Bud Light Commercial #3

Another short comedy from Bud Light.
As seen on The Sunday Funnies

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Author Michelle Keys (2 months)
He he he he! That was terrific! I love Cockatoos! Can't you tell?

Author Forever Forgiven in Christ Jesus (6 days)
@:08 well we all know who that is....

Author KitkCat (5 years)
"you dont wanna go there puppy!" lol XD XD XD XD

Author blueblob4 (6 years)
You got hair gel in your ears mister?-LOL

Author forfunikillu (4 years)
yew got hair gel in jo earhs!

Author tonychopper2 (4 years)
oh god i love that bird

Author Banitzu (7 years)

Author ConureMaster (6 years)
that intro is gay.

Author ajmilagros (3 years)
Why the hell does an Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoo have a Mexican
accent?!!! Bloody Budweiser NFI!!

Author Isaku23 (6 years)
Wow, that parrot's show the man who's boss!

Author Jesse Woodrow (3 years)
LMAO ! ! !

Author MrNYCman530 (3 years)
Step back? I step back to Hackensack!! LMAO!

Author Wombatius123 (5 years)
He's saying "Papi," not "puppy." "Papi" is some nickname the Latinos use as
a term of endearment. You hear it constantly in L. A. and it is really

Author terremoto17 (7 years)
many the brazilian fighting cacatoo is amazing

Author cromatical (5 years)
its papi...

Author MrSmokes21 (3 years)
I love this comericial so much. I wish this would happen in real life.

Author LINKthePIRATE913 (6 years)

Author Roberta Gardino (2 years)
0:33 Is that Shane Walsh?

Author FusionChords (5 years)
Ai Yai Yai, Hey Chulo, Didn't u Hear the Lady my Friend!!... Do you have
HairGell in your ears Blubberboy!! Guy: Hey Stand back Ahn?! Stand BAck?!?!
PAPI !!!! You don't want to Go there Papi!

Author ConureMaster (6 years)
@mangofruitjuice: go to hell. cockatoos are about
832140217562013752102895702185732019847307142309560x better than you.

Author manga12 (6 years)
there is just one thing, cockatoos are from australia on the other side of
the world, an amazon, or macaw would be native to south america and would
be a much more plasable choice for this to be true. Not to say a cute
little cockatoo isnot funny chaseing guys off.

Author Bill Evans (6 years)
sounds like robin williams

Author scrambledpenis (3 years)
@Wombatius123 hispanic people are filthy rats and they are everywhere like
a disease!

Author Allyssa Gary (5 years)
@ knobben100,gaywad nutins gonna happen,and sorry but if u read this IM
gonna kill ur momma!

Author mangofruitjuice (7 years)
damn cockatoos

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