Croque Madame: The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Special thanks to SCJ for shooting - the ultimate breakfast sandwich for hangovers, one-night-stands, or both. This video was made in response to a Reddit AMA question: What's your favorite breakfast sandwich?

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Author JajaHoolia ( ago)
Love all your videos. I always appreciate getting to see you eat some of it and the reaction. Would have been wonderful to see that here. Keep up the good work!

Author muhamat aliyev ( ago)
0:08 did you have hair 0_0

Author Mr Duke Silver ( ago)
Epic oven

Author Martial Sunwalk ( ago)
holy shit *lightbulb*

Author Donovan Vaughan ( ago)
this dude is adept at manipulating perception and appealing to his audience; well done

Author SpontaneousCombustionMan ( ago)
What about the count of Monte Crisco sandwich? Just me?

Author Leo ( ago)
What about favorite sandwich ever...I really just want to see you make a Bánh mì.

Author CT-5597 Jesse ( ago)
Wait what?!

Author GROENEPANT3R ( ago)
Do you use the same background music for all your videos ya fat cunt?

Author Brian Payne ( ago)
croque madam sounds like a lady frog

Author Emilia Schöld ( ago)
I heared "fried chicken ass" as the first sentence of the video

Author Flying Geco Love ( ago)
"your going to want to brush your rustic loaf with melted butter then pile it high with ham" That is my favorite sentance

Author jaydee timmins ( ago)
For staff meal I like to french toast the bread and I am not not cooking eggs for the whole staff so its a monte cristo/ croque monsieur .....clogging everyones arteries :D

Author Kato Kivera ( ago)
That last shot was like... magical man. You gave me a food boner. Go on you beautiful man who cooks food in a most comedic, well-shot and instructive manner

Author darwincity ( ago)
I'd rather have this for a lunch (that, or an uitmeister), but hey, who am I to judge.

Author Alex Jackaman ( ago)
you should have added cheese to the roux sauce it adds more flavour and doesn't affect the consistency that much

Author Tony T ( ago)
Where's the cross section???

Author Forest Armstrong ( ago)
I kinda want the Ultimate Sandwich from the titular NSP song

Author Issa ( ago)
When I first saw your vids being shared on facebook, I thought it would be just like any other cooking channel, but I was seriously wrong! Love the editing, the aesthetic, your humor, and of course, the food! Subbed! ❤️

Author fire mate ( ago)
where is cross section

Author Liam Kitsingh ( ago)

Author Elizabeth Teng ( ago)
hey andrew, when you use equal parts butter and flour for the roux, is that by mass or by volume?

Author Micaela Harper ( ago)
We call this croque monsieur in French class

Author dwt0031 ( ago)
What cookware do you use?

Author Nejc Novak ( ago)
This was the first video that I watched on this channel. I remember being baffled by the low amount of views and lack of other videos on this channel. Looking at the views and number of videos now, I'm very satisfied.

Author IAmMarc2 _ ( ago)
Andrew ia so cool, butmi couldn't life in his house. Meat is the most important food, yet andrew cooks his rare so... nah.

Author Amanda Armenta ( ago)
I love his videos but I hate when he doesn't taste it at the end and tell me exactly how good it is 😞

Author Sheila Lucanas ( ago)
I discovered you through a Facebook video where you were interview and I have binge watch all your videos

Author Baxter Katz ( ago)
I love yours vids funny and well edited!!!

Author impossichannel ( ago)
fuck i shouldnt be watching this on passover...

Author St-John Salisbury ( ago)
Why no cross section? i demand that you make that sandwich again and remake the video!

Author Vanessa Dal Bosco ( ago)
idk your voice makes this 100x better its really soothing and chill to listen to

Author Julian ( ago)
Your like the vsauce of food shows

Author Jorge Cardoza ( ago)
Dude... Where's the mustard?!

Author Chloe Weir ( ago)
What I love about this channel is that he doesn't waste my time by doing the standard YouTuber intro and outro. "Hey Guys!!!! Insert 5 minutes of pointless introduction." Then again at the end, recapping the whole thing and begging for a like or a subscribe.

Subscribed anyway. Good channel.

Author Omar Ben ( ago)
You forgot mustard :(

Author aligator381 ( ago)
Delivery, humour and voice kinda reminds me of Casually Explained. I love it!

Author Alex Ferrer ( ago)
What?? No cross section? unfathomable.

Author Marlon Torres ( ago)
This dude is an incredible chef! And he has instagrahm go follow!

Author Omega-Tech ( ago)
Brush my rustic loaf ;)

Author Chloe Vicos ( ago)
I would want to be paid in bread too

Author KZ O ( ago)
Do you post ingredient lists?

Author Shari Rivera ( ago)
Definitely my favorite b'fast sammich.

Author Andrey Smolyakov ( ago)
Man, your voice. It's charming.

Author StreetFighterFan777 ( ago)
Jesus, this must be expensive. Looks heavenly though.

Author Burak Eren ( ago)
Is it weird I hate beschamel sauce? It's just too... i dont know... heavy I guess?

Author Hunter Cook ( ago)
is that an rjd2 beat?

Author nhojemon ( ago)
I always have to wonder if the croque monsieur/madame distinction being eggs was a pun or not.

Author chuong19 ( ago)
So. Fucking. Bomb.

Author smartacus88 ( ago)
I'd eat that sumbitch like it was my second cousins pussy.

Author Neurotic Sos ( ago)
I'd cook this if I lived on my own and wasn't pLAUGED WITH ANXIETY

Author iamGomer ( ago)
Grate video!! Just missing the great yolk money shot - Still!!!! I'm going to get hungover right now so I can try this.

Author Mike Frander ( ago)
Croque Madaaaaaam your videos are good!

Author angellover02171 ( ago)
No raspberry jam or mustard on the bread?

Author Commissar Penguin ( ago)
what type of camera do you use?

Author Sachin Iyengar ( ago)
no... CROSS SECTION?!!?!??!!?

Author odie oconnor ( ago)
no cross section cut???

Author Reinaldo Sabb ( ago)
you bare hand this or fork and knife?

Author ming mctooter ( ago)
NO CROSS SECTION?!?! *stabs eye with fork*

Author davey lad45 ( ago)
Do away with the bechamel. Not needed. Just put a different type of cheese on and season it the same as the sauce.

Author RedTiger ( ago)
I was waiting for the cut in half scene wtf

Author Lindsey Marie ( ago)
So happy I found your channel (the Sunny inspired foods video lured me in). For my day job, I work as a chef and it makes me quite happy to see your passion (and talented execution!). Keep up the good work! Much respect.

Author TheOCDEngineer ( ago)
Do you think he is always late for work?

Author Baker's Bread ( ago)
And then ill take this Croque Madame... AND EAT IT

death note

Author Matthew Garrett ( ago)
No cross section? I feel betrayed.

Author ejsrocket ( ago)
Make sure it's toasted evenly and put on a brillo pad??? OK if you say so

Author michael brosseau ( ago)
no beautiful cross section?!

Author Graham Sutherland ( ago)
Any suggestions on what I could use if I'm not a fan of bechamel sauce? I know I'm in the minority, but I find it far too flat and floury tasting. Perhaps a hollandaise?

Author Sarah W ( ago)
no cross section with oozing egg yolk? 😭😭😭

Author Omar Valenzuela ( ago)
You sir, you are my food god

Author Hi I'm A Potato ( ago)
Croque Madame avec le fromage

Author TheVesme ( ago)
I love a good breakfast sandwich. Never tried Croque Madame before, may have to try this out for myself.

Author The Mad Hacker ( ago)
meanwhile, my breakfast sammich is egg, a slice of cheese and hot sauce...

Author SniperB 83 ( ago)
How about the sandwich that Rodney Dangerfield made in Back to School?

Author Abhimanyu Goyal ( ago)
What song does he use

Author lokken23 ( ago)
Hmm you just reminded me to clean my oven and stove top. There's bits there from a few weeks ago lmao.

Author Blake Lawton ( ago)
You forgot the cross section

Author HoneyBadger ( ago)
Munchies has you beat sorry

Author Aster Maxwell ( ago)
Who is your cameraman?

Author Treshaun McKnight ( ago)
instructions not clear, I got kicked kicked out and banned from the Vatican.

Author Diddlydang Goodgg90 ( ago)
this video makes me ask myself what have I been eating my whole life I finally found out garbage compared to this

Author Wealthy Pepsi ( ago)
should have used nicer ham but oh well

Author youarenttoosmart ( ago)
Please impregnate my wife

Author Gabriel Nguyen ( ago)
killin' it with all these releases!

Author Joe Seabuhr ( ago)
plaster on the finger from the apple peeler lmao

Author Gwlyddyn ( ago)

Author Erica Hutchinson ( ago)
Love these videos, but I don't know how many more times I can listen to "Cream on Chrome" playing in the background. Got any other music?

Author Nickk IRL ( ago)
You really did cut yourself peeling apple. 1:19 I love the lure.

Author Ely Mods ( ago)
whenever I cook breakfast food it takes me so long it's lunch time by the time it is ready

Author Earl Dosdos ( ago)
Can you say pepper, pepper, pepper next time when you add pepper hahaha

Author Scelina Ortega ( ago)
This gives off Good Eats vibes! I love it!

Author Snugfit Jersey ( ago)
Thanks for're the man....

Author Kyle Trick ( ago)
I just made this for dinner and omg it was amazing. Thanks for these videos man

Author Rekt ( ago)
You've quickly become my favorite channel on Youtube

Author dapete ( ago)

Author Alowishus Davander ( ago)
OH MY GOD.... where's the money shot? No shot of breaking the yolk and cutting into it...?

Author Tristin Solorzano ( ago)
I've tried this and holy shit is it delicious. It's really fattening though, so I kind of feel guilty for eating it a lot. Kind of.

Author BronzeTrash ( ago)
What is kosher salt? is that a jewish thing? are you jewish?

Author YetAnotherAsian ( ago)
Waaay too much work

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