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BOOK REFERENCES. If you are interested in learning more on the subject I would suggest a few books to get started

1) Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto
2) Creative Schools by Ken Robinson
3) I Love Learning; I Hate School by Susan D Blum
4) The One World SchoolHouse by Salman Khan

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Prince EA // @PrinceEa

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Author Jakob Pelser ( ago)
thank you for this

Author shamail said ( ago)
That quote was always my favorite, I am speechless.

Author Nicholas Floyd ( ago)
can someone type this down so when i graduage i wanna use this but thats later on for after high school

Author Rlee Brown ( ago)
i wonder if that the teachers are forced to put F- on are papers if we just doodle on are papers its a way i can step out of school and feel like im in my own world(but still siting at my desk) i know ur not espost to draw on ur paper but its stress free u dont have to all ways feel like ur worthless not cool loser its a way i got some of my best frenids by showing people what i draw on . i think this is all true i know im only a 4th grader but its change the way i see school

Author Natalia Skoczek ( ago)
Actually Einstein didn't say that. Somebody assigned this quote to him.

Author Potato poptart ( ago)
You know this really makes me think about the school system. My friend is not that very good at math but she is a AMAZING artist. I'm really good at math and language arts but I suck at art. People have their own special talents unique to them.

Author Sarah Ng ( ago)
Before u read, let me get it straight that I am a subscriber and love what he have to say. Which all I agree. Just one thing thou. People tend to think that Singapore education system is good. It is indeed good in terms of how much they are able to produce compliment individuals.

I am a Singaporean and for generations, my family is here and I grow up here and am still in Singapore. Singapore public education is seen as prestige in the world. But.. Come here and u will see how many people struggles.. I am 22 year old, doing well in school. No re taking of module nor retaining. But with how education system is like here, I have yet to enter University. In university, we don't talk much about electives. Most courses only have about 20 electives to choose from. When I look at US's electives, I am astonished! So interesting and diverse!

With the timeline of education in Singapore, we are way behind with my peers of other developed nations. It is average for us to graduate with our first degree at 28 year old! And let me not start with how expensive our school loans are and how expensive it is to get married and have a tiny house. We are looking at 50k for university, 40k for a simple wedding and 500k for a small apartment! You may say that we don't have to get a degree but here in SG, a degree is more of less a expected norm. Without degree, glass roof are roughly 2,800 per month. With degree, there is almost not glass but you will be expecting 2,800 as starting wage. It is common for us here to leave with our parents till 30years old.

I am looking at being a preschool teacher but pay is about 2k with a degree. How many years will it take me to pay loan, even get married and have a house of my own? Tell me again.. How is SG education system that good? :/

Author farhan mahdy ( ago)
subtitle pleasee. .

Author Jack Nguyen ( ago)
This man needs to go for president

Author Freya Hilton ( ago)
Such a good video👏❤

Author mia nabila ( ago)

Author Jennifer Refinn Art ( ago)
One of the Best videos, made me cry. The other is Dont Stay in School from Boyinaband. Thank You Princ. Namaste. <3

Author BeachBeauty 01 ( ago)
So inspiring

Author fantagian100 ( ago)
This is so true. They should teach us stuff that we actually need to know for the future and not all this math crap and writing, we should be taught the things we want to be taught and work together to solve problems and maybe if we did that in the beginning the world wouldn't be like it is.

Author Slapnut McGee ( ago)
Why does this give me the chills?

Author ACA$H ( ago)
fxck school.

Author Jazz Act ( ago)
This video touched my heart. Please let us use our creativity and not just work.

Author Gavin Cielenski ( ago)
hmm well this explanes most the grades that a lot of kids in my school get and they also have lives outside of school but nope we dont care we paid ethier way right

Author Mz Geek_Nerdz Oddball ( ago)
What is this song called? Can someone please respond and thank you 😊

Author Leeanna Williams ( ago)
I LOVE this video

Author Sush S. ( ago)
This video made me cry as for schools.VERY EMOTIONAL

Author cynthia aiken ( ago)

Author JellyMermaid ( ago)
I absolutely love everything about this. Thank you.

Author Wolfesscythe117 ( ago)
Sorry, but art and dance is no where near as important as math.

Author Sara Meireles ( ago)
Can someone tell me what the background music is?

Author Molls and Enya ( ago)
I'm a student 13 yrs young to be exact and this video hit me hard, we watched this video in our English class and i was probably the only person in that classroom that cried and i know that sounds stupid but the school system is ridiculous and silly.This should be shown more often because there are no lies in this video, everyone was a kid once but how people change against us so quickly is worrying. If us kids are the future why do people stand in our way and drag us down. Most of our week is spent in a classroom for 7-8 even more hours a day. Creativity must come back because if it doesn't everyone will be the same, don't be the same as others because we will all be like robots or zombies. My name is Enya i'm only 13 and nothing will stop me from being creative and nothing will stop me from being what i want to be.

Author Homestuck Headcrab ( ago)
OOOH! OOOH! OOOH! Let's remove all the schooling! Screw education, we can learn from the vegans. Wait, what if we just remove the army as well? Sweet! Gotta get those monies for... some reason. Lets also remove medicare because those old and sick people are a drag on the economy. Also we should dismantle parts of the government because they are too bureaucratic! ANARCHY! ANARCHY! ANARCHY!

Author Rosey Cool ( ago)
hes so right

Author Kayleigh Shaw ( ago)
I may not agree with a lot of this guys opinions, but I do definitely believe in this one. School is a stupid system where we grade everyone's efforts and products of work on numbers. If I was amazing at what I did but was unable to do it their way, I'd get a fail, but if someone who produced work of a lower standard but to how they wanted, then they get an A and they are told they will do great things in this subject and that I,will not. I excell in my art, I can produce a piece that will outshine any of my current pieces which I created with their system if I am given the right opportunities.

Everyone is unique and different and though, yes others can do this and do well, We are all different. It'd be like saying every snowflake is the same, everyone's DNA is exact and that everyone's life is the same. But thats crap, none of us are the same, DNA,snowflakes and our lives are different. You cannot Judge a persons potential by our attendance, our scores, our quantity of work. I will not produce the same work as someone else and risk procrastination if I am given an individual choice.

I just wanted to state my opinion,go ahead make fun of it, but it is my stance as a pupil.

Author Alexis Yanish ( ago)
Wow! i have been home schooled till i was in 6th grade i could learn how i had to be but now i can't anymore like that

Author Bedfode_13 ( ago)
I've seen this so many times. Its amazing, it inspires me. :) Im not dumb

Author Atte ( ago)
Whats the song called?

Author Mia Kent ( ago)
Yess Finland

Author theleavingroom ( ago)
4,500 people who downvoted are school principals and parents

Author Martha Bennett ( ago)
prince ea you are my insparation. your videos make me realise what is happening in this confusing, cruel world. You deserve more fame. you deserve more recognition. the content of your videos are honest. I agree with this video. the school system is cruel, as a child I experience this 5 days a week. I did not disagree with you once in this video. keep doing what you are doing because you are truly the best, once again thankyou.

Author Thivya Siva ( ago)
Question: why can't the world afford everyone to be successful???

Author Ahmed Suhail ( ago)
He's the next Martin Luther King Jr

Author Christine Howell ( ago)
Funny. This guy valued his education so much and went all the way to enroll in a College. Now, he is profiting off of overthrowing the education system.

Author Hytham Zeedia ( ago)
Good product to bay education

Author Raya Chan ( ago)
The problem with school is - we're forced to sit for hours, and then are expected to go outside, run around for 20 minutes, and then go back to sitting. We don't adjust to changes and 70% of our days are practically sitting.
And yes.
I'm a nerd. And I'm proud.

Author Raven R Lempke ( ago)
Absolutely loved this. I am a teacher and am with you 1,000%. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Author Rice ! ( ago)
yo like all his versus are like a quote

Author ANGELICA:3 ( ago)
I just finished making a school project on this video and It was so strong and im so proud that Im showing my class the insights of these horrible crimes being committed in our every day lives and I wouldn't have been able to see or tell any of it without this video

Author 98yhuijokl ( ago)
I have watched this vid at last 20 times it gets better and better each time also watched this with my class at school

Author Chinedu Ugbah ( ago)
Finally I got him here!

Author Blue Tube ( ago)
Finally something smart on YouTube all the smart stuff is not that smart this dude deserves to be a teacher at elementary schools,middle schools,and high schools kids need to learn more about this I should tell my teacher about this...Thanks to my friend Ben for sending me this

Author Tao Mckinna-Shoji ( ago)
What would you like to be when your older? Twitch streamer / pro gamer! Good for you now study this book and give me a 2000 word essay about how this book relates to the main keys and themes I have set and why these themes exist! Also you have to study trigonometry, algebra, calculus and indices and surds even though your never gonna use it

Author CENAN CEAZE ( ago)
Guys I started a YouTube channel called CENAN CEAZE
pls subscribe like and share

Author Jim W. ( ago)
this brought me to tears

Author Lps RossGaming ( ago)
This is telling the teacher how they work too hard making studen robots but teacher suposed to make them use creative to make the world a better please :)

Author Lps RossGaming ( ago)
This tell poeple how teachers work hard to help others and telling good stuff this is very good

Author Lps RossGaming ( ago)
This is good

Author Tommaso Maga ( ago)

LIke if you think the video is true

Author Ibrahim Mumuni ( ago)
I am a poet myself but Brother you have blown me away. keep it up

Author franklin trevor ( ago)
our school system may not be the best thing in the world, but this is what we have.

Author Georgia the Gymnast ( ago)
Prince Ea is definitely not one of my favorite youtubers, but I do love this video!

Author BossCreations13 ( ago)
Anyone know if that quote about standardized testing is real? I can't find it anywhere.

Author Nathaniel Hogben ( ago)
This is so true its insane how shit like this is unseen how people get the understanding to actually physically sue the school system without sueing it

Author Daralis ( ago)
this person deserves 8.614.907 subscribers. like if you agree

Author Genesis Mendoza ( ago)
I can relate a lot this is so true I want to express my present of art and I just can't because if my teacher sees me drawing she goes to desk and snatches away from me and she says you can't draw you'll never be an artist just give up and tells me to my work and I just got enough and I spent 5 hours on my homework and if If I don't bring it in I get yelled at.

Author samdui ( ago)
We are spending 1/3 of our life in schools, we are spending 1/3 in jobs and have freedom when you realise that the whole life was a work that has not changed anything.

Author Lily Staines ( ago)
My friend introduced u to me you r such an inspiration in English we got out teacher to show this to the class and then we all wrote down what we could do about this we hope to pass our ideas to people who can make these changes. This video could change our lives thank you 😊

Author Basic Survival ( ago)
what is History: history is class where dead people irritates live people

Author Zoe Green ( ago)
Being a student myself, I couldn't agree with this more !

Author Katie Smith ( ago)
this is so true xx

Author Tess R ( ago)

Author Paper Cut ( ago)
This is great. You are inspiring!

Author Cactuslover165 2004 ( ago)
this deserve endless like

Author Babbipangang ( ago)
Be spitting some naruto quotes in here Gold fish climbing a tree part

Author Ronald Loveless ( ago)
Amen 🙏🙏🙏

Author Ying-Hua Chung ( ago)
True, US teachers get underpaid. That explains the shortage of STEM teachers at high school. Let's get real. Both Arts and Sciences ed are critical for innovation and creation. Most sciences are based on math. But .... math has a deeper learning curve than arts. It takes patience and some tedious practice to get used to algebra. Good math teachers accompany/encourage students passing this tedious stage and then savor the fruits of STEM, exploring the world in another view.... But.... but the shortage of math, physics and chemistry teachers is an extremely serious problem. As a result of the shortage, many high school students have limited opportunities for advanced math, physics, and chemistry studies. Too few high school graduates emerge with the skills and confidence to pursue college study in physics and other STEM disciplines. Sometimes, you think you are a fish and cannot climb a tree in nature, maybe the fact is you don't have good tree-climbing coaches,... good coaches may be in Silicon valley and your government does not want to pay 1/4 of google, apply or FB pays. Then Tim Cook continues complaining not enough qualified engineers to hire in US.

Author PromiseRW ( ago)
The point of this video isn't that we have no need of education, but that the current predominant system used to educate is not working.

Author Julia Putnokyova ( ago)
I want to shove this video Into this generations face...somehow.

Author Jack White fan Craze ( ago)
heh 🐷pig

Author Andrea BawseE ( ago)
Tell me this why do the adults of our society tell us children that we are growing up to fast
But I don't learn how to pay tax
Makes no sense does it I don't know how to pay mortgage
But I know how to find what x is
When my teachers family members and any other adult they tell don't grow up but why would I wanna
Do you know how many human rights we have as people
It's 30
I didn't know that till I checked out of Curiosity
Do you know how many LAWS and REGULATIONS there are in America to be exact about
How come I don't know even 5 of them

To tell you I'm 12 not 30, 27 , or even 45 I'm 12 at this moment in time
A period of time I don't like to much even tough I am just 12 I know that y = kx or that ax + by = c or the fact that y - y1 = m(x - x1) even that y = mx + b tell me I need to know how to graph or Algebra but I don't need to know the laws of my country or how many human rights I have or even how to get a job so I agree with every single aspect of what you say it hit me when I watched your videos for the first time I looked at myself and said"we need change"
So I am COMPLETELY on your side
Once again only 12

Author El Mehdi RHINDI ( ago)
4000 people didn't like video.

Author Snowy Snugglezz ( ago)
This is great! It's what inspired me to write my end of year personal project essay on how the US education system is outdated in the first place! Thank you so much!

Author Bree ( ago)
I relate, and I cried.

Author Madhumita Kotoky ( ago)
Somebody please bring him to India.

Author Madhumita Kotoky ( ago)
Somebody please bring him to India.

Author Belen Cupis ( ago)
This is sad because it's so true....smh🤦‍♂️

Author Gavin Hughes ( ago)
love this dude

Author Ayazhan Salmenova ( ago)
If my principal spoke English, I would totally show her this video.

Author Miss Madness ( ago)
As an adult who has had great teachers and did try my hardest in school, I can confirm that the school, the education system, and so on has failed not only myself but so many others. Not everyone may be geniuses but I will be damned if most people can't excel when given the right support, attention, and a decent education. But getting the "right" education can be expensive not to mention the lack of quality attention many children suffer and support in pursuing what they like and are good at. It's pitiful.

Author I don't hate so please don't bring it here ( ago)
phones weren't around a hundred and fifty years ago

Author Green dude Studios ( ago)
Amazing, well said, I applaud you. Keep making these king of vids 👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌🏾👌🏿

Author Caris Romine ( ago)
boyinaband copied u

Author Sh/n ( ago)
get this to 20 likes and I'll email this to my principal

Author M&M NotTheCandy ( ago)
When I see the photo of the classroom I think well he is kind of right we have advanced but not very much. I saw this on a video that my teacher showed me and it is where they use touch screens as tables to learn and they get to interact and tryout math and use and visually the color wheel. They still wrote but on like a touch screen table

Author Jasmine Smith ( ago)
Finally someone said it!!

Author TheLuckyDucky ( ago)
4,141 members of the government found this video. 358,920 students/teachers found this video. Like if you think this is true!

Author Ayomide Fakunle ( ago)
this very nice and cool can't stop playing this over and over, he should be president lol

Author WrestleMania Monkey ( ago)
I showed this vid to my teacher and she took my phone all I have is my 3DS now aka she still has it

Author Jessie Ramos ( ago)
power full message POWER FULL

Author Jessie Ramos ( ago)
them bars though ☺😞

Author Jessie Ramos ( ago)
man this mad me REALLY think about school 😞😟 wow Prince ea for President

Author Blane Parker ( ago)
my teacher is a very good teacher and is one of the most inspratinol person i know

Author FlamingFires ( ago)
I agree so much

Author Donatella Galvani ( ago)
THIS IS IT!! SPREAD THIS VIDEO LIKE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Ikhlaaq Naeem ( ago)

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