INSANE Motorcycle Crashes DRIFTING FAILS On Highway Moto CRASH Street Bike DRIFT Epic ACCIDENT 2017

INSANE Motorcyclist Crashes Drifting Fails On Motorcycle At High Speed On The Highway Drift Gone Wrong During TSR Street Ride 2017 Caught On Tape! Watch as biker performing extreme freestyle street bike stunts & tricks has epic drift accident on Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 or ZX6R sport bike. You'll see stunter crash drift on the highway at top speed during TSR street stunt ride in Tijuana, Mexico. The whole motorcycle accident is caught on GoPro Hero 5 action sports camera from start to finish showing the whole wreck as well as damage to stunt rider and stunt bike as result of epic drifting fail on a public freeway in traffic. Thank you for watching footage of best drift moto crash on motorcycle drifting fails on highway 2017. Please enjoy this video clip!


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Added: 28 days ago
Runtime: 4:29
Comments: 230

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David WuDavid Wu (10 hours ago)
Now I know why emergency rooms are always filled.

Kool MaDaKool MaDa (12 hours ago)
Fuckers need to learn to ride. Amateur fail.

Xxxenderlighter2409xxX HaidarXxxenderlighter2409xxX Haidar (1 day ago)
I did a wheelie in 2nd gear and didn't crash

ble syelble syel (1 day ago)
fuck u

Trace 32Trace 32 (3 days ago)
hope u die in soon

Mariano De BlasisMariano De Blasis (3 days ago)
Poncho en moto! que puede salir mal? jaajja stupid

Adolf GallandAdolf Galland (4 days ago)

el kirkel kirk (4 days ago)
'The highway drift gone wrong' was/is between the crashed riders ears. There must be a lot of empty space in there.

jonn gjonn g (5 days ago)
y u no wear gear?

Andres64BAndres64B (5 days ago)
schadenfreude at its best

opengates777opengates777 (5 days ago)

wwvettewwvette (7 days ago)
He Deserves Every Bit Of Pain, The SAG PUNK!!!

leuvenlifeleuvenlife (7 days ago)
crashes? Crash. Learn the difference...

Cyclo TeChTwIsTeRCyclo TeChTwIsTeR (11 days ago)
Honestly all for having fun but this shit should be done in a clear parking lot/Dead end street. You're risking the safety of other drivers and non-squids. This is one a many reasons cops harass bikers.

Roy McNealRoy McNeal (14 days ago)
I Thought The Title Said "Crashes" & "Fails" As In Plural, As In More Than One!! Haha!! Shiny Side Up!!

POF 415POF 415 (15 days ago)
Nice paancho poncho 😉

POF 415POF 415 (15 days ago)
Handlebar scorpion .......nice 😆

Brad ThomsonBrad Thomson (17 days ago)
Whats funnier than a Dumb Ass crasing while showing off on a public street... NOTHING>> LOL

hennepont778hennepont778 (18 days ago)
Qu'est-ce que ça peut être de la merde tous ces motards qui se prennent pour les rois de la route.
Pourquoi, il y en a pour plus qui rejoindre le territoire des ombres.

Walter bedoya sernaWalter bedoya serna (19 days ago)
the guy fallls

Walter bedoya sernaWalter bedoya serna (19 days ago)
the guy

Reese PilgrimReese Pilgrim (19 days ago)
if you put "crashes" and "fails" in the title, at least have more than one clip. dislike

Dicas DroidDicas Droid (20 days ago)

Mr DaveMr Dave (21 day ago)
Tijuana to come here and do this shit?

Tobias R.Tobias R. (21 day ago)
Why is the title in plural? There is only ONE fail! Whats up with you?

ledufAkaDemy ledufAkaDemyledufAkaDemy ledufAkaDemy (21 day ago)
2:20 : une belle tête de con !

4the Kek4the Kek (21 day ago)
Jeez, what a dick.

MrDirtdartMrDirtdart (21 day ago)
SQUIDS!!  There is a reason why they make protective gear.

MazxlolMazxlol (22 days ago)
really surprised the you were able to ride that crashed bike!!! crazy!

KrankenWagen LLCKrankenWagen LLC (22 days ago)
Freaking crazy keanu reeves looking kid Lol

Ray CharlesRay Charles (22 days ago)
I just picked up a new expression from one of the comments below:

"Road Crayon". LMAO. Road Crayon 'n' shee.
Dat's what da dude almost became. muffugin road crayon 'n' shee.

Dominik KořenýDominik Kořený (22 days ago)
sneakers, jeans and a fucking poncho... the best motorcycle gear he could possibly have when doing stunts :D

maiseydoodlemaiseydoodle (22 days ago)
Ultimate d-bags

Yoesh RA TroothYoesh RA Trooth (23 days ago)
what a BOSS! cant believe that thing started. almost like hes done that before XD

patrick reevespatrick reeves (23 days ago)
I feel bad for those poor tires lol

westportwestport (23 days ago)
play stupid games, win stupid prizes...

Mal ReynoldsMal Reynolds (23 days ago)
"If the Federales come, we're fucked!" ( Cuz.... the bikes are STOLEN ) Or at the very least, they have no paperwork on them.

sirvando vargassirvando vargas (23 days ago)
Whats this guy doing? Running full throttle while applying Rear Brakes?, Burning his Rr tire? Stupidity. After his Motorcycle was flipping over a dozen hard times ,it still ran. Thats amazing the punishment it can take. Lucky, the Rider didn't get De-Capitated.

MobbDailyMobbDaily (19 days ago)
sirvando vargas he was probably cruising then popped the clutch while leaning forward then continued to mash on the throttle. No break involved

Eang KeatEang Keat (24 days ago)
lucky life

the best off best

Audrey And Jeremy ThompsonAudrey And Jeremy Thompson (24 days ago)
"Where's the keeeey" apparently everyone was in shock and the english wasnt quite getting through

tenebrousabysstenebrousabyss (25 days ago)
"I've never seen dirt bars bend like this"

That's because they're for a 280 pound dirtbike, not a 450 pound sport bike with lots of heavy stunt crap on it. Dumbass.

JeepGirl 33JeepGirl 33 (25 days ago)
The guy who got on his bike and road that shit is a real true friend. Dame boy you fucked that bike up but it happens was your foot broke ?

J KJ K (25 days ago)
Slide you piece of shit slide!!!!

Mocking69Mocking69 (25 days ago)

Johnny WishboneJohnny Wishbone (26 days ago)
I just bought a poncho! They work well for crashing!

Dankjohn4.2.1Dankjohn4.2.1 (26 days ago)
yo loved the video but, just got a bike and i wana start a channel any good name suggestions???

NazaraNazara (26 days ago)
Dipshit rookie can't handle a bike.

kevin alvarezkevin alvarez (27 days ago)
desde colombia tambien apoyamos a blox starz

Antonio Carlos7Antonio Carlos7 (22 days ago)
kevin ayf

Terry TelphyTerry Telphy (27 days ago)
That's a true bro right there. He told everyone, "Move! We gotta get outta here. Get on my bike! Let's go!" I felt like I was watching a fucking fast and furious movie motorcycle edition. Big ups to the film guy and great to see the other dude walk away with his life man. Glad he's alright.

Serpro51 Fernandez LorenteSerpro51 Fernandez Lorente (3 days ago)
Terry Telph

Stevie RossStevie Ross (27 days ago)
New Biker safety wear.......a poncho!!!.....what a bunch of tits!!!!

Gilard KulitGilard Kulit (27 days ago)
abusing your bike the bike punished you.

Beujah OVNIBeujah OVNI (27 days ago)
The road is not for this.

John PJohn P (27 days ago)
They guy with the Cam great work my man!!

CM MOTOCM MOTO (27 days ago)
he hit his head hard ..glad he had a helmet

robert marianrobert marian (27 days ago)
is very easy when you are such an idiot. :)))))

MrWacky WolfMrWacky Wolf (27 days ago)
hey guys did you see the guy brake his right leg look in slowmotion the right of his leg it bend lol when i saw when hes fit bend

ImFromDadeCounty.223ImFromDadeCounty.223 (27 days ago)
if the federalies come were fucked!

Juan PerezJuan Perez (27 days ago)
You dumb fuck!!!

jtstyles100jtstyles100 (27 days ago)
Fuckin douchebags

Manuel FloresManuel Flores (27 days ago)
the case of it bein stolen dude not stolen if ya ever rode in mexico with real riders like us mann them federal mf dnt play they will try they best to knock u off ur bike thats why i cant ride dwn there anymore inless im in the bak crusin bt i rather be in the frnt killin the streets thoo show blox wat i got too hehehee bt much luv again to the helper man that made my day yoo

Manuel FloresManuel Flores (27 days ago)
the guy that helped him much respect broo nd can ya find out if he sellin the kawasaki if not cool just need me a stunt 636 kawi..

Say it like it isSay it like it is (27 days ago)
Fucken fix your tittles idiots

Steven HaidinyakSteven Haidinyak (27 days ago)
your shoe is about 2 lines behind you in the middle of the road.

cougar351cougar351 (27 days ago)
Hey that was awesome filming but can you ask him if he'll do that again?

BaileeGermanottaBaileeGermanotta (27 days ago)
Dude filming had this guys back man 👌👌

YES if you're a biker you should always want to help out all bikers cuz if not who going to help you when you need it. You got to pay it forward or something like that lol

Kae PugnaKae Pugna (20 days ago)
Rare these days

John VargasJohn Vargas (28 days ago)
Damn we can all use a homie like the guy filming nice Job.... but be sure to talk to your crew about doing stupid things when riding he could have avoided that crash if he was riding the right way

dakewheeliedakewheelie (28 days ago)

dakewheeliedakewheelie (25 days ago)
sorry whos bike was stolen again.....

JeepGirl 33JeepGirl 33 (25 days ago)
dakewheelie lmfao what r u 8 years old ? lol

dakewheeliedakewheelie (25 days ago)
JeepGirl 33 idc lol ur wrong im righr go away with ur ignorant bullshit

JeepGirl 33JeepGirl 33 (25 days ago)
dakewheelie lmfao I have no idea ? W/e u say honey

JeepGirl 33JeepGirl 33 (25 days ago)
dakewheelie in the comments look at Willam Butlers comment and read threw them he admits he bought it from a guy knowing it was stolen

OPTIMUSOPTIMUS (28 days ago)
when he put his foot out to try stop it "OUCH"

ebmike88 rebmike88 r (28 days ago)
Noob city 3.0

cappy1ishcappy1ish (28 days ago)
.....BAAHHH-HHAAAW--HHHHAAAAAWWW....What an asshole ! Thanks for sharing that one.

Daniel MilesDaniel Miles (28 days ago)
dude filming is stone cold takes control get shit done

Solo RiderSolo Rider (28 days ago)
Damn. That's one of the worse drift accidents I've seen

Jose LunaJose Luna (28 days ago)
por andar de pinche mamon.

Wrecked rc51Wrecked rc51 (28 days ago)
took it like a champ!! $olid

Derek JimenezDerek Jimenez (28 days ago)
Lol did he land on roadkill?

Noble2jzNoble2jz (28 days ago)
holy poncho

William ButlerWilliam Butler (28 days ago)
just because he didn't have a key doesn't mean it's stolen. it's a mod. also if you guys rode streets with stunt riders then you know once someone crashes the idea is to get the person and bike up outta there so no one gets locked up. if he would have just parked it after the crash then maybe it was stolen but I don't think this is the case here

KUTNA EleKUTNA Ele (22 days ago)
Kouki_Monster i could smell the bull shit from a mile away but no point wasting more time on a scum bag his posts were all that was needed to prove how full of shit he is

Kouki_MonsterKouki_Monster (22 days ago)
m halpin You think a guy who knowingly buys a stolen bike would be honest? What a scumbag.

m halpinm halpin (22 days ago)
LOL first post you say you have and are riding a stolen bike, then the same day you say you turned the bike into the police a month ago? which one is it?

Ray CharlesRay Charles (22 days ago)
Mal Reynolds, I'm with on this one. It's not 40 or 50 years ago, when Lamont Sanford would got down to Tijuana with Julio. I can't even imagine how bad it's gotten since then.

Death SnowDeath Snow (28 days ago)
dude the Band handle Bars look good dow

Damn it A-a-ronDamn it A-a-ron (28 days ago)
now those are sum skint asscheeks🍑😂😂 looks like he won't be sitting down for awhile 😂

Cranky F4iCranky F4i (28 days ago)
True OG Video guy and the girl telling him to keep his socks and shoes on. Won't be putting socks or shoes on once that swelling starts! Great video

Raymond PattersonRaymond Patterson (28 days ago)
His head would of been mush without that helmet. He didn't have full gear but that helmet saved his ass!!

Jesse LZJesse LZ (28 days ago)
I mean, if I fell on a bike and it was just my bike involved I wouldn't want cops either. But most of these stunters always run.... illegal bikes? Stolen?

FlyWithDeltaFlyWithDelta (28 days ago)
is that bike stolen lol

Jack RyanJack Ryan (27 days ago)
Damn it A-a-ron now your just agreeing on us and home sick 😂 nigga shut the fuck up 🙄

dakewheeliedakewheelie (27 days ago)

michaelmichael (27 days ago)
Dang bro, trying to coat tail ride dankwheelie a bit?

dakewheeliedakewheelie (28 days ago)
fuck up outta here with that bullshit you dont know anything about a true stunt build boy

Jack RyanJack Ryan (28 days ago)
Damn it A-a-ron it's a modded bike -_-

Lizard818Lizard818 (28 days ago)
CBear a fucking real one

doit toitdoit toit (28 days ago)
what a douch! here I am bummed cause I can't afford a simple 600 and this cheese dick is trashing a good bike. How's does such a fuck tard aquire a motorcycle in the first place?

MobbDailyMobbDaily (19 days ago)
Look for crashed bikes and build your own, that's what I did. I have a 08 zx6r got it for 800 put another 800 into it.

Ace TechAce Tech (25 days ago)
You made some crappy choices. I have had three bikes and last is a zx10 30th ann and I live in detroit while being black by myself. you got no excuse. Better start pulling finances.

Kouki_MonsterKouki_Monster (28 days ago)
Just because it doesn't have a key doesn't mean its stolen. Most stunt bikes are trashed and people often just run them without a key and are most likely not registered either. Anyways that was a pretty trashed bike anyways if you really want to ride a 600 now just look for like a $1500-$2k bike and it will be in better condition than that pos.

Damn WookieeDamn Wookiee (28 days ago)
Probably works harder than you do, or doesn't have as many dependents.
If you can't afford a 600cc bike you must live in a shitty area

dez nutsdez nuts (28 days ago)
+Damn it A-a-ron people do what they want with their stolen stuff. Nuff said.

Shane NielsonShane Nielson (28 days ago)
Started right up

SMVikingSMViking (28 days ago)
Huge props to Cbear for helping him and riding his bike back

Jerry PerezJerry Perez (28 days ago)
that's a true homie right there 💪 & those handle bars turned into cafe style haha 👍
nice to see a new video! been a while, keep em coming!

Drifting Inc.Drifting Inc. (28 days ago)
thank god he had a helmet

Andres64BAndres64B (5 days ago)
Drifting Inc. actually, it's too bad he was wearing a helmet. Would have been one less dangerous jackass on the roads for all of us.

Eang KeatEang Keat (24 days ago)
Drifting Inc.
lucky life

the best off best

Andrew AgardAndrew Agard (28 days ago)
The guy filming is a real fucking homie everyone else would have left

Homie Da KlownHomie Da Klown (16 days ago)

YES if you're a biker you should always want to help out all bikers cuz if not who going to help you when you need it. You got to pay it forward or something like that lol

bob whitebob white (28 days ago)
Andrew Agard Yup a G.

Solo RiderSolo Rider (28 days ago)
Andrew Agard yup!

Ryan KRyan K (28 days ago)
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

He'll grow up and look back, wondering why he thought doing this was cool.

RIM MAXRIM MAX (21 day ago)
yes they are

Damion JedDamion Jed (22 days ago)
g2145cal Says you, no one even knows eachother in this chat, for all we know you could be one of those inconsiderate idiots who text and drive constantly, does that make highways and streets their playgrounds while operating a vehicle totally distracted? i dont stunt, but i do love to go fast, but just look at statistics, distracted drivers cause way more deaths than any motorcycle could ever cause

g2145calg2145cal (22 days ago)
the streets and freeways are not your personal playgrounds...RTFM

HeroofSomethingHeroofSomething (22 days ago)
g2145cal Oh yeah cause it's a well known fact that motorcycles kill people, I mean if a guy on his 600 pound bike hits your 3,000 pound car, you'll probably flip over and die. You're a fucking moron. Stunters only endanger themselves. They may cause a collision if they crash but no one has ever died as a result of someone stunting.

g2145calg2145cal (22 days ago)
i totally endorse the dying part while you do those stunts. you be like crashing hard and i be like getting to my destination. stunters don't care about the other people around them that have lives and family to get to, but hey if stunting makes you look bad ass, fuck everyone else you may be putting at risk.

Zoya FlanaganZoya Flanagan (28 days ago)
Brutal. Lucky to have the helmet on Chico

RedlineRiders269RedlineRiders269 (28 days ago)
Damm I can't believe he rode that thing after it flipped through the air like a tumble weed

Diesel_Nut84Diesel_Nut84 (28 days ago)
I take it that green Ninja was a hot bike and thats why his buddy was in such a rush to get outta there? Anyways couldve been worse! Lesson: If youre doing a highway rolling burnout, only let off the gas once the bike is more or less straight, otherwise the tires will catch grip while the bike is sideways and guaranteed that you'll fall and become road crayon.....[/endLesson]

SkyWalkerSkyWalker (17 days ago)
Diesel_Nut84 more like he's trying to gtfo of there before 12 shows up. common sense man lol

Sergio bullittSergio bullitt (26 days ago)
Kouki_Monster yeah the cops down there love the U.S. dollars mi amigo

dakewheeliedakewheelie (27 days ago)
its cool im grown u are though ur throwing up how much u make and how many cars and bikes u have which i never asked about while i state facts peace homie

Diesel_Nut84Diesel_Nut84 (27 days ago)
not trying to get in some online dick measuring contest with you....peace & ride safe, that's all

dakewheeliedakewheelie (27 days ago)
ok im so sorry please dont hurt me

kolo polandkolo poland (28 days ago)
ha ha

Lasse RasmussenLasse Rasmussen (28 days ago)
Why is it 90% of these stunters doesnt wear gear?
You dont look less cool since you dont have gear on.

SkyWalkerSkyWalker (17 days ago)
Lasse Rasmussen they dont need a reason not to wear gear.

Thorsten BöhmerThorsten Böhmer (23 days ago)
Sign me in on this !

Kouki_MonsterKouki_Monster (24 days ago)
tenebrousabyss Well now I'm in the market for a legit Power Ranger suit. Because that's gonna be how I ride from now on.

tenebrousabysstenebrousabyss (24 days ago)
I mean like, a one-piece leather suit. You know, like a power ranger, all trackstar. Because that's what I wear when I ride.

Kouki_MonsterKouki_Monster (25 days ago)
tenebrousabyss In a legit power ranger suit? Hell fucking yeah.

• (28 days ago)
Nice engine guards!

FireBlade RiderFireBlade Rider (28 days ago)
His head hit hard! Surprised he's still conscious. 👊🔄

tyler mcclendontyler mcclendon (28 days ago)
his foots broken for sure

wifi_than_hoes •wifi_than_hoes • (26 days ago)
tyler mcclendon yeah once that sock came off there was no putting it back on with a straight face if it was broken

Kouki_MonsterKouki_Monster (28 days ago)
If you ever say "I think its swollen or broken" Its not broken. Dude was walking on it and everything no way he broke it.

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