Everything Wrong With Kendrick Lamar - "HUMBLE."

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  • denise van wijk
    denise van wijk 45 seconds ago

    2:32 genius lol

  • Is Me
    Is Me 18 minutes ago

    It's not religious imagery.... he's saying other rappers think of themselves as gods... he's mocking other artists

  • Greg Newtonspam
    Greg Newtonspam 2 hours ago

    Girl fuck you

  • Mohammad Yaeish
    Mohammad Yaeish 3 hours ago

    The only reason he has subs is because he clickbaits and he puts people in there titles

  • ChrisHallett83
    ChrisHallett83 9 hours ago

    This is weak as piss. At least it's not quite as bad as Nicole Arbour's attempt at making fun of the Humble video - which she deleted very quickly.

  • Tómas Klostermann
    Tómas Klostermann 9 hours ago

    I can't be the only one to heavily dislike this song, and most like it. I liked Kendrick's older songs, but this one, along with his new ones and many other rap tracks are ear rape these days. It's just autotune and shitty lyrics

  • Chayton Aldridge
    Chayton Aldridge 11 hours ago

    The lasers aren't off track it's on the window

  • Tom Enright
    Tom Enright 13 hours ago

    what are the 4 that still count??!!11

  • ISIS
    ISIS 13 hours ago

    My Left Nut Just Went Viral

    STEPHEN BAILEY 19 hours ago

    fuck u

  • TheSamuraiHoBo
    TheSamuraiHoBo 1 day ago

    i actually hate this song.

  • AvixHD TM
    AvixHD TM 1 day ago

    Do everything wrong with this channel

  • Dontae Hicks
    Dontae Hicks 1 day ago

    I fucking love this page man!!! But the whole time i wanted you to shut up and let the song play...I'm sorry...6k sins..so far

    • Dontae Hicks
      Dontae Hicks 1 day ago

      You're not the only one that can be an asshole 😙

  • A Spooky Biscuit
    A Spooky Biscuit 1 day ago

    I'm assuming 6000-something people didn't notice the part where he openly admits to loving the music video, even going as far as saying it's one of the best music videos he's ever seen, and then removes 30 out of 34 sins the video has

    or everyone's attention span is shorter than 3 minutes, which is A) plausible and B) sad

    • Big Memes
      Big Memes 23 hours ago

      A Spooky Biscuit sad, yet very true

  • Nina Webber (Nina - 2021)

    Kendrick Lamar is my favorite rapper I'm so glad the sin counter turned out to be 4 😂😂

  • Hunter  Moore
    Hunter Moore 1 day ago

    the future video is probley mask off

  • GroupBreak Checklists

    This is satire..dumb idiots!

  • TheKyuuren
    TheKyuuren 1 day ago

    "Be humble" as he throws money around and is surrounded by half naked women and dressed as the pope. Yeah, very humble

  • Llama Power
    Llama Power 1 day ago

    how about everything​ wrong with music video sins

  • the naruto master bro

    You suck

  • Jakob Fortunato
    Jakob Fortunato 2 days ago

    Your a fucking smart ass

  • Darth Logan
    Darth Logan 2 days ago

    This L.A. river is the los santos river in gta 5

    • Green Lantern
      Green Lantern 1 day ago

      Everything is wrong with what you just said

    • Darth Logan
      Darth Logan 1 day ago

      Green Lantern shut the fuck up I'm 10 and I just started paying gta 5

    • Green Lantern
      Green Lantern 1 day ago

      No shit, Sherlock

  • Tosha Jones
    Tosha Jones 2 days ago

    quit taking the music video so serious it about the bars lyrics.

  • Tosha Jones
    Tosha Jones 2 days ago

    boi this song is all bars it has a meaning to it because kendrick lamar is a real rapper not a fake one yua bish that why i love his music so it should be everything wrong with your channel about music sometimes

  • JackBeBallin C2
    JackBeBallin C2 2 days ago

    Honestly, there was nothing wrong with this song.

  • LiL'Maki San
    LiL'Maki San 2 days ago

    He knew if he found too much sins he would get bad rating, thats why he removed most of the sins XD

  • Chikim Norris
    Chikim Norris 3 days ago

    Lol video got taken down?

  • GameplayGalore
    GameplayGalore 3 days ago

    If Kendrick Lamar ever reacted to this he would say "BE HUMBLE!"

  • LorcanAko
    LorcanAko 3 days ago

    4 sins. Damn.

  • Kevon Griffin
    Kevon Griffin 3 days ago

    Dude don't hatein this song fire u got to say it the be humble

  • olley19 H
    olley19 H 3 days ago

    shut up

  • Kristina Lynn
    Kristina Lynn 3 days ago

    This guy annoys me and i dont think any of his jokes are funny.... But why do i always find myself on his channel??? lol

  • Garrett
    Garrett 4 days ago

    Absolute shit video

  • John Cawley
    John Cawley 4 days ago

    there music videos not dramatic pieces if you did this about some random youtubers video youd get done for online abuse but thankfully most artists have better things to do than watch some a holes video

    • Danila Berezin
      Danila Berezin 4 days ago

      You absolute fucking moron, please read the comments below yours.

  • Chris Ozuna
    Chris Ozuna 4 days ago

    Music vid you suck you talking shit about Kendrick

  • Miles Falkenstein
    Miles Falkenstein 4 days ago

    Capitalizing off of uneducated critiques on an artist unarguably more talented than you is completely foolish....You sound like your at least 30...You should spend your time looking for a family or working. This is sad, and probably indicative of an ego complex. You should stop. Butthole.

    • Xephcas Kingfox
      Xephcas Kingfox 4 days ago

      You are really fucking retarded, mate. The motto of his "Sins" channels is literally, " We are not critics, just assholes" None of these videos are meant as a real critique, and if you watched till the end of the video, he said this was one of the greatest music videos ever, and left only 4 sins, which is a record low. Watching a video till the end can prevent you from looking like a total prick.

  • Melanie's Pet Unicorn

    I don't get why everyone likes this song, tho. In my opinion, it's just another rap song .-.

    • Rebeka The Rascal
      Rebeka The Rascal 18 hours ago

      Melanie's Pet Unicorn We like it for how clever it is and how Kendrick uses irony in the best way to mock other rappers. He's a really good songwriter and uses his skills in this song.

  • cwrussell123
    cwrussell123 5 days ago

    how is it a sin to have a fisheye shot

  • jesse vazquez
    jesse vazquez 5 days ago

    Why you hatin

  • 49ers Nation
    49ers Nation 5 days ago


  • Angeline
    Angeline 5 days ago

    The people getting offended obviously don't know that no video is without sin... And it's a joke.

  • Y6X SiLVER
    Y6X SiLVER 5 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with this you judgemental fuck head

  • Kirill Sorokin
    Kirill Sorokin 6 days ago

    He said Centman not Sandman

  • SteadyRhythms
    SteadyRhythms 6 days ago

    This is one of the best, worst songs of all time.

  • Knifed
    Knifed 6 days ago

    didnt mention the one white guy in the burning head scene

  • Joseph Su'a
    Joseph Su'a 6 days ago

    The 6k dislikes are fanboys who didn't watch till the end and haters who watched to the end and disliked the outcome. Sit down.

  • Wayne Davis
    Wayne Davis 6 days ago

    Where's DNA at?

  • is tomas
    is tomas 6 days ago

    ummm i can't play it!!!!!

  • Valixyon
    Valixyon 7 days ago

    fucking pussy

  • SoW Darkness
    SoW Darkness 7 days ago

    how can he say ask this without laughing?!

  • SoW Darkness
    SoW Darkness 7 days ago

    58 seconds in and I subscribed

  • Raven jonsen
    Raven jonsen 7 days ago

    nothing is wrong with humble

  • Yung Bean
    Yung Bean 7 days ago

    Lmao it's just a music video

    PARTY RAMPAGE 7 days ago

    Who else came here just to dislike the video because of the title

  • Antoine Watson
    Antoine Watson 7 days ago

    When I read "everything wrong" I thought it would be valid points made and these are just corny insults....

    • Joe Lyons
      Joe Lyons 7 days ago

      His entire channel in based around petty complaints, he does it as comedy, it isn't serious.

  • Antoine Watson
    Antoine Watson 7 days ago

    this video defines what a hater is omg. ofc a white guy would pick out details unnecessary to mention on a successful black man's video

    • Ink Fish
      Ink Fish 7 days ago

      That's what this channel is, you know that right?

  • Neon
    Neon 7 days ago

    U goofy asf lmao

  • Stale Meme
    Stale Meme 7 days ago

    That's not a fisheye lens it's a 360 camera

  • suh dewd
    suh dewd 7 days ago

    the naked girls with money is clearly a medafor for drug money

  • Walter Ritchey
    Walter Ritchey 7 days ago

    That's the worst you can complain about? Should've just been a 10 second video saying, "I couldn't really find any legitimate complaints. Kendrick is sick." The end.

  • Raymond navarro
    Raymond navarro 7 days ago

    worst video I ever seen Kendrick = goat

  • Marco Moldovan
    Marco Moldovan 7 days ago

    You could have pointed out an actual error: on the tiny world shot they forgot to edit out the shadow of the 360° camera rig that was mounted on his bike

  • IrishSullivanify
    IrishSullivanify 7 days ago

    Lmao idk how I came across this but it's funny. Somewhat like analytical trolling.............

  • XxFatima Play'sxX
    XxFatima Play'sxX 7 days ago

    are u fucking stuiped that was kendrick and the beginning of the song

  • Jaden Reed
    Jaden Reed 8 days ago


  • Notype Lily
    Notype Lily 8 days ago

    YouTube would've attacked him if he wouldn't have let Kendrick off easy

  • Rmozzz
    Rmozzz 8 days ago

    What's so great about it...? Besides the cool visuals (Fire, Fish Eye, etc.)

  • MC Mikey Gaming
    MC Mikey Gaming 8 days ago

    mutes the word nigga but not bitch..... dafuq???

    • Kat Begic
      Kat Begic 8 days ago

      Because n*gga is an offensive racial slur with a lot of history behind it, but bitch is a fun word for everyone XD

  • Francis Gravy
    Francis Gravy 8 days ago

    Beautiful evaluation

  • Silver Snowflake
    Silver Snowflake 8 days ago


  • Element Se7en
    Element Se7en 9 days ago

    I'm the biggest Kendrick fanboy you'll meet and I'll admit this was funny af

  • LPempty
    LPempty 9 days ago

    I mean those weren't even sins idk why people are offended. He is so right about the shitty songs he has been featured in tho goddamn.

  • donnacha
    donnacha 9 days ago

    Why the fuck cant i watch this shit

  • SpookeyLordzey
    SpookeyLordzey 9 days ago

    How ironic, The song name is humble and he's.. heh.

  • Dave _
    Dave _ 10 days ago


  • Instant Happy
    Instant Happy 10 days ago

    I love this song

  • Wheeljack Kablam
    Wheeljack Kablam 10 days ago

    u forgot the 3 in 34

  • Eric L
    Eric L 10 days ago

    Why did they delete it?

  • CashieBoii ._.
    CashieBoii ._. 10 days ago

    fuck this its the best song

    • Jlb Heart
      Jlb Heart 10 days ago

      That's why it only got four sins

  • Tom Dwan
    Tom Dwan 10 days ago

    The real reason you removed those sins are because Kendric fans are disabled and would hate you if you kept them. Over-hyped, garbage rapper.

  • أحمد عبدلراهيم

    its a music video what do u expect

  • Lily Hannah
    Lily Hannah 10 days ago

    After reading the comments I'm pretty sure around 6000 Kendrick Lamar's fans clicked dislike without watching until the end.... I love it. The fans are actually disliking a video that pretty much praises Kendrick's video. Even in the description it says "Kendrick Lamar is great."... so you guys disagree with that? Perfect! xD

    It will never not be interesting seeing fans getting triggered by these videos. I have no clue how you guys can survive in the internet with such thin skin. That doesn't sounds healthy, at all.

  • Lemon Dan21
    Lemon Dan21 11 days ago

    Fuckin lazer Sightz

  • The Dashboard
    The Dashboard 11 days ago

    Holy shit, these comments. K Dot Stans dick riding *hard*

  • Tack Solider
    Tack Solider 11 days ago

    Why don't you make a song idiot if you did it would be 1000000 times worse than humble

    • CYNCO
      CYNCO 11 days ago

      Watch till the end dick

  • Milton sutton
    Milton sutton 11 days ago

    If your just gonna hate than do these options 1 kill your self 2 stop watching kendrick lamar songs and vids 3 dont m,ake vids about what he is doing right cause YOU'LL GET FUCKED UP THAN BITCH

    • Lily Hannah
      Lily Hannah 10 days ago

      You're quite the idiot. Try to watch the entire video before trying to sound like a grown up.

  • Chris Christensen
    Chris Christensen 11 days ago

    if ur wondering why the lazers are everywhere, there shining on glass as well as kendrick

  • Virgil Barrios
    Virgil Barrios 11 days ago

    This comment section is cancer. It's not serious. Sit down and be humble.

  • Nithushan Rajabavan
    Nithushan Rajabavan 12 days ago

    can someone tell me why this video is not availble

  • Twenty Øne Piløts Tomboy

    This why the album name is DAMN. So people be like "DAMN. Kendrick Lamar the first rapper to have only 4 sins!"

  • Citlalli Mandujano
    Citlalli Mandujano 12 days ago

    this is funny. even though I like this song.

  • That gamerJP
    That gamerJP 12 days ago

    got one thing wrong thats not a fisheye lens shot, its a 360 camera shot.

  • Edgar Arriaga
    Edgar Arriaga 12 days ago

    This videos you do are terrible some people like this songs!!!So your the worst youtuber!!!

  • Bobby Critz
    Bobby Critz 12 days ago

    Listen I'm a big kendrick fan and ater watching the entirety I find this not insulting but funny. Stop being butthurt.

  • Marlay Caldwell
    Marlay Caldwell 13 days ago

    wtf this white bitch talking about he just mad that he don't get pussy next to him and money

  • Ria Killion
    Ria Killion 13 days ago

    why hate on this song its great

  • savantique
    savantique 13 days ago

    Comment section is proof that satire is a form of humor that everyone won't get.

    MCHLJUNIOR 13 days ago

    issa joke.

  • Wesley Sawyer
    Wesley Sawyer 13 days ago

    I don't care if it's Uzi Vert (garbage) or King K, there's no such thing as a music video sin. Music and music videos are forms of expression and saying there is a right way to go about these expressions is just plain foolish. This channel is worthless.

    • Xephcas Kingfox
      Xephcas Kingfox 4 days ago

      Mate, its a joke, you fucking bellend. Movies are forms of expression too, as is all art, but people still find ways to seriously critique those, don't they?

  • Europa Gen1
    Europa Gen1 13 days ago

    fucking hate this song. annoying as fuck

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