Bud Light Commercial #3

Another short comedy from Bud Light.
As seen on The Sunday Funnies

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Author Rufus Leakin ( ago)
"Step back? I step back to Hackensack right after I pluck you clean like a
turkey, Papi!"

Author Forever Forgiven in Christ Jesus ( ago)
@:08 well we all know who that is....

Author Michelle Keys ( ago)
He he he he! That was terrific! I love Cockatoos! Can't you tell?

Author Roberta Gardino ( ago)
0:33 Is that Shane Walsh?

Author MrNYCman530 ( ago)
Step back? I step back to Hackensack!! LMAO!

Author scrambledpenis ( ago)
@Wombatius123 hispanic people are filthy rats and they are everywhere like
a disease! 

Author ajmilagros ( ago)
Why the hell does an Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoo have a Mexican
accent?!!! Bloody Budweiser NFI!! 

Author Jesse Woodrow ( ago)
LMAO ! ! !

Author Wombatius123 ( ago)
He's saying "Papi," not "puppy." "Papi" is some nickname the Latinos use as
a term of endearment. You hear it constantly in L. A. and it is really

Author Allyssa Gary ( ago)
@ knobben100,gaywad nutins gonna happen,and sorry but if u read this IM
gonna kill ur momma!

Author manga12 ( ago)
there is just one thing, cockatoos are from australia on the other side of
the world, an amazon, or macaw would be native to south america and would
be a much more plasable choice for this to be true. Not to say a cute
little cockatoo isnot funny chaseing guys off.

Author terremoto17 ( ago)
many the brazilian fighting cacatoo is amazing

Author Side of Garlic Bread ( ago)

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