messy bodypainting fun

cute blonde girl is enjoying painting her face black, hair red and then poors blue and green paint over herself

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Author Madhira Vagmi ( ago)

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
@Rayson484: Please scroll down to comment #1 and #2

Author Rayson King ( ago)
What kind of paint do you use?

Author DrPillowPaper ( ago)
I would love to have someone like you model a paint session like this. Its
something I'm highly interested in as an artist. I just need a girl who's
willing! haha

Author Metrinui ( ago)
I want to do this but let it dry AND LEAVE IT ON for the weekend

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
@RJL738 thank you :-) happy you like it!

Author RJL738 ( ago)
That is just a magical experience, fantastic, what I would give to meet
this girl, please do more like this with her if possible. The art of this I
think is just how she gets lost in the paint and taken to another place.
This is a masterpeice in it's truest form. Thanks for making this eccelant
video I more than enjoyed this.

Author Metrinui ( ago)
I want to try this sooooooooooooooooooo badly do more plz

Author 4evraudrey ( ago)
Like if u want me to do this

Author fub99 (1940 years ago)
I really wanna body paint with u

Author fub99 ( ago)
i really want to body paint with u

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
@AllstarWOLF thanks ;-) I was just the director and camera. Model is a
friend. Why did we do it...esthetic experiment I would say...checking out
the mystic feeling of heavily playing with paint.

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
@xiaoli26 no poblem :-)

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
please go to comment page #7: The paint is water-based toning colour paint
for toning white wall paint..

Author marisuul ( ago)
what kind of paint is?

Author Little Li ( ago)
@chrischaaan oh ... I just have a very deep imagination -____-" ignore me~
.... ehhh but don't block me O_O

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
@xiaoli26 what is scary about it? it's just fun with paint. don't play the
"OMG it's racisism" card here, please.

Author Little Li ( ago)
white lady turn to black lady..... scary O_O

Author Rito-kun Yuuki ( ago)
y did she do it? looks fun

Author xxxfizzybaybiixxx ( ago)
As a girl, I'm slightly confused that this turns me on.

Author shadowsa2b ( ago) this like a fetish thing? like latex is with some people? careful
not to get it in your eyes? and your poor hair...couldnt have been good for

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
I'm sure :-)

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
no, clothes went into the trash. It's hard to get permission to post on the
web for the nude parts.

Author summerguy51 ( ago)
Looks very sexy. This must be hard on the wardrobe. Does it wash out or are
the clothes discarded after? Maybe she should do it nude.

Author 7dominater7 ( ago)
Ur crazy lol! U should put a song with it

Author queenms999999999 ( ago)
not scary XD ub u gave me an idea ;)

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
I have no idea. Locals please help.

Author Locke217 (1885 years ago)
just don't get any in your mouth! lol.

Author David Blanton ( ago)
im turned on

Author David Blanton ( ago)
this is soooo sexy

Author James A (1511 year ago)
u looked turned on

Author snoopy251279 ( ago)
It´s absolutely great!!!

Author NecroidOne ( ago)
Please, make more videos like this.

Author NecroidOne ( ago)
Most of the people who you think.

Author YamaClas ( ago)
seriously who think its nice?

Author marblesac ( ago)
you say water based toning for white wall paint? where whould you get this
at? any paint store or home depot? and how easy is clean up?

Author Theresa Mansell (1634 years ago)
How long did it take you to get all that paint off and out of your hair???

Author chrischaaan ( ago)

Author LookJonasBrothers ( ago)
Did her hair ever get it's real color again?

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
that's bad! Anyway, please post the video.

Author fan2korn ( ago)
i love it

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
No problem :-) about 1/2 hour in paint.

Author granadeh ( ago)
Under the paint..;P Sorry my english is not so good ;)

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
has she been...what?

Author granadeh ( ago)
how long has she been this...?

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
No, it is not.

Author karak661982 ( ago)
It woluld have in better if it woluld have beed shown from the begining &
it would have been done in bikini.

Author splintercellfool ( ago)
that must be bad for the eyes

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
Her nose is open during the painting session. For the skin it is not a
problem as long as the paint is non-toxic.

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
please note: all clips shown here are made on esthetical purpose and have
no racist or political intention.

Author Lord Grummond ( ago)
ooh blackface.

Author Christy Zuk ( ago)
that would have been cool if you showed it from the beginning, but i like
it anyway

Author Christy Zuk ( ago)
we need more of these videos!

Author Rage0527 ( ago)
I wish I had a girl like her. Everytime I like a girl and I find a way to
bring up the subject of getting messy they always say eww.

Author Anne Catherine ( ago)
superb and so sexy!

Author gebruiker1 ( ago)
omg..i love this..i think im developing a paintfetish,by watching you doing
this over and over again..graziebella ;+)

Author chrischaaan ( ago)
Hi everyone, it's great you like it. The paint is water-based toning colour
paint for toning white wall paint.

Author Hansen Qian ( ago)
what kind of paint is she using?

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