Lord of the Rings Medley - Lindsey Stirling

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    Filmed by Devin Graham. Devin is an amazing cinematographer so be sure to check out his channel: http://youtube.com/devinsupertramp

    Stephen Anderson did the sweet epic background orchestration. Stephen composes most of the music for my videos! You can check out his rad website and contact him here: http://www.stephenjanderson.com

    The dress was made by Shannon Mckinnon Cheek. She makes custom costumes and dresses. Her website is: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShansAttic

    When the storms of winter come
    Starless nights will come again.
    When the waining sun is gone
    We will walk in bitter lands
    But in dreams.

    The composer of the original, amazing Lord of the Rings soundtrack is Howard Shore. I arranged this medley based off his main themes.

    I had an opportunity to go to New Zealand so we filmed this while we were there. Kim Dotcom funded this whole trip and he not only provided our travel but he treated us so kindly and he gave us full access to a helicopter. I don't care what the media says about him, I consider him a friend.
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  • Ybbs2
    Ybbs2 6 hours ago

    Beautiful girl, beautiful song, beautiful voice.... :)

  • Kelvan Gadd
    Kelvan Gadd 1 day ago

    cony salvo herrera agreed

  • Jurek009
    Jurek009 2 days ago

    It just sounds sort of..wrong. The violin sounds way more complicated than necessary, and the harmony just sounds weird, imo.


    Hello two weeks ago burned my house with all my instruments, I really want to continue studying music but I no longer have a violin, I dreamed yesterday that I received a box with a violin by lindsey stirling, that she had learned what happened to me and I sent it as a gift, .. I know it's a dream, but if somehow someone from you would let it know, maybe, maybe ... who says?

  • Mad Dogs
    Mad Dogs 3 days ago


  • Lucia Guajardo Pellicer

    Londsey can you male a bso about cronicle of narnia?? Pliiss 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Moonlightgirlful
    Moonlightgirlful 3 days ago

    Lindsey, I love your voice, please sing more!

  • Patrick Reeners
    Patrick Reeners 4 days ago

    happy lindsey day!i named today lindsy day lol!cause im the wIZAND YOUR LINDSEY!SMILE!

  • Enolp
    Enolp 5 days ago

    I want that dress!!! ❤️❤️

  • Elven Wisdom
    Elven Wisdom 5 days ago

    truly the music of the Ainur <3

    ROHAN BAVISKAR 5 days ago

    ohh boy....!!!! LOTR still makes me happy ♡♡

  • Bellatrix Lestrange

    how does she walk in that dress

  • Magda Czaja
    Magda Czaja 6 days ago

    wooooooow!!! Ja KOCHAM Władce pierścieni!!!!! więcęj takich filmików! aż mam gęsią skórkę :-)

  • Airyn Duncan
    Airyn Duncan 6 days ago


  • Nesrin Kaya
    Nesrin Kaya 7 days ago

    huzur veriyor 🙏💞

  • Dr. Devashree Nadgauda

    She's an Angel of music !

  • Enrique Garcia
    Enrique Garcia 7 days ago


  • Damon Horak
    Damon Horak 7 days ago


  • Tom Rodgers
    Tom Rodgers 7 days ago


  • HeavenReservation
    HeavenReservation 8 days ago

    loved it!

  • Eleonora Manni
    Eleonora Manni 8 days ago


  • Jes Kvell
    Jes Kvell 9 days ago

    a perfect place for the music <3

  • Histhos
    Histhos 10 days ago

    It's beauty but the violon doesn't have enough power I think

    JAROD MILLER 11 days ago

    Her singing caught me off guard!!!! Is there anything that she can't do?!?!?!

  • omar R
    omar R 11 days ago

    Your singing is beautiful!!

  • George Bondarenko
    George Bondarenko 11 days ago

    Fabulous! Have you considered working with fellow Artists: David Lanz, David Arkenstone, or Tina Guo?

  • Kirito Mroku
    Kirito Mroku 11 days ago

    1:06 best <333333

  • FishfaceTV
    FishfaceTV 12 days ago

    Is This new zealand?

  • snehal chandran
    snehal chandran 12 days ago

    Lotr is such a beautiful thing... The book, the movie, the music and now your violin version.. Everything is just beautiful about lotr

  • Skye Cline
    Skye Cline 12 days ago

    I would love a Pirates of the Caribbean one.

  • Molly Sapadin
    Molly Sapadin 12 days ago

    I walked down the aisle to parts of this song!!!! :)

  • MrFischer1337
    MrFischer1337 13 days ago

    We want The Witcher!

  • Nguyen Tro
    Nguyen Tro 13 days ago


  • Ghazal Ghazal
    Ghazal Ghazal 14 days ago

    i am your fan lindsey

  • Raphael com ph
    Raphael com ph 14 days ago

    Simplesmente incrivel!

    WSA WAT 14 days ago

    Why you talk so much at the end? :(

  • Husky Gamer
    Husky Gamer 14 days ago

    New Zealand is beautiful :D

  • Robert Caffrey
    Robert Caffrey 15 days ago

    Lindsey I am truly sorry lost your best friend. But I believe you can be strong enough. You are a true entertainer. I love your videos, music and you.

  • Danielle Amanda
    Danielle Amanda 17 days ago

    Lindsey play The Pirates of the Caribbean, please!

  • First Last
    First Last 17 days ago

    Lindsey I love your violin music..

  • Chapel Tibet
    Chapel Tibet 18 days ago

    Oh Lindsey, sing more!

  • Kailee Walden
    Kailee Walden 18 days ago

    Can someone tell me the specific name of the song Lindsey sings?

  • لاواند السوري

    Ich danke dir

  • Diego R.L
    Diego R.L 19 days ago

    mujer tenias que ser

  • da legendary legend Ethan

    Do a colab with Taylor Davis

  • Lego Forestmen
    Lego Forestmen 19 days ago

    Your singing is incredible, I'm surprised you don't sing on more of your tracks, it would accompany your violin very well.

  • KinezaGOD R
    KinezaGOD R 19 days ago

    1:06 the turn from happy to Dark I LOVE IT

  • Minh Đức Đỗ
    Minh Đức Đỗ 20 days ago

    just a waste of time, many artists can play better than her!

  • two teen
    two teen 20 days ago

    this is my favorite

  • pablin pillin
    pablin pillin 20 days ago

    re viutiful!!!!!

  • Bishop E.R.
    Bishop E.R. 20 days ago

    I hope I find someone like you~

  • laydbakk1
    laydbakk1 20 days ago

    I love your pieces with those Gaelic/Celtic vibes and, undertones... Lindsey, you should hook up with some of the "sterling" Celt singers or, vocal ensembles and, put together an epic, truly rich, original song... You're a perfect fit...

  • Ø Ø
    Ø Ø 21 day ago

    You should do something with the musical cats please.

  • Zuzana Fulierova
    Zuzana Fulierova 21 day ago

    sikulka hraje to od srdce

  • Ahmad Mujahid
    Ahmad Mujahid 21 day ago


  • Jill Angst
    Jill Angst 21 day ago

    Amazing Singing and playing.

  • Mirella Gallo
    Mirella Gallo 21 day ago

    Come si fa a non amare il suono del violino...❤

  • New Code
    New Code 21 day ago

    I had a Dream About you Tonight <3

  • crazygir1xoxo
    crazygir1xoxo 21 day ago

    i live in New Zealand!

  • Ezekiel Baldwin
    Ezekiel Baldwin 21 day ago

    Wanted to tell u your wrist is bent into the violin

  • Jay God Lover
    Jay God Lover 22 days ago

    right Lindsey

  • Jay God Lover
    Jay God Lover 22 days ago

    so it's not

  • Jay God Lover
    Jay God Lover 22 days ago

    no I watched the king of the rings

  • the dimensional emus

    this is from 5 years ago but girly your singing is everything

  • EverShall 72396
    EverShall 72396 22 days ago

    This cover is beautiful like the movie. But mostly I read the book for the plot. I watch the movie for Legolas. 😗

  • Shinx Person
    Shinx Person 22 days ago

    Is there anything you can't do?

  • puppybear puppybear
    puppybear puppybear 23 days ago

    You are so much better than Taylor Davis, you're my hero, thank you, you have my favorite songs

  • Suhana Ilham
    Suhana Ilham 24 days ago

    can you do frozen let it go

  • Lady Sforza
    Lady Sforza 24 days ago

    That was the song why I felt in love with Lindsey Stirling <3 ;3
    That hair and clothing style is better then now...MUCH more better * o *

  • Emma White
    Emma White 24 days ago

    It's so cool how she's not even using the chin rest

  • Phoenix Flight Productions

    After all this time this is still my favourite thing on her channel

  • o1o1 1o10
    o1o1 1o10 25 days ago

    brought to you by kim

  • Analía Calmejane
    Analía Calmejane 26 days ago

    "I won't say do not weep. For not all tears are evil" ❤

  • Adelyn Yee
    Adelyn Yee 26 days ago

    Bless Lindsey stirling!!!! :)

  • Ana Luiza Gontijo
    Ana Luiza Gontijo 27 days ago

    Oi, sou do Brasil e adimiro seu trabalho. Também era violinista até que tive que me mudar de cidade e devolver o violino que não era meu. Não tenho dinheiro para comprar um.

  • Kira Cat
    Kira Cat 27 days ago

    Still the most gorgeous video I've ever seen. Everything is breathtaking and makes me want to cry. Love your work!!! Never stop

  • Taron D'Arcy
    Taron D'Arcy 28 days ago

    Lindsey realy is the Mistress of the Strings!

  • Terrence Snow
    Terrence Snow 28 days ago

    You sing beautifully. Good luck on your tour!

  • Scylla
    Scylla 28 days ago

    I grow up with this songs

  • Orçun Gök
    Orçun Gök 28 days ago

    This is adorable !

  • LatefA Mada
    LatefA Mada 28 days ago

    i love you Lindsey stirling 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Devilsfire Feuershow GbR

    Sehr schön!

  • 80811X
    80811X 29 days ago

    It's a shame you didn't get to help make the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit soundtrack you sure would do it justice.

  • Bia Lizák
    Bia Lizák 29 days ago


  • RT Texas Gaming
    RT Texas Gaming 29 days ago

    lindsey stirling you look so beautiful in a white dress wow <3

  • HeavyMetal Gamer
    HeavyMetal Gamer 1 month ago

    This is absolutely gorgeous

  • Francisco Ferrer Galiana

    Bella música de El Señor de los Anillos

  • Михаило Венгерович

    Живущая со скрипкой! Танцующая со скрипкой! Богиня )

  • Андрей Ширманов

    Rohan theme the best=)

  • Archadies Leafwalker

    Absolutely beautiful voice.

  • Nevara of the Gerudo

    This is so beautiful I cried!!!!!!

  • Olivia Beakman
    Olivia Beakman 1 month ago

    I now have found my future wedding dress. So elegant!!

  • LOTR Joyyabby
    LOTR Joyyabby 1 month ago

    those who disliked are orcs

  • LOTR Joyyabby
    LOTR Joyyabby 1 month ago

    taylor vs lindsey

  • FishNugget 501
    FishNugget 501 1 month ago

    This song is so beautiful. Lindsey is so beautiful. The landscape is so beautiful. The books are beautiful. This got me in my feels...

  • rodrigo guedes de villa


  • Miranda 0022
    Miranda 0022 1 month ago

    Beautifully played!!

  • Addison Wurtz
    Addison Wurtz 1 month ago

    my moms Sade is from New Zealand.

  • Porsh Sauerhoefer
    Porsh Sauerhoefer 1 month ago

    Lord of the rings is my favorite set of books and movies ever so this made me so happy!!! I just ♡ love this video and the dress for Petes sake the dress she wore! If her hair was longer she'd look like an elf!

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