Harley Quinn! This Statue Is The Best Gift For Superman!

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  • kiarastardust
    kiarastardust 4 days ago

    its kryptonite

  • Bronos X
    Bronos X 8 days ago

    I am getting sick and tired of Lois Lane's bullshit.

  • WWE HORROR2001
    WWE HORROR2001 8 days ago

    I kinda don't like joker with black eyes it's my least favorite look

    • Ahturos
      Ahturos 8 days ago

      Yeah, he looked as best here with that look but original look in this show is the best one. The one in Justice League and Batman Beyond Return of the Joker is acceptable.

  • siats meekerorum
    siats meekerorum 9 days ago

    who else read the title in Harley's voice?

  • tigerlep hunter
    tigerlep hunter 9 days ago

    1:35 lol imagine the big cop just slammed batmans face onto the table XD

    • Connor Clemmons
      Connor Clemmons 1 day ago

      tigerlep hunter if that happened, he'd walk home with several broken bones and soiled underpants.

  • Kevin Travers
    Kevin Travers 9 days ago

    The whole owners of the Laughing Dragon dying prematurely is a subtle continuity they bring in Justice League where Luthor is dying from Kyrptonite poisoning.

    • Kevin Travers
      Kevin Travers 8 days ago

      I meant in the continuity of the show.

    • Triple Tower Studios
      Triple Tower Studios 8 days ago

      Kyrptonite cancer was something introduced in the comics well before either cartoon series.

  • PMW3
    PMW3 9 days ago

    0:13 I've always liked the Joker theme

  • Gen Racer88
    Gen Racer88 9 days ago

    I love Harley Quinn 😍

  • HarleyxJoker FOREVER

    0:07 No make-up. 0:29 suddenly make-up. 😕

    • Ichibot K9869
      Ichibot K9869 9 days ago

      That's the kind of show this was. I find it hilarious and very entertaining.

  • Shelby Penhale
    Shelby Penhale 9 days ago

    That music box sound is very familiar!

  • The JokerFan 2003
    The JokerFan 2003 9 days ago

    DC is better than Marvel.

    • joseph monaghan
      joseph monaghan 5 days ago

      The JokerFan 2003 yup

    • The JokerFan 2003
      The JokerFan 2003 7 days ago

      +Matt Brown DC cartoons aren't complete without Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker.

    • millennials4trump millennials4AlexJones
      millennials4trump millennials4AlexJones 7 days ago

      DC cartoons are better than Marvel cartons.
      Marvel movies are better than DC movies.

    • A Handsome Guy
      A Handsome Guy 8 days ago

      In the end you gotta chose between quality of quantity, I just stick with both anyway.

    • A Handsome Guy
      A Handsome Guy 8 days ago

      DC has the best characters, but Marvel has awesome characters, and there's a difference there, DC has like, 4 actually good main heroes (aside from the villains and heroes that branch out of each of these main heroes) but these aren't just good, they are fucking bad ass, the best characters, and the villains in each of these heroes' stories are also the best, but all of Marvel's heroes are awesome, or at least most of them, not one as awesome as those I just spoke of, but still, awesome.

  • Skoll Shorties
    Skoll Shorties 9 days ago

    Lois Lane looks EXTRA THICC.

  • Abriana Robles
    Abriana Robles 9 days ago

    I love Harley Quinn and joker

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