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    How do YOU think we can create a better future of learning. Go here and share your thoughts on the topic! http://www.bit.ly/2ciqj4z

    Check out the audio only version here: https://soundcloud.com/prince-ea/we-just-sued-the-school-system

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    Joel Bergvall and Joe Lombardi (https://vimeo.com/aztechfilm)

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    Hodja Berlev (https://www.facebook.com/Neonbyte-382305275259022/)

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    Spencer Sharp (https://www.facebook.com/dispencery/?hc_ref=SEARCH)

    BOOK REFERENCES. If you are interested in learning more on the subject I would suggest a few books to get started

    1) Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto
    2) Creative Schools by Ken Robinson
    3) I Love Learning; I Hate School by Susan D Blum
    4) The One World SchoolHouse by Salman Khan

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  • Prince Ea
    Prince Ea 15 days ago

    Follow me on my Instagram for continued daily inspiration. https://www.instagram.com/prince_ea/

    • Simone Chan
      Simone Chan 1 day ago

      Prince Ea thank you

    • TacoFluffy
      TacoFluffy 2 days ago

      Prince Ea This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I cried the whole time because of how true it is.

    • Emma Janes
      Emma Janes 2 days ago

      made me cry its so true

  • Ashly Garcia
    Ashly Garcia 57 minutes ago

    I wnat to show this to my principle but I'm scared to get kicked out I showed my teacher and she was like he's lying schools have changed we have technology I'm like no u haven't changed u still teach us the same things treat us the same way but she still dosent listen

  • Itzhalofreak
    Itzhalofreak 1 hour ago

    These r the people that we need to be teachers

  • Dino Dario
    Dino Dario 2 hours ago

    Great Video!

  • happy puppy
    happy puppy 7 hours ago

    if i was that judge i would throw my Gavlin at him

  • Edzy and Nick
    Edzy and Nick 8 hours ago


  • NickAnimateswars
    NickAnimateswars 11 hours ago

    Next Martin Luther king 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Moonlightpetal Cherry
    Moonlightpetal Cherry 12 hours ago

    I learned more from Ted-Ed in one day than in one month at school...
    Yeah the education system is seriously flawed.

  • Music Life
    Music Life 13 hours ago

    I think this is amazing. I am in school and I do feel like I'm stupid. After watching this video I realized that I'm not stupid, I'm just a fish being forced to climb a tree. I can't keep up with learning thing and after thing and then they expect us to grasp on to every little detail and take a test on it. The homework is stressful, and when personal things happen they still expect us to do the homework, know every detail, and take the test. I agree with you 100%. I think that America should definitely learn a thing or two about the learning system from Finland, I think it was? Also, a couple years ago, my teacher found out my passion and what I was good at. Now, if the school system was different he would have been like, "Well she's good at this and not as good with this. For her we should work with both things a little bit more." But of course, that's not what happened. I am passionate about writing stories and I'm not so good at math. What happened was we barley did any story writing and the math kept getting harder and harder and I just couldn't understand it. Right now in school I get judged by the teachers because of a stupid letter that will decide my future. These letters have 100% control over our futures, meaning they chose if we get into a good college or not. That decides if we get into the working place we want or one that is just good enough to make us money. That decides if we have a happy life or a not-so happy life. You see? Our whole lives get set because of one little letter. The system makes kids like me believe we're stupid, and thinking you're stupid can never get you any success in life

  • Julia M
    Julia M 13 hours ago

    Omg that is so true. I love your speech. How can I get a copy of it?

  • Natalie Gummow
    Natalie Gummow 13 hours ago

    How much does it cost to move to Finland?

  • Maddieandmadioffical Spradixon

    I never thought of it this way but I really think it's sad I have so many important dreams so does everyone else's but we're taught the same way so f you want to change the way school is use the hashtag #Abettertommorow thx guys this is a very important matter

  • Alina Garib
    Alina Garib 18 hours ago

    I love the part where he talking about getting A's like I wish I didn't care but I just can't not care. It's like I've been programmed to strive for that and it's a symbol of accomplishment. I'm pulling my hair out right now trying to get my 89.09 and 89.05 to an A and school end TOMORROW for me. I love this video. I just also hate how everything these days relies on getting good grades. It's like "hey 13 year old. Guess what. Everything you do right now and in these next couple years dictates you future and your entire life and success" (a bit of a stretch but you know what I mean) like that's a log of pressure for a kid. Idkkkk.

  • Hzgamesvlogger 5456
    Hzgamesvlogger 5456 19 hours ago

    We need people like u

  • Lizeyka Toan
    Lizeyka Toan 1 day ago


  • AidannaNaine
    AidannaNaine 1 day ago

    this video is AMAZING. l honestly love this

  • Moab Ninja22
    Moab Ninja22 1 day ago

    Thank you.

  • Jr G
    Jr G 1 day ago

    he just roasted the teachers

  • Smoke DGreat
    Smoke DGreat 1 day ago

    End capitalism, it justifies cruelty. The world can work differently (better) if we put our minds to it. We can make anything we put our minds to happen if we choose. Someone is choosing to keep it like it is. But because of a majorities perception we all lose. Save your soul please. I happen to know you'll be judged & in a way, by yourself. Nothing here is wert separating your consciousness from the sorce of love. I understand it can seem impossible but its wert it. Martyrs in bliss. All our problems are hardest in the beginning. I promise & i love you.

  • Elani Scott
    Elani Scott 1 day ago

    I just kept laughing as tears came down my face because of how beautiful this is. Oh how much I related to the video and needed it. I really did.

  • Gabriel Marcoux
    Gabriel Marcoux 1 day ago

    At my school, we have 15 STRESSFUL minutes to eat!!! God help me :/

  • Vision
    Vision 1 day ago

    Are you calling me a fish?

  • Kimani Ingram
    Kimani Ingram 1 day ago

    I love this so much its not even funny. Since when are we ever going to use Right Triangles and Linear equations in life ?

  • maria alvarez
    maria alvarez 1 day ago


  • Bruna Saldanha
    Bruna Saldanha 1 day ago

    Business exam tomorrow and I had to watch this so I don't feel dumb

  • Kurtis Hunter
    Kurtis Hunter 1 day ago

    Back then kids didn't have much homework now we are stuck with piles of it!>:(

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 1 day ago

    man love your videos

  • Maco Paco
    Maco Paco 1 day ago

    Four. More. Weeks.

  • Stryder Smith
    Stryder Smith 1 day ago

    Amen brotha! Well said, part of the reason I am pursuing a Masters in Education. See the light, be the light.

  • adenya baekhyun
    adenya baekhyun 1 day ago

    You true 👍👍

  • Trolli Girl
    Trolli Girl 1 day ago

    This video is everything. You deserve more subscribers and more views

  • Angela Robin
    Angela Robin 1 day ago

    amazing rap👏👏👏

  • Hazzwa 147
    Hazzwa 147 1 day ago

    We should just get rid of school all together!!!!!!!

  • Jason S
    Jason S 2 days ago

    Hi I don't mean to advertise but I am working on a project to improve our methods of learning. Please take a look and tell what you think! Please tell give me feedbacks!! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/education-of-the-future-gamifying-education/x/16612307#/

  • Natahlia Behn
    Natahlia Behn 2 days ago

    I have been watching for less then 24 hours and I can't believe how much this channel has moved me. This video touched me and I want everyone in the world to know, but how?

  • Kevin Pham
    Kevin Pham 2 days ago

    4,593 are triggerd

  • ash boyers
    ash boyers 2 days ago

    get him to my school

  • Chloe Shomo
    Chloe Shomo 2 days ago

    I have a fast mind and sometimes we do stuff in class, like watch a movie. I want to be able to whisper to my friend and tell her what I think or ask a question.

  • Mary Heartlein
    Mary Heartlein 2 days ago

    As a person with ADHD I can relate to that fish on a whole mother level, I failed spanish this year because I was unable to complete the final in the time frame they gave me. I couldn't do anything about it bc in my 5O4 plan they didn't think my problem was bad enough. Trying to learn another language with a processing disorder was already difficult enough and then they had to give us time limits! I feel so alone to bc none of my friends have the same problem and are all A level students. My parents don't understand how I can still struggle even with medicine to help. I'm just done

  • Little violin
    Little violin 2 days ago

    That was beautiful,thank you

  • It's Just Aiden
    It's Just Aiden 2 days ago


  • Julie Nickel
    Julie Nickel 2 days ago


  • JRuth walker
    JRuth walker 2 days ago

    Omg gosh I love this!!!!! It's what I'm always telling people!!!! I go to this school called classical conversations... I love it bc they Focus on your strengths and what you know versus your weaknesses and what you don't know. They're are no tests just questions I don't require correct answer just an opinion. This literally needs to be shown to the world!!! My dad made c's in high school... he now he's the COE of a continually growing company and making more then a doctor. And it's because he knows how to solve problems and communicate with people. Bc hey if you can really talk to people and listen then people will want you on there team. You will start to go places!!

  • The MSSJ
    The MSSJ 2 days ago

    Its beautiful

  • blue boy
    blue boy 2 days ago

    this is absolutely awesome soooooooooo awesome

  • Katherine X
    Katherine X 2 days ago

    I found the link to this video on the inside of a bathroom stall at my school

  • emily pineda
    emily pineda 2 days ago

    I vote him for President instead of some blond Orange faces guy... you know what instead of President he should be God

  • Aov Beast
    Aov Beast 2 days ago

    A century ago people were doing school outside never mind indoors .Plus why Change something that's working well , right? How do you think cars were changed be people learning engineering in school all the technology advancements are made when people learn the basics (school) then they come up with further ideas

  • Mashup Maniac
    Mashup Maniac 2 days ago

    Do me a favor Mr. Prince Ea... continue your work.
    Continue speaking out for others who don't realize this.
    Continue helping others realize that this world needs to be changed.
    That this world might be better than the past but could be even better than the present.

  • sigh it liz
    sigh it liz 2 days ago

    reduced me to tears

  • sven kučiš
    sven kučiš 2 days ago

    I really like your videos and I come back to this one every day :D keep on going and make diference in this world ;)

  • Crakakin Riling
    Crakakin Riling 2 days ago

    This my boy

  • Thomas Stewart
    Thomas Stewart 2 days ago

    Buddy you are dumb as shit. The message is nice, school reforms could be useful, but the way you go about it is so weak and emotional that the only people it convinces are tho who already agree. Use actually stats, actual points, actual knowledge. School makes trained workers because the rows are neat and inline, they have to raise their hands, and they get grades...really? Like I said in a previous comment, the school system hasn't changed since the 1950s, when the US was leading in educational standards. What has changed is the parents either not interacting enough, or berating the teacher to get unqualified grades and placement in advanced programs. If a kid is smart, they will excel. If not, maybe they should be factory workers. The school and institutions need reform, but so do the parents (and your) attitudes.

  • Thomas Stewart
    Thomas Stewart 2 days ago

    What the fuck was that evidence? Phones have changed and cars have changed but schools haven't therefore they may not prepare you for the future?? Ok and we also haven't changed how we tie our shoes or write scientific papers or many other things. The classroom looked like that in the 50s too, and we lead the world in primary and secondary education then. Please stop being stupid

  • Emma Hellström
    Emma Hellström 2 days ago

    Moving. To. Finland.

  • Emma Janes
    Emma Janes 2 days ago

    omg made me cry

  • Sky Chaser
    Sky Chaser 2 days ago

    I do agree with one point: Teachers do not get paid enough, but with the rest, it's iffy, you don't need fancy technology to mold a brain, all you need are children willing to learn, and teachers willing to teach. That is all. So I cry foul on your first piece of evidence. And you bring up that we are taught standard material, simple, because that material is basic. Material you will not know if you will need. Did I ever think I would become a mechanic? That I would need algebra and math when I went to school? No. I thought I was going to be famous, a athlete, a musician, but truth be told, we aren't all special snowflakes, we can't all be 'special'. But we are. Just not in the way others will try to tell us is special. I am me, and I will always be me. But when we are young, we cannot always tell who we are, because we haven't had the time to figure that out yet. Ask the me of 12 years ago if I would be a mechanic. I would shake my head and say no, ask the me of today, I would tell you I enjoy my job. I love seeing how machines work and move. And if it hadn't been for the school teaching me the basics that I required, I might have been on a river without a paddle, unable to change course. School DOES prepare you for the future, and future isn't all rainbows and sunshines. There are hard and boring times, even for me, who will tell you that he enjoys his work. You will always deal with people you don't want to deal with, things that do not work as planned. School prepares you for this by teaching you respect for authority, which is why you raise your hand, as to show respect to the teacher who is already being paid like garbage, who is there to teach you the basics. The basics you as a human being need, math, english, and basic sciences like chemistry and biology. If you want to sued the education system, sue them for getting rid of the things that these children need, sex ed being one of them. You tell me that School doesn't prepare you for what is out there, school has taught me how to do taxes, how to correctly deal with money, how to calculate and how to communicate.

    So next time if you wish to sue a school, look at yourself before you do so.

  • kate wade
    kate wade 3 days ago

    really confused why 4k people disliked this video

  • faggot mcruf
    faggot mcruf 3 days ago

    if you stress yourself over school your fucking stupid

  • AphroUnicorn Rainbow

    we have school computers provided for us and they block many things. they blocked this video on our Chromebooks and I am extremely passionate about this topic. I'm going to show this to as many students at out school as possible and teachers too. I'm going to try and change our community. thank you so much prince ea. everything you talk about is soo true.

  • nadjaria maylor
    nadjaria maylor 3 days ago

    this is beautiful. the other day I was in school and thinking about what I could do and how the school system ain't doing me good, how my academics will determine my life and what if I wasn't smart and could no so much more, I would be overlooked because I don't have great academics

  • Maxfowl05
    Maxfowl05 3 days ago

    (ok so we all get that we're all wasting a fifth of our lives in a prison can we actually do something now)

  • Flam3
    Flam3 3 days ago

    School makes me so stressed I can't sleep. I developed insomnia and get a few hours sleep each night, I can hardly stay awake in class but I can't sleep at night, it builds and more stress and I get anxious about the next day and the next and the next. Everything builds and there is no way to get out, I'm forced to go, I can't leave, my life isn't mine anymore, I don't have any sort of control over my life. If my life isn't my own what's the point in it continuing? It's gotten to the point where I would rather die or be tortured for six hours a day than go to school.

  • Queen Ivy
    Queen Ivy 3 days ago


  • Heidi Montaguee
    Heidi Montaguee 3 days ago


  • C0L0RMAN
    C0L0RMAN 3 days ago

    Any chance to get this incredible video with subtitles, at least automatic youtube english ones?

  • Gameometry
    Gameometry 3 days ago

    For those saying that Albert Einstein did not say the quote at the beginning, he actually did just look up "Albert Einstein everybody is a genius quote" (without the quotation marks obviously)

  • Mary Brewer
    Mary Brewer 3 days ago


  • Straight Cummin
    Straight Cummin 3 days ago

    This dude gives me shivers man! He speaks nothing but the truth!

  • Straight Cummin
    Straight Cummin 3 days ago


  • Erick Abiero
    Erick Abiero 4 days ago

    I showed this video to a parent at my school..... Of course both of got educated. We've got our jobs cut..... Vipi Music Academy is the school. We teach music,Dance, Dj,Acting and Film Making. Thank you Prince Ea. Thank you!

  • Chanuth Gunawardene

    Help me start realising myself thanks!:)

  • Choomah Lezly
    Choomah Lezly 4 days ago


  • The V8
    The V8 4 days ago

    school in future will be more stressful and ended up stressing all of the little innocent kid.. and some dumbass parents in the future will put more threats to their kid hoping for great score in school.. and the kid ended up being "autistic".. one of my friend even cry so bad at school because of bad score.. he scared that his parent will "torture" him..physically..

    in the future.. I think it will be normal for all parents to do that.. they will think that good score = smart.. while the kids just remembering useless math equations that they don't even use in real life.. (not the basic math formula, the advance useless one) and the real intelligent people with a very great problem solving skill with weak memory will be called as a stupid person.. I already see all of this.. and this is not fair at all ! not much people think like this.. it's sad

  • MonotonYT
    MonotonYT 4 days ago


  • Shivam Upadhyay
    Shivam Upadhyay 4 days ago

    True !!

  • KittyCatQueen13 Xd
    KittyCatQueen13 Xd 4 days ago

    I'm telling my teacher to show this to every other teacher today. Lol. Wish me luck!!! Hopefully I can change the system for the next year, but even if I can't, I won't stop trying. This video has inspired me, and I'm going out to tell the world and change it for the better.

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel 4 days ago

    The Earth is flat.

  • wendy rojas
    wendy rojas 4 days ago

    Parents you need to research your district and check your State Standards for Core classes. Do not just take the schools word that your child is doing fine. If there are any concerns....check them out thoroughly! Parents have rights too.

  • wendy rojas
    wendy rojas 4 days ago

    I fought my district twice and both daughters will have a chance. Sorry for all the students who don't get services needed.

  • echoisawkward
    echoisawkward 4 days ago

    I don't understand why they tell us our brains are different, and all of us are unique, yet the force us to do the same work. Make us take the same tests and do the same homework, the same exact way. I don't get it.

  • koa tree
    koa tree 4 days ago

    i agree bro keep fighting for what you believe, because one day you are sure to succeed.

  • Tyler Lindquist
    Tyler Lindquist 4 days ago

    Sorry video

  • Tyler Lindquist
    Tyler Lindquist 4 days ago

    The bid made my mom cry

  • TheAwesomeGuy38
    TheAwesomeGuy38 4 days ago

    I am gonna send my freaking kids to Finland

  • carooolllina
    carooolllina 4 days ago


    IVETTE JUAREZ 4 days ago

    im show this to my teacher

  • MortelElm
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  • Aino
    Aino 4 days ago

    I was already in love with this video and then he mentioned Finland <3 Finland is so rarely mentioned in anything so I love it when someone talks about my home country :)

  • Greeny Gaming
    Greeny Gaming 4 days ago

    I showed this to my teacher she gave me an A. but... I ripped the paper

  • Simone McDevitt
    Simone McDevitt 4 days ago

    hey this came out on my birthday last year :)

  • Basic
    Basic 4 days ago

    My school plays most of his videos...

    I think the accidentally skipped this one

  • Jay Gamer
    Jay Gamer 4 days ago

    This video was amazing

  • Dikshit Gehlot
    Dikshit Gehlot 4 days ago

    Damn buddy we all want this type of world when no child has to go through the same process of being nurd he can choose what he wanna do whenever he want to

  • ái nguyễn
    ái nguyễn 5 days ago

    love from VietNam

  • icheesey squidnugget

    your great

  • Saul Moses
    Saul Moses 5 days ago

    Everyone says school is funner than work

    They lie, I hated school!
    No friends, physically and verbally bullied, Dumb academically, Teachers hated me, forced me to learn what THEY liked, They did what THEY like

  • James Lee
    James Lee 5 days ago

    Artificial intelligence scientists are working on projects that mean that each student can have a customized education suited to their needs. I believe that this is the future of schooling.

  • auntre Alexrov
    auntre Alexrov 5 days ago

    Where did u get that quote about the test

  • Minecrafter3
    Minecrafter3 5 days ago

    schools should be taught to ban cancer, more specifically, fidget spinners

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