Top 5 | Things I don't miss about living in Japan

Another Japan video! I looove talking about Japan and I miss a lot of things about my Japanese life. However there are, of course, many things I certainly do not miss about living in Japan. Find out the top things I don't miss about life in Japan!

I was watching some YouTube videos about what people don't miss about a particular country and at first I thought they were kind of hate videos. But after watching them I realized that's not true. I found out so many interesting things about that country, more than I would've learned if I watched a "what I miss about ____ ".

I believe the experience of living in Japan depends on so many things: what kind of job you have, what you look like, where in Japan you live, that many people may disagree with me, which is fine! Please let me know what you miss/don't miss about Japan or any other countries you may have lived in.

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Author juandenz2008 ( ago)
She looks Japanese, I know she is from Brazil but she must have Japanese ancestry ! I thought this was a good video. I liked living in Japan and Japanese life has many good aspects. The things she mentioned didn't even bother me, my top 5 dislikes are
1. Racism. It doesn't happen that often but when it does happen it is quite annoying. Some person might abuse you and a couple of times I was refused service. Might be hard to rent an apartment.
2. Weather. Summers can be really hot, too hot (maybe not a big deal for Brazilians)
3. Stereotypes. Once I was at work and was drinking some iced tea from a vacuum flask and the boss asked me "are you drinking alcohol ?" After I replied No he then thought for a while and asked me "are you drinking beer ?"
4. Poor pay for jobs such as English teachers and probably a lack of respect to
5. Bad driving. The driving isn't aggressive, but there is so much inattention (talking on phones etc), also lots of children are not restrained in cars. You see cars zipping along with kids standing in the front seat etc.
(I didn't really have a problem with customer service. I lived in an area with lots of Brazilians most people thought I was Brazilian too, but actually I'm not Brazilian. Still the customer service was pretty good - of course there were some exceptions).

Author Truth Honor ( ago)
people in North America take too many vacation and less work. that is why a construction project aimed to finish in 5 years in actuality it is taking 10 years to build due to many delays. what a huge waste of money.

Author MontrealBengalitiger Samurai モントリオール ( ago)
you are beautiful.

Author Tieia Middleton ( ago)
I lived in Korea for 2 years. I remember being shoved into on a train or walking in a crazy area. I was many inches taller, so I adapted. I learned to kind of puff myself up and just plow through!

Author Just Me ( ago)
sorry of my poor english and mistakes in writing.i am still new here to this and shy to write.ok thank you very much.Bye bye for now

Author cartergirl3of3 ( ago)
This is the first video I've ever seen of hers and I'm so confused, can someone please explain?: Shes FROM Brazil, LIVES IN the States and LIVED IN Japan???

Author CityBoyGoneWild ( ago)
Was the cost of living (compared to USA big cities) also a challenge?

Author 3 moopuuti ( ago)
日本のことをあまり良く思っていない人が多いことを初めて知りました!日本のTV番組では、外国と比較して日本人がpoliteであるとか、いわゆるweabooに関してのみ取り上げていました。日本人は自国のことを良い国だと思ってる人は多いです。何にでも色んな側面があって、悪い部分をpick upすれば悪く思われるし、反対にたくさんの良い部分を知ってもらえれば誤解もとけると思います。

Author Shirito Integrator ( ago)

Author Vashti Daily ( ago)
I am a huge fan of how well you articulated your experiences in Japan. :)

Author potato girl ( ago)
よく私は迷惑をかける あなたは嫌いなビデオのように思える

Author Tethloach1 ( ago)
You look hot.

Author SockBomb ( ago)
Some things I didn't understand.

1) Japanese restaurants don't have a tip system so looking like you have money doesn't associate with service.

2) Japan is a small country.Thus public transportation is very relevant. Most office workers use it to get to work every day. Riding a train in rush hour is ridiculous. 80% of the people are standing. Apologizing for every person you come in contact with is obviously meaningless. Honestly just be happy your not getting groped.

3) People don't hold doors for you.
That's not something you can judge a country on...

4)Holidays are special for Japanese people. It's culture. For Japanese people, weekends are time to regain energy to work the next week. Americans work FOR the weekends.
Theres a massive difference there. Meaning long breaks are the only time for Japanese people to actually enjoy break.

I admit Japanese people are more narcissistic than others. But it seems like you don't know how they are raised.

ASIAN-BRAZILIAN......HUH? YOU ARE NOT JAPANESE? If you look like a duck, walk like a duck, and quack like a duck, then you probably are a duck.

Author syndicate0101 ( ago)
+Erika Smith😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
*WHAT A HOTTIE!!!!*.......*JAPAN'S LOSE, IS OUR GAIN*!!!!!!!!!........

Author キャット G ( ago)
I like having smaller portions, not needing to be a pig in most places, but if I want more, I'll go to a tabehoudai or a place where they give free refills for rice!
 Korea is worse for the train manners, people skip the line all the time, even when I was waiting to get on the elevator, three or four older people ran in so I couldn't get on (it was a small elevator and I had a bag and was in the front), and it pissed me off from the good manners in Japan.
 Customer Service is terrible in the west, and sometimes in Tokyo. Here, I get horrible service! Not every store in Japan will you get perfect customer service, but the amount of good service you get there is far beyond the west. Here I hate small talk, and it happens ALL the time.

Author Zero point minus two ( ago)
Jij bent echt lekker.

Author Mâchoire ( ago)
I'm a guy; All food portions are small to me.
I'm a guy; Customer service is always shit for me.
I'm a guy; Getting bumped into in public and not being apologized to is normal for me.
I'm a guy; I don't vacation either, because it's a stupid waste of money.
I'm a guy; I don't give a shit about other people's smoking habits.

Author aoi otonashi ( ago)
i went to japan few years ago. my friends and i walk from train station to our home which took us 10 minutes, the neighbourhood were silent as its getting dark. then a person on bicycle, he was riding on the road and suddenly get on the pedestrian and try to hit us. we were so shock about that. luckily there no car on the road. that person don't even care as he pretended that we don't even there. i believe everywhere you go, such person exists.

Author hungr4anime ( ago)
you have really nice eyebrows. i wish i had eyebrows like that too. #admiration

Author Ammo Man ( ago)
You don't look look Chinese.
Which would explain the poor treatment because the Japanese do not like Chinese.

Author Bleed Purple & Gold ( ago)
I've heard hospitals are closed on weekends in Japan. Can anyone elaborate?

Author Jnana Kirti ( ago)
I am a weeb, and I liked this video. No, I have never think Japan is a fantasy land. But I love anime, and Japanese language

Author David Ziegenbusch ( ago)
If you are not rich you may not like how very expensive everything is in Japan. I guess if people can afford to vacation or live there it doesn't matter.

Author David Lloyd ( ago)
Your video was interesting, even enlightening, but I found your editing to be distracting. I guess you videoed it in one hit, and cut out the bits where you started to ramble. You had five points to make, so it would have been better if you videoed it in five segments, with a concise script for each segment.

Author astroboy3507 ( ago)
I love the customer service in Japan!!

Author fritzchic ( ago)
just so strange to watch someone who looks so Japanese 'bashing' Japan. Just sayin'...and don't bash me for having my opinion like you have your own opinion.

Author ( ago)
You are beautiful

Author lullemans72 ( ago)
i didn't quite get your point about good/bad customer service. you mentioned having experienced "the worst" customer service as well but didn't elaborate on that. would you mind doing that now, please?

Author farabovetheclouds ( ago)
Japan is a society built on rank and hierarchy and I think that's where a lot of the problems in the culture stem from, some people who are high in society (Doctors, Teachers, Business Owners etc) are mostly pretty good people, but then there are some people who think they are higher than everyone else, and these people walk around thinking the world owes them something, and they demand respect wherever they go, yet they have done nothing to earn it. Since we can't judge on first impressions if someone is high or low in society most Japanese revert to the most polite form of addressing someone before knowing who they really are. As a result, people abuse that, they could be quite low in rank or they could be high but just not a nice person. You move up in Japan not because of talent or experience, just how long you've been doing it...

Author sweet okole ( ago)
your english is too good for you to be brazilian. your title does not match what your video is about. are you of korean descent?

Author KoiFlow ( ago)
Awesome video. I've seen a lot of videos about japan but never mentioned these. Insightful, thanks.

Author yamakita p ( ago)
Is she Korean?

Author Jofel Anareta ( ago)
what the fuck are you talking about small portion of food! where do you fucking eat? only in japan where you are served food than is larger than the picture on the menu.

Author Johan Öberg ( ago)
Hmm Japan must be a proud country since videos with criticism of it, even polite, will get a fair amount of downvotes and bad comments.

Author Roy Morales ( ago)
schould have dropped the bomb closer to her house lol

Author oooo78 ( ago)
i would travel to japan BUT I WOULD NEVER LIVE/MOVE THERE lol too polite too army like no freedom too much control in japan

Author mess i ( ago)
you're cute. wheres your accent from

Author Lucas Gabriel ( ago)
Brazilian 💜💜💜

Author Julia L ( ago)
Video stats @1:12

Author Raeon raiam ( ago)
What I miss about japan is use my horse size d*** in japanese girls

Author Kaycie F ( ago)
I totally understand customer service can be sucks if you look Japanese because I'm Japanese but I've spent a quite long time in Australia. I was refused to get tax free(duty free) at so many shops when I was on holiday in Tokyo because they couldn't understand someone looks quite Japanese and speaks fluent Japanese like myself but not Japanese in the document but my girls friends from Aus who looks obviously non Japanese didn't get in trouble at all lol

Author Love Rule ( ago)
she's Japanese from Brazil interesting

Author Lorelai ( ago)
Your make up and hair is on point. Can you do makeup tutorials please?

Author Carlo Delano ( ago)
You're not from Brazil, obviously you're Chinese or something.

Author edman8883 ( ago)
You're fucking stupid, complaining about stupid shit that is not even that bad in Japan. Go to China, and see wtf will happen to your dumbass.

Author Kenzie Jackson ( ago)
I love the way you say Japan

Author Nation For ( ago)
I think everyone who complains about living in Japan, I recommand them to live In North Korea , then they will realize they are super happy in this country.

Author Tsnore ( ago)
Five things I dislike about livin' in Nippon? OK, here I go:
1. Gerobachi (loose or chunky vomit) all over the place nightly, especially in bonenkai season
2. Sputum on roads and pavement and train platforms; so many smokers, so much clammy sputum about
3. Bad breath, rotten food decaying galore and gum disease stench just about everywhere; brushing? dentists? What're those?
4. Racist cops profiling me and anyone who doesn't look wajin: shake-downs, searches, ID checks etc., all illegal under Japanese law without probable cause or warrant and un-Constitutional (Article 34 and 35)
5. Mumbling drunken ojisan who do not like me within 15 meters of their purview and let me know it daily, verbally.

See you next time for many more important points!

Author Red Jackal ( ago)
Jopeng is good place

Author Brittany Titcombe ( ago)
in my stay in Nagoya I had quite the opposite experience with people bumping into me. in fact nobody did everyone was super polite and I noticed this so much more in China. I perceived it as rude at first but had to remember how populated the county was and because of the large amount of public transit it's just going to happen.

Author Hiroshige Utagawa ( ago)

Author Cal Kim ( ago)
is this video deleted? why can't i view this????O.o .. I meam I cam only watch the first 30 sec

Author Fuyu Winter ( ago)
My fiance is Japanese and we've never had a problem whenever we're in Japan with customer service. I guess maybe because he's from quite a small town? I even get spoken to the same way as other Japanese customers. They speak very quickly to me and are surprised when my Japanese isn't as good as theirs, but they're all lovely and understanding from my experience. :)

Author Mori Soba ( ago)
Haha.. Komeda Coffee. Honestly, for a native Japanese like me those five things are not the worst at all. Actually some government employees or policemen are very rude. And there are many old fashioned rules which don't meet the needs of today's society anymore.

Author Alessandro Takeshi Morita Gagliardi ( ago)
Eu sempre passo fome no Japão também haha. As porções são pequenas demais.
Uma coisa que eu nao aguento é a ALTURA das casas/trens etc. Tendo 1,90m, não passa uma semana sem que eu bata a cabeça na parede na casa de alguém, ou nas argolas nos trens.

Author amanda cbx ( ago)

Author Korean Peninsula ( ago)
Japan is Island. Control no Choice is all part of Island culture.

Author R Ww ( ago)
Never had a problem, in normal situations, of people not apologizing after bumping into me.

Author Ichigo Kurashaki ( ago)
you look cute

Author KeiDude18 ( ago)
Yeah I understand that costumer service problem >_> it sucks....

Author The Khan ( ago)
love the japs

Author simoninsingapore ( ago)
I find something really interesting about bad customer service in Japan. They are quite common if you are foreign and especially if the person serving is wearing a hygiene mask!. I see so many people in Japan wearing masks and I was told that it's because these people night have a flu. I reckon these people wear masks so they can be rude without consequences.

Author Aleksi Himself ( ago)
I am living in Kobe and I gotta say I disagree with a few things you said here. As for the restaurant portions, I was also worried at fjrst because I am very tall guy and I consume a lot of food. Bu since coming t I haven't had problem of getting enough food. In my university we can get our tummies full for around 500 yen and some good small places also offer pretty decent meals for 500-600 yen. As for more fancier places I have never left with a hunger.

For the bumping problem, I've never had problems with bumps, neither in Tokyo or elsewhere. Those bumps happen occasionally but I do get apologies and I do not consider them as rude.

For the smoking part I absolutely agree with you. I hate smoking and it's annoying in bars and clubs when you're clothes smell like crap when you get home.

I tried to assess my points constructively. Thanks for making this video. It's interesting to see what kind of experiences people have. :)

Author david Lewis ( ago)
I like hearing the good and band vary informative, have a sub (not one from subway)

Author Estheris Bach ( ago)
Great tips thank u! :) new subscriber <3

Author op3l ( ago)
I got shooshed out of a restaurant in Japan. first time in my life I've been just shooshed out complete with the back of the hand pushing out motion. Honestly it ruined my Japan fantasy completely.

Author yunuslee ( ago)
I don't miss to be forbidden to smoke in the street except the smoking areas, tiring to look for all around the city in Tokyo. Yes and definitely the little tiny things they serve you in the restaurants or fast foods.

Author Aaron Legaspi ( ago)
Thanks Erika Smith for wonderful tips about Japan. One of the things you said is Japanese are poor speaking in English. I have also plans to teach English in Japan. You also mentioned that Japanese do not take a long vacation. Most of them are focusing on work rather than leisure. Obrigado Senhorita.

Author Mr. Fisto ( ago)
will you marry me?

Author gengotaku ( ago)
Não gosto do atendimento aos clientes aqui pois, apesar de ser polido, não demonstra um tratamento personalizado. Quanto tempo você morou no Japão?

Author Asmodis ( ago)
Cool so in japan i can just smoke in a coffee ? TIME TO MOVE THERE!

Author TokyoNerd ( ago)
You like to eat lots of food? Isn't that why most Americans are overweight? Do you really need all that food? Japanese people would take longer vacations if they could get the time off. Have you ever tried getting time off from a typical Japanese company?

Author EIMI X ( ago)
Something I really don't miss about japan was when people will be handing out pamphlets left and right. I'm a shy person, and I really don't like having to deal with those kind of situations...I would cross the road or take a detour just to avoid them. One time a man got really aggressive towards me when I politely declined to accepting his pamphlets. He then got all racist on me and started yelling. he made a BIG scene in front of the station! I will never forget omg,,

Author Scott Clay ( ago)
I like your accent ^^

Author Kanishk Dhanker ( ago)
Being a Vegetarian In Japan ?

Author Beth K ( ago)
Thanks for sharing, its good to know the good and "annoying".

Author J. Midnite ( ago)
I've never had a problem with food portions except when I haven't eaten in days. Also, I think it's fairly cheap and tasty enough that I don't mind at all. It all depends on how much you and your companions eat. :)

Author n1hondude ( ago)
Gostei!! :D

Author Buk Lau (1004 years ago)
She's hot

Author superkev12345678 ( ago)
Bad manners - have to disagree. I always got an apology whether at Shinjuku station in peak hour, or some packed bar.

Author Amanda M. ( ago)
Mew Meow YouTuber who ever you are that's the rudest comment , some people even don't want to know where people live you are stupid that hurts other people to , be careful what you say !

Author nandos112 ( ago)
yeah american land of the fatty

Author Gretchen de aro ( ago)
Are you a Chinese?

Author Amanda M. ( ago)
for the food I eat not a lot so that's perfect for me xD

Author All Things Japan ( ago)
Nice video from Yokohama Bob!

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