Battle For Berkeley EXPOSED Cinco de Milo ANTI-Free Speech Event (Redsilverj)

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  • Ezra
    Ezra 1 month ago

    this is all purpose for a stronger executive arm.

  • alex sorom
    alex sorom 1 month ago

    it was about the university at Berkley having to cancel milo, and coulter's speeches becayse the snowflake college kids complaining that the right is threarening them so they would do these protests and so berkley cancelled. then milo came out and said he wants to do his speech anywhere, because he has a right to free speech (and he is correct). this whole incident is about stupid fascists (the extreme left) wanting to silence the right because they dont agree with them.

  • Rum Mug the Orc
    Rum Mug the Orc 1 month ago

    Happy cinco de milo!!!!!

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 1 month ago

    I wasn't there for either side. Main just curious to see what was going on. From what I saw and experienced was that it was it was Antifa that started it. The pro free speech crowd just reacted to having M-80s, and military grade smoke grenades at them. I also want to say that girl that claims to be so innocent seconds earlier she was attacking with and throwing empty wine bottles that were in her backpack. Oh and the story she fed to the media was 95% bull. I also wanted to point out that there were more Blacks, Hispanics, gay, trans, Muslims, and true liberals on the side of free speech, which surprised me.

  • kikthatcan
    kikthatcan 1 month ago

    Man you have been dismissing reality for years, always claiming to be above both sides of every argument using only media content. Anyone can take a 3rd party source of any event and find holes in the original story. Once you got subs you stopped trying and that is why you will never get the views you want.

  • The Fitz
    The Fitz 1 month ago

    Uh... the weaponizing of these protests was started by the antifa thugs.

  • The Dougherty
    The Dougherty 1 month ago

    You're all a bunch of fuckin Communists

  • Migetru
    Migetru 1 month ago

    and this is why the independent party doesnt mean shit.

  • journeyquest1
    journeyquest1 1 month ago

    Frog in the pot chipping away of our rights.

  • oak mitchell
    oak mitchell 1 month ago

    left vs right is like choosing between being an ass hole or the whole ass.

  • Mimi Moments
    Mimi Moments 1 month ago

    damn good

  • El Gringo Newman Shabazz Al Shia Moor

    been saying this is staged provocation from day 1. If you are happy with the government then there is no need to go to berkeley and hold a "protest" Protest is when you are AGAINST something and you want to CHANGE it. Its not to go to a city and protest the culture of that city and tell them they are wrong for their views - thats called provocation.

    • Private Account
      Private Account 1 month ago

      El Gringo Newman Shabazz Al Shia Moor yes mo...that why they should be arrested an charge for conspiracy against the supreme law of the land. non of them have applied for permits to clog the streets.

  • Rica The Hopeful Voluntarist

    *Grabs popcorn and watches the clowns and their circus show.* 🌺

  • Long Fellow
    Long Fellow 1 month ago

    Supertight!.... if you rise above the confusion and contention for oneself. Then one will see that you have been fooled to argue with yourself and others about nothing. Good vid...Keep it rollin'.

  • Natasha Vonoskabaya
    Natasha Vonoskabaya 1 month ago

    BTW - you are spot on..
    Many of us are catching on to the hired hands
    like Milo, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, Cernovich.

    • Prince Tucker
      Prince Tucker 1 month ago

      Natasha Vonoskabaya And Antifa isn't paid communists? That terrorist group shows up at EVERY peaceful protest and turn it into a riot. Look at the what Antifa does at protest in Oakland, CA.

  • Natasha Vonoskabaya
    Natasha Vonoskabaya 1 month ago

    Staged Distraction by the Rulers.
    Waste of Time.
    Honeypot for Provocateurs.
    Notice the people involved:
    Milo, Lauren Southern, Cernovich...
    They're all hired hands working for the Zionists..
    Whether they know it or not.
    Hitler didn't know he was working for Rothschild and
    The Zionists before it was too late.

    • Keith Radtke
      Keith Radtke 1 month ago

      StoreBrand ikr

    • StoreBrand
      StoreBrand 1 month ago

      "They're all hired hands working for the Zionists... Whether they know it or not"

      Well that's a fair and logical statement.

      YOU are a globalist puppet whether you know it or not.

  • Johnny SuperTramp 2
    Johnny SuperTramp 2 1 month ago

    really good video, really well said, all true. Yep its all about dismantling free speech, under the guise of free speech. insidious.

    • Private Account
      Private Account 1 month ago

      Johnny SuperTramp 2 This case explains the Clearfield Doctrine as this:
      "Governments descend to the level of a mere private corporation and takes on the character of a mere private citizen [where private corporate commercial paper {Federal Reserve Notes} are concerned]..." "For purposes of suit, such corporations and individuals are regarded as an entity entirely separate from government." Bank of US v. Planters Bank, 9 Wheaton (22US) 904, 6L.Ed. 24. {Added}
      The definition of "money" becomes extremely relevant once the above is known and understood. So, the question is now "What is the substance of the money used by the government entity coming against you"? "MONEY" as defined in the Constitution for the several States united at Article I, section 10, clause 1 or "MONEY" as defined in the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) adopted by your state legislature? In Michigan, see Michigan Compiled Laws section 440.1101, et seq.

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith 1 month ago

    The end game is not going to be recognized by either side I don't think. I just ask myself, "is it too late"?

  • aletoledo1
    aletoledo1 1 month ago

    The whole event was juvenile

    • SuperBspb
      SuperBspb 1 month ago

      El Gringo Newman Shabazz Al Shia Moor Conservatives have failed, the alt right is the future.

    • El Gringo Newman Shabazz Al Shia Moor
      El Gringo Newman Shabazz Al Shia Moor 1 month ago

      If those are what are now called "conservitives" we have a big poblem. Because the new "alt right" is even less conservative than the old left.

  • Redsilverj
    Redsilverj 1 month ago

    As an independent who values free speech I'm 100% against these violent pointless protest..

    • Genghis Kahl
      Genghis Kahl 1 month ago

      Why did so many of you guys show up to all these events(for a "free speech" rally) in nearly full riot gear? Normally people don't go to protests armed with sticks and wearing helmets, face masks, and pads. It appears many were looking for a fight, on *BOTH* sides.

    • Migetru
      Migetru 1 month ago

      the left are using more violent tactics, while the right is not, during "the battle of Berkeley" the right was told to surrender their weapons to law enforcement.

  • nadja
    nadja 1 month ago

    First to thank RSJ today.
    Berkeley born and raised.
    This is all B.S.

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