Rae Sremmurd - Swang

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  • NinjaBoi
    NinjaBoi 2 minutes ago

    2:22 When you finish your capri-sun in one succ

  • - Stefan
    - Stefan 3 minutes ago

    When the song bout to end and u search for a 2:22 comment...

  • GhEttOEthi0pianAnGel
    GhEttOEthi0pianAnGel 5 minutes ago

    Swae Lee looking like a Scarecrow 😂😂😂

  • Nigga is that u ?
    Nigga is that u ? 6 minutes ago

    when you put 2:22 to get likes, just like me

  • Future_ EvacZ
    Future_ EvacZ 18 minutes ago

    can this video end racism

  • Pogo
    Pogo 21 minute ago

    Swae Lee the type of nigga to call in sick to his doctor's appointment

  • ryan mcbride
    ryan mcbride 23 minutes ago

    3:39 when yo granparenets dance at famliy gatherings

  • ryan mcbride
    ryan mcbride 24 minutes ago

    1:53 when you ask your granparents for money

  • ryan mcbride
    ryan mcbride 26 minutes ago

    1:30 skrrt

  • ryan mcbride
    ryan mcbride 27 minutes ago

    1:46 when you are awake after bed time and you know yo ass gettin whopped

  • Kenny Stephens
    Kenny Stephens 41 minute ago

    2:22 When you bust and she keeps sucking.

  • Andrew Simmons
    Andrew Simmons 43 minutes ago

    What's up?

  • Juli Ball
    Juli Ball 55 minutes ago

    2:22 when your crush brakes up with her boyfriend

  • Scred
    Scred 59 minutes ago

    120k people take the life seriously

  • The Tubing Gamer
    The Tubing Gamer 1 hour ago

    2:22 when the cop pulls over the guy in front of you even though you speeding

  • Nemanja Avram
    Nemanja Avram 1 hour ago

    2:22 when parents arent home

  • Alibey Jafarli
    Alibey Jafarli 1 hour ago

    this song makes me become a shitty rapper who is advertising himself in comments under every shitty rap song and yell skr-skr every second

  • Fuaarrkk
    Fuaarrkk 1 hour ago

    alien looking niggas. ugly as fuck

  • TreeIsHere
    TreeIsHere 1 hour ago

    his hat still has the tag is he gonna go return it once hes done or something

  • San4o
    San4o 2 hours ago


  • Michou6220
    Michou6220 2 hours ago

    2:22 when u find drugs is saudi arebia

  • Sutez
    Sutez 2 hours ago

    1:48 When u meet bae's dad for the first time'
    2:22 When he's cool wit u

  • Despoina Rokkou
    Despoina Rokkou 2 hours ago

    They are legends

  • Official Grand Psyche

    *2:00* fake money

  • alpha hedgehog
    alpha hedgehog 3 hours ago

    1:39 when a bee lands on you

  • DreamZ VT
    DreamZ VT 3 hours ago

    2:22 gets 3 likes on a post

  • DreamZ VT
    DreamZ VT 3 hours ago

    2:22 when you don't have to do no chores

  • FPS Konkey
    FPS Konkey 3 hours ago

    when you scrolling through 2:22 jokes and realize the video has 222m views

  • David William
    David William 3 hours ago

    Denne sangen er veldig kul fortsett med musikk.

  • Wreckology
    Wreckology 3 hours ago

    0:49 When you get tired of playing golf

  • Red Blazer
    Red Blazer 3 hours ago

    1:57 when u have alot of 💰 and just got to flex on people

  • Gumbo Wumbo
    Gumbo Wumbo 4 hours ago

    2:21 when you just learned your new ninjutsu move and you like

  • Gumbo Wumbo
    Gumbo Wumbo 4 hours ago

    0:40 the most glorious voice crack ever

  • Storm Troost
    Storm Troost 4 hours ago

    Who else did noticed on 3:27 that mini dab XD

  • Wade Thompson
    Wade Thompson 4 hours ago

    2:28 When u always get dislikes on your coments

  • Alexis Reyes
    Alexis Reyes 4 hours ago

    1:27 when u see ur friend getting a ton of ass and ur not

  • Eileen Calderon
    Eileen Calderon 4 hours ago

    Every 3rd like takes an L

  • 13 Goldenmodz31
    13 Goldenmodz31 4 hours ago


  • 13 Goldenmodz31
    13 Goldenmodz31 5 hours ago

    when u can t get the last frie

  • jeestenn /:/
    jeestenn /:/ 5 hours ago

    1:46 when yo mama finds out it was you who got the dog pregnant

  • Rumzly Mustermann
    Rumzly Mustermann 5 hours ago

    Ja ich weis nicht

  • Ahmad 7
    Ahmad 7 5 hours ago

    2:22 when It's JUNE 30 (KSI reference)

  • Snakai Hariuku
    Snakai Hariuku 5 hours ago

    2:22 When you nut and she keeps sucking

  • alid daoui
    alid daoui 5 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna smoke beer and drink weed

  • Siwon tamang
    Siwon tamang 6 hours ago

    love this song

  • Jonathan Mariano Smith

    1:59 peep the fake money

  • Joshua Burdette
    Joshua Burdette 6 hours ago

    2:31 when u make a shot in gym class

  • GB Reapi
    GB Reapi 6 hours ago

    2:22 i wouldn't be surprised if that dance was in black ops 3.

  • MR BIG
    MR BIG 6 hours ago

    omg the beat's ✌

  • FleX LikE OuU
    FleX LikE OuU 6 hours ago

    0:35 when you buy vc for your 2k player but he still a 70 overall

  • kamaia shaw
    kamaia shaw 6 hours ago

    2:22 when you sneak a snack at midnight without getting caught

  • Apos D Tonio
    Apos D Tonio 6 hours ago

    2:52 Achievement unlocked

  • major panic79
    major panic79 6 hours ago


  • Epic Vidio Chanel
    Epic Vidio Chanel 7 hours ago

    2:52-2:59 Granny taking it like a champ

  • dylan ide
    dylan ide 7 hours ago

    2:22 when you find fries in the bottom of the bag after your done eating

  • Banana Little
    Banana Little 7 hours ago

    This is some straight garbage!!! Music has hit an all time low. From Lil Yachty to Uzi Vert, you all suck! Damn what happened to real Hip Hop, Damn!

  • Tashona Johnson
    Tashona Johnson 7 hours ago

    Actual song starts at 0:45

  • Danny Lara
    Danny Lara 7 hours ago

    Copia Barata De "Infiel" de Hots Spanish :v

  • Lenea Moon
    Lenea Moon 7 hours ago

    I lol so hard at 2:22

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva 7 hours ago

    3:18 when you realize heavy drug and alcohol use solves racism

  • Ruxy
    Ruxy 7 hours ago


  • Juan Rios
    Juan Rios 7 hours ago

    one my top songs

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva 7 hours ago

    2:22 when 2:22 comes on and you start dancing and go into an infinite loop and your neighbor's cat catches on fire.

  • Jack Lievsay
    Jack Lievsay 7 hours ago

    This is how I imagine my parents would try to dance to trap songs.

  • Joel Espinosa
    Joel Espinosa 7 hours ago


  • Lit Bars
    Lit Bars 8 hours ago

    this beat reminds me of uoeno or whatever its called

  • lucas yt gaming
    lucas yt gaming 8 hours ago


  • Brooke Zuley
    Brooke Zuley 8 hours ago


  • Julio Rivera
    Julio Rivera 8 hours ago

    2:22 cuando ves un comentario en tu idioma

  • Tyrece Riviere
    Tyrece Riviere 8 hours ago

    Fact that the old ladies are doing more than me 👀😂😂😂😂

    Who else with me ???

  • ExMish7
    ExMish7 8 hours ago

    Rappers golfing, pffffffaaaaaaahhhhhh

  • Jocelyn Cruz
    Jocelyn Cruz 8 hours ago

    2:22 when you see a hot girl

  • Jocelyn Cruz
    Jocelyn Cruz 8 hours ago

    1:45 when you trying to hit someone with the belt

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham 8 hours ago

    its funny that people making jokes and meme at 2:22 😂😂

  • Jocelyn Cruz
    Jocelyn Cruz 8 hours ago

    When I first starting watching this video I started laughing

  • Adam Fernandez
    Adam Fernandez 8 hours ago

    2:20 when you fart and people blame it on someone else

  • Truvius
    Truvius 9 hours ago

    Representing USC, I like it...

  • Nadia Lewis
    Nadia Lewis 9 hours ago


  • IDarkzz -
    IDarkzz - 9 hours ago

    1:47 when there's too many mosquitos

  • Ronald Uchija
    Ronald Uchija 9 hours ago

    The best of Rae.

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis 9 hours ago


  • salia kamara
    salia kamara 9 hours ago

    i like the listening

  • rap kid 599088
    rap kid 599088 9 hours ago

    grampa is rich

  • Mikey BigMac
    Mikey BigMac 9 hours ago

    I love this song

  • SKIDO _
    SKIDO _ 9 hours ago

    0:48 when you lose a game by 1

  • Rob Gillies
    Rob Gillies 9 hours ago

    Sure wasn't Augusta.

  • Uncreated Human
    Uncreated Human 9 hours ago

    2:22 When your mom forgets about your punishment

  • SKIDO _
    SKIDO _ 9 hours ago

    3:01 when your dad finally gives you a alounece💸

  • Oshea Rolling
    Oshea Rolling 9 hours ago

    favorite song

  • 是。好啊ფჰ Heigh

    I bet he is better

  • 是。好啊ფჰ Heigh

    watch xxxtentacion

  • 是。好啊ფჰ Heigh

    I understand bro 👌😂

  • SKIDO _
    SKIDO _ 9 hours ago

    2:52 when mom lets have facebook

  • SKIDO _
    SKIDO _ 9 hours ago

    2:22 when schools over

  • Uncreated Human
    Uncreated Human 9 hours ago

    2:22 when you're an old head trying to fit in with the new school dances

  • Alejandro Jose Montalvo Fernandez

    kris kross is back but too old

  • Jackson Gosch
    Jackson Gosch 9 hours ago

    2:53 when your grandmas a fucking savage

  • Jamie Doucette
    Jamie Doucette 10 hours ago

    2.23 when your walking look down and find kush somebody dropped

  • Brayan Lima Medina
    Brayan Lima Medina 10 hours ago

    when you finally think of a good 2:22 joke

    0:35 when someone already posted the same joke

  • Bella nation 21
    Bella nation 21 10 hours ago

    2:22 when you stub your pinky toe on the couch

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