The Truth About Buying New Tyres (a.k.a. Tires) | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

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  • Before we kick off on this: I’m in ‘Straya. We spell it with a ‘Y’, like, I dunno, everywhere on earth except Retardistan, which is also called ‘Merica. Knock yourself out in the comments feed, on this, Jethro. Say hi to Jim-Bob and Ellie-Mae. Enjoy the spit roast. And all the other hillbilly fun. There’s a whole world outside the USA. How long has that been the case.
    I’m John Cadogan, from - the place where Aussie new car buyers save thousands off their next new cars. Hit me up on the website for that.
    Welcome to another ‘What the FAQ’ - which oxygenates your more common questions and (I hope) equips you with the facts you need to jump these vexatious hurdles.
    There are about 12 million cars on Australian roads, which means - ballpark - 50 million tyres. And that means replacement tyres, even in a global backwater such as this, are big business. I get several recurring questions on this, which all boil down to:
    Which tyres should I buy?
    The basics are: They have to be the right size - and the right load rating. You can choose a tyre with a load rating greater than the minimum, but not less than that. That’s a detail the tyre retailer usually looks after.
    I’m kinda passionate about tyres because for five or six years I ran all the Wheels Magazine annual tyre tests. We conscripted the assistance of a lot of local tyre engineers to get the testing protocols right for those tests, and as a result, I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would about tyres.
    So the first thing you need to know is that the manufacturers of quality tyres all have a real problem: Tyres are all black and round, so the really good ones look exactly the same as the really shit ones. It’s a marketing challenge par excellence.
    If you’re a non-technical person, it can be quite hard to believe a good tyre that looks exactly the same as a shit tyre, but costs maybe $100 bucks more is actually that much better. But - trust me on this - it is.
    There are a great many urban myths on various tyre brands - like some are allegedly quieter. Some are allegedly better at grip in the wet - whatever.
    Having stood on the side of the track, set up the timing beams, briefed the race driver, consulted with the expert engineers, I can tell you those brand-based myths are bullshit.
    The number one thing to remember when you’re buying replacement tyres is that all the known, quality brands: Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Toyo, Michelin, Yokohama - et cetera - you know the ones I mean - all those quality brands perform about the same as each other, for a particular size and category of tyre.
    Obviously a Pirelli on a Porsche is very likely to out-perform a Yokohama on a Yaris. We’re talking apples-for-apples here.
    I’d include Hankook and Kumho on that ‘quality brands’ list, too - they are definitely up there, at least they are today. And I say this on the basis of trackside measurements - testing - that I actually conducted. There’s no doubt. And FYI - I have no commercial affiliation with any tyre manufacturer.
    The number two thing is: Don’t ask for brand-type advice at the retail coal face. Retailers are incentivised by different manufacturers - so there are different agendas at play. The retailer invariable recommends the tyre that’s right for him, commercially, not necessarily you.
    I’d get three different quotes on three different quality brands, over the phone, and go with the cheapest one. It really is that simple. But asking brand advice from a tyre retailer is like walking into a Mazda dealer and asking him if Toyota is any good. It’s not a place where unbiased advice is forthcoming.
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  • NewChannels
    NewChannels 5 hours ago

    My Dextero Walmart (USA hill·bil·ly) tires have surprised me. Amazing life and performance for under $300 including tax, balance and mount.

  • visualpossibilities
    visualpossibilities 7 hours ago

    I think it's so adorable how people outside of the US think their existence matters.

  • William Pietschman
    William Pietschman 12 hours ago

    That's a bit over the top, calling the USA Retardistan. We don't insult Australia. Ever.

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV 6 hours ago

      +William Pietschman Oh my god - did Trump steal your sense of humour in Retardistan?

  • Peedlebum
    Peedlebum 16 hours ago

    Very useful info - thanks for posting

  • Ray Brensike
    Ray Brensike 18 hours ago

    I tryed to bye a good tyre, but..

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 19 hours ago

    Got my car used car, owner put on brand new tyres... that were complete shit in the wet, basically I'd loose grip in 3rd and 4th gear without much effort
    Off to the tyre shop to get some good tyres.
    LOL u-term 20m down the road from the tyre shop was interesting

  • Sam Santana
    Sam Santana 1 day ago

    you'd think that a shit tyre would be brown rather than black

  • IIGrayfoxII
    IIGrayfoxII 1 day ago

    Cheap tires which includes retreads are good for only one thing.

    Burnouts on a skid pan.
    Low grip and cheap

  • Richard Raucina
    Richard Raucina 1 day ago

    You sir are funny as a bag of hammers. Actually the hillbilly or low lifes in America are the most innovative and self supportive folks around. Ever hear of Peter Ledger? My best dead friend that was a Aussie surveyor and later one of the best donald duck and uncle scrooge artists/colorists ever lived. He had BOTH of the good points of the low lifes and the intellectuals. Big hole in my life where he used to be. You Aussies are a kick! Englands worst, turned into a odd sort of American free society. FATAL SHORE!

  • mary mulligan
    mary mulligan 1 day ago

    wow that shirt it !

  • sonofshinobione
    sonofshinobione 1 day ago

    i did once buy some no name tyres, they were scarily bad...

  • Nayar Joolfoo
    Nayar Joolfoo 2 days ago

    I drive a 1996 Polo. Bought cheapest tyres because I never exceed 100km/h.

  • Djg
    Djg 2 days ago

    Over here in the UK I kid you not you can buy used tyres cheap and most are winter tyres. I've seen alot of folk driving around on 2 used winter tyres on the front and old cracking summers on the rear. All different brands on each corner. The worst part about all this is it's actually perfectly legal.
    Me personally I put the best tyres I can afford on my cars. I'm currently running on Firestone all season tyres which I personally think are best tyre for the UK. climate.

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 2 days ago

    beautiful John, just beautiful, I really respect your knowledge and information and unbiased reviews and not to mention your sarcasm and words chosen with aussie lingo touch ..
    wish car makers or engineers had your common sense we would have better drivers or general high IQ of population, or lower level of retards.

  • WCephei77HD
    WCephei77HD 2 days ago

    Can you help me here please, what is more convenient for me in this case?
    Honda Fit Shuttle 2012, comes with tyres 185/60 R 15 originally.
    I swapped around with the older car I'm selling because those tyres are new, being 185/65 R14. So my question is, which of these two different tyres are going to be more efficient in fuel and power for my car?
    185/60 R 15 (Stock, original)
    185/65 R 14 (The ones from my older car, I just want these only because they are newer, but if not efficient I'd just let them go selling the older car).

  • blyndrotor
    blyndrotor 2 days ago

    How the hell do you wake up dead?

    Cause' you're alive when you go to sleep.

    So you're telling me you can go to bed dead and wake up alive?

    You can't go to bed dead! That shit would've been redundant.

    No it would'nt cause' you can go to bed and not be dead, and you can die and not be in the bed.

    But you are in the bed. That's how you wake up dead in the first place fool!

    Damn! that's some quantum shit right there man! You should be teaching classes!

  • blyndrotor
    blyndrotor 2 days ago

    Hey us Strayans enjoy a good spit roast as well........Ohhhh
    spit roast.

  • Team33
    Team33 2 days ago

    If your going to drive like a retard then re-treads are not a good idea. if you stick within the legal limits re-treads are perfect.

  • Sev Pha
    Sev Pha 2 days ago

    Aye, I live here in the US and I don't take any offense to the "Tyre" or "Tire" bit. If a word is used world wide there is no reason to use a slightly different variant of the word. Also the "standard" tool system here is poop. 1/2 3/8 1 7/8 ... bleh bleh... vs 10mm 11mm 12mm... and so on. Why not use the metric system? It makes so much sense.

  • Don Kiddick
    Don Kiddick 2 days ago

    Was forced into buying a Chinese tyre (car with no spare,large gash,uncommon size) it was shite,fitted to the rear it gave a very bad vibration,numerous attempts at balancing to no avail,had to replace it for a quality brand,now have a spare wheel at home,next time will get the car recovered there and can look for a quality new tyre at my leisure...

  • sarcastixx74
    sarcastixx74 3 days ago

    Another informative vid with some info for the general public. Love the humour too! One problem though - not far into the vid a statement came out about the premium tyres being close to each other in regards to performance. Sorry, but I have to categorically disagree the flying fuck out of that one. I have tried all different premium brands and in a way it is true, some are very close but there are some absolute fucking murderers interloping in the high end of this sticky black world. Those pirelli P-whatevers are worse than bastard retreads. I drove a set for 500 miles (bedding in gently for first 100 or so) before deciding I actually wanted to live and took them back to the depot to have my trusty old pilot sport 3's put back on. (The garage had fitted those demo pirellis to see what they were like). Same for those Continentals, as soon as you hit even a moderate bend you can see the alloy wheels trying to shed them like a burst condom. Ultra low profiles on them would kiss goodbye to any set of alloys so be warned! Like this guy, I have no affiliation with any tyre company, I've gave them all a lot of money over the years so why would I?. Hands down without a doubt the best tyres I have ever used are the michelin pilot sport series. From ps2 through to the newest 4 and 4S, I genuinely believe these tyres have always made me look a much better driver than I really am. Wouldn't even try to count the amount of times I have came out of a bend and had to do a double take on the speedo and spend the next few hundred yards trying to work out how I've seemingly defied the laws of physics. No doubt every car will react differently to each type of tyre and while the michelins are perfect for my rwd M3 it doesn't necessarily mean they would be the best for a fwd/4wd. Suspension, brakes and driver input all work in conjunction so the overall results will always be different regardless of what stickies are wrapped around the wheels.

  • virtualdent
    virtualdent 3 days ago

    You Aussie's spell tires wrong and you crazy bastards drive on the wrong side of the road!

  • Santiago Tomas
    Santiago Tomas 3 days ago

    I was hoping to gain some valuable knowledge, but at 42 seconds in, this doofus lost all credibility. It's a shame that some people must interject their prejudices and bigotry into every conversation.

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV 3 days ago

      +Santiago Tomas I agree - it must be a real struggle for you to gain valuable knowledge.

  • david eirth
    david eirth 3 days ago

    Don't matter what tyre you buy, it's what you can afford. Its a risk assessment, I don't drive stupid ,  im a single mum on a pension ,im not going to buy $200 a tyre and go bankrupt for a situation that has more chances of happening than wining lotto. Not telling you how to do your job, but maybe give practical advise such as how to maintain your tyres, such as tyre pressures and wheel alignment.

  • CaptHollister
    CaptHollister 3 days ago

    Can you get Double Happiness Road Grippers at Wal-Mart ?

  • Sean Ghumman
    Sean Ghumman 3 days ago

    Good video. However, you should have also explained rolling resistance and the effect of friction and hysteresis on fuel economy.

  • hardleecure
    hardleecure 3 days ago

    Great video once again. Question for you... what's your opinion of replacing suspension coils with an airbag system? I've been curious about it for a while and I'd love to improve the ride and handling of my car but I've read mixed opinions about it... some say it's the cats ass, others say it's the dog's bollocks.

  • Harry Hernández
    Harry Hernández 3 days ago

    Thanks man, I was trying to figure out how to spell that damn word since i live close to Retardistan.

  • Bridgette West HERE CUNTS

    Do not call America, Retardistan that is an insult to retards. I was thinking more like dumbfuckistan.

  • Robert Siller
    Robert Siller 3 days ago

    John - as always very informative and entertaining.

  • MrRedskins0021
    MrRedskins0021 3 days ago

    Talking shit, but the moment they need money or someone to fight their wars they come running like cowards.

  • Mask Rider Blac
    Mask Rider Blac 3 days ago

    Hey, John, good shirt you got there 😊

  • Daniel Gaskell
    Daniel Gaskell 3 days ago

    Vitriol aside regarding the USA, great basic video!

  • fknows1
    fknows1 3 days ago

    For how cheap you can buy new tyre now; retread and  recap tyres should be totally band in this day and age, just drive up any expressway and you always see bits of tyres on the side off or on the road. 98% of the time that is from a retread or recap tyre which has blown out or thrown the tread of the case.

  • Koito rob
    Koito rob 4 days ago

    Here in England there used to be a company called Colway Tyres. They specialised in the manufacture of retreaded tyres. Back when I was younger, whizzing around in Minis, (the car not the skirt), we all used to run Colways because we had read that the tyre carcass had a designed maximum life so they had to use a softer compound to ensure that the new rubber worn down before the carcass life.Softer rubber meant more grip for less money. We all ran them safely.They had a strict inspection program before the tyres were used. Any that failed their inspection had a large hole punched in the sidewall. They did this after discovering lesser companies were using their rejects!Also, their tyres were regularly used in motorsport and rallying.I think it is unfair to slag off ALL remoulded/retreaded tyres. I'm currently running a set of mud terrain Insa remoulds on my Land Rover. I have to say that I'm not getting the arse twitching snap oversteer moments I was getting with the previous budget tyres that were fitted.Do you have any opinion on 'off road' remoulds compared to 'normal' remoulded tyres?

  • Aussie Taipan
    Aussie Taipan 4 days ago

    Very good information John, I will show my new driver kids this video.

  • hemichump
    hemichump 4 days ago

    1st. What is the difference between the tyre with a rounded sidewall and that of a very flat sidewall more often going outside the rim. 2nd why is it some how 98% of luxury SUV's eg Porsche, BMW Audi etc with 22in rims will more than likely have steal belts showing through? is it just the f**kstick showing

  • MiniZooTube
    MiniZooTube 4 days ago

    All Season Hankook's are not very all season. they ride like super low profile tires with a misplaced belt. Solved 3 car's steering problems by removing this brand.

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 4 days ago

    Best video yet from JC..!

  • Gee Em
    Gee Em 4 days ago

    The other disadvantage of asymmetric tyres is that you really need to keep a close eye on the wear on the outside edge and make sure your alignments are done regularly, as quite obviously you cannot change the outside to the inside at the tyre shop, hence your $$$$$ tyres may need replacing far earlier and thereby you don't get the "value" you might have been seeking. At least with the directional you can ask the tyre shop to take the tyres off the rims and then have them swapped so the original outsides can be re-fitted to the insides on the opposite side of the vehicle, potentially extending the life of the tyre.

  • George Rudinsky
    George Rudinsky 4 days ago

    Very useful info, thanks John.

  • Kimishibai100
    Kimishibai100 4 days ago

    Always a pleasure.  Thanks for the frank, straightforward information about tyres (spell-check wants me to change that, but I REFUSE).

  • Geoffrey Lote
    Geoffrey Lote 4 days ago

    Great video John and I agree with the conclusion. However if money is a bit tight are there any mid range tyres you would recommend /avoid like the plague. I was thinking of buying some Barum tyres a subsidiary of Continental I believe. Thanks Geoffrey

    • sarcastixx74
      sarcastixx74 3 days ago

      I had Barums fitted to my works vauxhall van when the factory fitted continentals wore out recently and they are absolutely horrendous. Can wheel spin in the dry without even trying and the soft sidewalls mean they flex like a rubber band.

  • Charles Boston
    Charles Boston 4 days ago

    it doesn't matter what tires you have ..... if your a dickhead nothing is going to save you from yourself , including the best tires in the world

  • Ricardo Palma
    Ricardo Palma 4 days ago

    lol great video. thank you

  • ign1fy
    ign1fy 4 days ago

    Having swapped the cheap-and-chinky tyres my car's previous owner fitted for a set of name-brand sports treads (which cost something like $25/corner more). The difference is night and day.

    And yeah, I drove out of the car park a little too ambitiously in the pissing rain when they were first fitted, and almost shat my pants.

  • Mat K
    Mat K 5 days ago

    Excellent stuff mate can't know enough about tyres.
    Keep em coming 👍🏻👍🏻

  • SydneyCBR6
    SydneyCBR6 5 days ago

    Hi John, I'm a motorcyclist (and also drive cars and trucks) and I've heard that nowadays, at least for performance bike tires, they are made in a different way and no longer use those mould release compounds and so the spiel about "give em a good 100km or so before you ride them hard" is no longer really true. Is this then not the case or are car tires made differently?

    Edit: After some googling various tire manufacturers (Dunlop and Pirelli) have confirmed this for motorcycle tires and say diplomatically that you should "get used to the new tires so ride easy for 100 km or so" (in legalese but that's the gist of it).

  • Coach Wilson
    Coach Wilson 5 days ago

    hey John greetings from Southern California. I enjoy most of your pontifications with regard to automobiles but I really don't appreciate your political views and I don't come to your website to hear them. and as far as describing America as retardistan, I personally take offense to that as well. mental retardation is not something to be taken lightly or made fun of. typically it's a birth defect and not something someone has a choice about. just to make a point I'm not going to use any capitalization in any of this response. in addition your preoccupation with sexual innuendo gets tiresome too. sorry we Americans don't spell many of our words like the English the Australians or the new zealanders but we tend to get the point across.

  • Kak Eyed
    Kak Eyed 5 days ago

    Yep, 3 counties left on this big old planet that just don't get that dang metric system : No wonder they are called the Flat Earth Society. Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

  • Eric Bruno
    Eric Bruno 5 days ago

    Very useful. I have asymmetric tread tyres on my two of my vehicles. When I checked three are installed incorrectly on one vehicle. Called the dealer and they will remount and balance at no charge. The 2nd vehicle all four tyres were installed correctly.

  • Chris A
    Chris A 5 days ago

    I call BS. Not all the 'good' brands are the same. I have just been through this exercise. I had brand X, which were worn, so I did as you suggested, got my 3 different prices and (mistakenly!) went with the cheapest... Disaster! Brand Y performed very badly on my vehicle. So badly it was unsafe. I spoke to the tyre dealer and he pushed me to the tyres importer, who actually agreed with me about the problem I was experiencing and allowed a full refund on his brand and I purchased Brand X again. Problem solved. So, don't go telling people all 'good' brands are the same, they are most definitely not! (Both brand X and brand Y are in your list of 'quality' tyres)...

  • Breegr
    Breegr 5 days ago

    John It is TIRES... I can understand you being confused so I will help you out here. In aussie and canadia land a boot is on the rear of a car. Here in Murica a boot is what you wear on your feet and stick up commies asses. In aussie and canadia a bonnet is at the front of a car. Here in Murica a bonnet is what YOU put on your boyfriend to differentiate him from your sister. And I am not badmouthing alternative lifestyles if our currency looked like skittles Im sure we would be in trouble too. In aussie and canadia you people still have both A tail... and a Queen. Here in Murica NOPE..... We drive on the right side of the road. You guys are still confused on that one. You are still a cool dood tho
    I have to go love up on my sister/wife :)

  • RaySt1000
    RaySt1000 6 days ago

    John, I'm been driving for over 50 years and I really enjoyed your comments on tyres, did I learn anything, yes so thanks

  • Thomas Wilding
    Thomas Wilding 6 days ago

    Lots of good advice there, I reckon. Except the name brands. All the name brands offer a generous helping of crap. Bridgestone make some great tyres. They some crap too. And it's hard to find relevant reviews on individual tyres because they seem to change the formulation within a given "model" of tyre - across size, load rating, speed rating, etc. There's a real gap there that needs to be filled with some standardised testing. Europe started down that route with their rating system. But we seem to get a different formulation of the same model. Because we dont get snow? Because of coarse chip seal? I don't know why. It pisses me off spending $200 a corner on a "premium" tyre to find it scrubbing wide in the slightest bit of rain. Easy to find crap tyre, hard to find a good one.

  • itreejoe
    itreejoe 6 days ago

    Like every American, I do love to take a bit of ribbing from a fat little bearded Aussie shit eater. However, the irony of said little Aussie dipshit informing me that a world outside of America exists... This information came on YouTube, an American company using the internet, an American invention. This fat little troll is discussing tires, which are still made with a rubber compound, perfected by an American... A Scott did come up with the idea for filling them with air, but a South African ex-pat educated and living in America, invented the still ubiquitous radial tire. I was going to list an Australian contribution to this process, but unfortunately, you stupid shits haven't ever invented or even thought of anything original in your entire useless history.

  • peter zhang
    peter zhang 6 days ago

    hi. I'm using 235 40 18 tyres now, I want to upgrade to 245 35 19 wheels. I know if the tyres become wider, it will effect the acceleration and making the steering wheel heavier to turn. but are these changes gonna be very obvious (especially the one with steering)??? thx

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 2 days ago

      sarcastixx74 - I threw a spreadsheet together many years ago to calculate exactly the same thing.

    • sarcastixx74
      sarcastixx74 3 days ago

      Try this..
      From the sizes you have quoted, there is a negligible effect on the speedo (less than 1%). Alloy wheels are also lighter by design so upgrading to 19" will have zero effect on acceleration due to the rolling radius being nearly identical to the setup you had with the 18" wheels. Wider tyres offer more grip and with hydraulic or electric power steering on nearly all cars on the road now you don't have to worry about the effect on the steering. In fact, slightly heavier steering means better feedback from the road! Enjoy the new wheels with confidence mate ;)

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 5 days ago

      What is the application?

  • Zachary Zarko
    Zachary Zarko 6 days ago

    When tire shopping, I usually visit Internet forums for the car that I own and look for discussions about the best-performing and highest-recommended tires. My Toyota 4Runner runs on Michelin Defenders. They're excellent tires because they have outstanding traction in rain and snow, they're very quiet on the highway, they have good sidewall height which makes for a smoother ride, and they last for close to 70,000 miles (as long as you keep them properly aired and rotated/balanced/aligned).

  • Mike H
    Mike H 6 days ago

    In the U.S. unless you are driving a big rig truck, you can not but retreads. They are illegal.

  • ThePatUltra
    ThePatUltra 6 days ago

    "We sent a group of convicts to Australia, and the god squad to America; and here we are 200 years later and they've got it into their heads that they can make cars. Uh, So, plainly, the three of us had to go and sample their efforts...."
    -Jeremy Clarkson

  • nkdfun
    nkdfun 6 days ago

    Why don't they have some kind of mold release remover?

  • Harry Cee
    Harry Cee 6 days ago

    Countries should ban crap tires. Minimal performance standards should be required.

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 5 days ago

      Minimal performance standards are required. The problem is that the minimum standard is set too low.

  • hennessy323
    hennessy323 6 days ago

    I wonder how Google and more specifically in this case, YouTube were created in such a retarded place like "Merica". Cheers from the absolutely dumbest place on earth your highness

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith 6 days ago

    Let us not forget John that there are many people who can not afford the top shelf brands that you mentioned. Does that make them dickheads?

  • David Viner
    David Viner 6 days ago

    Just a bit worried one of our old colonies is having a pop at one of our other old colonies, come on guys it could be worse, you might all still be in the UK

  • demonbox666
    demonbox666 6 days ago

    like! just for retardistan. lol

  • Compwhiz128
    Compwhiz128 6 days ago

    Off to work, gotta tie my tie, and say goodbye to my wife wrapping her colorful tie-dye cookies in aluminium foil. Open the 86 & 45/64th' tall door, only to forget my cell phone, and realize I have a flat tire...and the battery died...the nearest shop is about a 5280 feet away...

  • brojajacra
    brojajacra 6 days ago

    Retardistan, Love it. I'm always going to use that now

  • Steve Wise
    Steve Wise 6 days ago

    This was incredibly helpful!

  • oo0Spyder0oo
    oo0Spyder0oo 6 days ago

    Good point about being careful on new tyres. Got a new set once and nearly lost the car sideways when crossing a railway line, the rear end slid out like it was on ice. The new tyre surface is really like someone has rubbed that armorall protectant on them.

  • pijnto
    pijnto 6 days ago

    The Dunlop tyres supplied by Ford on my XR6 were absolute garbage they had such bad road holding it was dangerous they developed flat spots while parked in the garage overnight, so not all well known brands are good

  • nawtynick9
    nawtynick9 6 days ago

    Retardistan. Fucking awesome.

  • MrSnipeit
    MrSnipeit 6 days ago

    as always great vid and awesome advice .

  • Jim Allen
    Jim Allen 6 days ago

    Not so sure about you claiming Hankook as a PREMIUM tire. Ran their all-terrain LTs on both my SUV and pickup truck for a couple of sets each. On both vehicles, I found once you left the pavement the Hankooks were extremely subject to sidewall puncture. I think a wet dog hair would have penetrated them. Switched to Toyos LT all-terrains on both vehicles and have only lost one sidewall in the past 6 years due to a piece of steel pipe snagging it.

    For handling and treadwear, the Toyos are superior to the Hankooks in every respect. When I finally sold off the old SUV the Toyos were getting a bit tired but that was well after over 60,00 hard miles put on them by the wife. Still have the old pickup truck and after 6 years the Toyos don't look much worse for the wear than when they were new. They have had amazing treadwear life. I can verify this statement by the replacement of the one that the sidewall ripped out on last year not having much of a measurable tread difference from the other three.

    So when it comes down to Hankooks on light trucks and SUVs at least do yourself a favor and spend the extra hundred or so dollars to put on a quality tire like a Toyo.

    By the way... here in Panama we call them llantas instead of tyres or tires.

  • Shareef Abdo
    Shareef Abdo 6 days ago

    Finally you have revealed to us your constipated face as you make fun of the letters you receive lol

    TMTGAU 6 days ago

    that was great info, thanks John.

    ZAHARIA COSMIN 6 days ago

    I like u man!

  • Robert Hutchins
    Robert Hutchins 7 days ago

    Hi John

    After thirty years being around cars and thinking i knew all there was about tyres ( see, no i ), I have learnt something new today so thank you.


  • Biutiful Kruz
    Biutiful Kruz 7 days ago

    "I am John Cadogon. I hope this helps". OF COURSE It helps !! As always. Thank you very much. I wont get cheated by the tyre retailers anymore. sweetalk-ed me just to clear their unwanted stocks..

  • Kelvin O
    Kelvin O 7 days ago

    Shit, quite a few things there that I didn't know! Thanks John!

  • Richard Bowles
    Richard Bowles 7 days ago

    LMAO! @ Mr. Cadogan. I'm American and I can take a good heckling, and I still do love your channel! You did leave out the third and fourth spellings. My Grandfather called Tires "Casings", and my Great Uncle called them "Tars".

  • Carl Magrath
    Carl Magrath 7 days ago

    WOW @ 8.50 thats my type of Momma, hot bod and no silicone

    • Carl Magrath
      Carl Magrath 6 days ago

      Nothing that a six pack will fix, lol

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV 7 days ago

      +Carl Magrath Shame about the face, though...

  • wazza2222
    wazza2222 7 days ago

    Here's the thing that bugs me, if you produce a quality product that is safety critical (as a tyre surely is) and you go to the effort of packaging it nicely before it ships, what the hell is the problem with cleaning the mold release off it first? I mean, is this a throwback to the olddayzmate or what? I understand scrubbing them in when you first drive off but why don't the manufacturers do the minimum for their customers and wash the fucking things before lobbing them?

    • John Wade
      John Wade 15 hours ago

      And environmental disposal of whatever you wash the olive oil off with. Just learn to drive. I reckon 2-3k of granny driving to properly sharpen tyres up.

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 5 days ago


  • Raj
    Raj 7 days ago

    It's funny that you stressed on tyre vs tire but said counterclockwise as opposed to anti-clockwise

  • Gabriel Favu
    Gabriel Favu 7 days ago

    Thanks for the detailed info

  • Reece Martin
    Reece Martin 7 days ago

    Re tread tyres and space saver wheels belong in the same place.
    not on your car.!

  • TheBrewjo
    TheBrewjo 7 days ago

    Thanks Mr C, that completely changes the way I'll look at my next tyre catalog....

  • Eternity Liberty Justice

    interesting, good rubbery stuff advice :))

    So many questions, are any tyres both asymmetrical and directional? Are any tyres made to be specifically for the front and back ends of the car (guess which tyres have power may make a difference)?

    Why are retreads & tyres not fit for safety reasons permitted for sale? Are low end tyres the weak link in the chain of control on an old technology car that was low performance and light weight to start with?

    you got me tyre curios, one day we may even get designer colours ... lol ...

  • Gary Black
    Gary Black 7 days ago

    Even as an resident of 'merica, I never grow tyred of the American jokes.

  • udrdoug
    udrdoug 7 days ago

    I only ever bought one set of directional tyres, they were great on smooth roads, but rubbish on less than perfect surfaces. They would follow the ruts in the surface and it was a pain in the you know where. Pressures were correct as per tyre manufacturers recommendations. Other brands may have been better, but these Dunlop tyres put me off directional tyres for life.

  • OilBaron100
    OilBaron100 7 days ago

    Great video; very informative.

    What type of tyre (tire) do you recommend for a BMW E53 X5?

    Asymetric, or directional?

  • Karl

    Tire or tyre I do not care to argue, other than say that I do enjoy a good homonym!

  • TheKenjoje
    TheKenjoje 7 days ago

    auto express in uk did testing of summer 205 55 16 tyres a few years ago.
    it's true that in ordinary driving, you won't feel much change, but some need drastically more to stop even in the dry. for example, in that test dunlop stopped golf about three or more meters shorter than goodyear, which is also big brand....
    the most noticeable thing is firmness and noise on higher speeds....
    cadogan is exeggerating here....

  • mercguy658
    mercguy658 7 days ago

    Retardistan :)

    Greetings from America.

    -and our pussy neighbor Canada.

  • Phiwa Nhlengethwa
    Phiwa Nhlengethwa 7 days ago

    new tyres and a twisty road... I learnt the hard way

  • John_I
    John_I 7 days ago

    stop John; "Muzza - young dumb and full of cum" seriously mate, you made me choke on my MacDonald's today!!

  • Shawn Hawkins
    Shawn Hawkins 7 days ago

    I work in a Walmart tire shop in America. we have a big contract with Goodyear. the cheep tires, Douglas are our biggest sellers. Douglas however is owned by Goodyear. I've never heard any complaints about the quality of Douglas tires.

  • Bruce Gibbins
    Bruce Gibbins 7 days ago

    Tire or tyre who cares when we all know that what these words are referring to - something that is round and black with a huge hole in the middle - much like Kim Kardashians butt only more useful.

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson 7 days ago

    By the way, I never knew that Hillary had such a rack! Wow! lol

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