INSANE Motorcycle Crashes DRIFTING FAILS On Highway Moto CRASH Street Bike DRIFT Epic ACCIDENT 2017

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • INSANE Motorcyclist Crashes Drifting Fails On Motorcycle At High Speed On The Highway Drift Gone Wrong During TSR Street Ride 2017 Caught On Tape! Watch as biker performing extreme freestyle street bike stunts & tricks has epic drift accident on Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 or ZX6R sport bike. You'll see stunter crash drift on the highway at top speed during TSR street stunt ride in Tijuana, Mexico. The whole motorcycle accident is caught on GoPro Hero 5 action sports camera from start to finish showing the whole wreck as well as damage to stunt rider and stunt bike as result of epic drifting fail on a public freeway in traffic. Thank you for watching footage of best drift moto crash on motorcycle drifting fails on highway 2017. Please enjoy this video clip!


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  • Runtime: 4:29
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Comments: 223

  • Dayten O
    Dayten O 11 hours ago

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  • RD Gamer
    RD Gamer 15 days ago


  • StuntzCo
    StuntzCo 17 days ago

    cameraman is a legend theat organization like wreck back up bike on and gone

  • Eileen Pitman
    Eileen Pitman 17 days ago

    The first rider looks like the bike had enough of his shit & spit the dumb ass off.

  • J Balausiak
    J Balausiak 24 days ago

    title said crashes. i saw only one crash. over and over.👎

  • WWE 3:16 Cena
    WWE 3:16 Cena 27 days ago

    Driving like an idiot is kinda like smoking. You know it's killing you but you still do it anyways

  • guzzifighter
    guzzifighter 27 days ago

    always good for a laugh when some moron dumps while showing off dubious skills on a public road!

  • Wayne Woj
    Wayne Woj 29 days ago

    Dude filming is 100% grade AAA prime boss

  • Pino Di Paola
    Pino Di Paola 1 month ago

    Yesss... the biggest idiot all time

  • James
    James 1 month ago

    Poncho should go on a road circuit from state to state and keep crashing his bike for you tube likes.....

  • Nunsuch
    Nunsuch 1 month ago


  • DJ Marinos Iakovou
    DJ Marinos Iakovou 1 month ago


  • David Wu
    David Wu 1 month ago

    Now I know why emergency rooms are always filled.

  • Kool MaDa
    Kool MaDa 1 month ago

    Fuckers need to learn to ride. Amateur fail.


    I did a wheelie in 2nd gear and didn't crash

  • ble syel
    ble syel 1 month ago

    fuck u

    VAVA RIDE 1 month ago

    aller voie ma chaine si vous le voulez

  • Trace 32
    Trace 32 1 month ago

    hope u die in soon

  • Mariano De Blasis
    Mariano De Blasis 1 month ago

    Poncho en moto! que puede salir mal? jaajja stupid

  • Adolf Galland
    Adolf Galland 1 month ago


  • el kirk
    el kirk 1 month ago

    'The highway drift gone wrong' was/is between the crashed riders ears. There must be a lot of empty space in there.

  • jonn g
    jonn g 1 month ago

    y u no wear gear?

  • Andres64B
    Andres64B 1 month ago

    schadenfreude at its best

  • opengates777
    opengates777 1 month ago


  • wwvette
    wwvette 1 month ago

    He Deserves Every Bit Of Pain, The SAG PUNK!!!

  • leuvenlife
    leuvenlife 1 month ago

    crashes? Crash. Learn the difference...

  • Cyclo TeChTwIsTeR
    Cyclo TeChTwIsTeR 1 month ago

    Honestly all for having fun but this shit should be done in a clear parking lot/Dead end street. You're risking the safety of other drivers and non-squids. This is one a many reasons cops harass bikers.

  • Roy McNeal
    Roy McNeal 1 month ago

    I Thought The Title Said "Crashes" & "Fails" As In Plural, As In More Than One!! Haha!! Shiny Side Up!!

  • ismail fun
    ismail fun 1 month ago


  • POF 415
    POF 415 1 month ago

    Nice paancho poncho 😉

  • POF 415
    POF 415 1 month ago

    Handlebar scorpion .......nice 😆

  • Brad Thomson
    Brad Thomson 1 month ago

    Whats funnier than a Dumb Ass crasing while showing off on a public street... NOTHING>> LOL

  • hennepont778
    hennepont778 1 month ago

    Qu'est-ce que ça peut être de la merde tous ces motards qui se prennent pour les rois de la route.
    Pourquoi, il y en a pour plus qui rejoindre le territoire des ombres.

  • Walter bedoya serna
    Walter bedoya serna 1 month ago

    the guy fallls

  • Walter bedoya serna
    Walter bedoya serna 1 month ago

    the guy

  • Reese Pilgrim
    Reese Pilgrim 1 month ago

    if you put "crashes" and "fails" in the title, at least have more than one clip. dislike

  • Dicas Droid
    Dicas Droid 1 month ago


  • Mr Dave
    Mr Dave 1 month ago

    Tijuana to come here and do this shit?

  • Tobias R.
    Tobias R. 1 month ago

    Why is the title in plural? There is only ONE fail! Whats up with you?

  • ledufAkaDemy ledufAkaDemy

    2:20 : une belle tête de con !

  • 4the Kek
    4the Kek 1 month ago

    Jeez, what a dick.

  • MrDirtdart
    MrDirtdart 1 month ago

    SQUIDS!!  There is a reason why they make protective gear.

  • Mazxlol
    Mazxlol 1 month ago

    really surprised the you were able to ride that crashed bike!!! crazy!

  • KrankenWagen LLC
    KrankenWagen LLC 1 month ago

    Freaking crazy keanu reeves looking kid Lol

  • Ray Charles
    Ray Charles 1 month ago

    I just picked up a new expression from one of the comments below:

    "Road Crayon". LMAO. Road Crayon 'n' shee.
    Dat's what da dude almost became. muffugin road crayon 'n' shee.

  • Dominik Kořený
    Dominik Kořený 1 month ago

    sneakers, jeans and a fucking poncho... the best motorcycle gear he could possibly have when doing stunts :D

  • maiseydoodle
    maiseydoodle 1 month ago

    Ultimate d-bags

  • Yoesh RA Trooth
    Yoesh RA Trooth 1 month ago

    what a BOSS! cant believe that thing started. almost like hes done that before XD

  • patrick reeves
    patrick reeves 1 month ago

    I feel bad for those poor tires lol

  • westport
    westport 1 month ago

    play stupid games, win stupid prizes...

  • Mal Reynolds
    Mal Reynolds 1 month ago

    "If the Federales come, we're fucked!" ( Cuz.... the bikes are STOLEN ) Or at the very least, they have no paperwork on them.

  • sirvando vargas
    sirvando vargas 1 month ago

    Whats this guy doing? Running full throttle while applying Rear Brakes?, Burning his Rr tire? Stupidity. After his Motorcycle was flipping over a dozen hard times ,it still ran. Thats amazing the punishment it can take. Lucky, the Rider didn't get De-Capitated.

    • MobbDaily
      MobbDaily 1 month ago

      sirvando vargas he was probably cruising then popped the clutch while leaning forward then continued to mash on the throttle. No break involved

  • Eang Keat
    Eang Keat 1 month ago

    lucky life

    the best off best

  • Audrey And Jeremy Thompson

    "Where's the keeeey" apparently everyone was in shock and the english wasnt quite getting through

  • tenebrousabyss
    tenebrousabyss 1 month ago

    "I've never seen dirt bars bend like this"

    That's because they're for a 280 pound dirtbike, not a 450 pound sport bike with lots of heavy stunt crap on it. Dumbass.

  • JeepGirl 33
    JeepGirl 33 2 months ago

    The guy who got on his bike and road that shit is a real true friend. Dame boy you fucked that bike up but it happens was your foot broke ?

  • J K
    J K 2 months ago

    Slide you piece of shit slide!!!!

  • Mocking69
    Mocking69 2 months ago


  • Johnny Wishbone
    Johnny Wishbone 2 months ago

    I just bought a poncho! They work well for crashing!

  • Dankjohn4.2.1
    Dankjohn4.2.1 2 months ago

    yo loved the video but, just got a bike and i wana start a channel any good name suggestions???

  • Nazara
    Nazara 2 months ago

    Dipshit rookie can't handle a bike.

  • kevin alvarez
    kevin alvarez 2 months ago

    desde colombia tambien apoyamos a blox starz

  • Terry Telphy
    Terry Telphy 2 months ago

    That's a true bro right there. He told everyone, "Move! We gotta get outta here. Get on my bike! Let's go!" I felt like I was watching a fucking fast and furious movie motorcycle edition. Big ups to the film guy and great to see the other dude walk away with his life man. Glad he's alright.

  • Stevie Ross
    Stevie Ross 2 months ago

    New Biker safety wear.......a poncho!!!.....what a bunch of tits!!!!

  • Gilard Kulit
    Gilard Kulit 2 months ago

    abusing your bike the bike punished you.

  • Beujah OVNI
    Beujah OVNI 2 months ago

    The road is not for this.

  • John P
    John P 2 months ago

    They guy with the Cam great work my man!!

    CM MOTO 2 months ago

    he hit his head hard ..glad he had a helmet

  • robert marian
    robert marian 2 months ago

    is very easy when you are such an idiot. :)))))

  • MrWacky Wolf
    MrWacky Wolf 2 months ago

    hey guys did you see the guy brake his right leg look in slowmotion the right of his leg it bend lol when i saw when hes fit bend

  • ImFromDadeCounty.223
    ImFromDadeCounty.223 2 months ago

    if the federalies come were fucked!

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 2 months ago

    You dumb fuck!!!

  • jtstyles100
    jtstyles100 2 months ago

    Fuckin douchebags

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores 2 months ago

    the case of it bein stolen dude not stolen if ya ever rode in mexico with real riders like us mann them federal mf dnt play they will try they best to knock u off ur bike thats why i cant ride dwn there anymore inless im in the bak crusin bt i rather be in the frnt killin the streets thoo show blox wat i got too hehehee bt much luv again to the helper man that made my day yoo

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores 2 months ago

    the guy that helped him much respect broo nd can ya find out if he sellin the kawasaki if not cool just need me a stunt 636 kawi..

  • Say it like it is
    Say it like it is 2 months ago

    Fucken fix your tittles idiots

  • Steven Haidinyak
    Steven Haidinyak 2 months ago

    your shoe is about 2 lines behind you in the middle of the road.

  • cougar351
    cougar351 2 months ago

    Hey that was awesome filming but can you ask him if he'll do that again?

  • BaileeGermanotta
    BaileeGermanotta 2 months ago

    Dude filming had this guys back man 👌👌

      BLOX STARZ TV 1 month ago

      YES if you're a biker you should always want to help out all bikers cuz if not who going to help you when you need it. You got to pay it forward or something like that lol

    • Kae Pugna
      Kae Pugna 1 month ago

      Rare these days

  • John Vargas
    John Vargas 2 months ago

    Damn we can all use a homie like the guy filming nice Job.... but be sure to talk to your crew about doing stupid things when riding he could have avoided that crash if he was riding the right way

  • dakewheelie
    dakewheelie 2 months ago


    • dakewheelie
      dakewheelie 1 month ago

      sorry whos bike was stolen again.....

    • JeepGirl 33
      JeepGirl 33 2 months ago

      dakewheelie lmfao what r u 8 years old ? lol

    • dakewheelie
      dakewheelie 2 months ago

      JeepGirl 33 idc lol ur wrong im righr go away with ur ignorant bullshit

    • JeepGirl 33
      JeepGirl 33 2 months ago

      dakewheelie lmfao I have no idea ? W/e u say honey

    • JeepGirl 33
      JeepGirl 33 2 months ago

      dakewheelie in the comments look at Willam Butlers comment and read threw them he admits he bought it from a guy knowing it was stolen

    OPTIMUS 2 months ago

    when he put his foot out to try stop it "OUCH"

  • ebmike88 r
    ebmike88 r 2 months ago

    Noob city 3.0

  • cappy1ish
    cappy1ish 2 months ago

    .....BAAHHH-HHAAAW--HHHHAAAAAWWW....What an asshole ! Thanks for sharing that one.

  • Daniel Miles
    Daniel Miles 2 months ago

    dude filming is stone cold takes control get shit done

  • Solo Rider
    Solo Rider 2 months ago

    Damn. That's one of the worse drift accidents I've seen

  • Jose Luna
    Jose Luna 2 months ago

    por andar de pinche mamon.

  • Wrecked rc51
    Wrecked rc51 2 months ago

    took it like a champ!! $olid

  • Derek Jimenez
    Derek Jimenez 2 months ago

    Lol did he land on roadkill?

  • Noble2jz
    Noble2jz 2 months ago

    holy poncho

  • William Butler
    William Butler 2 months ago

    just because he didn't have a key doesn't mean it's stolen. it's a mod. also if you guys rode streets with stunt riders then you know once someone crashes the idea is to get the person and bike up outta there so no one gets locked up. if he would have just parked it after the crash then maybe it was stolen but I don't think this is the case here

    • Damn it A-a-ron
      Damn it A-a-ron 1 month ago

      I love the internet😂

    • KUTNA Ele
      KUTNA Ele 1 month ago

      Kouki_Monster i could smell the bull shit from a mile away but no point wasting more time on a scum bag his posts were all that was needed to prove how full of shit he is

    • Kouki_Monster
      Kouki_Monster 1 month ago

      m halpin You think a guy who knowingly buys a stolen bike would be honest? What a scumbag.

    • m halpin
      m halpin 1 month ago

      LOL first post you say you have and are riding a stolen bike, then the same day you say you turned the bike into the police a month ago? which one is it?

    • Ray Charles
      Ray Charles 1 month ago

      Mal Reynolds, I'm with on this one. It's not 40 or 50 years ago, when Lamont Sanford would got down to Tijuana with Julio. I can't even imagine how bad it's gotten since then.

  • Death Snow
    Death Snow 2 months ago

    dude the Band handle Bars look good dow

  • Damn it A-a-ron
    Damn it A-a-ron 2 months ago

    now those are sum skint asscheeks🍑😂😂 looks like he won't be sitting down for awhile 😂

  • Cranky F4i
    Cranky F4i 2 months ago

    True OG Video guy and the girl telling him to keep his socks and shoes on. Won't be putting socks or shoes on once that swelling starts! Great video

  • Raymond Patterson
    Raymond Patterson 2 months ago

    His head would of been mush without that helmet. He didn't have full gear but that helmet saved his ass!!

  • Jesse LZ
    Jesse LZ 2 months ago

    I mean, if I fell on a bike and it was just my bike involved I wouldn't want cops either. But most of these stunters always run.... illegal bikes? Stolen?

  • FlyWithDelta
    FlyWithDelta 2 months ago

    is that bike stolen lol

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan 2 months ago

      Damn it A-a-ron now your just agreeing on us and home sick 😂 nigga shut the fuck up 🙄

    • dakewheelie
      dakewheelie 2 months ago


    • michael
      michael 2 months ago

      Dang bro, trying to coat tail ride dankwheelie a bit?

    • dakewheelie
      dakewheelie 2 months ago

      fuck up outta here with that bullshit you dont know anything about a true stunt build boy

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan 2 months ago

      Damn it A-a-ron it's a modded bike -_-

  • Lizard818
    Lizard818 2 months ago

    CBear a fucking real one

  • doit toit
    doit toit 2 months ago

    what a douch! here I am bummed cause I can't afford a simple 600 and this cheese dick is trashing a good bike. How's does such a fuck tard aquire a motorcycle in the first place?

    • MobbDaily
      MobbDaily 1 month ago

      Look for crashed bikes and build your own, that's what I did. I have a 08 zx6r got it for 800 put another 800 into it.

    • Ace Tech
      Ace Tech 2 months ago

      You made some crappy choices. I have had three bikes and last is a zx10 30th ann and I live in detroit while being black by myself. you got no excuse. Better start pulling finances.

    • Kouki_Monster
      Kouki_Monster 2 months ago

      Just because it doesn't have a key doesn't mean its stolen. Most stunt bikes are trashed and people often just run them without a key and are most likely not registered either. Anyways that was a pretty trashed bike anyways if you really want to ride a 600 now just look for like a $1500-$2k bike and it will be in better condition than that pos.

    • Damn Wookiee
      Damn Wookiee 2 months ago

      Probably works harder than you do, or doesn't have as many dependents.
      If you can't afford a 600cc bike you must live in a shitty area

    • dez nuts
      dez nuts 2 months ago

      +Damn it A-a-ron people do what they want with their stolen stuff. Nuff said.

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