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Hear inspiring leaders on the topic of learning in this TED project hosted by John Legend.

Hear inspiring and forward-looking leaders and thinkers on the topic of learning, including Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, Bill Gates, Rita F. Pierson, Sir Ken Robinson and Geoffrey Canada, among others. Hosted by John Legend, this special focused solely on education marks the first TED project produced specifically for television.

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Author Jacqueline Way ( ago)
Everyone needs to hear this. It is a message that will travel through generations of educators.

Author Celetha Wright ( ago)
Awesome show

Author education us ( ago)
To much more update come on my channel ......

Author Voltaire Voltaires ( ago)
There no educational CRISIS. This system could certainly be improved but this is overstating the issue.

Author monkeybunny89 ( ago)
pay teachers 30% more and make them work till 5pm to lesson plan = problem solved. all other talk is just "talk."

Author 黄水庆 ( ago)
Knowledge is power, aspiream is your cradle!

Author Katlego Morulane ( ago)
Grit - quite true

Author Roel Vink ( ago)
*The ultimate truth will make the education system be all it can be*. Education makes people/children slaves of their environments, ofcourse you need to learn something, but if half of the education system is based on untruths and non objective reasoning ( for example history) It is better to not be a part of it. There is only 1 thing you need to learn. Learn the *ultimate Truth of Life* ( best explanation of the big picture of life in every facet) The *Truth* contains your ultimate purpose. Google *TruthContest click on the earth icon and read the Present*

Author monkeyman ( ago)
It's american based and applies there bascilly. The educatioanl system of america doesn't even rank in the top 10 in the world. Listening to this is like listening to people talk about the smell of shit and how sweet it is the farther way you are.

Author DR.DILIP PATEL ( ago)

Author Ana Paula Da Silva Lima ( ago)

Author Abraham Ogunmola ( ago)
Very inspiring. I simply love it !!! Great job guys.

Author Andrea Hlavathy ( ago)
Thank you!

Author Dmitry Trefilov ( ago)
Aand one more time I was convinced in that Bill Gates is actually a very smart man.

Author Le Le ( ago)
TED Talks Education

Author Ameen Ali ( ago)
awwwwwwwwwwwesome. Thanks

Author Abdarhman Ishag ( ago)
it is for learnees

Author Mukhtar Ibrahim ( ago)
A teacher should be a psychologist and know about the individual diffrinces and dignoc the the needs that what a student want and which skill a student can better to another student ...

Author Carla Villela ( ago)
As an educator I found these pretty superficial :/

Author Gia Sư Đại Học Y ( ago)

Author Kara Minor ( ago)
As a teacher in Korea and with several friends in China. I ask if Bill Gates has pursued how the students are responding to their education in these countries. Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the worlds--largely due to their educational system. It's filled with stress and competition and going to school for hours and hours. There's no being a we want to develop kids who can pass a test and be unhappy OR do we want kids that can do okay on a test but aren't killing themselves the night before their KSATs?

Author IMPROVE Tuition ( ago)

Author Paul Kent ( ago)
This video is a waste of time.

Author Sonta Reid ( ago)
I enjoyed this video very much. Sonta reid

Author nayinayi1 ( ago)
I don't think it is a fair overview to say that schools in Shanghai China are doing better because of teachers. As far as I am concern, their culture is far more superior than an average American culture.

Author Rebecca Glasencnik ( ago)
I have listened to Rita Pearson give her TED talk so many times - but I love it so much, I can't hear it too many times.

Author KravMaga Chennai TamilNadu ( ago)
Amazingly energetic! Thanks

Author love chids ( ago)
omg where was this women all my life lol ... I wish I had her for a teacher . omg I would be a rich women lol . that first women was the best .

Author Julian Hesse ( ago)
Nearly nothing changed... long will it take?

Maybe the system we live in has to changes, before we change living.

Author jerzaw ( ago)
Ask the student why

Author lauren Fletcher ( ago)
In case you feel like school is really boring, here you go! Some people ACTUALLY agree!

Author lauren Fletcher ( ago)
Every morning, the principal at the school I work at closes the morning announcements with -"education is the key to your future". I wish more people understood this simple but plausible saying. We as educators can unlock so many doors.

Author Kamal Hossain ( ago)
Thank you very much.

Author Troy Chadwell ( ago)
Lmao the First Lady gave me chills can't even lie. Wish I had her as a teacher .

Author Takemia Wiggins ( ago)
inspirational :)

Author Zoltan Szasz Benedek ( ago)
Bill Gates: put's global leadership in education at risk ?  DUDE, are you living in the 1960's ? LOL

Author Wanda Prowell ( ago)
AGREE:   Teaching and Learning should bring JOY!   WE ARE BORN TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!   ~

Author Wanda Prowell ( ago)
Dropping out of school IS NOT an option!  School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12; ISBN#  ISBN# 978-0-615-54346-8   Parent Involvement is KEY for positive relationships & student intervention !  SO TRUE- Kids learn from positive relationships. . . .

Author Samantha Ng ( ago)

Author Classy Washington ( ago)

Author Reese Issel ( ago)
GRIT thesis... West Point Cadet going combat enlisted to combat General a path called Wake Forest and is that Parallel achievable in modern warfare battle spaces underpinned by metric's of academy education as necessary precondition to achieve the rank of 07 or above.

Author Reese Issel ( ago)
At 14 minutes she is talking about students with IQ's above 160 as the entrance into her class.

Author Reese Issel ( ago)
The very first TED talk at Davos
Ideas from great people
Who look hard
Think with passion
Motivate with action

Author phurba tenzin Sherpa ( ago)
Great talks TED:)

Author The Sticky Studynote Solution ( ago)
Education is very important! We also encourage high levels of education to be practiced.

Author mariekehopman ( ago)
Hi guys,
I am crowdfunding to be able to do PhD research on the child's right to education. In the research I will ask what it means to have a right to education, when you cannot go to school. If you can, please support -> 
Thank you! 
Kind regards,

Author Lucid Nightmare ( ago)
Oh no, not education! Noooooo. I just Finnish school😖

Author Pam deWilde ( ago)
Dear Educators and those passionate about education, please help our small school get a new playground and vote for our little school till June 3rd:  (You have to give them facebook permission just once)...This town is so small that I'm reaching out to strangers for help. There are no other parks here, no other place for the community to do sports here. Dear Stranger, thank you for helping our community!!!

Author Huang Aisha ( ago)
i see kids who watch this kind of videos ask teachers to help him, to like him and to have teaching coming his ways. No one can make other people to do what "I" like. To be reasonable, I don't have to like my job to want to do it well. Students don't have to like their teachers to learn. We do have to know being happy in the process of learning and working come by the power of will. Simple thing such as "I" like goes beyond what a normal person can do. It can become an attitude. "I" don't like this. "I" don't like that. With this type of kids, it's very energy-draining. Don't tell me that under this circumstance, I have to act like students like me for me to work things out. Students share the responsibility to like what they learn. Discipline is part of learning. It not a feel-good process all the time.

Author rdelrosso2001 ( ago)
In 1853, a 6-year-old Boy in the Midwest was so sick, his Mother kept him home from school.  (They did not have many medicines in those days.)

  He started school in 1854, at the age of seven.  He thought, somewhat innocently, that he'd be placed in the 2nd Grade, because he was Seven.  But the teacher said: "You never went to 1st Grade, so you are starting in First Grade today."  It was a "One-Room School House" with Grades One through Eight ALL IN THE SAME CLASSROOM.  (There were only 3 or 4 Children in each Grade.)  The teacher would just go from one "Grade" to another, instructing the students in one Grade at a time.  (And the other 7 Grades were on their own.) Don't ask me how ONE teacher ever did all that.

   On that First Day of School, the teacher was reading a story to the First Graders about a river that flowed uphill.  That 7-year-old Boy asked the teacher: "How does the river go against Gravity?"  That was an excellent question from a 7-year-old, especially in 1854!   But the teacher said that was a "Silly Question" and that the Boy must be "Addled" (Retarded).   (The teacher should have said the story was Fiction or fake, but failed to do so.)  

When the Boy came home from School he was crying: "Mama, the teacher said I was addled."  

  The Boy's mother was a Schoolteacher herself before she had been married.  So she did not send her son back to that school and home-schooled him instead.   She just basically let him read whatever he wanted to.  At the Age of Seven, he was reading a Chemistry Book, that was far in above his age level.  The 7-year-old boy struggled to understand how 2 Gases (Hydrogen and Water) could ever come together to form the liquid we call Water (H20).

  After a few years of home schooling, the boy DID go to an Elementary School for 3 years. Then, at the tender age of 13, the Boy's initial schooling had ended.  The boy obtained a job in 1860, selling newspapers on the Railroad.  He was also doing Chemistry Experiments in the Caboose.

In 1861, the American Civil War broke out and the Boy figured out how to use the still relatively new invention of the Telegraph to get timely news into a newspaper he printed himself on the train, selling copies for about 2 cents. But one day, his Chemistry Experiment exploded. The conductor was so angry, he fired the Boy, tossing him and his Chem Lab off the train.

The Boy obtained a job as a Telegraph Operator, but he was not the best Telegrapher in the world. By 1869, the boy, now a young man of 22, had been fired from many Jobs. On

Author rdelrosso2001 ( ago)
GREAT Video on Education!   Very Inspiring!   This is one reason why I have been watching Youtube, rather than TV for the past 2 years! Geoffrey Canada is awesome! we need 1,000 of him! No, 100,000! 

Malcolm London is only 19? Wow, I thought he was very mature for 19! I thought he was about 28!

Author Shaji Kumar ( ago)
Education Based On Values , OK.
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Author andy luminto ( ago)
Its true that relationship is important between pupils and the teacher..I admired to what the facilitator says that a learner cannot learned if she/he hate or don't like the teacher. this is a great video.

Author Liam Odwyer ( ago)
a very enjoyable and thought provoking group of talks. i value the human relationships discussed throughout and realise that as an educator for nearly 20 years i may need a bit more GRIT to support pupils with opening their creative channels even though funding across schools has been slashed. i now understand more about the reasons i first chose teaching as a career and will endeavour to facilitate these skills through a delicate touch of climate control. many thanks

Author Robert James ( ago)
I feel anyone should be able to go to college, we can show you how to pay for a great college without you having to pay for it! (REALLY),

Author Hill S. ( ago)
Hi everyone! I'm curious to know what people think about playing games or watching online videos for education. If you can please take this 5-minute survey, that'll be much appreciated. Thanks! :)

Author Shumier ( ago)
Bill Gates should go take a visit of NNPTC.

Author SCA Tutoring Center ( ago)
"Kids don't learn from people they don't like" -Rita Pierson. Very true

Author Utkarsh Kaushik ( ago)
To Support Please visit:

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Author P Smitty ( ago)
Rita Pierson, I don't know who you are. But you Rock! God Bless!

Author Abdelmoneinm Hassan ( ago)
"We are teachers, we are born to change" That's our JOB, isn't it?

Author Jacob mask ( ago)
This was perfect, I just wish that something would really happen in the schools. I mean I go to school everyday and learn nothing because my teachers rush through lessons that need to be more in depth of what it is about or how to do it.

Author Steve C ( ago)
Long on rhetoric but all these hacks end up advocating doubling down on essentially the same paradigm.  Meanwhile Gates is setting records on getting H1-b visas.  Except for the Asian teacher this was a smug-fest.

Author Francisco Valenzuela ( ago)
Inspired by this talk! 

Author London Youth express ( ago)
Hi,I like your video and I am a Philosopher,Singer, Songwriter and Educator and I work to renew the Education System and to create a youth friendly society.I would like to invite you to have a look at the London Youth Express Video Channel at

Author Fonseca429 ( ago)
Kids don´t learn from people they don´t,like? Spoiled kids, maybe.

Author Terence Dillard ( ago)
Great.. Highly recommended video..

Author Anna Mos. ( ago)
grit  - Syn: perseverance , stamina

Author hewwel ( ago)
I love TEDx... Graeat !!!!

Author samantha choco ( ago)
precious words thanks TED ♥

Author King Mufasa ( ago)
What should I do to get there and open my speech?

Author pim kanbier ( ago)
imposeble no no its im posible :D

Author GE-ROD Noonan ( ago)
Please help me get a education..

Author IndiaRockLovers ( ago)
with all the horrific incidents happening in india in education sector, Indian teachers needs to learn something from this fab lady teacher.Education is not just about learning or knowledge but also about building the confidence, discipline and self esteem in students so that they can be productive and add to the nations development, while most education systems in india favors only the top students while caring less about the weaker ones making them feel left out and adds negative value instead of doing positive.The whole focus of the indian education system is to get marks i mean just numbers the teachers are teachings how to get numbers the students are studying for numbers parents are pushing students for bringing more numbers why just for jobs that don't exists funny isn't it.

Author Ruhi Ghadami ( ago)
"Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can , alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom". Bahaullah the founder of Baha'i Faith

Author CrashRebootL3 ( ago)
one of the best TED Talks, thanks

Author Amanuel Yitbarek ( ago)
This was a fascination video

Author KING VICE VURZE2 ( ago)
Geoffrey Canada is the man!#harlemachievementzone- nice Ted Talk

Author Dustin Trombly ( ago)
Hey guys. I wrote a short scholarship essay on education. Please vote and share my link. I'd really appreciate it. :)

Author Academy Of Mine ( ago)
#education  Wonderful way to spend an hour! What's interesting is that schools that work at are "alternative education"…. love it! 

Author Wendolens Ruano ( ago)
This is absolutely amazing! <3 

Author Kien Le ( ago)
BTW, " Waiting for a super man " is a great documentary on education which people should take the time to watch.

Author Avishai Aasil David ( ago)
What Bill Gates Just Described there is Basically TQM (Total Quality Management)
Meaning Continuous Improvement can be used in anything like Education and Healthcare 

Author Bao ( ago)
Mrs. Pearson(?) I salute you! This needs to be shown to all teachers

Author jane foramiglio ( ago)
 the value and importance of human connection... wonderfull speech

Author Gish Abbay ( ago)

Author Lowell Ballard ( ago)
"They won't eat unless we feed them, they won't learn unless we teach them..." that song lyric seems to be the core of the problem.  Instead of helping students determine/focus on what is valuable then structuring a learning environment to help them create that value, we decide what is valuable and force feed an education.  The philosophical model of education needs to shift from one of central control to one of learner motivation/enablement.  Information Technology is allowing a form of reformation in our lifetimes that will have more impact than the Printing press and the reformation of the 1500s.  

Author FatBestialSwan ( ago)
"There are people who move. People who make things happen. What we've seen here this evening are wonderful examples of people who are moving, and there are many people throughout the country also moving. If we can encourage more people, that would be a movement. If the movement is strong enough, that's in the best sense of the word, a revolution; and that's what we need."

I want to be part of this revolution.

Author Chyn fu ( ago)
i'm asian who live In norway, second generation and Teachers don't really care about students. I have a question: We student are studying and who are we fighting for ? Why is that we humans must only care for ourselves? why thing i do now seems meningless? Why is that i never see a teacher smile? and student so sad?

Author KM Bappi ( ago)
Hyderabad certainly get better private school then? shown


Author Boris N'DONG NGUEMA ( ago)
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Author Jan Hendriks Junior ( ago)
Very important issues there, a must see to all teachers and educators. :) thanks

Author Courage Kwasi Nobi ( ago)

Author Rebecca Hart ( ago)
This was a fair and balanced conversation. I look forward to see more TED talks on the subject.

Author Deborah J Boyd ( ago)
totally right on.

Author fatima moreano ( ago)

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