Top 10 Craziest Magic Tricks Ever Performed

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    What do you think are the best magic tricks ever? Harry Houdini’s Chinese Water Torture Cell? David Blaine spitting up a live frog? Criss Angel swallowing a coin and then digging it out of his arm? These amazing illusions performed by some of the world’s most famous illusionists are just some of the coolest magic tricks ever. WatchMojo counts down ten of the freakiest magic tricks you’ll NEVER figure out.

    Into magic? Be sure to watch our videos on the Top 10 Greatest Magicians: and Top 10 Movies That Make You Believe in Magic:

    00:32 #10: Chop Cup - Paul Daniels
    01:30 #9: Jackhammer Swallowing - Thomas Blackthorne
    02:08 #8: Coin in Arm - Criss Angel
    02:50 #7: Dove Act - Lance Burton
    03:31 #6: Spitting Up a Live Frog - David Blaine
    04:20 #5: Tiny Plunger - Jon Armstrong
    05:08 #4: Chinese Water Torture Cell - Harry Houdini
    05:53 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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  • 2 months ago

    Check out these crazy MAGIC related movies:
    Now You See Me
    The Illusionist

  • Coryblink
    Coryblink 23 hours ago

    Some of these were not Magic tricks. They were stunts. There is a big difference.

  • Pumpkin Rot
    Pumpkin Rot 4 days ago

    sword swallowing isnt a magic trick

  • Angchi son
    Angchi son 4 days ago

    How do these people do these things? It define the laws of physics....I think...

  • hermansen
    hermansen 4 days ago

    The falling head thing is easy

  • Battlefield Best
    Battlefield Best 5 days ago

    I just saw David Blaines first live show and he did the frog trick

  • Kitty McPuss
    Kitty McPuss 5 days ago

    #1 crazy

  • Some Person
    Some Person 5 days ago

    Bullet catch is fake

  • Lloyd Aguirre
    Lloyd Aguirre 5 days ago


  • Classic Earth
    Classic Earth 6 days ago

    Chris Angel does t count as a magician he's a load of shit

  • B20C0
    B20C0 6 days ago

    You really rated this cheap shit of a coin trick by Chris Angel higher than Paul Daniels' cup routine? Holy fuck. Better let magicians rate this.

  • ImNotGoodAtThis
    ImNotGoodAtThis 6 days ago

    Dynamo should be on here I feel but idk

  • SollyDora
    SollyDora 6 days ago

    Great tricks----spoiled by that unbelievably moronic announcer. I won''t be returning to this channel.

  • Soham Abbasi
    Soham Abbasi 6 days ago

    i know how to do the head trick, all you need is a scale/ruler, i do it all the time right when he elevator open to freak the people out

  • jayjay koster
    jayjay koster 6 days ago

    head remove trick is just a iron bar in the jacket to keep it up. they use it for dancing 2

  • spyridon83
    spyridon83 7 days ago

    I don't agree with this list, there are far better magicians out there way better than Chris Angel and David ,both have always used actors and scripts for their so called magic trick and now David isn't even hiding it anymor6by using actual Hollywood actors. they are a disgrace to the word magician

  • wenshihuang
    wenshihuang 7 days ago

    I know how they used doves

  • Buttersauce42
    Buttersauce42 8 days ago

    Who else went here because of the Hiroshima meme?

  • Xero
    Xero 8 days ago

    Abraca-what bitch ?

  • M Azanul Haq
    M Azanul Haq 8 days ago

    i know the cup trick and how kt works

  • MonkeyD Teemo
    MonkeyD Teemo 8 days ago

    each and every one trick in here has been explained ... YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT .. OF COURSE WE HAVE AN IDEA OF HOW THEY ARE MADE..jesus

  • Jaehoon Chang
    Jaehoon Chang 8 days ago

    where's Dynamo?

  • רון לוי
    רון לוי 9 days ago

    "We have no idea how he does this" search it up then, its like kids magic levels of stupidly easy

  • Mr. Mistyeyed
    Mr. Mistyeyed 10 days ago

    I used to really like Criss Angel, but most of his tricks only work on television after being edited....David Blaine is the best tv magician IMO because he actually trains his body to do tricks. They are legit.

  • TheFruitofPassion
    TheFruitofPassion 11 days ago

    If you've ever watched "The Masked Magician: Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed" you would know exactly why to not trust any trick you see on a reality TV show


  • Tal Shabtay
    Tal Shabtay 11 days ago

    יזמות עסקית

  • Fare Han
    Fare Han 11 days ago

    im in shock there's no dynamo

  • Manos o Pro
    Manos o Pro 11 days ago

    the #3 is an easy one

  • Arcstrider
    Arcstrider 12 days ago

    David Blaine is the greatest magician that's ever lived

  • Arthur Yagami
    Arthur Yagami 12 days ago

    what about the PRestige????

  • Mlungisi J
    Mlungisi J 12 days ago

    10. Chop cup by Paul Daniels is as straight forward as it appears...............The Lemon - he puts it into the cup with his left hand in the pocket (jacket) at the same time he lifts the cup to expose the white ball (you can actually see the orange if you are not "distracted" by the white ball). Then removes the ball with his right hand while placing the cup faced down. And also for the 2nd orange - same method but now with left hand (beware f his distractions - then u will c HOW he did it)

  • Gary G.O.A.T
    Gary G.O.A.T 13 days ago

    it would be nice if the 720p video wasnt actually 240p

  • derdaoben555
    derdaoben555 13 days ago

    The "Ehrlich Brothers" deserved playce number one they are the best illusionists of our time.

  • Dylan Kennedy
    Dylan Kennedy 13 days ago

    the arm isn't real, its a fake sleeve. Chris Angel tricks are easily explained

  • Huy Long Nguyen
    Huy Long Nguyen 13 days ago

    Can somebody explain me 5:30 ???

  • aurjun tamang
    aurjun tamang 13 days ago


  • NerfElite78
    NerfElite78 14 days ago

    2:20 the human being getting cut in half is totally fake!!

  • Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!

    God Watchmojo, you really need to stop talking so much through every countdown. Let us see the damn trick and then talk about it.

  • V Sathesh
    V Sathesh 14 days ago

    Watch mojo check out about dynamo magician

  • Nekroz Karimi
    Nekroz Karimi 14 days ago

    3:49 drake face tho

  • Michael Bradley-Robbins

    The head removal trick is super easy to explain. There are even videos on YouTube.

  • 360 Windmill
    360 Windmill 14 days ago

    top 1 should be why criss angel still have career

  • Archer Faggeut
    Archer Faggeut 14 days ago

    where is dynamo ? ;-;

  • ho zhong hng
    ho zhong hng 15 days ago

    i think yall should try watching liu qian, a taaiwanese magician that really blows my mind everytime! like rubbing tea leaves to produce smoke in his hands and blowing the smoke against a glass teapot filled with water to make a pot of tea... and removing a panda print from a girl's shirt by taking a photo using a camera... his tricks are really out of the world!!! oh and also using a straw to drink orange juice from a cup from a window... (i really dont know how to describe this... there was a table with a cup of orange juice on it, the cup was at least 2 feet away from the window he was standing outside of... he put the straw against the window and starting drinking, lowering the level of orange juice in the cup and spitting out orange juice from his mouth afterwards...)

  • Sir Chubstar
    Sir Chubstar 15 days ago

    1000th comment

  • ranga rampage
    ranga rampage 15 days ago

    Where was dynamo

  • Zilo
    Zilo 15 days ago

    i got cancer from the frame rate in this video

  • Boeboe
    Boeboe 15 days ago

    lol, chris angel a magician?

  • Telepathony
    Telepathony 15 days ago

    wheres the lady that changes clothes in .5 seconds? with the confetti

  • Pranshu Gupta
    Pranshu Gupta 15 days ago

    no dynamo?

  • Pixelz InBlooo
    Pixelz InBlooo 15 days ago

    The catching bullet thing makes me go "MIIIISTER PREEEESIDEEEEENT!"

  • Kawhii Kiwi
    Kawhii Kiwi 16 days ago

    They forgot jimmy butler TRIGGERED

  • GlitchyYeti
    GlitchyYeti 16 days ago

    7:24 ok now that was just funny

  • Tobian Fleischer
    Tobian Fleischer 16 days ago


  • Adnan Cusic
    Adnan Cusic 17 days ago

    Chop cup is top3 materials!

  • aatmic tiwari
    aatmic tiwari 18 days ago

    where is DYNAMO??

  • michele de lucia
    michele de lucia 18 days ago

    Number 11: i made the pixels in this video disappear.

  • Superwholockian Life

    Everybody hates Criss... but he is making money. And his show is pretty good. So is everyone else. You may hate magic, but it's entertaining

    KING OF NONSENSE 18 days ago

    Don't try any of these at home. Most of you will die

  • L M
    L M 19 days ago

    It took me a while to realize Dave Chappelle and Drake were casually hanging out with David Blaine.

  • amir halloul
    amir halloul 19 days ago

    Penn and Teller think it is immoral to put your life at risk on stage so catching the bullet is a trick.

  • Craig Bledge
    Craig Bledge 19 days ago

    It's the final countdown! dadadada dadadadada

  • Stone Roller
    Stone Roller 20 days ago

    I think I know how #3 works. You need something to keep the jacket upright and the pants above the knees to stay up right meanwhile you just bend over to drop your head. Notice how we never get an angle of it other than the front.

  • Aswin A
    Aswin A 20 days ago

    David Blaine's bullet catch is real. This #1 sucks.

  • SweeneyTodd1992
    SweeneyTodd1992 22 days ago

    Number one should have just been teller with his goldfish trick.

  • Aaliyan Salman
    Aaliyan Salman 22 days ago

    I like you alot.I want a card deck. can you send it to Karachi Pakistan

  • TheChocolateOrange
    TheChocolateOrange 23 days ago

    Where's Jesus?

  • Charlee Pelzel
    Charlee Pelzel 23 days ago

    they picked the most explainable illusions

  • ThankYouESM
    ThankYouESM 24 days ago

    * Chop Cup - Paul Daniels... yes, but Penn and Teller did a much better version... significantly slower as their own repeat in clear plastic cups
    * Jackhammer Swallowing - Thomas Blackthorne... yes
    * Coin in Arm - Criss Angel... no, his seemingly best are only televised around paid actors and even most of his tricks are easy to figure out
    * Dove Act - Lance Burton... yes
    * Spitting Up a Live Frog - David Blaine... no, small local audience of paid actors
    * Tiny Plunger - Jon Armstrong... yes
    * Chinese Water Torture Cell - Harry Houdini... yes, although such might be more of a stunt
    * Teeth Bullet Catching - Penn and Teller... yes
    * Quick Switch Behind A Curtain -- ???, yes

    No, no, no... in having enough of a creative mind to figure these out, but still looks great --
    Falling Head and Mobile Disembodiment are quite the same
    Hooped Floating Light Bulb as a tiny version Levitating People

    So basically... a Top 7 list in my earnest opinion while taking from the honorable mention.

  • game game
    game game 24 days ago

    ohhh. dynamo......

  • Cooper Bruchez
    Cooper Bruchez 25 days ago

    the head one is simple modified jacket and lots of flexibility

  • EnigmaOfAnubis
    EnigmaOfAnubis 25 days ago

    You didn't add the biggest magic trick the world has ever seen. One that NONE knows how it happened.... trumps presidency.

  • Joely Dorman
    Joely Dorman 25 days ago

    How was dynamo not on this list?

  • Antonio Nevada
    Antonio Nevada 25 days ago

    "we have noooo idea how he does it '"
    o my gosh cyril is just bending dow while a frame supports his clothes

  • That's Not Me
    That's Not Me 25 days ago

    I met a girl at the bar and she she wanted someone to be magical so I fucked her twice and dissapeared.
    Greatest trick of all time.

  • Arriyan Bose
    Arriyan Bose 25 days ago

    Is it only limited american magicians? coz out in the world there are some even greater magicians who can make moving trains disappear

  • ian cuson
    ian cuson 25 days ago

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    (Than starts again)

  • bottle fliper
    bottle fliper 25 days ago

    I know how to make my head drop down. It's easy put a meddle that you can bend around your head and then put an long sleeve shirt on and then move your head to your wast. Or you can watch a video about it.

  • Louise Mertens
    Louise Mertens 25 days ago

    Dish digital my active specific occur manufacturer complexity lip.

  • gavin dickinson
    gavin dickinson 25 days ago

    Chris Angel is so fake, how his tricks are done are easy to find on YouTube

  • Rudresh Dessai
    Rudresh Dessai 25 days ago

    chris fucknfake angel

  • Mathias Renault
    Mathias Renault 25 days ago

    survey favor reply around laboratory gender.

  • Claude Lagasse
    Claude Lagasse 26 days ago

    cool I love magic. I would like to see more list like this. How about top 10 death defying magic acts?

  • Steve Jr
    Steve Jr 26 days ago

    someone explain the disappereance of the team who "killed" osama bin ladin.

  • BasS CraZe
    BasS CraZe 26 days ago


  • darknblack33
    darknblack33 26 days ago

    What about will Tsai?

  • Bart Dijkstra
    Bart Dijkstra 26 days ago

    concern hearing her promising minimize laboratory drain.

  • Elias Leclercq
    Elias Leclercq 26 days ago

    occupy topic satellite olympic people critic rain late receive.

  • redzuan hashim
    redzuan hashim 26 days ago

    criss angel sucks

  • LaGucciVida
    LaGucciVida 26 days ago

    52 Shades of Red/Dream by Shin Lim. No questions.

    ARA INFO 27 days ago

    These all tricks are best.And WatchMojo thank you for uploading this video..

  • 13 And Doesn't
    13 And Doesn't 27 days ago

    The secret to 3 is everywhere

  • ConstantMinecrafting

    i think everybody can know how these tricks are done with just a little bit of thinking AND you can find most of the explanations of the tricks on youtube

    • ConstantMinecrafting
      ConstantMinecrafting 4 days ago


    • livelifesilent
      livelifesilent 5 days ago

      ConstantMinecrafting yeah but that sucks. why would you wanna ruin the fun for yourself?? its tempting but its nice to not know

  • iso10 Bur
    iso10 Bur 27 days ago

    terrible list and sub baiting at the FREAKING START of the video...

  • d4m4s74
    d4m4s74 27 days ago

    some of these effects are not tricks. for example blackthorn's jackhammer and Blaine's frog

  • I Thankfully Trust Yahuah and Yahusha

    Come on! The Criss angel mind fake who sold his soul to Rainman/Satan in for very temporary lame earthly fame [like every other 'famous' person and even more people who didn't even get 5 minutes of fame but are in non-stop torment] coin trick in the arm, you can clearly see that's fake plastic skin; and the lady he pulled apart was a real lady with no legs to begin with. If Criss angel is so good, why couldn't he recently not get out of a straight jacket? Blain, Angel, Dynamo, ect.... are all demon-possessed clones now. They are all suffering non-stop in reality and full of regret, just like all the dead child-raping coward pedophiles and soon all the coward pedophile/baby rapers alive will join them in forever torment and death will flee from them.

  • TTSU Gaming
    TTSU Gaming 28 days ago

    #3 literally is just a clothes hanger in his jacket and when hes ready to do the trick he pushes it up and his jacket moves upward creating the illusion that his head dropped down...(i do it all the time to friends and family)

  • joeashbubemma
    joeashbubemma 28 days ago

    No rifling marks on bullets.....bullet never fired.

  • Joshua Morris
    Joshua Morris 28 days ago

    come on people that footage is awful its so blurry hfjgksgygdkyfksxhGhfwqfHF,,jgydkyg MOWGLI

  • Talon Lucero
    Talon Lucero 28 days ago

    these lists are getting dumber and more lazy every time I watch them.... shame

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