Idiot's Guide to Japanese Apartments

Rachel & Jun productions presents:
Idiot's Guide to Japanese Apartments

Directed by: Rachel & Jun
Produced by: Rachel & Jun
Filmed by: Rachel & Jun
Edited by: Rachel & Jun
Sound mixing: Rachel & Jun
Starring: Rachel, Jun
Cameo appearance: Haku

One tatami mat was hurt in the making of this production.

This video is sponsored by Jun's abs.

How to set up, take care of, and otherwise prepare your Japanese apartment and/or house including but not limited to details such as necessary bathroom products and processes, earthquake prepardness direction, and tatami mat usage tips.

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Author ArchOfWinter ( ago)
That's not an earthquake, that aliens attacking your starship in 60s Star Trek.

Author LexiPie 00 ( ago)
This is what I expected from them, I am not disappointed, I died X'D

Author あーく ( ago)

Author TheMindofaGenius1 ( ago)
HAHAHAHAHA 2:29 "zannen" x'DD

Author Der Posti ( ago)
i like this video :) please more

Author Thats Zee ( ago)
i continued the vid because of the language😂😂😂

Author Sanji-kun ( ago)
orang miskin disana sama dengan kaya disini :'3 . selalu kagum dengan kecanggihan teknologi di jepang :'3

Author Gaijin Bangya ( ago)
that stereotypical accent, oh my god!~ xD I am laughing so hard!

Author Janar Valvik ( ago)
Hahahaha, The Japanese comments that Jun says after explaining stuff. (Love the Humour)

Author Panda lvl ( ago)
Step 3: Give up, You ruin tatami forever lolllllllllll...

Author Juicy Pear ( ago)
0:25 What does that mean in English??

Author - ( ago)
Wait won't it mold if you get all the water on the floor?

Author Prayoga Sama ( ago)
hahaha, I can't stop laughing watch this :D

Author Kayla Ward ( ago)
Omg, please make this a series😂🔥

Author Juliet _ ( ago)
I was laughing so much during this video

Author Asteroid gaming ( ago)
That's a poor house and it's more advanced then the average Canadian house

Author Asteroid gaming ( ago)
0:18 in Canada even the rich have it in same room

Author Ana Carla Pagulayan ( ago)
where's the next episode? 😁😁😁

Author Martha Asami ( ago)
Educative & funny too.

Author Edwin Canggadibrata ( ago)
Step 3 "Gibu Appu!"

Author Sheik no Nihon ( ago)
This is the best thing I've ever seen XD I need more!

Author Chi Xiao ( ago)
I said "what the fuck" at least 12 times

Author Annalise Dean ( ago)

Author Annalise Dean ( ago)
for a second i thought she was Crystal Joy and Hannah Hoffman's fusion

Author Jada Leopold ( ago)
omg i just put the subs on!! "YOU WHITE PIG" hahahahahah

Author TheLivingThombstone AJ ( ago)
I need more of these xD I freaking love these.

Author Credo nello Stato Laika ( ago)
love Jun engrish

Author Gobelin ( ago)
when the next episode? 😂 Jun' accent is killing me x)

Author Luanne Russell ( ago)
you two need need to do more 'idiots guides'. you're the perfect comedy team!!!

Author Rawbeard ( ago)
I feel like I should post this on tumblr. and watch the outrage explode. :P

Author Shirokamii ( ago)
I really luv it <3

Author The Vanilla ( ago)
You remind me of Inoue Orihime for some reason. Maybe because of the hair and the personality?

Author bjmccann1 ( ago)
You guys are so CUTE!

Author Tristan Wilson ( ago)
The sheer amount of smug disdain in Jun's voice when he said "don't you think we planned for that" almost made me shudder in discomfort. He sounds like an evil henchman.

Author Gargie396 ( ago)
Do they not have bathroom sealant in Japan?

Author OtakuSisters Cosplay ( ago)
OMG I didn't know that the subtitles for my YouTube was on and so I was watching this with them on, and when he whispers in Japanese in the beginning it says "stupid foreigner can't even use a f**king bathroom" IDK if that's real but I'm dieing 😂😂😂😂😂

Author Lavenia Hewes ( ago)
Her hair is same color as cat

Author Lavenia Hewes ( ago)
Never seen these dorks before but they funny

Author Lavenia Hewes ( ago)
30 secando

Author Linktea ( ago)
Can't wait for kitchen version!

Author DIY WITH ASAL ( ago)
It sounds like the google translate guy is talking

Author Yazanico ( ago)
My maine coon wants to eat stuff with glue on it too... no idea why.

Author Alpagaa ( ago)
Okay, Jun's fake accent really cracked me up xD "ONLY BARBARIAN BATHE IN DIRTY TUB! I need this to be a series

Author Ni chan ( ago)
She's so pretty *-*

Author Stephanie Hinojosa ( ago)
this is funny

Author TheUnRestartedUmiPhone ( ago)
0:00 that was my cousin's English, one day when her family came to visit my house, she wanted a glass of drinking water, but she said: "I water"

Author Joey Kinney ( ago)
Omg these captions 😂😂😂😂

Author しゃけみ ( ago)
This must be serious:)

Author Aaron Lieberman ( ago)
I like how jun's normal english accent slipped through his exaggerated one. also Bolt things to the wall for earthquake safety

Author Alex Rocha ( ago)
Why would you destroy a tatami mat like that WHAT A SHAME

Author Alex Rocha ( ago)
Oh my God, I died

Author yuu chanman ( ago)

Author Mazhar Chowdhury ( ago)
"Stupid foreigner can't even use a f*cking bathroom" XD I already died at this point

Author Shannon Caple ( ago)
Haha this was so great!

Author Animallover 1536 ( ago)
Wait..... how did I get here?

Author popcycleism ( ago)
dis is a bery bery funny bideo for bery ignorant barbarian stupido forinna.

Author OnigiriBunnie ( ago)
I don't know what I expected but I laughed so hard for some reason I spit cola. Made even better by using the subtitle option. You two are hilarious, but informative ^^

Author 阿部慎一郎 ( ago)

Author Keiki Shimizu ( ago)
Deez Nuts

Author Ruposhi Quddus ( ago)
I legitimacy can't wait for the next guide. please make this a series!

Author Ruposhi Quddus ( ago)
My cousin too me that tsunamis happen in Japan all the time, is this true?

Author daseincog ( ago)

Author kinkumakun z ( ago)

Author UltraRae ( ago)
*One tatami mat was hurt in the making of this production.*

*This video is sponsored by Jun's abs.*

I seriously love you both

Author Fabiosa Liam Nathaniel ( ago)

Author Suyeon Lee ( ago)
You white pig

Author Ketchme17 ( ago)
Can someone please explain to me if the bathtub gap around the edge really does just go under the tub into that gross void? I noticed it when I was staying in Japan but I figured that there was probably some intricate drainage system collecting all that water... If that's the case, why the heck wouldn't they seal the gap!?

Author Eduardo Nicolas Cosmopolis Rios ( ago)
so funny and useful...great! 😉👍

Author Charles Prince ( ago)
hey guys im coming to nippon in Dec. but i was wondering how you rent places there, i dont want to stay in a hotel and waste money

Author K L ( ago)
The things you do for a video Rachel 😂😂 it's awesome.

Author SallyR5 Sal ( ago)
This was so funny xD

Author Jason Saige ( ago)
Love how you guys go the extra mile

Author nini ニコール ( ago)
i love yours englisch sooo xD

Author Kim Du Han and Persephone Kim Du Han and Persephone ( ago)
i find this insanely funny, because my japanese ex boyfriend spoke english exactly like that, and if you dared to point out a mistake he got mad and said "he studied and his english are perfect". he was abusive and narcissistic and racist. best decision to break up with him.

Author PikachuAliyah Prouductions ( ago)

Author Riadh Fenina ( ago)
This is hilarious!

Author Charity Moret ( ago)
please make idiots guide to japan a serie 😂😂😂 so goood

Author Gaius Trollius ( ago)
Part 2 should be for shopping and cooking.

Author Supriya Shahi ( ago)
HA! xD This is probably your funniest video yet xD

Author Akaki Yamazaki ( ago)

Author Yuno Gasai ( ago)
I'll actually need help because i plan to.go when I'm 20 or less.. CAN'T WAIT!>·<

Author tallblonde1976 ( ago)
Love you guys, Rachel takes some um, getting used to --but I love her now!!!

Author OurDarlingsAreHawaiian ダーリンはハワイ人 ( ago)
This is so not Jun lol and sooo funny

Author Brandon Donald Kelava ( ago)
god this Japanese English narrator is so perfect

Author Joshua Fultz ( ago)
thats was great

Author TheCoolj1212 ( ago)

Author nikki n dest vlogs ( ago)
lol I you guys like fit you agee

Author virginia palacios ( ago)
This dang video is so cute😄

Author ChihakuTheFolf ( ago)
0:00 - 0:05 - If Rachel was in an infomercial world, this would be it. XD

Author shawn clark ( ago)
I like this one. I am going to visit Japan one day and an earthquake is going to make me never come back....

Author Cass Pan ( ago)
Glory Version:

Idiot's Guide to Japanese Apartments

Friendly Version:

Dummy's Guide to Japanese Apartments

Friendly User Can Kill = F U C K

Author Dimas Vian ( ago)
asu artine seng bhs indonesia ada bhs jowo ne😂😂

Author Sabrina Koops ( ago)

Author quantumcomputer ( ago)
1:56 assquake... I see... I see...

Author Jason Anderson ( ago)
you guys are hillarious, when I move to Japan I want to meet you guys.

Author notomishiru i ( ago)
It's so funny, but also informative! XD

Author i dont have a name ( ago)

Author Camila Grullon ( ago)

Author MsVandora ( ago)
She's pretty, you're a lucky man Jun :)

Author Raymond Wang ( ago)
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