Mafia 2: Greaser, Made Man, War Hero DLC cars + Walter Hot Rod

Showing cars from the Mafia pre-order DLC packs (Greaser, Made Man, War Hero and 1 car from the renegade pack) I modded the game to get these to drive around then I stole them and put them in my garage. Then removed the special cars from the game to put it back to normal but still had them in my garage. Also showing the Made Man pack clothes (Tux and Suit)

This is the PC version of the game and the random video lag is from fraps which I used to record the video

Hotrod spawn location chapter 15

Thanks to DronChoCentR at for the DLC Releases and everyone else that helped.

For all 5 current PC DLC's

Jimmy's Vendetta DLC PC

PC Specs

CPU: Intel Q6600 Quad CPU @ 3GHz
GPU: Nvidia EVGA SC GTX 470

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Runtime: 9:57
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Author Vlad Balaet ( ago)
You bought all this music? Lol.

Author Vlad Balaet ( ago)
Wait, 2010? Lol. So antique.

Author daaniel leonardo baptista gonzalez ( ago)
en español por favor
in Spanish please

Author Uluğ Artun Efe ( ago)
Fuck you! where are the link and your link is broken >:(

Author RiD FX (1925 years ago)
link is broken

Author the devil ( ago)
thnx man you good :D 

Author Sirderyl Cze ( ago)
Thx man!!!!! You´re BEST!!

Author ColosalGaming915 ( ago)
They sound like nascars lol

Author STRmods ( ago)
rock around the clock bill haley & his comets :)

Author Krakskustovêniano ( ago)
what the name of the music of the video begining? (sorry for my english,
i'm brazilian and i know a little bit)

Author Salvatore Ballout ( ago)
how can you get the made man dlc i can get it i have all but cant find made

Author Arif Huseynov ( ago)
i downloaded made man pack , but i dont know how to installlll!! HELP!!

Author Itsgotahemi95 ( ago)
With the dlc do the cars drive around the city or do u only get them as a 1
time thing?

Author Paul Morris (290 years ago)
how do you sell the cars is it like the crushers

Author Eternal Bliss ( ago)
mafia 2 has best driving mechanics i would love to see them in gta 5

Author MyNameIsOwen100 ( ago)
god dame i love the sound of those car freaking badass

Author MyNameIsOwen100 ( ago)
0:41 is sound like a nascar

Author jtfrost27 ( ago)
2:09 sounds like a ferari lol

Author Aldo Zanelli ( ago)
@STRgtamodder is it possible to have these DLC's in the 50's or later in
the game?

Author JoNniixD ( ago)
ok ^^ Downloaded the Rod from a Mafia II mod page :D

Author STRmods ( ago)
but got released for PC in czech, which is how I have it haha ;)

Author fleenz ( ago)
The Betrayal of Jimmy, which is a Playstation 3 exclusive.

Author JoNniixD ( ago)
which dlc is the waybar?

Author supermax7720 ( ago)
I think only in collectors edition.

Author supermax7720 ( ago)
How do you get them back?

Author NeWFieRHymEs ( ago)
@STRgtamodder can you get the made man pack for ps3

Author STRmods ( ago)
@greatjobby yeah, crushing cars is the only way to remove cars from your
garage other than to swap cars when putting a new one in

Author Job van dam ( ago)
what will happen if you crush or sell the cars? are away for ever?

Author MathewThotell ( ago)
1:01 Thats sounds like a computer game XD

Author STRmods ( ago)
@jonny2k100 haha black and white I guess xD Im sure it was just dark blue
both colours cant remember its actual paint name

Author jonny2k100 ( ago)
Also what colours did you use on the Smith V8 at 1:24

Author jonny2k100 ( ago)
I hope in the next mafia game they use more realistic technology on the
engines. Getting into a car with a cold engine in the freezing snow and
then redlining it would damage the engine. obviously the car had been
driven there by you. but you know what I mean. I wan't big smokey diesels
where you can blow the engines. Or damage them

Author R3jectz ( ago)
Is the Made Man Dlc still avalable

Author sparkss018 ( ago)
lol at 1:00

Author sparkss018 ( ago)
lol at 1:01

Author STRmods ( ago)
@AllianceSlayer449 mafia 2 directory > PC > DLCS > *in here*

Author AllianceSlayer449 ( ago)
what file should i put the DLC packs in?

Author OlusBoy ( ago)
i downloadet it and put it at the riight place , but when i start they is :
The Pack is installed , but you diddnt bought it

Author John ( ago)
john millner lived in CA

Author STRmods ( ago)
@MegaAcdcman Hah :P Im sorry :(

Author MegaAcdcman ( ago)
It's not safe to drive that fast on icy roads >:(

Author STRmods ( ago)
@MrWastlandboy Im pretty sure you can't find any of the dlc cars apart from
the hot rods so unfortunately you might be stuck with the tuned one

Author STRmods ( ago)
@MrWastlandboy Im pretty sure you can't find any of the dlc cars apart from
the hot rods so unfortunately you might be stuck with the tuned one

Author STRmods ( ago)
@MrWastlandboy Im pretty sure you can't find any of the dlc cars apart from
the hot rods so unfortunately you might be stuck with the tuned one

Author STRmods ( ago)
@MrWastlandboy Im pretty sure you can't find any of the dlc cars apart from
the hot rods so unfortunately you might be stuck with the tuned one

Author STRmods ( ago)
@MrWastlandboy Im pretty sure you can't find any of the dlc cars apart from
the hot rods so unfortunately you might be stuck with the tuned one

Author Antonio cCamacho ( ago)
Those hot rod trucks look smooooth!

Author STRmods ( ago)
@MrHotrod68 Ok this has been requested a few times so I will post the specs
of my computer at the moment in the video description. Only thing that has
changed since this video is the graphics card.

Author MrHotrod68 ( ago)
also whats you specs of your pc

Author MrHotrod68 ( ago)
@STRgtamodder its an awsome song and still rocking lol

Author STRmods ( ago)
@MrHotrod68 Bill Haley - Rock Around the Clock

Author STRmods ( ago)
@gamestuff22222222222 No problem ;)

Author keshav maharaj ( ago)
@STRgtamodder thanks :D

Author keshav maharaj ( ago)
@STRgtamodder thanks

Author STRmods ( ago)
@gamestuff22222222222 Rum and Coca Cola - The Andrews Sisters

Author keshav maharaj ( ago)
what is song at 2:36

Author davidefurigay ( ago)
umm how do you install the mod ?

Author 07blakeyp ( ago)
Guys...yes you can free roam, don't go to the mission start point. But tbh
there isn't that much to do outside of the missions anyway.

Author STRmods ( ago)
@jonathan39272 For this video I just activated it on the pc version by
means of modification :P But the made man dlc is only available now on the
digital deluxe edition of the game.

Author Jonathan Paterno ( ago)
made man dlc isnt on mine how did u get made man?

Author STRmods ( ago)
@gesuprayer Made Man :/

Author Roberto Nocerino ( ago)
@STRgtamodder thanks and what DLC pack is the roller gl300 in?

Author STRmods ( ago)
@gesuprayer It's not silly ;) And the answer is yes you can :)

Author Roberto Nocerino ( ago)
it might sound silly, but can you use the dlc cars, in jimmy's vendetta and
joe's adventure?

Author jesperjesper123 ( ago)
@TheMightyStubbs1 just dont go to ur mission start place and u can free
roam its not that hard

Author STRmods ( ago)
@TheMightyStubbs1 Unfortunatly not, however if you have the pc version
there is a mod that enables freeroaming

Author Fraser Stubbs ( ago)
Does the dlc allow you to free roam

Author KingPera ( ago)
can you get the made man pack off of playstation store . ?

Author jaketoby465 ( ago)
@STRgtamodder ok thanks

Author STRmods ( ago)
@jaketoby465 Bill Haley - Rock around the clock

Author jaketoby465 ( ago)
whats that song in the begining

Author STRmods ( ago)
@killer5364 If you want the DLC cars you can either use iSteam to run
cracked dlc or Follow my tutorial on adding dlc cars to the game without
installing dlc, that video is in the video responses

Author Singularity ( ago)
what if its steam bought

Author Ryder Adrian ( ago)
0:57 the car reaches probably 400 km/h :))

Author SilverWolfie ( ago)
stupid rapidshare its acting weird -.- i cant download it plz new link

Author STRmods ( ago)
@TheAssociationNY If it is the PC version and you downloaded the dlc from
steam yeah you should be able to re-download the dlc.

Author STRmods ( ago)
@Arp3198 You have to start the game again or load a chapter, I think there
should be a option that lets you free roam after completing

Author InfiniteUser22 ( ago)
Hi,if you want to download this dlc's,download it from here:
****://files**.com/1h8va Enyoy! Replace the stars with h t t p and my So it
looks like "filesmy" :)

Author gtasandman ( ago)
@STRgtamodder can joes adventure do it to

Author gtasandman ( ago)
@STRgtamodder thank sry for spelling labtop giving me trouble

Author STRmods ( ago)
@gtasandman That isn't true, although to me it would make sense if it did.
Anyway the superchargers and paintjobs are usually only in the "Jimmy" game
modes not the main story. And no dlc enables it on story mode. Apart from
if you have the PC version of the game then you can make your own dlc pack
or get a pre-made one to enable superchargers and paintjobs in the story

Author gtasandman ( ago)
@STRgtamodder im buying all the packs but some one told me when you have
the greasers packe if you bring normal cars to a grage you can supercarge
them and pimp en out is that true

Author MegaMikey45 ( ago)
2:51 lol

Author STRmods ( ago)
@cpfreak032 Yeah hah ;)

Author STRmods ( ago)
@LinkTutorial A few of my friends have used the the cracked dlc and none
have been banned so I guess not ;)

Author Ralle19 kackgoogleplus ( ago)
@metallicarulz14 n max 105 :D

Author STRmods ( ago)
@XxkaleomaxX Thanks ;)

Author Jasmin Sacirovic ( ago)
u can also blow up ur car and it wont be in ur garage anymore :)

Author GamePlayUpload ( ago)
@coolknight44 Try starting a new game I heard about the DLCs not working on
a current save :S Might help

Author paul ( ago)
i download them on xbox but the man made one is not on it but the othere i
downloaded them they dont work the only add on pack that works is the
jimmys ventadation

Author STRmods ( ago)
@lougnut Yeah I noticed this also on the PS Store, got no idea why this is,
maybe it's an error and it is infact suppose to be there and they might
sort it out soon. Otherwise why they would choose to not have one of the
dlcs is beyond me lol

Author lougnut ( ago)
For xbox 360 they have all these in the marketplace as a DLC but they don't
have the man made pack as a DLC anyone know why?

Author MrClassicDoctorWho ( ago)
ANDREWS SISTERS AT 1:40! =D and in fast speed lmao

Author STRmods ( ago)
@TheZocky :P

Author STRmods ( ago)
@DarkShdows 3. This is a problem I find annoying too. There are 2 ways to
get rid of unwanted cars from your garage that I know of without editing
save data or anything. 1) Replace car in garage with one you want by
getting the car and "swapping" by holding the action button and selecting
the car you want to take out in its place. 2) Take the car out of your
garage and take it to the junkyard and crush it ;)

Author STRmods ( ago)
@DarkShdows 1. To get a suit without a hat, use lua script : 2. These cars are all from the
pre-order dlc's either download the pack in the description and install the
dlc or make them common traffic by following my tutorial in my other video
(go to my channel) ...

Author Steve Cohen ( ago)
I Have question where i can get a suit without hat . also where do you got
these cars beautoful and the last questions is there any chance to remove
cars from my garage (cuz i got 10/10 and i dont really like them) ? Thanks

Author STRmods ( ago)
@NonstopPig The other dlc's (greaser,renegade,war hero, made man and vegas)
are all pre-order only dlcs. Meaning you only get them as a code when you
pre-ordered the game. If you didn't pre-order then you can't get them
without using ones downloaded from the internet to use on either a cracked
version of the game or using isteam if u have bought the game.

Author NonstopPig ( ago)
@STRgtamodder theyre selling the dlc's now on steam? i knew jimmy's
vendetta was up on it, but where do i find the other dlc's?

Author STRmods ( ago)
@NonstopPig Yes, but the only way at the moment is to use isteam if you
have a steam version of the game and use the dlc in this video description

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