Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka - Ebube Muonso

Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka - Ebube Muonso

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Author Yevjjd Hdihhd (1 month)
I find my self in spirit when ever I had this song 

Author Apostle Mary Nabila Ales (2 months)
I am so Proud to be a Roman Catholic Christian. Eucharistic Adoration is so
Powerful, the Real Presence of our Lord and savior Jesus. We Love you Lord.
Thank you for Loving us more than we deserve. Thank you so much Father
Mbaka. May God bless u.
Thank you for sharing your video.

Author henry chinagorom (1 month)
Jesus is good and mighty, he is the doer of good, believe it, no one is
like him, he is my power and my savior, my life and my everything, when I
remember the good things he have done for me, I don't know where to start
and praise him, is it the life he gave back to me, when the evil one wants
to take my life away in the middle of the night, or is it when I was locked
in cell, in a country that I don't know their language, while I'm innocent,
the took me to court and no one to bell me out, I cried and remember the
song that I always sing for him, that makes me feel, I sang the song but am
still not happy because of the situation I'm into, then I called him elohim
adonai an

Author henry chinagorom (1 month)
And he answered me, I was released with out money, so please believe and
have trust in Him, serve him with your heart, sing praise onto him, he will
never let you surfer, he is a loving and caring God, I no him and I love
him, if now that I know him, was the time they want to crusefy him, I will
build a gon that one bullet will vanish all the people that want to kill
him, I love him, Jesus is my lord, my favorite, believe him.

Author john kenneth (4 months)
With faith am free indeed amen

Author Paul Onyemerenkeya (4 months)
I find my self in spirit when ever I had this song 

Author Angelica Pauls (4 months)

Author kings leo (1 month)
May the the grace of God keep on working in your life.(and makes you more
maginat of souls)

Author Dorinah John (9 months)
The song is touchable 

Author Obioma Odionyenma (1 year)
If God is for us who can be against us?

Author Lovebekky Ugwu (1 year)
I thank GOD i am a Catholic

Author John O (1 year)
The igbo tribe needs to repent of and abandon Catholicism. It is a damning
religion a heretic and apostate religion for that matter. God is great, and
merciful and graceful. Run to God while he can still be found. Amen 

Author DESIRE VIVIAN (1 year)
plis am 4rm uganda we love u FR.MBAKE BT PLIS POST ENGLISH MUSIC PLIZ

Author Amara Chi (3 years)
Amen. loving it

Author James Egbaji (2 years)
Great ministration, thank God i am a Catholic.

Author MMIRINANKA2011 (3 years)
i love this music so much keep it up

Author Chux E.Z (4 years)
Does Rev. Father Mbaka believe in the rapture of the Church? Does he
believe in the rescue of the believers in Jesus before the great
tribulation? Please post any links that will help answer this question.

Author uj4real (7 years)
codewit, God bless you. You have done very. well,trying to bring back the
lost ones. PLease keep it up. Cheers.

Author smmbh1 (5 years)
My favourite, this is my favourite, we used to play this music alot in
tunde's car in, thanks codewit. Collins....Auckland

Author kenny movis (1 year)
Ebube Muonso, Go In Peace And Come Back In Peace, God Take Glory.

Author collino32 (2 years)
Big up to You for up loading this powerful praise, please can you get the
full album for us? God Bless U

Author Sandra Anthony Umendu (2 years)

Author ikechukwu bright (1 year)
Ebube Jesus i thank you 4 my life

Author Godfrey Aneke (7 years)
Mbaka, truly you are a child of God. May God continue to protect you from
all enemies, and continue to pray for us as we continue to pray for you.

Author aliemarati2000 (4 years)
God will continue bless you FATHER

Author 1wazobia (7 years)
Christianity , Islam, Judahism, or what ever are mind conscripting tools
designed to keep your minds in a predetermined condition. carpetbagger
religions arrived in Africa only to steal and loot from Africa. spend ya
money to help your folks in your villages. u will be doing "Chineke",
"Olodumare",a greater favor and service. wake up African christianity is
just another 419 enterprise or corporation. promising to save your soul
only to want your money more.Only politicians should be christians,

Author johnson peter (1 year)
i love shekina glory.

Author Ben Aneke (1 year)
May God in his infinite mercy continue to bless you Fr. Mbaka

Author silo4all (6 years)
yeah christiant relegion is very good, but that dosent mean's that we shuld
be sleeping in the church every day,i mean's if you are realy christian
your maid will tell you, realy i like rev mbaka song's,ech time i plays
it,it makes me more strong in sprit

Author Queen Blacqe (3 years)
you are bless Rev. and my soul is bless too anytime i listen to yr songs. i
am not a nigerian but i enjoyed and love all there gospel songs.

Author bigmaninthemaking (6 years)

Author 1wazobia (3 years)

Author Mike zubby (1 year)
Ebube mmuonso biko bata na ezinaulo anya ka ogana ihu were di

Author azukamoses (5 years)
nawao i can see some people carefuly going to hell,accept Jesus now oo

Author PAPA G (1 year)

Author damian uchendu (1 year)
Ebube monso i so much thank you for counting me and my family with my sweet
friend among the living today

Author zwitterion (7 years)
Truly the devil's onslaught cannot stop the holy spirit of God.

Author ugochukwu1511 (7 years)
Thanks for this Codwit.God bless u;keep dem coming

Author 1nwoke (4 years)
Please Lord anywhere I´m going , let your glory go with me. Codewit u are
already blessed.

Author Tochukwu Peter (2 years)
the powe of GOD

Author RadixEtGenusDavid (4 years)
@ik307 "okwu mbaka na eme ka m na di oku ne ime muo.. " I REALLY REALLY
like that. That's the FR. MBAKA EFFECT, WELL-IDENTIFIED. I can confirm
this. n'ime muo rather than ne ime... it's actually na ime but a and i are
vowels etc etc. anyway, i only commented because ur comment made me joyous.
Continue seeking this fire for your soul jare! God won't disappoint you. He
will inflame you with His Love.

Author ugochukwu1511 (7 years)
wots ur point mate?

Author Osifo Osazee (3 years)
Amen dear Rev Father Mbaka. God bless you for your declreation to the Ebube
Lion of juder. Will need to call on him because he is the redema of is
people. Onec again God bless you dear man of the Spirit and of Fire.

Author chigemezuful (5 years)
mkpankpa a na-akpa na be ndi mmuo. Onye akpakwana nwa agu aka n'odu. Fr.
Mbaka, Ride on!!!

Author tommysam007 (7 years)

Author ikechukwu bright (1 year)
Ebube Muonso i thank you 4 my life

Author silo4all (6 years)
mey the groly of GOD protect us where ever we are in what ever we are
dowing mey he protact us in jesus name,i like rev mbakas song each time am
playing the song i will be feld with holy sprit

Author obysco (6 years)
Mr. 1wazobia Jesus was sent to everyone, He is the son of the living God,
and the saviour of the world.

Author ik307 (5 years)
biko nu Codewit, tinye nu egwu ohuru Mbaka..biko nwanne o bu okwu ya
na adoration..okwu mbaka na eme ka m na di oku ne ime muo..

Author MMIRINANKA2011 (3 years)
keep it up

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