Johnny Depp Surprises P!nk

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  • P!nk reveals her crushes on Johnny Depp and Michael Keaton and Johnny surprises her by showing up during her interview.

    Bryan Cranston's Super Sweet 60

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    Johnny Depp Surprises P!nk
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  • m marper
    m marper 3 hours ago

    Who doesn't have a crush on Johnny Depp? He's awesome!

    SAMOAN USO 1 day ago

    pink u my crush😜

  • Still_Reflection 19

    Oh shut that's gotta hurt in the feels to have your crush walk out just after you admitted having a crush on him on national tv

  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell 1 day ago

    poor old Johnny that was so akward between pink and him....

  • Mohsen Ensafdaran
    Mohsen Ensafdaran 2 days ago

    I always knew that Johnny has a great soul. rock on dude.

  • Tiger T.
    Tiger T. 2 days ago

    He's the best actor in the world

  • Barrier Boy
    Barrier Boy 2 days ago

    it's like being surprised by diarrhea

  • Jeff Peterman
    Jeff Peterman 3 days ago

    First person to guess which state and city im from wins! 4 hints. 1. state bird is the Ruffed Grouse. 2. state Capital starts with the letter H. 3. My city has the best NHL AND NFL team in the country. 4. My city is also dubbed the city of bridges. Do you know it yet? first person wins a very expensive prize paid for by you tube. BONUS HIT: our roads have the worst pot holes in the Country.

  • mikel valerio
    mikel valerio 3 days ago


  • Gerardo Delgado Ramirez

    Do this with Matt Damon and Jennifer Lawrence!

  • Tainted Love
    Tainted Love 4 days ago

    She has such a big crush on him! 😂❤️

  • PatrolPigeon
    PatrolPigeon 4 days ago


  • giofyr
    giofyr 4 days ago

    Depp is a liberal Drug Addict .

  • jp3813
    jp3813 5 days ago

    I remember her saying that, as a young girl, she locked herself in her room for days when she found out that Jon Bon Jovi got married. I wonder if she avoids him as well.

  • Xof Fox
    Xof Fox 7 days ago

    everyone loves johnny depp....come on 😃

  • MattSome
    MattSome 7 days ago

    why is the rum always gone?

  • Estefani Reyes
    Estefani Reyes 8 days ago

    you can imagine pinks husband in the back with a shotgun

  • Bossatron0945
    Bossatron0945 8 days ago


  • Billy Berry
    Billy Berry 9 days ago

    Why is no one talking about Johnny kissing jimmy on the lips

  • Dora Sečić
    Dora Sečić 10 days ago

    Her face at 3:02 hahaha

  • mary jones
    mary jones 11 days ago

    I'm with pink I LOVE Johnny Depp he's so HOT. LOVE HIM

  • Magical Nights
    Magical Nights 11 days ago

    that kiss tho...

  • JynxxTorquilla
    JynxxTorquilla 11 days ago

    Funny to see Pink turning red:)

  • Pendragonthegreat
    Pendragonthegreat 11 days ago

    I think he was filming Fantastic Beasts during the time period of this video because of the haircut

  • Blue Pewds
    Blue Pewds 12 days ago

    53 and still hot as hell

  • Tumblr Freak
    Tumblr Freak 13 days ago

    Our Captain is here! hello Jack!!!

  • snackbar
    snackbar 14 days ago


  • NiftyTheLynx
    NiftyTheLynx 14 days ago

    Johnny is always so awkward

  • NiftyTheLynx
    NiftyTheLynx 14 days ago

    Alice Cooper is really cool

  • Elen Vošten
    Elen Vošten 15 days ago

    I think this was even more akward than their first time😂

  • Alya Nabila
    Alya Nabila 15 days ago

    i was jealous with Jimmy, i want Johnny to kiss me too😂😂

  • punk's not dead XD
    punk's not dead XD 16 days ago

    soo cringey

  • Joanna Castillo
    Joanna Castillo 16 days ago

    they should do this more often

  • Caroline Teodori
    Caroline Teodori 16 days ago

    who doesn't have a crush on johnny?

  • Harvey Ward
    Harvey Ward 16 days ago

    Deserve extreme grip head upper week young quest mark sea.

  • Bonnie Lockwood
    Bonnie Lockwood 16 days ago

    they have crushes on her, too. or else thered be nothing.

  • J South
    J South 17 days ago

    I'd love to be her baggage.

  • Sweet Pants
    Sweet Pants 17 days ago

    2:14 thanks me later

  • Bacøn Søda
    Bacøn Søda 17 days ago

    johhny makes everyone blush😂😂

  • Edensthegamer
    Edensthegamer 17 days ago

    use the red slime as blood

  • tyler jonhson
    tyler jonhson 17 days ago

    it seems that johnny's looks are slowly morphing into caption jck sarrwow

  • Nicole Ford
    Nicole Ford 17 days ago

    I want the super cute 21 Jump Street/ Cry Baby Johnny.... I never thought he would lose he looks!

  • Twenty One Crybabies At The Disco

    Happy Bday Johnny!!!

  • jojo 1999
    jojo 1999 17 days ago

    just randomly kiss Jimmy 😂😍😍

  • Stephi
    Stephi 18 days ago

    I couldn't even stand next to a Johnny Depp wax figure 😅 I can definitely see where she's coming from when she says she didn't want to meet him. I would cry and be red faced and shaking the whole time. celebs seem so untouchable I have zero desire to ever meet one.

  • Ms7deadlysins
    Ms7deadlysins 18 days ago

    Johnny Depp is the most awkward, adorable, and loving person i have ever seen.

  • Aryann
    Aryann 19 days ago

    i love pink

    ADOLF HITLER 19 days ago


  • ewan_mcgregor_fan_girl

    Johnny kisses the Show Guy...? good joke

  • BubblezSuarez Summer

    i have a huge crush on J too girrrl so I know the feeling....looove pink soooo muuuuchh💕

  • Dawn Campbell
    Dawn Campbell 21 day ago


  • Wade
    Wade 21 day ago

    I have a crush on Alice Cooper.

  • Julie Lovelace
    Julie Lovelace 21 day ago

    two dudes

  • Lily Hube
    Lily Hube 21 day ago

    ..Johnny Depp, sing, pussy cat I love you.

  • Honey S.
    Honey S. 21 day ago

    3.0 lolllll !!!

  • Honey S.
    Honey S. 21 day ago

    1.50 lol !!!!

  • Blabbing Mouth
    Blabbing Mouth 21 day ago

    The Pirates of the Caribbean movie has placed a spell on me that no matter how Johnny Depp looks or how he dresses, I always see *CAPTAIN* Jack Sparrow. Like I can't get him off my mind😂 Savvy?

  • Blabbing Mouth
    Blabbing Mouth 21 day ago

    The Pirates of the Caribbean movie has placed a spell on me that no matter how Johnny Depp looks or how he dresses, I always see *CAPTAIN* Jack Sparrow. Like I can't get him off my mind😂 Savvy?

  • Royal Galayr
    Royal Galayr 21 day ago

    Johnny should've kissed Pink on the lips instead of Jimmy. Gee!

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo 21 day ago

    Notice how Johnny stops and shakes hands and gives a little hug to the security guy, that is a sign of true class, treats every body equally.

  • xoAlmi
    xoAlmi 21 day ago

    Johnny depp is one of those humans who you physically can't aoid having a crush on, men and women

  • Rhea Mina
    Rhea Mina 22 days ago

    i love that mexican guy hahahaha

  • Grace Choe
    Grace Choe 22 days ago

    she turned pink when he came out

  • Nadia Liz Delgado Romero

    what? 😯

  • Jay Bustos
    Jay Bustos 22 days ago

    she turn red lmao I love pink 💓

  • eiro studio
    eiro studio 22 days ago

    she is blushingg! so cute.. hahaha😄

  • Susie Nunya
    Susie Nunya 22 days ago

    I would just die ❤️

  • Awab Joharji
    Awab Joharji 22 days ago

    Zarya , is that you?

  • Jasper Usa
    Jasper Usa 22 days ago

    love PINK!

  • Cely GHS
    Cely GHS 22 days ago

    How cold that girl when I saw him I would be very excited, they saw her look when he left, had not bothered to go Johnny to go and see her.

  • Nellie K. Adaba
    Nellie K. Adaba 23 days ago


  • KenTheTruthSeeker
    KenTheTruthSeeker 23 days ago

    Pink turned Red

  • Hailey Wells
    Hailey Wells 23 days ago

    He's so sweet omg

  • annatikitiki
    annatikitiki 23 days ago

    she fainted inside...i would faint too... lol

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 24 days ago

    Johnny Depp is a pussy destroyer!

  • Robert Donato
    Robert Donato 24 days ago

    you kno he hit

  • l.xtasy
    l.xtasy 24 days ago

    haha i so get it. i don't think i would ever want to meet my celebrity crush :D

  • Red Zhor
    Red Zhor 24 days ago

    I would like to tell you something! I live in Romania and I always looked at the Pirates of the Caribbean and I would love to meet Johnny Deep very much, but I can not fly to Hollywood! And I will never meet him! I'm really sorry! It's not a union that lives there or goes to concerts, but we can not leave anywhere else! I would love to meet so much! !!

  • Sierra 494
    Sierra 494 25 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel and his fake laughs...

  • smiling faithless
    smiling faithless 26 days ago

    At 2.44 what does Johnny say something about pinks husband

  • TikTokToxic
    TikTokToxic 26 days ago

    What was with the kiss to Jimmy? That kinda surprised me, because you can see him getting ready for it like it was pre-arranged...

    • TikTokToxic
      TikTokToxic 22 days ago

      Agust Rush Ah, ok...

    • Agust Rush
      Agust Rush 23 days ago

      It's become a tradition for Johnny and Jimmy to kiss. He always kisses him when they great each other.

  • BB XM
    BB XM 27 days ago

    can i be jimmy? 😢 huhu omggggg johnnyyy!!!!

  • Jackie Walker
    Jackie Walker 29 days ago

    The fact that Kimmel looked like he was expecting the kiss XD Lol, I was dying laughing

  • kuririn1975
    kuririn1975 29 days ago

    This is why I dig Pink, She is real and like the rest of us

  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell 1 month ago

    that looks so akward Johnny looks like the 3rd wheel....

  • OfficialSpokesman
    OfficialSpokesman 1 month ago

    They obviously have the same hairdresser.

  • Un Petit Monde
    Un Petit Monde 1 month ago

    im gonna go into a effin seizure if I ever meet Johnny Depp and then Ill ask him to do a mouth to mouth rescucitation immediately!!!!!

  • jack sparrow
    jack sparrow 1 month ago

    Pink is so sexy!

  • Mary Winton
    Mary Winton 1 month ago

    she soo hates johnny depp... at 3:00 PINK totally rolls her eyes as jimmy for bringing him out there... like big time stink eye

    • TFSimple
      TFSimple 23 days ago

      Noticed that glimpse too. Very awkward.

  • Purple Smile
    Purple Smile 1 month ago

    I would do the same too if I see the person I have a crush on. I hide and don't know how to be anymore

  • Random dude
    Random dude 1 month ago

    he looked bad in this video...Probably was drinking a lot during this time.

  • Chaitan Reddy
    Chaitan Reddy 1 month ago

    Pinks a national treasure

  • Gods Best
    Gods Best 1 month ago

    I love johnny😍

  • Father Finger
    Father Finger 1 month ago

    when a man loves a man... lalalala

  • Chris Austria
    Chris Austria 1 month ago

    I would melt and turn into a puddle and Im a guy!!!

  • jeckyllmass
    jeckyllmass 1 month ago

    Didn't know Zarya from overwatch was on kinmel

  • Dr. Love 1987
    Dr. Love 1987 1 month ago

    You know Deep is in an elite class of his own when another Superstar is excited to meet him.

  • Greg Wale Official Profile

    pink made it awkward lol

    • Greg Wale Official Profile
      Greg Wale Official Profile 1 month ago

      johnny depp kind of looked annoyed with pink lol he comes out to surprise her and she's acts all weird about it, like come on pink atleast you can do is let the guy give you a kiss on the cheek haha smh just watching the video kind of made me feel awkward lol jk

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