cannot finish watching this then there is hope for you yet.....

  • Handro write
    Handro write 29 days ago


  • Sebastiano Santin
    Sebastiano Santin 1 month ago

    2:34 why he did that ?

  • Jane Peov
    Jane Peov 1 month ago

    Best girl fail

  • Hello Guys
    Hello Guys 1 month ago

    8:07 hahahhah

  • rejecter 01
    rejecter 01 1 month ago

    So who had these videos first you or the other 6 people that have posted them.

  • worbal sahar
    worbal sahar 1 month ago

    The wedding one was funny😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Faiz Ultimate Gamer
    Faiz Ultimate Gamer 1 month ago


  • notjust GAMER
    notjust GAMER 1 month ago

    2:38 looks like tanner fox new house

  • I♡Bonnie Bunny
    I♡Bonnie Bunny 1 month ago


  • slayer. point
    slayer. point 1 month ago

    I thought they can only cook, fuck and get pregnant.. good to know they can make us laugh as well.. thank god for stupid people

  • Rollo Tomassi
    Rollo Tomassi 1 month ago

    1:38 FUPA

  • Illham Ramadhani
    Illham Ramadhani 1 month ago


  • Fiza Ahmed
    Fiza Ahmed 1 month ago

    2:33 stupid

  • I like to dab Cool
    I like to dab Cool 1 month ago

    Too fat girl that's why

  • Girls Gone Wild
    Girls Gone Wild 1 month ago

    I don't get it at 03:32 pls explain k thx

  • CrazySerbian
    CrazySerbian 1 month ago

    We all know why we came here.

  • Chriss Wow
    Chriss Wow 1 month ago

    -My dick say "Click"
    -Me "Ok"

    Hi AYEEITZTAYA 1 month ago

    the first one the very first one the girl was moaning

  • قناة منوعه
    قناة منوعه 1 month ago

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  • Irén Miller
    Irén Miller 1 month ago

    carlos vives

  • Marta Perez
    Marta Perez 1 month ago

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  • saltok
    saltok 1 month ago

    next time show in full screen please

  • Reynolds Rhapp
    Reynolds Rhapp 1 month ago

    RIP to the girls that died.

  • Quinton Perry
    Quinton Perry 1 month ago

    back forth back forth FUK hmm sounds fimliar

  • Kristy Web
    Kristy Web 1 month ago

    cool video. go to my channel. there is hot girl ;)

  • JdK. R
    JdK. R 1 month ago

    I drink she be thinking too mush.

  • nick pap
    nick pap 1 month ago


  • shashiwardhan singh
    shashiwardhan singh 1 month ago

    9:02 that could break your backbone and make you paralize for lifetime . dont do it .

  • Stacie Jones
    Stacie Jones 1 month ago

    All of you guys are idiots

    CRICKET SPOTLIGHT 1 month ago

    ahahha people are really tryin to laugh here Xp

  • маркус дзен

    what Ta HUYA? )))

  • Liam Curran
    Liam Curran 1 month ago

    This is terrible PR for white people

  • kitten mittens
    kitten mittens 1 month ago

    at 1:15 when the bass hits to hard

  • froot loop
    froot loop 1 month ago

    wtf at740 the dolphine was fucking her

  • froot loop
    froot loop 1 month ago

    FYI THIS IS NOT CLICK BAIT to those who check the comments before watching

  • froot loop
    froot loop 1 month ago

    at 20 i was like oh my lord show me more

  • Taylar Brieana B.
    Taylar Brieana B. 1 month ago

    I laughed so hard I started coughing that girls shirt buttons just broke off.

  • Ersin Bacara
    Ersin Bacara 1 month ago

    8:38 song name???

  • Raymond XL
    Raymond XL 2 months ago

    4:23 Example of the term "white trash".

  • Heinere TEROROTUA
    Heinere TEROROTUA 2 months ago

    merci super

  • -ßЯҢ- Commando
    -ßЯҢ- Commando 2 months ago

    I want to date that girl at 4:40

  • Anh Vu
    Anh Vu 2 months ago


  • Jordan F
    Jordan F 2 months ago

    80% of these cunts are ugly

  • leviverberkmoes6
    leviverberkmoes6 2 months ago

    you zay sexy grils i whit thrash

  • Samantha Rasmussen
    Samantha Rasmussen 2 months ago


  • Madison ambxrr
    Madison ambxrr 2 months ago

    0:29 her nipple popped out😂

  • domonique saul
    domonique saul 2 months ago

    I'm just glad its not all skinny bitches.

  • Uttam Shaw
    Uttam Shaw 2 months ago

    Nice comedy video

  • tobywong080
    tobywong080 2 months ago

    so fucking fat...disgusting

  • Twenty one crybabies At the disco

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I clicked for fails
    You clicked for sexy girls
    And that's true

  • Cydney Wilson
    Cydney Wilson 2 months ago

    finally a real thumbnail

  • 1lb2rt4t4rr2s
    1lb2rt4t4rr2s 2 months ago

    4:36 Budwieser, responsible for the American youth going to shit since 1876.

  • 1lb2rt4t4rr2s
    1lb2rt4t4rr2s 2 months ago

    2:10 All right, that' part of the show y'all, that's part of the show, ha ha ha ha ha.

  • WizYT
    WizYT 2 months ago

    0:28 I can see your nipples :9

  • Matthew deaffie
    Matthew deaffie 2 months ago

    ok first im like omg so funny but now im like so damn funny

  • Scripner
    Scripner 2 months ago

    i subscribed

  • Marcin Jechorek
    Marcin Jechorek 2 months ago

    sexy girls by american standards I suppose all I see is some fat clumsy bitches

  • Christian Snipes
    Christian Snipes 2 months ago


  • keeg5380 keeg5380
    keeg5380 keeg5380 2 months ago

    sex mom

  • Braeden Benkendorfer
    Braeden Benkendorfer 2 months ago

    HA HA!!! Girls Are Stupid!

  • Marilynn Walz
    Marilynn Walz 2 months ago

    Ewwwww she was wearing no bra :0

  • christophereeles
    christophereeles 2 months ago

    Ain't nowt sexy about stupidity.

  • Friedrich Ambros
    Friedrich Ambros 2 months ago

    Whos that chick in the car !....She's is reminde me someone !

  • Presaurian Relic
    Presaurian Relic 2 months ago

    Yep, nunchucks, three lessons and you're an expert!

  • Naberius CZ
    Naberius CZ 2 months ago

    0:27 tits !!!!!!!!!!!

  • the creative kid
    the creative kid 2 months ago

    4:41 HOW DO YOU DO THAT!!!???!??!?

  • J Smitherz
    J Smitherz 2 months ago

    Can anybody explain wtf is going on at 4:26

  • ATB Gaming
    ATB Gaming 2 months ago

    Stupid Americans fuck you all.All you ever say when someone gets hurt is "oh my god". FUCK YOU

  • G Gamer
    G Gamer 2 months ago

    slow it donw to 0,5 at 0:28

  • Sarvesh Kumar
    Sarvesh Kumar 2 months ago

    sexy girls fails movies

  • Dj Ulate
    Dj Ulate 2 months ago

    4:39........ Your welcome

  • HandsAreBlazingRed
    HandsAreBlazingRed 2 months ago

    women are retarded

  • naagta walan bismilaah


  • Natework Smith
    Natework Smith 2 months ago


  • 어머
    어머 2 months ago

    두번째 영상 좋아요...

  • Khanh Tom
    Khanh Tom 2 months ago


  • anggy rizki
    anggy rizki 2 months ago

    lebok bagong

  • Ilham Novruzzade
    Ilham Novruzzade 2 months ago


  • Alexander the great
    Alexander the great 2 months ago

    if you noticed, 98 % of these fails are white people. Get it?

  • Seth Forbis
    Seth Forbis 2 months ago

    misleading thumbnail, lots of dude fails, and almost none of these are "sexy" you fail at life and you should kill yourself...

  • Raql Prestine Masangkay

    who else thinks that there not really "Sexy girls" here other than me

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