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BOOK REFERENCES. If you are interested in learning more on the subject I would suggest a few books to get started

1) Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto
2) Creative Schools by Ken Robinson
3) I Love Learning; I Hate School by Susan D Blum
4) The One World SchoolHouse by Salman Khan

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Prince EA // @PrinceEa

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Author norbert bene ( ago)
You impress me, and you are perfectly right. I'm just crying man, unfortunately this is non-existent now, but i hope this change will happen for the next generation. Full respect to you brother!

Author Nick Mers ( ago)

Author crazy gandalf with weed ( ago)
im going to say this speech in my school and raise the finger up to the school president hh.. wish me luck ma boii ea

Author Kevin Hudson ( ago)
video is kinda bs just trying to make dumb kids feel better

Author maha alm ( ago)
Ok so we recognized the problem , but what's the solution do we have the ability too fix this problem are we sure that are solutions aren't just going to be worse !!? Do we have a budget that can support our solutions ??

Author Vlad Parvan ( ago)
The world in your point of view is a world full of idiots who don't know basic mathematics.

Author Nw wing ( ago)
all the dislike are from my principle

Author Vlad Parvan ( ago)
You just sued the school system because you're an idiot. You need to know all the stuff that they teach you in school.

Author B.L. ( ago)
My new art teacher told me " art is not about expressing yourself, it's about getting that grade"... Now I am forced to do something what I don't want for my exam...

Author Phenia TV ( ago)
Adults tell us we are immature. Maybe we want to be. Maybe we don't want to become what they tell us. Maybe we want to create and show our skills instead of sitting down and writing numbers. Maybe we want to have fun, and socialize. Maybe we don't like what mature looks like.

Author demi oldham ( ago)
still in love with this video!

Author KillerKat ( ago)
I am a child 12 years old. I am a straight A student, but so is basically everyone else in my school. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Encouragement? I don't feel great when I get an A, because I know it is based off of standardized tests, that teachers base their curriculum on. We are studying for the states some DECEMBER and the come in MAY. They say they use the tests to "see how you are doing" but they are just trying to make their school look good! I am smart, not to brag but to prove something: I don't even have a clue what do be when I grow up. I bet when I grow up I am going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning because I would have never been taught not to close the garage door while your car is on. We are taught algebra, and calculation skills, while we can easily access a calculator on your phone! Shouldn't we be learning how to pay god damn taxes!

Author Sport HornetFTW ( ago)
good that I live in finland then

Author naman tachilote ( ago)
I love it !!!😭😭😭😭😭

Author Sugar Glider ( ago)

Author Monk Gaming ( ago)
Thank you for this... Many kids suffer everyday and think themselves to be dumb because that one kid is good at math. We need change, and it's the our job..

Author Sky Playz - Roblox & AJ ( ago)
I will shove this video into every government official and every teacher in the world's damn faces until they change the system if I had the chance to spread how bad school is.

Author Kwon Glsm ( ago)
Great rhymes snd cool effects, theres pretty much effort given in this video i see. But lets be honest: how the hell you want to find the teachers and the money to teach individually? And how do you think would a class work if there were no strict rules about where to sit and when to speak? It would definitely end in a chaos ! I understand that there are students liking this video because they are feeling missunderstood ,but as a student myself i think we should be thankfull that we have the opportunity to be educationed,and before we criticise the school system ,which is a dream for some children of other countries,we should make the best of what we have.

Author JourneytoTruth ( ago)
I'm really starting to have a disdain for society. I'd wish to live 500 + years who away from all this corruption, pollution, spiritual entrapment

Author Kelsey Bonnell ( ago)
did he actually sue the school system

Author Mary Stelzer ( ago)
People can share this to there teachers and principals and they can show it to the districts and we can all make it better through you

Author Chotitho 209 ( ago)
4k teachers disliked this

Author Marsh Mallow ( ago)
In math class, I feel so stupid. I don't understand anything, and everyone else is so smart. My teacher doesn't understand that I need things explained in different ways. I'm scared of failing, I have bad anxiety, and I just feel so done with trying to understand math.

Author Jade Jones ( ago)
so true

Author Ilias The 123 ( ago)
*I know why the school system is like that read that comment.*

Guys I think it's quite obvious why school is like that. There are alot of subjects in schools. I have about 14. I don't believe students get stressed for a normal test or homework. It's the *amount* of it that makes you stressed. Don't talk about the finals. This is where the real shit hits right in the belly and brain. School is made like this so only "good students" will pass the exams. Good students = more productivity for the government. Bad students = probably will drop out and find a shitty job at Burger King or KFC. They want some students to fail don't you see it. If we were all doing what we wanted to do I think we would have had alot of artists or mucisians. Doctors or engineers. And alot more. But if we all did that then who would work at the shitty jobs? That's right no one. The government has that all planned. They want people to fail in order to keep balance between good jobs and bad jobs. Fucking assholes. If they want a fucking burger they can make one themselves. This world is fucked. Weak up people.

Author waterpepperoni ( ago)
in Finland I hate it so much home work

Author Rylee Rose ( ago)
Did he really sue them if he did I'd be happy this makes so much sense

Author Hat-Eating-Cthulu-Goat ( ago)
Google "Doing Nothing All Day"

Author Mercer Shirah ( ago)
When he said that I was like preach boi preach

Author Chickenator ( ago)
That was amazing🙂😭

Author HeyItsMehLeah ( ago)
Idoes anyone else's school teach German or Spanish or French? Well is it just me who thinks they should teach brail....

Author Jen Burd ( ago)
I have been a high school teacher for 17 years. Brilliant and beautifully done!!!

Author Mr Unicorn ( ago)
why cant we have him as president instead of trump?

Author Rukhsana Ilyas ( ago)
dude ur amazing!!!!

Author Nerdy Prique ( ago)

Author Ayan Malik ( ago)
The world is dying...precious resources going day by day...we need people to change the earth,people who can find new ways to get power;ways that do not harm the earth...and the government think that a fuckin maths test would help! Teachers and schools need to encourage students to become imaginative... creative.So we can live a healthier lifestyle.

Author Ayan Malik ( ago)
The world is dying...precious resources going day by day...we need people to change the earth,people who can find new ways to get power;ways that do not harm the earth...and the government think that a fuckin maths test would help! Teachers and schools need to encourage students to become imaginative... creative.So we can live a healthier lifestyle.

Author Emma Potato ( ago)
I want to help the Earth when I get older, or be an Interior designer, maybe a lawyer, or author. My school teaches nothing that will help me along these lines. I get As and I'm good at math and science and all that crap but it's not what I want to do with my life. I don't know how to learn about these things, so it makes me just want to give up and have a normal job, but if I do that I will never be able to live with myself

Author Amy Ang ( ago)
My English teacher: Anyone has some dreams that requires to go overseas?

Me: I want to become an astronaut.


Teacher: laughs - Amy, sometimes; some dreams needs to remain as dreams.

Author Neverending Stupidnessess ( ago)
can I download this on iTunes

Author CharleyJ Millard ( ago)
People are still ending up homeless teach for the future

Author CharleyJ Millard ( ago)
I want to be an athlete when I grow up can you teach me that

Author Rachel Ramirez ( ago)
Thankyou for posting your work

Author Comment ( ago)
Some of the stuff he says I agree with; the whole 'one-size-fits-all' for students that are different is wrong, as well as students thinking their stupid because they aren't given opportunities to find their own passion or talents. However, I only partially agree with the idea that what we are taught is useless. Maths teaches us how to problem solve, English Literature teaches us to be analytical and look deeper and Science teaches us the ways of the world. While I agree not enough about paying taxes, raising kids, or how to perform first aid is taught, the old curriculum shouldn't be abolished.

Author Fan Girl ( ago)
i really want schools to be teaching children about important things, school brings me so much stress most of my hair fell out and i gained so much weight, and thats ALL because of school, yes i do have so manyyyy problems at home, but school is my main source of stress, a few months ago i was suicidal because of school and problems at home, I'm forced to learn things i don't enjoy, if u want me to learn things, make sure i like them, or i will literally want to kill myself, the fact the 1-2 % of suicides are because of school is horrible ! school should be helping, not killing.

Author Aythonn Shrike ( ago)
"students may be 20%of the society big they are 100% of our future"

Author Khalid Alshikh ( ago)
well said
all my support <3

Author ActionForGames ( ago)
Main part of school is education. If you want school to be fashion (like you say, upgrade make it to today world) is a fashion school. A school are good in current world because they offer what most people doesn't, knowledge. You are attacking only thing that separate us from stupid. I guess your viewers come from stupid reasons. And some of them are educated and they don't like your videos. So you better make them all stupid so they will keep watching whatever you are doing. Your videos are good but unrelated to earth. You are taking about possible future. Please make videos related to inspire people to do right thing.

Author Sleekz SpeedZ ( ago)
I hate it when somebody judge you based on your gades.

Author Avalon Marandas ( ago)
FINALLY - School stresses me out every day and I always feel like I'm never good enough

Author Ollin Saucedo ( ago)
Who disliked this ?And whyyyy🤔🙄

Author Theaterishish Ava ( ago)
my teacher thinks it stupid how i spend more time on my guitar and violin and voice rather then doing my homework

Author Jonathan C ( ago)
I agree!!!!!

Author Rainbow Lover ( ago)
WE ARE NOT ROBOTS!!!! Understand that it's not about reputation it's about OUR future. sure yours matters until your dead. we are the world's future and if you don't respect that then you are throwing the world away.

Author Omnomnom213 AJ ( ago)
I think, we should base our classes off of what we want and a reason to go with it

Author YouDon'tKnowMe ( ago)
this is my 3rd or 4th time watching this just tonight

Author Willam Roblox & More ( ago)
This video is just really inspiring! 🤔😁

Author 〇殺人光線 ( ago)

Author Mikayla Jensen ( ago)
omg I love this so much it it so insperational

Author Lan Ngai ( ago)
I wish the world could see this and make an actual change

Author malaika khan ( ago)
i just want all the teachers from this whole world to see this vid.

Author Raul Neto ( ago)

Author Pinky ( ago)
Still not as good as boyinaband's video.

Author Burrito Horse ( ago)
So right

Author Monique Ross ( ago)
AMEN! This is the most brilliant rhythm

Author Theresa Francis ( ago)
He would be a good lawyer

Author Zuhair Aamer ( ago)
What if the job the fish wants requires climbing trees?

Author Daianera Garcia ( ago)
I 100% support this no matter how hard it is to get people to understand and change this

Author Enrique Vargas ( ago)
Shame there is no love button

Author Brooklyn Frerich ( ago)
I'm going to be in college in a few years and I was on the fence of being a teacher, but now, I'm going to be the teacher that reaches to everyone's needs

Author Manple Wolock ( ago)
It's good to see that someone touched this subject...I made this realization a long time ago but I knew that nobody would listen and even if they did what can we do with the government having so much power in their hands? We're just stuck in a box and the government and controlled media do their best to hide this. They always try to keep you at the bottom because they have a lot to win, they try to keep masses brainless because a smart mind is dangerous to their system because if a lot of the population would realise the bounds they have it can lead to a lot of damage to their system and lose the amount of power they have. But the majority of the population doesn't know this and they live a sad life because they think that this is the highest point in life they can reach, this leads to a lot of cases of depression and sadly even suicide.
Also people that are aware of their surroundings( hopefully like you) have a sadder life and less friends because is hard to find people that are at the same level of intellect as us in this world , but the majority of people are not so aware and they are happy with this abomination because they don't know how a different life could be.

Author Rhen Namikaze ( ago)
And that's why they invented collage😉😉

Author Sr Ragequit ( ago)
Holy fuck there's a ton of people saying that school is 100% useless.
Thanks to it I met great people, learned to work as a team, made me a bit smarter.
Things can change tho.

Author April Valenciana ( ago)
i wish there were more people like you - unafraid to speak your heart out because you stand in the TRUTH

Author McKenna Svetlana ( ago)
I don't want to see my future kids go through the same crap school experience I did. Like come on people. Haven't we all figured out that high school was a huge joke? Let's focus on actual success and real progress in our children, not the required grades and classes you have to take. This is not life, it's just surviving. They are worth way more than a freakin math grade.

Author mac ky ( ago)
I agree one day I ask my teacher why we need to do the asiment and she said​ to get thru middle school and high school but what does it really help I need to know how to pay bills and do bill but I can't.

Author Malthe Villadsen ( ago)
Man, i swear to god you are one of the greatest and smartest people living here in the world! You are all true in every thing you are saying! Maybe we should try to get this out to the adults, i mean like in TV or something. Because there are not that many adults that watches Youtube!

Author ParzivalTV ( ago)

Author Band_Geek ( ago)
Damn I'm speechless...

Author the Unspeakableassassin ( ago)

Author James Jantz ( ago)
if your gonna be a cruel bitch why are you a teacher nobody is gonna respect you or listen at all if your gonna be like that cuz then your just bullying the students but if your upbeat nice and funny there gonna be like wow your pretty cool im gona listen sure you need to stand your ground and all but i mean come.I had a substitute that called me out for my family and parents not raising me right and that they were crack heads i went off on her and somehow got suspended then i found out another kid sued the sub for saying the same thing my point is sub or regular teacher be nice and upbeat it will make your live and the students live more happier and better i rest my if you agree

Author VEGA SPACE ( ago)
can we actually try to change this, nobody ever listens to this and trys to change it they just skip it and think the kids of the future don't MATTER? please somebody help us

Author Spac3chicken ( ago)
lol the government just want money

Author Christ Follower ( ago)
A fish doesn't have the mental capacity to know if it is stupid.  Furthermore, fish don't climb trees.  This is why this is a horrible analogy.  Human beings actually can do the work in schools.  It isn't some impossible feat like a fish climbing a tree.

Author Isaiah Wince ( ago)
This video I mostly agree with it but it has some flaws and plot holes.

Author Mia Camacho ( ago)
WOW,this REALLY touched me I hope Prince Ea can change the world .Prince, you are my hero😊........thank much❤👏👏👏👏

Author Mango Tron ( ago)
Good Video, Bad Title.

Author Paige LaFave ( ago)
this was just sooooooooooooooooooooooo true like you put what all of us were thinking into words and just blew everyone who saw this' mind

Author Pink-Money ( ago)
suck on that, math teacher


Author Andre Castro ( ago)
Thank you

Author xuhao yang ( ago)
Bill gates got perfect score in SAT.

Author Michael Hopcian ( ago)
Wow it sad that the only thing that the school system cares about is their reputation and Mess up kids minds. I think we should have our kids in the us go to school online and get them into some kind of sports program so we can keep their school life and socail life apart.

Author Sensei8469 ( ago)

Author Courtney Goode ( ago)
I know how to do algebra (maths) and I know my history and I know my English also my science but I don't no how tax works and mortgage and how to pick the right job for me and aye that what school supposed to teach u how to pick the right future for u but no we are learning about algebra has that got to do with anthing to do with morgage no and also that piece of paper 📝 depends on ur future and that future is ur dreams and life and we need to change the way teachers teach us and if we don't do it now we never will
we need a change the education for now and forever!!! 😊👍

Author ShuhDonk ( ago)
I 100% agree with everything you explain in this video, if only the United States was capable of change.

Author Blake Heimann ( ago)
Teachers should earn just as much as doctors?

Author Mario Viteri ( ago)
Difficult to change when you live in a country that gives 2% of the federal budget in education

Author Reserved MLGs ( ago)
Really college is the only school worth attending because it teaches you how to get through life, or how to do something you will want to do as a job, high school and grade school arent worth anything really, when have you used your knowledge of Shakespeare outside of school, or your knowledge of finding x or using other forms of Algebra in life? Sigh, the school system is so flawed

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